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Wizard-824 September 2016
When I was a teenager, the original "MacGyver" was one of my favorite TV series. So you may think that when I first heard they were rebooting the series I was pumped. Actually, my first thought was, "Uh... I'm not sure about this." That's because I have found reboots and remakes overwhelmingly are greatly inferior to the originals. But when I found that key people from the original series (like series creator Lee David Zlotoff and executive producer Henry Winkler) were returning, a little hope sprung in me.

Well, I watched the pilot episode. I admit it wasn't without merit; the action and stuntwork was fairly well done. But for the most part, I was very disappointed with what I watched. I could make a list of a number of things of what I didn't like about what I saw, but I'll stick with the two biggest beefs I had:

(1) In the original series, MacGyver was a very likable guy. He was smart, but he always remained humble with his abilities to make gizmos and get out of tight situations. However, in this remake, MacGyver is a real turn-off for the most part. His annoying narration and his brash attitude in almost every situation makes him an irritating braggart. There is precious little warmth and humanity in this guy. I don't really blame the actor playing this new MacGyver for this - he is playing MacGyver as dictated by the script and the direction, and when he's given a quieter moment he does come off in an okay fashion. But as I said, the direction and writing for the most part do him no favors.

(2) In the original series, when MacGyver got to work making a homemade gizmo or thinking out of a bad situation, the show took the time for him to go step by step with this. This technique built some compelling mystery, making viewers think while this was going on, "What is MacGyver pulling off?" Then when MacGyver pulled it off, it was a satisfying payoff. In this reboot, however, MacGyver pulls off his gizmos and escapes from bad situations in just a few seconds! No suspense, no mystery, no interest.

Look, I understand that a good reboot (if there is such a thing) will put its own spin on things. But at the same time, you should not destroy the core of the concept that made the original popular in the first place. This is the main flaw of this reboot.

It's possible that things will improve in the next few episodes. More than one TV show has improved over time. So I will watch the next few episodes. Though I'm not getting my hopes up too much.
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This is definitely NOT MacGyver...
Dr_Sagan24 September 2016
I used to watch the original series back in the 80s so it is unavoidable to compare that series with its 2016 reboot.

80s Macgyver was a secret agent with a difference! He was quiet, modest, mild mannered, deeply principled and refused to carry a gun on his missions.

2016's MacGyver is more like a caricature of 007 and Mission Impossible.

The pilot episode starts ridiculously: "Here's my assistant Nikki. She has 156 science awards from MIT and NASA. 50 companies including Google, Apple, SpaceX, Samsung and PepsiCo offered her a gazillion dollars to work for them but she refused, so to work for $200/week in my secret organization. Did I mention she is 25 y.o. and smokin' hot? Oh, Yes she is! and I bone her over some fake computers we have in this series as props!".

"And here is my other friend Johnny Rambo. He saved my life in Algeria, Angola, Liberia, Djibouti, Burundi, Malaysia, Bangladesh but please...please DO NOT talk to him about that time in Cairo."

"And this other smoking hot woman, tall and exotic and super-duper top secret spy, that you never heard of, is my ...boss".

"And who am I, you ask? Well, most certainly I'M NOT Angus Macgyver."

Honestly, I can't believe the writers. Are they idiots? Have they ever saw the original series?

And what about the Cast. I'm thinking of the charismatic Richard Dean Anderson with nostalgia right now.

Overall: A totally generic sub-par TV series for its own shake, but a total disgrace for baring the name of one of the most iconic heroes on TV.
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Yet another second rate retread......
s327616924 September 2016
Retreads seem to be the "thing to do" as of late. Studio's who seem to be out of ideas, visiting the past for inspiration.

Sad fact is, most of the retreads are "second rate" and MacGyver is no exception. The word that another reviewer used to describe this retread is the same one I would choose, "tiresome".

The original MacGyver worked because it had a fresh and different message. That science "not" violence can be used to peacefully resolve threatening situations. The original Macyver was very much an anti war figure.

