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Something Fishy Is Going On Here!
Dan1863Sickles23 August 2015
I've been writing reviews for IMDb for ten years, and I think something fishy is going on here. STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON is getting very, very high reviews from the vast majority of IMDb reviewers -- but the nine and ten- star reviews are all getting pelted with "negative" marks, earning scores of "1 out of 15" likes.

So what's the problem? The problem is that this movie wasn't supposed to be a hit. The mass audience wasn't supposed to respond to the story of young black men facing oppression and coming out on top. The American people were not supposed to see the real truth about how their police treat minorities every day.

Quick, let's bury the good reviews! Let's spawn a phony backlash! Let's discredit Dr. Dre and Ice Cube on the basis of things they did twenty years ago. Oh, and let's all get sentimental about Eazy E because he's dead, and young black men are okay once they're dead. The dead ones are no longer scary and threatening.

The problem with this movie is that the people who made it actually dared to portray young, angry black men as heroic, not as criminals or predators. It's okay to glamorize white criminals, because Hollywood was built on that. From PUBLIC ENEMY to THE GODFATHER, white audiences have always loved to sentimentalize their own criminals. But you can't do that with black men who rap about crime, even when they aren't actually criminals themselves. When Cagney postures like a thug in some ancient piece of crap that's cool. But when black men do it today that's dangerous and irresponsible!

There are very powerful elements in this country that are terribly frightened by this movie. They're frightened because this movie gets white audiences to see young black men as something other than dangerous criminals. The scenes of NWA being roughed up by police are a terrible threat to the powerful elements in our society, who stay in power only by keeping white people scared of black men. They can't tolerate the idea of black male victims, so they instantly start a media backlash portraying the victims as criminals.

I say this is a good movie, a powerful, exciting film that presents a side of American life that is almost never seen on the screen. I know I'm not going to get many likes for this review, but what the hell.

I've got enough already.
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Hey losers, stop posting 1-star reviews.
ajmalfait23 August 2015
Ignore all the 1-star reviews because the people posting them are total losers. You can tell by their vapid criticisms. Too graphic, gimme a break. Semi-pornographic, really? There were a few scenes with nudity, far from gratuitous unless you consider all nudity gratuitous. As for violence, there was barely any hard-core violence, certainly not enough to distract from the main storyline.

Quite simply, if you loved the music, you'll love the movie. Solid acting and solid script. I'm not sure how historically accurate it is, but that's beside the point. It's a movie, not a documentary.

To those who continue to spout their bile about this film, get a life. No one cares about your pathetic moralizing and thinly veiled racism.
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A great movie
andreasi-152874 December 2016
When reading other reviews about this movie, I really get frustrated due to the lack of understanding about what this movie is really about. A lot of empty reviews only giving 1 star due to "explicit sexual content, and black men who does not respect the law".

What people does not seem to understand is that this is a movie about the rise, and fall of the biggest rap group ever, how they evolved and what power, money, and fame can to a man (and in this case, his relationship to his friends). As much as anything, this movie really is a lot about the abuse that a lot of black males experienced from the police in the 80's (which is still a very relevant topic).

Personally I am a big fan of N.W.A, without that being the reason I am rating this movie 9/10. It is a really interesting true story about some of THE great rap artists of our generation. Great performances by actors who looks a lot like the original group, as well as Paul Giamatti. Great directing, the movie has a really nice action curve, keeping things interesting throughout the movie, and really gives the public a good insight of the life of some of the biggest stars in the world during the 80's/90's.

This is the first time i have ever written an review on IMDb, even though I have a lot of strong opinions about movies, but I really had to come to this movies defence. This is one of those movies I am really expecting to see a 8,3 star rating or something similar, and it really frustrates me to see a lot of people giving this movie unnecessary hate. GREAT MOVIE, if you like N.W.A, it is really worth your while, and if you are not, it is still worth a watch just because of the really intriguing true story that "Straight Out Of Compton" is.

