Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012) Poster

Dwayne Johnson: Hank



  • Hank : [singing]  I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom, for me and for you. And I think to myself: What a wonderful world! I see giant bees, and I could have told ya: Don't trust Alexander - he's older than Yoda. And I think to myself: What a wonderful world! The island that we stand on... Well, it's currently sinking. Sending those secret codes - what the heck were you drinking? But it's all in the past, we wiped the slate clean! We're going to find Nemo's submarine! And you'll think to yourself: What a wonderful world. Oh, yeah...

  • Alexander : [On Sean's sprained ankle]  On three. One...

    [Pops ankle back] 

    Hank : What happened to two and three?

    Sean : Yes, what happened to two and three?

    Alexander : Two. Three.

  • Hank : [fighting a giant lizard with a flare]  Not now, Sean. She's scared!

    Sean : No, it's cold-blooded and it's attracted to heat.

    [the lizard bites the flare] 

    Hank : That's emasculating.

    Sean : Now what?

    Hank : Now there's only one thing left. The thunder cookie.

    [clenching his fist at the giant lizard and punches it] 

    Hank : I think I just made it worse.

    [the lizard growls at them] 

    Kailani : Hope she doesn't like Polynesian food.

    Gabato : I hope she doesn't like food with poop in its pants!

  • Hank : What in the blue heck is that?

    Gabato : That is the finest helicopter in Palau!

    Sean : I'd hate to see the worst.

  • Kailani : Hey, I can't believe we actually made it off the island!

    Sean : Yeah...

    [they look at each other] 

    Hank : [whispering into Sean's ear]  Pop your pecs.

    Sean : [turns to face Hank, whispering back angrily]  I'm not gonna pop my pecs.

    Hank : Now's the perfect time to pop your pecs. She's gonna love it, believe me. You...

    Sean : I'm not gonna pop my pecs!

    Hank : Do it, do it...

    Sean : No, I'm not gonna pop my pecs!

    Hank : She would love it, believe me!

    Sean : No...

    Kailani : Ahem!

    [Sean turns back to her] 

    Kailani : You two done yet?

    Hank : [whispering into Sean's ear]  Pop your pecs.

    Kailani : [puts her hands around Sean's neck]  Thank you. For everything.

    [she kisses him] 

    Hank : [to himself]  That works too.

  • Hank : [to Sean]  I'd rather take the Titanic.

  • Sean : Told you it'd work.

    Hank : You were right. I can't believe we made it.

    Sean : It's Jules Verne, man. You gotta believe.

  • Hank : It takes a big man to play a little guitar.

    Alexander : And a bigger one to listen.

  • Hank : [to Sean]  Pop your pecs.

  • Sean : Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...

    Hank : the mysterious island.

  • Hank : You know, I think it's best we get out of here. Besides, after that mating call of yours, she may have ideas about making you her husband.

    Alexander : Oh, witty. Good for you, Henry.

    Hank : [laughs sarcastically]  The name's Hank. It's never Henry. Just Hank.

    Alexander : Ah. I see you're a man of incisive decision. Why don't you lead the way? Oh, actually, we want to live through the night. Yes. So maybe you should all follow me.

  • Hank : It looks like the liquefation has tripled overnight.

    Kailani : What does that mean?

    Hank : It means this island is sinking a lot faster than we thought.

    Alexander : I thought you said a couple of days.

    Hank : Now it looks more like a couple of hours.

    Sean : A couple of hours?

    Hank : We need to get to that sub now or we're all gonna be 20,000 leagues under the sea.

  • Alexander : I wanted to give you this.

    Sean : A book?

    Alexander : Oh, it's not just a book. It's a trip I want us to go on, all of us, as a family.

    Sean : From the Earth to the Moon.

    Alexander : What do you say?

    Kailani : I think there's only one thing to say.

    Sean : So, who's up for an adventure?

    Liz : No, no, no!

    Hank : Oh honey, what could possibly go wrong? It's only the moon!

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