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Sex & Nudity

  • TV-MA for nudity. Every episode except for five has nudity.
  • Episode 1 - A woman asks a man to sleep with her, and he kisses her. The scene cuts to the two lying in bed. The man rolls on top of the woman and thrusts. One of the woman's breast is briefly visible. There is a short close up of their faces as they kiss. The next shot shows them lying in bed together, covered with the sheets. This is the only graphic part, and lasts less than a minute. Jonathan is shown topless with nipples exposed. Jed goes into the hotel room bathroom and bends over. Roper remarks "Pretty, isn't she?" as Jonathan looks at her. Jed then turns around and removes her dress, but she is in lingerie and the shot cuts away right after she does this. She gets into the bath, and her bare shoulders and legs are seen. Jed also swims naked in the hotel pool but nothing graphic is visible at all. Jed is sitting on the sofa wearing nothing but a loosely worn bathrobe. Her right breast can be seen.
  • Episode 2 - The episode opens with Jed in the shower. Her bare shoulders and back are seen. She is then seen putting on lingerie. Brief but closeup shots of her thighs, shoulders and cleavage as she does this. Nothing graphic. Pine walks into a cottage. We can hear two people breathing heavily and kissing offscreen. Pine walks into a different room and we see a topless woman on top of a man thrusting (who is clothed). Very brief shot of her breasts as she turns and realises Pine is in the room. She stands up, obscuring her breasts with her arms and hurries out of the room. The man leaves too. Later there is another brief shot of a man and a woman having sex. Only their shoulders and heads are seen. We can hear them moaning and panting and the man kisses the woman's chest. The next shot shows them lying in bed, everything graphic obscured either by the sheets or by the way they are positioned. Jacob's girlfriend's breasts are seen when she tries to cover them up. Pine walks around the cottage in his boxer shorts with full upper body nudity.
  • Episode 4 - A man and a woman walk into a room and begin kissing passionately. They begin to have sex against the wall, the man's trousers and underwear falling down so his bare buttocks are visible, and the woman's dress is removed so her breasts are visible. The man thrusts and touches the woman's breasts. They both moan and climax. This is quite a long scene and the most graphic sex scene in the series.
  • Episode 5 - Nothing graphic in this episode. Some mild brief kissing is seen. Roper implies that he is going to have sex with Jed and they walk off, but nothing else is seen.

Violence & Gore


  • Epsiode 1 - 1 use of "f*cking" (said by Roper), 2 uses of "sh*t", several uses of the British slang word "bloody" including "bloody hell" and some religious exclamations such as "Oh God"
  • Episode 2 - A few uses of "sh*t" and variations, 1 use of "bastard", 1 use of "bugger", a few uses of "piss", 1 or 2 uses of "arse" and some other milder terms.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol is seen and consumed by several characters.
  • Episode 1 - Jonathan Pine goes outside and lights and smokes a cigarette. Richard Roper joins him and does the same, then praises Pine for not putting out the cigarette when he, a customer at the hotel, was around.
  • Episode 2 - Roper's wife is seen taking several pills from a bottle after arguing with her mother over the phone. The pills themselves are not seen. A man in Jonathan's bedroom smokes a cigarette (he asks Jonathan first but gets no answer), and asks Jonathan if he smokes too.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Richard Roper is an arms dealer and is seen as a very nasty character. He is presented in a very negative way, and the scenes with him in are intense and (in episode 1) meeting him even causes Jonathan Pine to throw up because of how nervous he was. He is shown to be very influential and to abuse his power, to like destruction, and makes people around him uneasy. He will certainly frighten younger viewers if they understand what he does.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Episode 3 - A woman is seen curled up in bed sobbing. Pine walks in and sees her. A shot from behind shows that she is completely naked, and the side of one breast is visible. Later, She walks into the sea in front of Jonathan, also completely naked, her buttocks and breasts are visible.
  • Episode 6 - A man and a woman are seen in bed together. The man rolls onto the woman and they are seen kissing. The scene is, however, very dark so nothing very graphic can be seen. Richard shoves A woman in and out of water to try to get her to speak. When she comes out of the water, breasts can be seen.

Violence & Gore

  • Episode 1 - A woman asks a man to bring alcohol to her hotel room. When he enters, she is seen with quite severe bruises and wounds on her face. It is revealed that she was attacked by another man. A man enters a woman's hotel room to find her dead body on the floor, with large amounts of blood on the body and around it. The camera lingers on the body for quite a while, and the detail is quite graphic.
  • Episode 2 - Pine is seen violently treating several people in this episode. In one scene, he throttles a man with a wire and throws him against the wall. In another scene, he is in a bar and then throws his glass against the wall, grabs the man opposite him and takes him outside, throwing him against a car and onto the ground. A woman walks into Pine's cottage, only to find what appears to be the scene of a murder. The rooms are wrecked and there is blood smeared on the floor and on the kitchen units. Pine sneaks up on the men who are kidnapping Roper's son and gets in a fight with them. He punches and kicks one of the men and violently twists his arm (it is later revealed that he broke the man's arm). He kicks the man when he is on the floor, claiming the violence needs to look real. The other man then retaliates by attacking him, punching him and hitting him with a saucepan several times in the face, the impact is not seen, but the aftermath is - Pine's face is covered with blood and there is a closeup shot of the wounds on his face. Blood pours from his nose and mouth.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Episode 4- Joel sneaks into a house looking for a missing colleague. He finds the colleague and a woman dead in bed. Both are naked, and a large amount of blood is pooled around the floor. The scene is short, but it's very graphic and disturbing.
  • Episode 1 - The scene where Sophie Alekan is found dead in the hotel room (see violence & gore) is quite frightening and intense as Pine tries to wake her and then sobs next to her.
  • Episode 2 - Roper's family and friends are in a restaurant, some are dancing and everyone is having a good time. Suddenly, they are interrupted by two men who claim they are robbers. They grab Roper's son by the neck and point a pistol at his head. They demand all the money and jewellery that they have, to which Roper agrees as he fears for his son's life. Roper says that they can give the robbers $100,000 if they give his son back, but they disagree and drag his son away. Jonathan Pine is hiding in the kitchen and gets in a fight with them (see violence & gore). Overall, very sudden and intense, but it is implied that the robbery was set up and the "robbers" were working with Pine. Jonathan Pine acts very harshly and violently towards people in this episode (see violence & gore) but this is because he is pretending to be someone else Some of Roper's colleagues are in Pine's bedroom as he recovers from his fight (see violence & gore) and they imply that he is going to be tortured to reveal his true identity, describing some techniques on how this might be done which is quite intimidating.

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