9/10 movie

11/10 will watch again
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Don't Listen to the 1 Star Reviews
nianikaila25 August 2015
Everyone one here who complains about the movie don't know what they're talking about. This movie is reality! Police brutality, growing up in the hood, the extravagant lifestyle of singers/rappers is all there. Someone complained about this being vulgar and not appropriate for kids? No duh, it's rated R. Even though it was a long movie, I didn't want it to end. You really felt what was going on in the movie. When they were angry, you were angry. When they were sad, you couldn't help but to feel that as well. Don't listen to the people complaining, and calling them "selfish". They're probably just upset at how the police were portrayed, which was the reality for N.W.A. The movie is amazing. Watch it. This movie was extremely enjoyable, and despite the length, it felt like it went by in the blink of an eye.
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Rhymes of The Ghetto
mhikmetaltug20 September 2015
"Straight Outta Compton" has the similar taste of the other Music business,Wall Street business and the merchandise business movies which could easily satisfy and inspire the young audience to live their Katharsis of being a successful man or woman in the future, like the depicted successful people in these biographical genre movies. Because of theming this advantageous fact, usually these kinds of movies reaches the box office success in a short time (The Recent Example is The Wolf of Wall Street ). In addition to that, if you choose real biographic characters who live in ghettos and climbing the huge wall of the world's top in a while, definitely sell. Especially to young needy teenagers and young people eager to try everything to break the societies pressures and taboos.

The expectation on the box office is important of course. "Straight Outta Compton" will possibly gain the success on box office.But some effectiveness' can make the audience feel uncomfortable about watching it again or remember it as their one of all time favorite classic. At least I will criticize the defectiveness that I have determined after I watched the movie until the end.

The Subject of the biographic approach of Rap All-Stars is a perfect and unique idea. The originality can't be questioned. However the catharsis that I have mentioned before could not work for all cinema audience, I found the directing, acting and narration superficial.This was not the first biographical movie that has disappointed me with its narration and process of progression. And I think that won't be the last for sure.That's another argument.The main point is some biographies made by commercial concerns and cosmetic structure, harms them sometimes.This is the Rap Music's fathers' story,the action scenes could be more efficient on the contrary of matching some action b-movies, the classical and vigilant music agent profile played by Paul Giamatti, gave me the feeling of the same type which I ran across in other Music based movies.The actors who play the role of The Rap creators are good. The lack of the Katharsis begins with their shallow depiction, so that I definitely think that Dre or Ice Cube or Eazy E's lives depiction with other characters and crowded casting had created that mess and caused the defectiveness. Because almost 2 and a half hour movie isn't enough to depict the whole family of rap's beginning and the depiction of separate lives of them could make a better order in the narration. Linked to that criticism of the shallow narration, the documentary trace additions which would be a good idea on a biographical Movie, was used ineffectively in my opinion. For Example The Rap's born documentary series on VH1 would be watchable for all kinds of documentary lovers, so I believe that in the movie this magazine coverage documentary style is used by showing the social struggles of the Rapper's since their youth, the police's tough attitudes to the Black Citizens in their Neighbourhoods and putting the actual footage of the fights and plundering in the ghettos. However the idea of Half magazine and half crime narrated documentary style using in a movie, is very hard job and I realized that some parts were good adopted from this kind of E! or VH1 documentaries but some parts seemed weak because of several things that make the distinction between Documentary Movie and Cinema Movie, which would cause dead ends on the narration of Cinema Movie.

For instance the lack of voice narration as a result of the director's obligation of staying out of magazine words, the time-lapse difference between a documentary and a movie,the slow timing usage to tell the story in the movie on the contrary of a rushing biographical documentary and doing it with telling the audience the story of at least 5-6 rap stars in such a slow occasion, had killed the spirit of the "Magazine-Documentary- Biography" triplet style depiction. But I still believe that "Straight Outta Compton" could easily be the first and unique example of the future styles of direction and maybe could create a new unique genre as well.
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The beginning of the mess....straight back to Compton!!
Julian220923 August 2015
...I had to watch the movie since I actually liked at the time some of the music of NWA, especially the title track of the movie. Yet what happened after-wards, after their success, is just a sell out to make a bunch of money with no more attitude than all the others.

And now the movie and it would deserve just one star, yet the music brings back some memories when things could have been changed in a different way than they wanted to. Look at them now, nowadays...thats all that there is to say about the characters of the movie.

The acting is typical for the gang banging crowds nowadays and so it can be seen on every street-corner in major cities and is nothing special and that I mean not in a good way. If that was meant to change things, well Sirs, screw you! The story itself, well I do not know what is true and what is not, but like stated above, in the end it came to make more money than others. What they have changed is just that violence and negativity can bring success, that youths of today look up to them what they could do and want to do as well...THAT is what they have changed and just because Compton is nowadays almost everywhere, does not make this a success in changes, but a success in stupidity. And so it does not matter to me if you become legit than after-wards and make movies about your awful youth and how you can succeed and then make funny movies, like Ice Cube....

