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Complete and utter failure
bilge-erdogan9 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This film is just a poor attempt to combine all sorts of action movie clichés brought together with a hope that it will attract action movie fans to the film. I am afraid that was a false hope as I think this film was an utter failure. Its performance cannot even be compared with the first Taken film- which I loved. Liam Neeson is marvellous as always but the scenario is awful. There are many ridiculous points throughout the film:

1) How does the girl manage to use three grenades in Istanbul without getting caught by Turkish forces?

2) Are we expected to believe all Turkish police cars are from 1970's and 80's?

3) It is not even a whole day spent in the city and I think we heard more than five hundred calls for prayer...

4) Liam Neeson fights and shoots almost 10-15 guys and I cannot remember him receiving one fist on the chin. Are all bad guys idiots that they let Liam Neeson on his own for hours to let him make phone calls and arrange his escape.

5) Again the bad guys who are shown to be burning with the desire for revenge are not actually that bad as they treat the guy and his family pretty well.

6) The bad guys fire almost thousands of bullets and miss every single shot whereas our ex agent seems to be hitting the target every single time.

7) We see an exceptional (impossible!) driving performance of the girl in narrow and unfamiliar streets of Istanbul where she stepped her foot for the first time in less than 24 hours. Maybe we are expected to believe she inherited (!) those natural skills from her bionic father the day she was born.

8) We are expected to believe that one can consider barging into an embassy courtyard driving through the security and be allowed to walk free by just one call to a guy in the golf field. Seriously???

9) Some of the fighting scenes are too fast, it is impossible to understand what's going on. You just have to sit patiently for two minutes to see who collapses and who is still on his foot to understand who was a better fighter.

10) I thought counting in the car for the turns and noises for boat, music instrument and something else that I do not remember now was so cheesy. The boat and the music guy being in the same place forever and ever is just a laugh. .....

I think I can continue with the list and add 25-50 more ridiculous items. In short I am trying to tell is that this film is not worth going to the cinema and wasting time and money on that. If you had liked the first film and expecting this one to be similar, you will be very disappointed. The story is so poor that I think it is an insult to the audience's intelligence.
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Unfortunately Taken!
balikayak8 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was unfortunately taken to see the movie, hoping the directors (art director, etc) would have done a better job since Midnight Express. The scenario is full of awkward, hard to be believe events like Kim bombing the whole covered bazaar area which is like one of the most crowded parts of the city. While she is doing that, the dad is kept by the kidnappers who were stupid enough to leave him alone for hours and let him speak on the phone. He escapes from the place just like that, and then is followed by Turkish police cars from 1970s. Kim who was not able to drive automatic car in US, right away makes all these car moves driving a stick Taxi in the most narrowed streets. I also have to mention that all the women appeared in the movie were dressed in black veils- I don't know why, someone should explain that, also Turkey does not have a border with Albenia. The list goes on, but I don't think its worth to spend money or time.
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Logical Errors
ridvansenturk10 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I Liked the movie but they should know more details about Turkey! Even my girlfriend she is from Russia, she told the city doesn't seem like Istanbul . Albania doesn't have border between Turkey.Budget is $45,000,000 How come did you find 80's police cars , Even those cars not driving anymore for 20 years! I never seen before Covered Women in Turkey like a Arabian Countries. In the movie every women have black cover.Mostly people in USA drive Automatic cars and the girl didn't pass driving test 2 times but The girl drives a manual car perfectly in Turkey. How come ? If you didn't go Istanbul before you won't go to Istanbul after this movie.It is not fair!I think Taken 1 was better
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Such a shame
whitesocks_13 October 2012
I am a big fan of the first taken movie, it not only had professional cinematography but great action, suspense and originality. Now this sequel i am ashamed to say was a money grab by the producers. Now Luc Besson and Robert wrote the original script without being pressured by their superiors to be limited to a marketable plot, unfortunately thats what has happened to Taken 2.

The plot follows Liam Neeson after the events of the original and well its the pretty much an identical situation.

The climax however is the main issue , it's rushed. It just happens and I was left wondering why it just ended so fast.

I cannot say this movie was terrible because it wasn't, it was just a movie that could not even close live up to its predecessor due to lack of depth and originality.

Don't waste your money at the cinemas Wait till its on DVD
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Totally avoid
dj_dothead15 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I fell for it, because I enjoyed taken even though I was told to avoid this I watched it. Whats wrong with this movie, the question should be whats right with it.