By contrast, the retread MacGyver, is a poster boy for "mainstream" values, including, the US military. He's also smug, over confident, a womanizer and frankly, a throughly unlikable jerk. Its tiresome stuff, that in many ways is the complete anti-thesis of the original series. There's no sense of hope and inspiration, as found in Richard Dean Anderson's character.

All in all, a BORE FEST. If you have not seen MacGyver before, my advice, take a look at the original series, it wont disappoint. Two out of ten from me.
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VERY Disappointing
Man9920423 September 2016
Angus MacGuyver is one of the most beloved TV characters from the 1980s. This is not the prequel that devoted fans were hoping to see.

It appears that no one connected with the new version has ever seen the classic programs - they totally ignore the established characters. They totally ignore all the endearing quirks that made us want to watch the series.

Sadly, no matter how much he tries, Lucas Til is simply NOT a young Richard Dean Anderson. He is far too bland and lacking in personality to play this character.

The plot of the pilot seemed very "recycled".Nothing was new. Nothing was innovative.
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Tiresome beyond belief.
gs2023 September 2016
If you were going to produce a show that was as uninteresting as say, Hawaii Five O, you could not do any better than this mess. The frenetic action is almost laughable in as much as the the completely unknown pig eyed hero "star" has absolutely none of the grace of the original Richard Dean Anderson. Sometimes no matter how much money one spends the result may still be crap. Poorly directed, poorly written, it is a total mess. Don't waste your time. It will, I predict, not last more than a season. Boring beyond belief. I suggest you turn your attention to British cop shows. At least they know how to develop a character. I think it's sad that George Eads thought he would do better here than with CSI ...... An astonishing miscalculation on his part.
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It's a thriller/ detective/ james bondesque mishmash
jonnithomas24 September 2016
for children of around 12. however that may be an insult to some 12 years olds.

it's poorly written, badly acted and so false and glitzy it goes totally beyond any form of reality or belief.

I really couldn't watch a whole episode as it was totally cringe worthy.

if you want characters and realism don't really don't watch this.

anyone think it will get a second series ???? I would rather walk home in a blizzard than watch this fiasco.

well the issue is that I have to write ten lines about this rubbish. so how do I say it in a different way ?

it is bad, so bad really bad. trust me Jason borne it is not.
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Please, god, No!
henrik15069325 September 2016
Almost cried cause it was so bad. Downplaying the audience like we're stupid. Guess target is 13 year old, but that's really stupid when the fact is that the high ratings come from nostalgic grown ups.

I was really excited. that died fast. you know its bad withing first 30 sec. Will not recommend any friends. Will not see next episode. They didn't even keep the whole soundtrack which is 33% of macgyver 33% is his charm (which he has 50% of). 33% is the clever macgyverness (50% again). 1% is "well that was just stupid" which it has 100% of..

Dialog: horrible Actors: poor Plot: horrible Reboot: too much bling MacGyverness: poor

They really made no effort making this good, so it's a bigger disappointment than the last Godzilla movie.

Kill it before it lays eggs.
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Great fun, terrific cast, exciting every episode
Michael_Takes17 December 2018
I am really wondering if the reviews that give the show a bad score actually watched the show! I would love for IMDB to have some ruling that to review a TV series you have to have watched at least 5 episodes! Some people seem to be unfairly grading a tv series, solely based on it being a re-make!

MacGyver is a terrific show, lots of fun, excitement, and the characters are perfectly cast. I would love this show to last for another 10 seasons.
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I also watched the old series
brentstansfield22 April 2018
While i also watched the old series with Richard Dean Anderson, I had a bigger problem with Anderson playing the roll, after many years as a soap star on General Hospital, than with the new guy. I eventually got into the old show, and it was pretty good. but the new one is better. Other than George, these are fresh actors, and the FX are ten times better than the old show. Once you remember that this show was intended for a new audience, it's actually pretty good! I have the 80's version on DVD, and after a side by side comparison the new show wins me over. Would it have been better to put Anderson back into this new series? No, he couldn't pull it off.