So what remains is the music...there was once a dream of a few guys who wanted to change something, what they have changed is to have today an attitude, which became wide spread, for the big buck. Nothing wrong with it, yet don't be surprised when you get now the attitude that you spread and so...please straight BACK to Compton and please try again!

For former NWA fans a must, for people who love the attitude nowadays a must, for normalos who aren't impressed but rather appalled by the success of a negative attitude and the real change they created, a no show!
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Hip Hop fans will like this
ian-witts1 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I'll come clean and say that I generally liked this film because I love hip hop; particularly from the late 80's through to the late 90's. I was interested in the character portrayal, the music was great and as a hip hop fan it was interesting.

However ...

Honestly, as a film it was pretty bad really. The acting is terrible, it's an hour too long and I find it a bit weird that Cube and Dre are bigging themselves up massively and they are the producers. I can't imagine that anyone that does not like hip hop would even begin to like this film in the slightest. It's very boring towards the end and it's just a series of really weird scenes all cut together.

I'm not sure why it's doing so well with the critics, but I expect that the timing is great with Dre's new album and the Apple Music stuff. Either way, if you like hip hop you'll like this for a lot of reasons. If you don't, this is likely to be the worse film you'll ever see!
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Sorry this movie is a waste of money and time.
jolono25 August 2015
I am not a big fan of N.W.A and their music does not interest me. I have to admit that after seeing this movie I was overwhelmed with dismay. It is true that the media and the movie critics have been slanting the news to trap us into seeing this film.

Alas what a boring film!.

From the beginning to end,this documentary movie about five black rappers failed to impress me.

Off course this movie deserves a fair NC17 rating,but the explicit sex and the bad language did not offend me since I am an adult.

What I strongly hated about this movie is that it indirectly promotes racism and hatred against black people for in this movie are represented as ruthless and immoral rebels .

Sorry to tell you that (Straight Outta Compton) is a movie you should avoid if you do not want to waste your time and lose your money.
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Horrible Movie!
wrhalljr16 September 2015
I really tried to look at this movie with an open mind although this type of movie isn't really my cup of tea anyway so to speak. It was awful to say the least with no cohesive plot whatsoever! It glorified the worst aspects in our society and portrayed the "thug" lifestyle as somehow glamorous? It was directed with an obvious bias to regurgitate the same old stereotypes everyone already has but in a way that attempts, but fails, to put a positive spin on "Hip Hop" culture. Just not a good movie in any way, shape, or form. Do not go see! If you want to see a great movie with an African American cast that is uplifting and shows what is admirable about our great society then go see "War Room"!!
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A bad adult movie with corrupt men.
aramana15 August 2015
This movie tells the story of 5 corrupt musicians who live a depraved life and are happy about it!. This bad biography film is about the life of the Rap group NWA. The story basically follows the life of Eazy-E, Dr Dre, and Ice Cube.

The film is so boring and have a slow pace . The women nudity and the hardcore could please horny men for a temporary period of time.

After seeing the movie I was really disappointed because I did not see any drama in it and the boredom in it really kills and sucks so bad.

Sadly this is a bad adult movie with corrupt men that I advise you to avoid.
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An insult to human society
craig_val17 September 2015
This was appalling to watch real hip hop and rap was people like Kool Moe Dee or the young Busy Bee movie's like this make our world a harder place It felt like this was sent out out to all the teens and children it's wrong appalling. This isn't how music should be this genre is so poisoned and tainted it shouldn't of been funded it was unbearable. Would it of been so hard to have some positive people in it positive lyrics. Not that their life stories aren't bad or respected it's just the movie was all about rewarding ignorance I feel like anyone that watched this has been tainted it's not the cast, I respect some of the cast it just put the wrong message out to people especially the ones underage that will watch this. The swearing, drugs and violence were a huge impact on this and now more teens will do it monkey see monkey do. If it was old school if it was like respected hip hop artist in the 80's it would of been way better and I would of loved it.
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Overrated and Bland.
wkleidermann23 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I should first clarify that while I'm no fan of rap music, I can appreciate any solid movie about a musical group.

That all said, the movie was horribly flawed. Movies in which the antiheros can be liked are indicators that a movie may be quality. This was no such film. The main characters were simply not likable, yet we're supposed to sympathize with their supposed "peril and hardship." Once they achieve the fame they were oh so desperate for, they become aggressive and egotistical.