1. Villains are out for revenge manage to track neeson bribe their way past security yet when they face neesom they are totally incompetent.

2. Kim has her swimming session and the villains don't bother her at all until they have neeson and his ex wife.

3. Villains manage to kill hotel security very easily but not one of their bullets even scracth neeson.

4. Istanbul a popular tourist city is full of slums and women covered in burqas.

5. Taxi drivers in Istanbul have better cars than the police of turkey who have something that resembles ladas.

6. You can set off many grenades in a dense city but no military or police will look for you.

7. When villains catch you they will not pat you down for hidden weapons, or mobile phones they will just tie you with cheap plastic bands then leave you alone for you to escape.

8. While in a gun stand off and a baddie pointing a gun to your wives head will conveniently let you make a phone call and cant find your daughter even though you just told her in front of the baddies.

9. Albanians speak English with each other but some speak their native language.

10. You can drive a car into a US embassies courtyard, heavy artillery is fired at you but not a single bullet hits you nor does any bullet damage the engine or tires of the car.

11. A girl who fails her test many times is all of a sudden able to drive a car like transporter.

12. You hide in your fathers closet in a swimsuit and are asked to act casual and blend in yet you choose to steal clothes from hotel staffs lockers and attract all the attention.

13. You can count seconds on your watch blindfolded and work out the directions to the location you are kidnapped to.

14. You get slashed on your neck with a blade and are hung upside down to bleed to death yet later your wound automatically heals over a few hours and your fresh to go again.

15. While fighting camera angles and during car chases camera angles don't have to make sense you have to use your imagination.

16. Your typical action movie its justified to have Muslims as evil villains and they are so bad at it and so easy to kill.

I can go on and on with the terrible flaws in this movie which doesn't make sense and is a total waste of time.
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What a let down
bogof_tom7 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Now listen to me, very carefully, script writers. The plot for "Taken 2" is rubbish. If you don't sort it out, I will find you, and I will kill you.

No, it's okay, I won't actually kill anyone, but the above serves to highlight all that remains of the "Taken 2" legacy: parodies and spoofs. Where the first film focused on Liam Neeson's character as being resourceful (and then threw in some no nonsense action for good measure), the second film uses plot points that make me wonder if the script writer(s) engaged their brains at any point. The daughter fails two driving tests, and by the end of the film she is driving in a high speed chase, performing hand brake turns, and throwing grenades in random directions. Grenades that, you know, the Turkish authorities don't mind anyone bringing to their country on a plane. Grenades that evaded metal detectors. Then there's the 'we will kill you, but it will be slowly, and with us not in sight, giving you the best chance of escape, Mr. Bond'-esque sequence. And oh yeah, he's still got a mobile phone after being kidnapped, because evil Albanian baddies are actually good sports who don't mind giving their captives a fair crack of the whip. And while we're on the subject, you have a mobile phone, and you know the number of your ex-CIA associates who could help you in an instant. At what point in the film do you call them? When you're dangling from a pipe in a cellar, or when you're on US soil in an embassy? Go figure.