The main thing to remember is that while it is classified as a reboot, it's actually a new show intended for a new younger audience. Don't turn the the kids away from this show by expecting it to be like the old show. Anderson could not pull this off anymore be cause like you, he is much older now. Just keep an open mind and remember Star trek was a classic, and nobody cared about the constant reboots. Macgyver on the other hand was not a classic and if you watch the new and old side by side, sorry I believe the new show wins.
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Old vs new
john07019 February 2019
Original Macgyver was my favorite series. The new Macgyver is the favorite series of my son. He does not like the original one. I cannot like the new one as the original, but I am watching it together with my son and I find it acceptable. What I cannot afford however is the new soundtrack, I am always expecting to hear the original one and I am always disappointed.
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Nope, it ain't all that bad.
xlars12 February 2017
Having read several negative responses given to the «new» MacGyver, I cannot but say that so far I am not in agreement.

Sorry bozos, it's not all that bad.

You have a wrong idea about your judgment. Yes, it is an updated show, but some of the changes actually makes the new episodes better and more vivid.

Variety's statement that Lucas Till's performance is wooden and clunky, is centered on a stupid hope for a continuance of the old MacGyver. That however, would be equal to deny any actor making his own interpretation of a new role.

One of the things that really makes the series «better» is the explanations on screen and via voice-overs.

And the claims about «cheesy lines»? Sorry again, this is not Hamlet. Nor is it Ibsen. This is run-of-the-mill-entertainment. This is off-the-rack, not tailor made.

Now, one could discuss the cast, of course. But that is merely a matter of flavor. And flavor is like your backside, split in the middle.
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Episode 1 - OMG - this is NOT 1985 Wargames or 1995 Hackers or MI - Spoilers
shamimislam-669935 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Really? REALLY? Who writes this crap? Spoiler alert!!!!

1. The hairpin/paperclip handcuff trick gets old really fast 2. The tray as a Frisbee to knock out the guard - stupid? 3. The guard shoots directly at the tray and not the exposed knees of the target 4. Borrowed glasses from Mission Impossible and Person of Interest 5. All these stupid references to Cairo - if you're not going to tell the story, don't tell the story 6. Thornton as a woman just doesn't work - she's not enough of an asshole 7. Nikki escapes from custody in a moving vehicle - REALLY? And she fakes her death but never gets picked up on a camera? 8. The plane landing gear does not go up at all even though the plane is clearly high enough 9. The boat was going straight as it hit the bad guys even though Macgyver set the steering wheel to turn 10. The thing with the camera search and the ex-con was just too much. It doesn't work that way - and facial recognition TAKES HOURS!!!!!! 11. AND THE WORST OF ALL:

WE DO NOT HAVE LOGIC BOMBS in 2016. That was 1985 with Wargames and 1995 with Hackers. Magnetic disks do not have LOGIC BOMBS. Logic bombs do not exist on magnetic disks. Only in firmware. We have encryption in 2016 on hard drives. And booby-traps. And shredders. Not logic bombs. That's insane.

And the creme de la creme: She CRACKED OPEN a magnetic hard drive with a hammer. First, you can't crack it open - it has 5 screws. Second, if you try to crack it open with a hammer, you could scratch the platters. And THIRD but most significant - if you want to prevent data loss, you do NOT expose the disks outside a clean room. And lastly, if Nikki was as an expert like she said she was, it would have been an SSD - in which case, using a hammer would have broken the transistors inside.

Who writes this crap!!!!!!

I am SO HAPPY RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON declined to participate in this trash.
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Jack Dalton replacement awful
ronbell-239841 January 2019
Jack Dalton was what held this show together. When his character left, this show fell apart. They have done a horrible job replacing his character with Desi, she is awful. I would suggest getting rid of Desi and perhaps reintroduce Dalton with a different actor or at least introduce a new character similar to him.
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why do they feel the need to reboot series
kaefab28 February 2021
Its quit beyond me with all the imagination and new product that can come out that they decide to reboot and remake everything.