However, I can excuse that, since there are far worse problems with the film. The plot has no direction whatsoever. It's a series of mild hardships, followed by some success, followed by an "authority figure out to get them." Then you just rinse and repeat. An hour into the movie, I was wondering if my hair was graying. This was my largest problem with the movie, along with a distinct lack of chemistry between any of the main leads.

The movie had a weak plot, weak characters, among much else. Granted, I laughed a few times in the film, and found Easy-E tolerable. For those few good things in the movie, I'll give it a 2 out of 10. It's overrated, don't bother.
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Federalized Propaganda Machine of Hollywood - Get Off the Plantation!
imdbtruth29 December 2015
I'm no fan of the police, and I know first hand that police officers can be nasty and abuse their power, but the way "Straight Outta Compton" portrays the LAPD is about as realistic as an X-Men villain. Oh the big bad police keep picking on these low-lifes who make money off exploiting their own people and promoting the spread of violence within black communities... I like NWA, and I liked them all as solo artists, so believe me when I say that this isn't an indictment on their musical talent, but still this movie really annoyed me less than halfway into it. As I've gotten older, I've learned how to think a little more critically.

NWA should not be glorified, those who control our society want you to put these idiots on a pedestal, but don't do it! NWA was not some rebellious voice that black people could rally around in an effort to improve their lives... No, it was the opposite of that... NWA and gangster rap in general is there to KEEP YOU ON THE PLANTATION! To fill your head with criminal and immoral nonsense in an effort to keep you stupid, keep you physically incarcerated, and keep you mentally enslaved... That way nothing will ever change, and you will continue to destroy yourself and your community. And that's the real........
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Beyond disappointed!
trishasvoboda6 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I cannot stress how disappointed I was with this movie. I expected a powerful, raw and real view into the true story of the revolution of hip hop/rap. I was quite young when all of this actually occurred but (growing up in the 90's) music was evolving in new and significant ways that was truly exciting. As far as the stories behind the music we were left with what little we heard on MTV news, read in the few gossip columns of magazines and word of mouth. That's why I was eager to see this movie. With social media now we know every step everyone takes-and they are aware of that-so I was looking forward to seeing a depiction of a time before that. A behind the scenes look at what really went on when nobody was looking-because then compared to now-nobody was.

...Instead what I got was 2 1/2 hours of horrible acting! I've seen more character in infomercials than in this movie. Seriously I'm more emotionally invested in if Bob can get that burnt cheese off his non-stick pan than I was of the deaths in this movie. The actors seemed as if every single blink was scripted, nothing seemed natural or real at all-which to me is important when you're portraying something that actually happened!

If the intentions of this movie were to take a real life, hard, emotional yet exciting revolutionary story and make it seem fake and drab it gets 10 stars. But it wasn't, therefore I give it 1. It could've and should've been something great.
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Drab. Non-confrontational revision of history
pivic11 January 2016
Ghurghgh. I loved N.W.A. for their gall, anger and methods, but hated their misogyny. Still, this film focuses on that, disses MC Ren's abilities to lift the group after Dre left, and yeah, there's more misogyny here, still. Drab. Sad. The best bits are of the band shaping their first album. The rest should be read in books and preferably forgotten. It's not hard to see why Ice Cube went on to surpass what Dre did later, even on his first solo album. I wish one would hear more dissing of Dre courtesy of Eazy-E, buuut--Eazy's dead, so Dre's words take precedence, I guess. And there's even a whole buckload of distasteful ad for beats headphones at the end of the film. Truly bad.
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Good story, bad acting
alexise66-492-23277720 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is a typical movie that glorifies one party and demonizes another. There are three sides of the story: party A, party B, and the truth. Cops had just as much reason to target young black men as young black men had reason to target innocent people in the streets. The thing that should not be glorified encouraged in young people who are inspired by this film is the terrible attitudes and general lack of respect for anyone. Aside from the dominating racial theme of this movie, the truth of the events that took place is stretched to put it lightly. Fact checking any number of the scenes that were portrayed will lead you to see that the facts were warped in order to convey the story that they wanted rather than the truth. Along with the fictitious plot-line, the acting is cheesy and not believable. There is no stand out performance and one can expect that, as this is many of these young actors' first big time film. This movie is a renter at best; the only saving grace is the music.
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Worst Movie Ever Seen.
mailoflove1 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Straight Outta Compton tells the bad way of life about NWA corrupt artists who seem so happy to be bad,aggressive,violent and depraved. They enjoy their perversion and rejoice in being angry and ruthless thugs. What A Great Shame!. The music in Straight Outta Compton Is Completely Disgusting Just Like This Nonsense Movie.