I really enjoyed the first film, but this was rotten. And in fairness, in hindsight, it would have been tough to measure up to the first one on the basis that there is very little more than could have been done with the idea, short of seeing Neeson kidnapped and his daughter deliver the "I will find you, and I will kill you" spiel. To be honest, that might have been better.
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Where did you say you shoot this?
memederoglu18 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is merely better than a cheap Indian action movie. The villains that "love" chattering with victims, grenades going off in the center of one of world's largest cities without anyone intervening (imagine your throwing grenades in Manhattan / NYC, its more or less the same) Police cars that date from possibly 70's (novadays they are mostly Renault Megans), I am 30 years old living in Istanbul, I haven't seen those cars. A girl that can't drive automatic cars, driving a 80's manual gear Mercedes like a pro in very narrow streets, Albany - Turkey border which doesn't exist, only way into Turkey through the west is via Bulgaria or Greece, which have proper border outposts, not just a hut and 2-3 guys standing around. Veiled women everywhere... in my 30 years I haven't seen as many veiled people live as I have seen during this movie. The movie was shot in the ghettos which don't reflect the city... US Embassy is more than 30 kilometers from where the movie was shot, and you cant just rush in with a car like that... In a luxury hotel in Eminönü you cant get inside with guns, let aside causing havoc and getting away, plot was also very poor, he has a mini mobile phone which he keeps calling his daughter from, wonder why he just doesn't ask his mate in the U.S. to have his phone tracked by CIA operatives in Istanbul (we know they exist) for a rescue... All in all, very crap Bourne-wannabe movie that was clearly aimed to be shot in a 3rd world arabic country, but for some reason ended up being shot in one of the world's biggest and most historical cities.
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maurizio-mallia7 October 2012
What an utter disappointment. Like many fans of the original Taken, I was looking forward to a sequel to see if it could match or in any way surpass the original. I am afraid that as as sequel I am left perplexed at the lack of any tension, real action and pace in the film. The villains were not as nasty as they should be- after all they were seeking revenge for the slaughter of friends and family and all appeared not all intimidating. There was no sharp dialogue and some scenes bordered on the risible especially when Liam Neeson was trying to give directions to his daughter on his whereabouts. The finale was rushed and overall the film lacked any bite or interest. Dull, unimaginative-only Liam Neeson kept what glimmer of hopes alive by his solid acting. However, a real shame the film could not even match or equal the original. Do not waste your time- see the original Taken and leave this sequel alone.
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I'm going to pretend Taken 2 never happened!
melcovel7 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Terrible and a major disappointment to anyone that loved Taken like I did! Weak plot, terrible action and preposterous storyline make it laughable. I know the first one was far fetched but much more believable. Takes away from the first one!!! The fact that Kim couldn't get her license and then magically can drive a stick shift is ludicrous. The fight scenes were filmed too close up to see and the Albanians were made to look like total idiots by missing every shot and Liam landing everyone of them. The story was slow to start and seemed filled with fluff. The movie ends without a real build up leaving you wondering..... What just happened?!
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Uninspired and less exciting than the first, "Taken 2" is a barely passable sequel
Movie_Muse_Reviews5 October 2012
Liam Neeson's action-man renaissance in 2008's "Taken" was a most unheralded critical and box-office hit for a seemingly generic revenge flick. Writers Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen managed to captivate audiences with a streamlined story of a retired CIA operative using his skills to locate and rescue his kidnapped daughter. It was a simple concept in that it utilized family bonds as motivation, but it was made exciting through a mixture of intriguing resourcefulness and crafty violence.

Everything about the story of "Taken" was so concrete, that there didn't seem like any obvious direction for a sequel, but a gross of $226.8 million on a $25-million budget talks, and so we have "Taken 2," but what Besson and Kamen have come up with this time fails to measure up to the original in almost every way.

This shouldn't surprise anyone considering, again, no justification existed in the original story for a sequel. Kim (Maggie Grace) couldn't just get taken again, and part of the intrigue was Mills (Neeson) having to find her despite being hours behind her captors with no idea of where they might take her. In "Taken 2," it's not as complicated and the stakes don't feel nearly as high.

Simply, the Albanians that Mills killed en route to finding his daughter want revenge, so they track him to one of his private security jobs in Istanbul. As it happens, Kim and her mother, Lenore (Famke Janssen), decide to surprise him by flying to meet him there, though to be fair it's not that obnoxious of a coincidence, as Mills had invited them to come after hearing Lenore's current husband had canceled their family trip to China.

During their first full day together in Istanbul, Kim gets the idea to let Bryan and Lenore have some alone time in hopes of rekindling their relationship, but when they go into town they are followed by the Albanians, and despite Mills' best efforts, he and Lenore are taken.

The entire setup here is forced — really forced. It feels as though every single plot point or detail exists solely to create circumstances in which our main characters can get kidnapped, with ample occurrences both inconvenient and convenient to allow for problems and general suspense while also providing enough room for a solution.

We already know what Mills is willing to do for his family, so his motivation is identical to the first film, plus we know he's too skilled to stay kidnapped for long. What's required to compensate for not raising the stakes in terms of both motivation and danger is substantially more creativity, and that's where Besson and Kamen really come up dry.

There's one scene early on (as in once the film gets going early on) in which Mills uses Kim to help pinpoint his location in the city, instructing her to set off grenades so he can figure out how far away she is by how long it takes for him to hear the blast. It's just a tease that the film might reach its predecessor's level, however, as the ingenuity never gets any more exciting than that.

