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That was terrible
Draysan-Jennings15 January 2022
I saw Brazen was trending on Netflix so I gave it a shot. Bad idea. I can't believe I actually sat through that. What a waste of time. Even Hallmark makes better movies. I have no idea how this is the 2nd most watched movie on Netflix right now. 3 stars.
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The twist is that there is no twist
julieshotmail15 January 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Fourteen minutes in, you suspect a problem character and so throughout the movie you are saying to yourself that this character cannot possibly be the villain, as it is so obvious. You hope for some big twist at the end to redeem this long insufferable movie, but alas, there is no such twist. The plot is a joke, and most of the acting is wooden, especially by the detective and the sister. With an instantly recognizable brand, from her childhood days to being the "inventor" of #metoo in modern times, Alyssa Milano is used as the big draw for this, and mostly she succeeds. She is no Jennifer Lawrence but she is a decent actress. Give credit where credit is due. She is truly the only thing that makes this remotely watchable.
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This was horrible
LtlHippo15 January 2022
Absolutely dreadful. Felt like I was watching an old 80's Lifetime movie. It's like it was only made to show off Alyssa's boobs. And if that is what Nora Roberts books are like, count me out. Doesn't seem like I'm missing much. Skip this one, don't waste your time. There wasn't one moment of suspense.
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Wow! That was so bad!
Just-A-Girl-1423 February 2022
I can't believe I sat through the whole movie. Everything about it was so fake. I didn't see characters, I saw actors playing a part, reading lines, repeating scenes over and over again. The story itself could have been interesting but the acting and especially the dialogue were so bad! Alyssa Milano looks awful in this movie. Terrible performance on her part, really. The chemistry between her and Sam Page didn't feel right either. Too many scenes were repetitive (and redundant). Some were just happening for the sake of the story, like the part where Grace is becoming a consultant (I mean, come on!). Everything about this movie was really fake. Nothing felt authentic, not the love, not the anger, not the sadness, not even the so called "revelations". It was so stiff, nothing was fluent. Do yourself a favor and skip this one. Or maybe read the book. I haven't read it but it's got to be better than this. Another failed Netflix production, but what else is new?!
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That's So Brazen!
jeroduptown17 January 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Milano just wanted to wear the leather dominatrix suit. Other than that, it seemed like a poor adaptation of what would've been a great novel. Hallmark.
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Not a bright spot for Alyssa Milano
DarkVulcan2924 January 2022
Alyssa Milano is a pretty good actress, when she puts herself into a role. But here seems like she doesn't really want to be in this, her performance seems like she just did this movie has a favor. And Sam Page who plays the detective who is helping her, his performance seems like he is uncomfortable being in a scene with her.

Now there are some good moments of suspense. But other than that the movie itself has no entertaining mystery like feel to it, like Scream did, makes me feel I'd rather be watching that instead. I began to lose interest on where it was going.
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An Awful Netflix Film
alindsayal17 January 2022
This film premiered on Netflix a few days ago so I decided to watch Brazen and here is my review for it. The premise of the film sees after a tragedy, an author who is an expert in murder mysteries aids the police in their attempts to find a killer.

Main Character Alyssa Milano plays the lead character in this film and she is just really bad here. Lets face it the most famous thing she is known for these days is the fact that the ship in Guardians of The Galaxy is named after her not her current acting ability. She overacts throughout and her character is so infuriating and annoying to watch, she always thinks she is better then everybody else in the film and it comes off as pretentious.

Supporting Characters The cast is small and unremarkable with their characters. The main one is the main detective played by Sam Page, the two of them are meant to have chemistry but they really don't and it kills this film. He is written badly and feels like a weak character despite the fact that he is meant to be the best detective they have which is laughable. The rest of the characters add little value and I just didn't care about anybody in this film and that was a big let down.

Story The story at least has a bit of intrigue to it, the best thing I can say is that I slightly enjoyed watching the investigation into the case and how it links to together with other elements of the film. Unfortunately, though I worked out what was going on pretty quickly which made the reveal feel lacklustre to me.

Script The script is bad, it does nothing to make itself too imaginative or creative. It is filled with a bunch of clichés with none of it working. The romance and humour fails and the drama overall misses the mark in my opinion.

Style The film has some pretty good action sequences and I thought they did an effective job of showing this killer going after these woman, so that was one aspect that was handled well. But the film struggles with its pacing and really rushes the final act, the film also ends so abruptly that the film fails to explain what really happened and it makes you really wonder why you bothered.

Overall Overall, Brazen is another awful Netflix film that should be avoided at all cost. Netflix make quality programming but they really have to improve some of these original films that are just rubbish.