The only issue is that 99% of reboots and remakes are really really bad.

The 80 where the best the series the music everything those where my teenage years, it hurt so much when i see a remake or reboot theses days because i feel nothing new is on the way.
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Underrated and fun to watch
irevah12 November 2018
It's not as bad as the reviews says. It's a funny cool silly action show. Fun to watch
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Love this show
godsdesign16 October 2018
I don't understand the complaints on this show. I grew up watching the original one. This one does a good job in it's own way. A reboot isn't supposed to be an exact replica. One of the main reasons I like this show is because it follows the same format as the original one but updated for 2018...not 1987: funny moments, still drama focused, well-rounded supporting cast, stuff blowing up and Macgyver inventions.

Watch this reboot from the beginning with an open mind and without comparing it to the original. Give it a chance and you'll see that it's actually a really good show.
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Started well then got woke
rchevalier-3730310 May 2021
The series is now over and while the final episode ended as a setup for a relaunch or next season, the last season's heavy woke stance killed it with remaining viewers. We don't watch to be preached at and when we are we walk away. Get woke go broke.
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Criminally underrated!
joeroboston28 April 2017
Am I the only one who who enjoys this? It is not a replica of the original,but it is almost as good. The original is a classic,and it holds a special place in my heart,but the reboot is very well made! Lucas till does a great persona for our favorite problem solver,and even acts and looks like Richard dean Anderson! Did I mention Murdoc is even better than in the original,because instead of being plain crazy,he is a cunning and enjoyable villain! The other actors are pretty good too,including Justin hires! The fact this is disliked by a large population is a strange thing in my opinion! Don't listen to the reviews,watch this!
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Fun, Entertaining, Solid Casting
katstudio8884 April 2019
Lucas Till has the MacGyver torch passed to him and he fits the role brilliantly. I grew up loving the classic series with Richard Dean Anderson but this fresh, modern reboot has my happy approval! It's a show the whole family can watch together, emphasizing intelligence, optimism and practical science instead of guns and gratuitous violence. WIN.
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Started well but slipped, current final season just tiresome
rchevalier-373038 April 2021
While this not the original MacGyver it started out ok. Then the writers worked hard to ensure that all different people were represented. Oh so politically correct.

The current final season has been increasingly left leaning and full SJW and Woke. Watch TV to escape not to be brainwashed or have the left "truth" rammed down my throat.

Bye bye, the show outlasted it's value.
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Give it a try
erink19839 November 2018
Forget the original. Take that off the table. This show is actually pretty good. Great cast that work well off each other. Great chemistry. First season was a bit slow. Second season was great and continues. Couple episodes I teared up. Every episode I enjoy. Give it a go again people!
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Season 4
BandSAboutMovies21 June 2021
Warning: Spoilers
It's pretty amazing that the reboot of this venerable 80s show - which lasted seven seasons and only ended when star Richard Dean Anderson told TV Guide, "The only reason it went off the air was that everybody was ready to move on. I was physically exhausted and had no life."

In the new series, Lucas Till plys Angus "Mac" MacGyver, an undercover government agent for the Phoenix Foundation, a covert agency that the rest of the world believes is a think tank. An Army EOD technician, Mac prefers to use non-lethal means to stop his enemies and excels, as always, at solving problems with unique scientific feats.

The new version of the show was created by Peter M. Lenkov - who created the comic RIPD that the movie is based on - and takes place inside the same universe as his other two shows, Magnum P. I. and Hawaii Five-O. Lenkov also wrote Demolition Man, Son In Law and the second and third Universal Soldier films. A sad thing to report is that he was removed from all of the CBS shows he created in 2020 because it was said that he fostered a "toxic work environment," with Lucas Till telling Vanity Fair, "I've never worked this hard in my life, and I am fine with hard work. But the way Peter treats people is just unacceptable. I was suicidal that first year on the show, because of the way he made me feel. But the way he's treated the people around me - that's just my breaking point."