Director Olivier Megaton, a frequent Besson collaborator, takes over for Pierre Morel, and does nothing to help nor hurt the picture. His style is a bit more frenetic as he heavily edits the action sequences to the point where you don't get more than a second and a half at any one camera angle, but that's not a problem so much as the film's failure through and through to prevent the audience's indifference to what's going on. We were given plenty of reason to doubt Mills' success in"Taken," but this time around we haven't a shred. There's a moment in which we think something might take a surprisingly darker turn, but it's over in a flash.

The script also attempts to be a bit more theme-driven than the first film, whether just because or in effort to compensate for its pointlessness. The father of one of the Albanians Mills killed (the infamous Marco from Tripoja), the "main bad guy" played by Rade Serbedzija, has a few conversations with Mills about taking the lives of family members and when revenge is or isn't justified. It's legitimate notion, but a bit out of place; we're asked to consider the feelings of the random European thugs who we normally see as killing fodder for our action movies. We don't care if you're someone's son — you're a tattooed meathead who deserves to be offed if for nothing but our amusement.

"Taken 2″ isn't offensively bad, just uninspired and unable to make the case for its existence. At 91 minutes, it's a harmless exercise in generic action filmmaking aimed at placating the folks who clamored to see more of one man's particular set of skills, even if they're the exact same skills applied in a less-than-spectacular manner.

~Steven C

Thanks for reading! Visit moviemusereviews.com
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Taken 2: Don't go
liamnoble117 October 2012
So, its a stinker!

If you came to see Liam Neeson kicking ass, my advice is turn back now and save your money. This is entirely due to the inability to actually see what the heck's going on in all of the films actions sequences and stunt co ordinations. The film looks like it was filmed on the site of a permanent earthquake with a camera dangling by a rope. If you have epilepsy this might be one to avoid considering how quick its been edited. Its almost like director Olivier Megaton said "yeah we're going for the subliminal message type look, edit it like that" And you want anything remotely reminiscent of the first films action? well forget about it because it hasn't been included.

What you will be treated to however is a cheap, watered down child friendly, completely unrealistic, trashy, knock off 'Rom Com with bullets' B reel, sold purely on the title of "Taken" alone.

Huge plot holes dominate the script from start to finish, in its purest form its basically an awful rehash of the first film but 1000 times worse, placing Maggie Grace (Bryan Mills daughter) as the heroine trying to rescue her parents from a load of bungling Albanians (yes they are literally that bad, think of Manuel from Faulty Towers and you have your starting point) . Liam Neeson does his best with what he's got, but there's only so much you can do with a turd script like this. Unfortunately its so laughable that Neesons character starts to look like a paranoid delusional psychopath that sees kidnappers everywhere. They must have forgotten to include the scene where Neeson gains his super power to spot evil doers just by looking at them, but hey that's what happens so get over it!

Not only that but did anybody even look at a map before this script was written? Had anybody even been to Turkey or Albania? Clearly its the best location in the world to magically learn how to drive a car, because that's what Maggie Grace does! However there's also a dire lack a qualified torturers because no one can do it, or interrogate or generally manage to do anything right! Alternatively, if you feel like throwing some hand grenades off rooftops without anybody batting an eyelid then this might just be the place for you. Don't worry about the police, they'll be to busy driving around in there 1970s bangers they hauled right off the scrap heap, where this movie also came from.

Unfortunately the worst news is that Taken 3 already seems to be on the horizon. Many of you will be asking 'how...why....who....???' but unfortunately money speaks louder than taste. I imagine the plot will be an all black screen and Liam Neesons voice over "Your money has been taken". The horror that it was a 12a should have sent alarm bells ringing before I even bought the ticket, alas my money and respect for the film industry is now gone forever. What's even more painful is the fact that Luc Besson is partly responsible for this mess, Luc Besson! director and producer of some truly awesome films.

Please don't see this film, please don't be 'Taken' in
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A horrible sequel
Argemaluco6 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
In 2008, I enjoyed the film Taken mainly because of Liam Neeson's solid performance, which added deepness to the screenplay because of his conviction and intensity (I will refrain from mentioning that the TV series 24 was quite popular in that time, and Neeson basically played Jack Bauer, but on the big screen). Now, 4 years later, we have Taken 2, which unfortunately is a pathetic action film with an incredibly weak screenplay, insipid direction and some of the most boring action scenes I have seen in the last years.