Rating - 2/10.
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I can't get the time back
iGlad14 January 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe Netflix are producing this Hallmark type film which is pretty bad. Actually it could have been a lot more edgy. The highlight was watching Grace in her dominatrix outfit at the end. I do hope they don't make a follow up.
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So Netflix is adding "made for TV" movies?
jmariani-5979913 January 2022
Terrible movie. Terrible writing, acting, pacing. Milano should really just ride the little fame she has from her childhood years and let it be because she's not a good actor. So knowing that, I didn't expect much but it was even worse than imagined. But if you've really nothing better to do, give this movie a shot. You might like it better than I did, but I won't bet on that.
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Should have never been made
bluebloodripper14 January 2022
Movies in the 70s and 80s would have acting and Direction like this. It's extremely difficult to understand how such a terrible film even got approved for funding.

Save your time and leave this terrible film the Netflix libraries.
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The worst "who dunit" ever
nishil-patel116 January 2022
Undoubtedly the worst detective, suspense thriller I have ever seen. The storyline was poor, the direction was poor, the script was poor, the acting was poor - another Netflix flop!

Avoid, avoid, avoid.
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Nothing much new here...
bangel332214 January 2022
The only word I can think of to describe this film is: moist. Due to the subject matter and themes, this film should have been darker and many avenues could have been taken with it, but it reminded me of those basic thrillers you see on Lifetime (or Channel 5 in the UK). So many more twists could have been thrown in. I expect better from Netflix. It didn't have enough suspects, and so it was quite predictable and a little flaccid. I do like Alyssa Milano however, I think she's a good actress and this film was really a waste of her talent. I see it was based on a book which I've not read, so I'm unable to make comparisons, but the book has to be better than the movie, right?
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B rated movie
lakings9715 January 2022
Brazen is a Netflix movie about a famous murder mystery writer played by Alyssa Milano who moves back home only to face a murder close to her family. A serial killer who kills dominatrix girls and one of them ends up being Milan's sister. The story was very clumsy, I solved who the killer would be in the first ten minutes of the movie. Sam Page who always portrays the love interest in most of the Hallmark Christmas movies is the badass cop, next door neighbor who falls in love with Milano. This was such a B rated movie that I couldn't wait for it to end. Skip this one, don't waste your time.
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Do not watch.
a_filmcritter16 January 2022
This was TERRIBLE. Who wrote this script?! Why did these actors decide to act in it?

Honestly this movie was so cringe and weird. The timings of certain dialogue was off. There is no plot twist, no suspense, nothing worth watching.
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addeisdead14 January 2022
Warning: Spoilers
First, I want to say it's very unfair that so many of the negative reviews for this movie are based on the lead actor's personal politics, because the reality is this movie deserves to be judged on just how truly awful it is and we can also be pretty sure the people who hate Milano didn't watch the movie to begin with.

What this movie does is give some wooden acting and cheap production and direction to an already cliched and unoriginal story by a pretty mediocre romance novelist. Everything about this plot is cookie cutter. I had to hold back the laughter when Grace was talking to the detectives and said one of the suspects was her former brother-in-law, Jonathan Breezewood "the third." "He's a bigshot attorney," Grace said. Keep in mind, this character is supposed to be a famous author herself. What self-respecting writer would use such a hackneyed phrase?

So the murdered sister was a teacher who had a secret second job as a webcam model. Gee, how original. And her ex-husband whom she was in a custody battle with was a suspect. Again, snore. And then of course one of her students who was a slightly awkward literature nerd happened to have a special interest in her. Is this a movie script or a mad libs exercise?

One of my favorite scenes (before I got too bored to keep watching) was when the detectives went to visit the corporate office of the website she was modeling on and meet with the CEO to ask questions about her clients. First, let's acknowledge how stupid it is that the OnlyFans-like website she was using just happens to be headquartered in the same town she lived in. Now add on how stupid it is that detectives would talk to a corporate executive to try to get information about who the woman's subscribers (which the movie calls clients) were. This is simply not how an investigation like this would work at all in the real world. They would most likely have to subpoena that information or at the very least get it from a low-level security employee, not the CEO. It's how a very simple-minded or purely unmotivated person would write it though. And the best part of the scene is that the CEO's office walls are covered in giant TVs that are supposed to be showing a bunch of different models live streaming, but if you look for even a second you'll realize all the screens are showing the same 10-second loops over and over again. Do they really think the CEO of OnlyFans has dozens of screens streaming porn going on at all times in their office?

I rarely stop a movie after I've started it, but this one was just trash. It doesn't even have the cheesy, campy entertainment factor of similar Lifetime and Hallmark movies. It's just a dreary, stupid, pointless waste of time.
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Why bother??
Bgappl0714 January 2022
I can't even call this movie bad that's a compliment it's such pure drivel there is no plot the actors? Wooden isn't even an adjective for them IDK Netflix keeps on getting worse and worse and they spend so much money on a lot of this I don't get it but Really in the past two weeks except for a rare exception of the ones that win awards 1 or 2 a year the rest is really really getting bad oh btw I understand Now why Alyssa Milano when she makes her remarks on Twitter is always asked who need your opinion you can't even master your own profession?? Awful.
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A goofy police mystery
geocapital13 January 2022
Warning: Spoilers
In this movie what at first, I thought it was a comedy, a police detective and a book writer date each other and compete who will find the killer of her sister. The writer's book must be as lousy as Brazen's script, as discussed at their first date. Anyhow, the killer is pretty obvious from the beginning, but it takes a whole movie for them to find out. Funnily enough, the police captain allows the random writer to participate to the police investigations.