I know that rebels should not resort to any violence if they want to get their rights. Those dirty rascals always swear and enjoy being evil and corrupt and they suck so bad indeed.

Straight Outta Compton Is Completely Boring From The Start Till The End.

Do Not Believe The Fake High Votes!.

Do Not Believe The Hype!.

Honestly this is The Worst Movie Ever Seen.
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A film about a bunch of money obsessed aggressive young men.
valleyjohn4 October 2015
First i have to confess that before watching this i didn't have a clue who NWA was. The Hip Hip / Rap scene passed me by or more accurately i avoided it because i really can't stand rap. F. Gary Gray lazily presumes the audience is already familiar with these people and that annoyed me. I did not have a clue who the members of NWA were and i think that put me at a massive disadvantage when watching this film. The characters aren't the most likable of people. They seemed to spend the majority of the film scowling and arguing about money rather than making music and it this grated on me ( but not as much as the music) . Only in the last half an hour of the film do we actually see any form of compassion or humanity from the band members . It wasn't until the film showed a few real film footage clips near the end did i realise how well they did with the casting as the actors as they really do look like the real artists. Sadly that wasn't enough for me to like this film but i'm sure fans of NWA would totally disagree.
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Very good and Cubes son done a very good job but truth lacked substance
dongyb9 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't believe that was Eazy - e. That was no where near the real Eazy e. They made him look soft but he was the hardest in the crew. I think there was too much Cube influence and the sad thing is that Cubes son played the part exceptionally well and was the most believable performance. I think N.W.A and Eazy's story differ perhaps from the perspective of cube and Dre. There wasn't much about MC Ren in the movie and being a fan of M C Ren and Eazy, I found hat disappointing. Dre's role was played well and Dre was the realest in contributing towards the truth in the writing of the story. All in all we want Eazy-e movie on it's own and this time man the f**k up and let em know he gave you your success. They made him look younger than the rest in the movie and he was the eldest. It was totally believable but worth the watch for a small insight into the perspective of this amazing rap group.
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poor movie, poor acting, poor story, don't waste your time
mikey187-818-89962024 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was poor, I was expecting a real rag to riches story and the films to portray the troubles of easy e, as he made nma.Instead it hown him to be a money grabber, when in fact that was dr dre and ice cube.

The movie is a typical " lets make black people cool" movie, gloryfying mindless violence, over the top swearing, and thuggery, its not cool, its not big and its not clever.

It really is a poor portrayal of what could have been a half decent movie, It if would have employed decent actors, stuck to a real life story and made the characters more likable then it might have made it but it was just another " lets glorify black men as being cool thugs" movie. Boring, over rated, tedious, and had every stereotype under the sun to go with it. who ever rates this movie above a 1 is either a mindless teenager or someone who knows absolutely nothing about movies.
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A music genre and lifestyle I don't have much interest in
Horst_In_Translation12 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Straight Outta Compton" is one of the most talked-about films from this year and it gives us an insight into the rise and fall of the successful hip-hop posse "NWA". And even if I am not too interested in rap music, I cannot deny having heard of some of the main characters such as Suge Knight and Dr. Dre of course. Maybe my lack of interest in this film is because I have not lived back then yet or wasn't old enough to follow these significant years in hip hop history. The director is F. Gary Gray and you may have seen his work "Law Abiding Citizen". Another problem I had with Compton is that it just felt too long for its own good. There was nothing really refreshing in here, pretty much everything expected, such as the guys' struggles with (predominantly white) policemen, authority arguments with other black people living in the hood etc. Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti may be the most known name in the cast here playing a prominent record company boss and even if he is good as usual, he cannot make this film a memorable watch either.