Neeson made his best effort in rescuing Taken 2, bringing the seriousness and conviction from an authentic professional actor who trusts in the screenplay...or at least pretends to. For the rest, the film is a collection of forced domestic melodrama (Kim couldn't obtain her driving license; Bryan distrusts of Kim's new boyfriend; Lennie has problems with her new husband; etc.) and confusing action scenes completely lacking of any energy and impact. I was almost falling asleep during the car chase through the narrow streets of Istambul; and the fights are edited into micro-shots of less than a second, and as a consequence, it was very difficult to notice what was happening.

But the worst thing of all is that Taken 2 retroactively harms Taken, because the villains are so inept that they make us doubt about the hero's ability. He was maybe just lucky of finding a gang of idiots who leave him alone during long periods of time in order to give him the opportunity to escape; kindly allow him to make phone calls while they are having him held at gunpoint; and start to endlessly make a monologue when they should be having the revenge they enjoy mentioning so much. As for the violence, Taken 2 is strictly PG-13 material; the main character employs magic bullets which always hit the spot, but without shedding a single drop of blood; on the opposite, the villains employ bullets which inoffensively dissolve through the air, or at most, only work on walls.

In conclusion, Taken 2 is an unbearable film, whose 90 minutes feel like 180 because of the poor screenplay and director Olivier Megaton's laziness. I liked his previous film (Colombiana), but he fell so low in Taken 2 that it will be difficult to have any enthusiasm in his future films. In other words, save your time and your money, and don't watch Taken 2. I just hope that this piece of junk isn't economically successful, and we won't have a third part, in which Neeson will have to look for the cup of coffee he accidentally left on his car's roof. After Taken 2, I think any foolishness would be viable for producer Luc Besson.
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This is one of the worst movies of 2012
deyannyc6 October 2012
This movie is utterly awful unless you are ready for a bad comedy. There are tons of flows. Albania doesn't border Turkey. Istanbul is a magnificent city. In the movie it is portrayed as a third world country slam hole. Police in Istanbul have new cars. The girl doesn't have a driver license in the US where everyone drives an automatic. Yet in the movie she hops in a stick stick shift cab and shows some amazing skills...So lame... Shots are fired in a hotel, grenades are detonated in a middle of a cosmopolitan city ...and there's no Police... The main character is taken on a ride for a few minutes and yet he appears to be almost next to the hotel. Albanians converse in English?!
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Liam does what he can with a bad script
freemanpatrick78 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I know movies aren't real - they're make believe. But can't we inject just a little realism in here for a second. I loved Taken. It was a fun thrill ride with realistic characters and plot lines. I walked away with a good feeling. Taken 2 was a different story. I just walked away. Let's pretend that September 11th never happened and you can fly into any airport in the world carrying a case willed with guns and explosives no questions asked. Let's pretend that wealthy Arabs in Turkey have to hire retired Americans for security because there is no one local who can fill this purpose. Let's pretend that a teenage girl who had the living sh** scare out of her in the first movie and can't be relied upon to even answer her phone is going to be cool-headed and responsible enough to fight terrorist and rescue her parents. Let's pretend that said teenage girl can throw a hand grenade all the way across a street and onto a parking structure blowing up the only car that's parked there because the explosion from the grenade alone wouldn't be heard 4.5 kilometers away. Let's pretend that hotel security investigating a shooting inside the hotel won't react to a grenade blowing up a car right across the street. That was about the point where I walked out. But hey, if none of this sounds implausible to you then go see the movie.
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Another İstanbul
Keremozdonmez11 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As the the first movie was awesome,we were looking forward to watch this movie.But when the film was over we were terribly disappointed.I don't know where to start telling the nonsense of the scenes which were shot in İstanbul.First of all Turkey(Türkiye) doesn't have a border(looks like a car park barrier) with Albenia.Also Albanians doesn't have a relation with prostitution as the Turkish people are not tortures as well.I think it's about the film maker's point of view to Türkiye. The police cars in the movie were 1980 models and they are now exhibiting in Tofaş museum.Our police cars are recent as our buildings.But there is a huge difference between the buildings in the movie and the buildings in İstanbul.Director was focused in the old İstanbul called Historical Peninsula and in this area there are so many ancient buildings bazaars and mosques. In modern İstanbul most of the women does not wear veils as the men in İstanbul doesn't have beards like pilgrims. In conclusion İstanbul is not this,Turkish people are not these.Albanians are not these.
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Everyone in theater was laughing - the movie was that miserable.
maximian6 October 2012
The movie was very stupid and naive. Producers did not bother to make anything meaningful assuming that people will go watch it anyway. What a disappointment. Nothing has remained from the realistic first part. This one is more like a naive boring drama with infrequent heroic acts of Liam Neeson. In fact, most of the time he looks like a pompous clown trying to be serious while playing a stupid script. As in a regular cheap movie, bad guys are not really bad and are very respectful to the main characters, always giving them plenty of time to talk and to run away. What irritates even more is ridiculously large amount of product placement. Save your time and money, don't watch this movie in theaters.
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Movie deserves 7/10, but the director does not even deserve 0...
RenovatioSelcuk7 October 2012
The movie was very good and Liam Neeson is one my favourite actors. it is great that Liam Neeson visited Turkey. I am sure that he impressed very much while he was there. However I just hated director's point of view about Istanbul, and Turkey. In some scenes you see some women wearing pitch black clothes as if they live in a country governed by Islamic rules . No!!! Turkey is not like that!!! Its constitution is more democratic than many 'democratic' countries in the world. And especially women had their rights before many 'democratic' countries in the world. For example Turkish women can vote or can be elected since 1934! Just check the history. You will see Turkish women had such rights before millions of others women living in other countries. But, I do not understand why there is not any Turkish women seen in the movie. All the movie was taken in very weird and suburban areas, and you do not see any women, but the guys. This is not Iran, this is Istanbul! I am very sorry about the director's attitude and I did not like it at all.