Actually, it is a very good movie (hence the 3 stars) to put on the background when you do something else, as you can check it out anytime and you haven't missed anything (as I said, you probably know the killer from the first 15 minutes).
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Jumping in front of a train would be better than watching this.
htttrh17 January 2022
Seriously - I'd rather get hit by a train than watch this garbage. The only reason this got watched in the first place is because of the snow storm that came through. I should of known better..... please do anything else with your time..... go watch grass grown or paint dry.... It will be so much more entertaining.
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Batree17 January 2022
This movie is a complete failure from beginning to end. The adaptation is bad. The directing is bad. The acting is bad. Not sure any actor could have made this better but Milano's acting was super bad. The money spent on this movie could have well went to a more worthy cause. Netflix certainly won't win any good recognition. With this one.
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Brazen awokening
kosmasp16 January 2022
I really do like Alyssa Milano. And I say that although I am not always agreeing on what or how she says things in public. That being said, everyone is entitled to their opinion and it would be mad if we all thought and felt the same.

The acting is ok I reckon, but the movie is as predictable as they come. Alyssa plays someone close to her heart, powerful, driven and woke - as in fighting inequality and all that jazz. Now that is more than a noble cause and her character is one that we should celebrate I suppose ... yet, she comes off as annoying to most and even when she has the upper hand and should be superior (against an "evil" man) ... he is almost more sympathetic than she is ... which is insane considering he is painted as bad Dude.

Anyway, the movie has quite a few cliches, tries to be sizzling too, but never achieves any goals it sets out to do.
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Not that different from your average lifetime thriller
aprilsfriendorin18 January 2022
This movie has convinced me that Netflix lies about who gets on their top 10 list. This movie has a terrible plot and mediocre cast- your average lifetime movie is 10x better. Don't watch unless you're looking for mess.
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2 stars for silliness
pik92315 January 2022
Now we understand why Netflix increased subscription rates.

Overall the best part of the film is the cherry blossoms.

Overall we can easily rate cast script acting stupidity waste of money talentlessness costumes hair all on the same level - so consistency is it's redeeming feature.

May I suggest you don't attempt to compare it with Gone With The Wind Casablanca Some Like It Hot or any Hitchcock film

For film students a lesson in not what to make what to avoid and the ridiculous.
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Come on. It's not that bad as it is in most reviews.
XueHuaBingYu18 January 2022
I know that my review is going to get many disagreements (down votes) but I'm going to say anyway because I want to write what I feel in honest way.

Before I watched this film, I happened to read some of reviews and also the rating. Most of the reviews are saying that this film is totally bad and the rating is just 3.9 which is a bit lower than normal. So, I watched it to know how bad it is.

After I watched it, I found out that it wasn't that bad after all. The story is kind of good. A little bit of mystery. But I must admit what some people were saying is right. The acting is kind of not that good. I feel like their acting is not sincere. It's like it's not coming from the heart, not serious. It's like they are not taking seriously. A little bit like child play. Just like that. But I've seen the worst. So, I think this kind of acting isn't that bad.

It seems to me that this film is made with low budget. I'm not saying it's low budget because there aren't famous actors and all. I'm saying that it seemed to be low budget film. The quality is a bit low. So, if they've put more effort to it, it might turn out to be a good one.

Right now, this film isn't a good one, but it isn't a bad one either. It's kind of enjoyable for one time watch.
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katefrichardson13 January 2022
Warning: Spoilers
One would think... having the acting record like Alyssa Milano has had (being the person who basically helped pioneer the #metoo movement on Twitter too btw), that would surely help put her in better films than this... apparently I'm wrong.

I found this to be another Netflix "Hallmark-y"-type drama that had no point whatsoever in making except to give those involved a paycheck.

HORRIBLE ending. So basically... all is JUST FINE after KILLING a TEENAGER?! No follow up after that AT ALL?!? I can't you guys, I just can't.

Nora Roberts is a decent writer for fans of this genre but I hope she didn't help green-light this dumpster-fire of a film. VERY disappointed.
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Milano got worse....
wolfie-2308814 January 2022
Much worse as an actress. Yes, the movie is dumb.

But figured with Milano in it, it would be watchable.

Wrong. I have seen first time actresses in horror movies perform better .

Time for Milano to retire. Dam that was a terrible job.
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