This movie runs for almost 2.5 hours, which is definitely way too long. They just did not have the material to make this an exciting watch for such a long time. 100 minutes would have been more than enough. There are occasionally interesting references about the 1980s such as near the end people thinking the HIV virus would only be transmitted through gay sex, but also this area is not enough and could have been much more than it actually turned out to be. I think this film is only a good watch for people who are already hugely interested in rap music before watching. This is no film that will spark an interest for anybody who doesn't really care about hip hop. Surprised this one has received such favorable critical reception. Not recommended.
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excellent movie
duaneincali6 July 2016
First of all, I am a white man, 58 years old. opinions will always vary on quality of movies, but I am shocked at many of the comments/reviews I've seen for soc (straight outta Compton). To say one needs to know ebonics and ridiculous things such as racist. I was shocked at how good the acting was. Oshea Jackson was the weak link in my opinion; but paul giamatti, and the guy who portrayed easy-e were amazing. I was prepared for a typical bio (especially music bios) where the story is way ahead of the acting. Guy playing dre was excellent as well. So I was pleasantly surprised. This is an outstanding movie. One need not have knowledge of the hip hop culture/industry, any more than one needs to know about southern America to watch and appreciate steel magnolias or fried green tomatoes (ok,, I'm dating myself here). I don't like the sound of u.s. southern accents, but that doesn't mean those flicks are not great. So please. To the point that many like to mention about the vulgarity: it was real life depiction! movies about 1600 England have a certain dialect. Same with this. people in different parts of the u.s. speak very differently. This should not be a drawback, but rather a very realistic telling of what happened. Open your minds, not everything is Ellen and Seinfeld. I have lived in l.a. since 1982 and I found it to be very interesting on many levels. Great writing, directing and acting. If it is very very odd for you, then perhaps you'll learn something watching it. I highly recommend this film.
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Soooooooooo fake. Paints them as superheroes. Just, no.
simacuz-642-31174218 July 2016
I think that if you're going to make a movie like this then you need to show all sides, the good and the bad.

-Like Eazy and Dre's disrespectful, repugnant "black b*tches" comments (No wonder Dre seemingly never had a problem with Eminem's infamous "black b*tch" lyrics).

-Like Dre's refusal to have anything to do with his black kids. You put your white kids into private school while the black ones are stuck in the ghetto. Doesn't the fakery just gnaw at you, Dre? As a black woman, I have zero respect for you.

-Like the abuses that women faced at the hands of Dre, that he only apologized for when this hokey movie was about to come out.

Aside from Ice Cube, a family man who doesn't deny his kids or disrespect black women (at least not anymore), these are not the people you want your kids to emulate. Watching this movie was painful because even though I grew up to this music and used to have at least a modicum of appreciation for it all, as an adult I see the damage that it's done to an entire generation, and to watch these men painted as martyrs and heroes and such literally turned my stomach. It's SO FAKE. You can see through it even if you don't know anything about the real rappers. I'd advise you all to do your research on these people. Dre especially does not deserve respect or even a portion of your paycheck.

So glad I waited until it played on HBO. I would never buy this junk.
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As fake as Hollywood can be
DJFrodo28 May 2016
So I know people within the music industry that have been in it for over 20 years. I usually have access to V.I.P./backstage....

So that being said, when this came out quite a few of my musician buddies mentioned they had been around N.W.A. in those days or knew people close to them. Their responses though were not so kind. They mentioned quite a bit of this movie is made up/Hollywood fluff just to sell it. So don't take this as an actually history piece, because it is NOT. Pretty much all of them were disgusted by it. Think the real story will ever happen? Most likely not.

Sure, I grew up to their music, but I just couldn't bring myself to finish watching this.
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Not Without A-holes
thesar-218 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The most entertaining thing about this movie for me wasn't actually in the movie. It was the clever memes people put onto Facebook. Mine was: Straight Outta My Mom.

Sure, I grew up in the 1980s and 1990s and knew of these artists, but they were never my bag. Never been a rap fan, so I knew very little of their history here. Make that, I knew almost nothing going in, so all of this was interesting from an outsider's POV. That said, my suspicions were correct: There were no good people here. Everyone was pretty much an asshole and contained very little moral ground to cling to.

I did, however, agree with their rights to the First Amendment and completely disagreed with those who fought against their privilege to use their talents to convey their messages.

The movie, while well-made, is just another run-of-the-mill music biopic. Inspiring artists with no one to back them and more telling them not to continue, finally make it. This comes with costs, tensions, jealousy, contract disputes, make-ups, etc., etc.

Mercifully, and delving into spoiler territory, the movie redeems the real-life characters, but sadly by the time the Lifetime Movie moment happens, I've all-but dismissed everyone as bad people.

Hell, even when they try and do the right thing, they give their opposition freedom to rightfully slam them.

Again, the movie was competently made, interesting and definitely well-acted. Didn't turn me into any fan of rap, or the N.W.A., but it was worth a watch.


Final thoughts: Either I saw the reader's digest version, or they're not telling the whole story, but it sucks on how much violence they threatened and caused and got away with it. All the way through this, I only stayed in their corner for their First Amendment rights. All the other sh|t they pulled, well…live by the sword…
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