But a positive thing is that the series is actually pretty fun to watch. I wish that it had been a better experience for the people making it. Horror fans will also enjoy seeing appearances in season 4 from some of their favorite actors like Keith David, Peter Weller, Joshua Leonard (The Blair Witch Project) and Tobin Bell. The Tenderloins (James Murray, Sal Vulcano, Joe Gatto, and Brian Quinn), who you may know from Impractical Jokers, also appear as waiters in one episode.

This season also finds the Phoenix Foundation being rebuilt as a privately funded entity to go up against CODEX, a secretive organization that is coordinating multiple catastrophes to get the attention of world leaders. They also possess something called File 47, which is about the end of the world. Any time the team gets close to the truth, the agent from that group always commits suicide rather than reveal their plan.

There's even an episode with Mac loses his short-term memory and must undergo a dangerous treatment that sends his brain back in time, where he meets numerous people from his past and the past of CODEX, such as Thomas Alva Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, his mother, his evil self and even Nikolai Tesla, who helps him regain his memory and teaches him the secrets of Shiva, a superweapon he's created.

Season 4 moves at a quick clip and it's pretty cool that there's an underlying story arc throughout the episodes.
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Even Without A Comparison To The Original It's A Big Bore
AudioFileZ8 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Perhaps this revival of MacGyver was made for folks like me that never watched the original series which, apparently, had quite a following. That would be fine if it was somehow compelling, it's not. Three in and I'm thinking this is a sinking ship

First, there's the cast who I'm not rooting for early on. No big charisma here, anywhere. Second, there's the first three episodes stories. They're as simple as someone like me could concoct. It's like someone who'd barely written a script and had just watched a cadre of C-movies lifted ideas and thought this is good. Third, it's the writing which attempts regular insertions of humor and the absurd idea to just plop in a MacGyver moment of using paperclips and a assortment of everyday items in order to either extract our protagonists or save someone. The lack of vision and creativity is mind blogging.

I take it the new MacGyver seeks to reinvent the character with some computerized updating. While this could have, possibly, worked the execution fails so regularly that after three episodes I'm done. This show, by most reviews I've read, will infuriate those thinking it will be a faithful, but modernized, reboot. Others, which I count myself a member of, will, likely, be bored or have that feeling of contempt for an idea squandered. Even though some money has been thrown at the new series it has the feel of something less than half-baked. Unless you are supremely curious I'd say don't bother.
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An Honest Review
generationofswine7 April 2017
Have you seen it? No? There is likely a very good reason for stinks.

Like nearly ALL the endless remakes and reboots that have been plaguing movie goers for the past decade or so....all this is, is a heartless version of the original.

It has no heart.

It has no soul.

It is a retelling of a film that we all love and cherish...and it adds nothing to the story. It improves nothing but the special effects--which held up very well over time--and in some cases belittles the fans of the original...particularly in the fact that they remade the movie at all, without adding anything clever to it.

Like so many other remakes it is a hallow shell of the original.
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It's not that bad!
csgollum9 May 2018
Most of the reviews here compare this version (inevitably) to the one starring Richard Dean Anderson. Now I've seen only a few episodes of the original and, although there are a few differences, the character itself hasn't changed much. It's like Smallville rather than Superman, a much younger version of the same character.

RDA's MacGyver was quiet and modest and mild-manner, but so is this one. He is as staunchly loyal to his friends as RDA's version. Granted, he frequently breaks the fourth wall, but that only makes the show more believable (at least, to me). Most of the actual 'macgyverings' too are almost equally surprising and awesome. This version does use more chemicals, but then there are more chemicals around us nowadays.

So, for all those comparing this version with the old, just relax and give in to the fun! This is entertainment, after all. My rating: 7 stars.
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