Turkey is a secular, democratic and modern country. You can see the people with very modern looking all over the city, not ninjas! The people of Turkey do not wear such a pitch black clothes like the people living in an Islamic country. Not only the appearance, but also the thoughts are modern and contemporary in Turkey! Why did director say a big lie to the world? Is there a political reason? Should a director act like a horrible politician?

I am fed up with seeing such horrible movies hiding the truth! Make movie of what you see, not hide the truth!

Movie certainly deserves 7 out of 10, but the director does not deserve even 0!

I hope my review was useful to correct some mistakes/lies about Istanbul...
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Ridiculous movie. Badly researched. Wooden acting. Pah! An hour and a half of my life that i will never get back!
acexen15 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was so excited about the prospect of seeing this movie as i had thoroughly enjoyed Taken but Taken 2 but a huge disappointment.

I thought the acting was terrible. The intimacy/connection between the mum, dad and daughter seemed ever so fake.

Having been to Turkey a number of times, i have no idea why they would pretend that Albania borders on to Turkey when it does not. As other reviewers have said, the police cars were ancient relics which have been decommissioned for decades...

The actors playing Turkish people clearly should have been better researched. I have been to Istanbul a number of times and women appearing head-to-toe in a burqa is certainly NOT the norm. Many observant Turkish Muslim women dress in tesettür, a head-scarves and light cover-all topcoat, when going out in public. This satisfies the Islamic admonition to modest dress without infringing Turkish law which prohibits religious dress in public places.

You may see women in burqa (full-body covering, with veil), but they will probably be visitors from other countries with a stricter interpretation of Islamic dress traditions. The veil is actually outlawed in Turkey (but the law is little enforced), and even the wearing of head-scarves in secular contexts (universities, government offices, etc.) is controversial. The films depiction of Istanbul is VERY far from the true image. European dress styles prevail for sure.

Towards the end, Lenore (the mum) falls in and out of consciousness about 15 times. It is completely unrealistic.

Kim (the daughter) who has yet to pass her driving test in the US, is suddenly an expert at driving with a gear stick and performs some truly remarkable stunts around the narrowest streets of Istanbul. Again, completely unbelievable. Never mind the distance she ran over various roofs and no one stopped her or the fact that she sent a number of grenades exploding in one of the busiest cities and one of the busiest tourist hot spots in the world.

Bryan (the dad) performs his usual fantastic fight scenes and is cool throughout his interactions with the horrible Albanian family who have returned to seek their revenge. The whole thing with the daughters new boyfriend was unnecessary, but i did wonder throughout the movie whether he would somehow be linked to the Albanian family...

The ending is somewhat predictable but i'll let you discover that on your own.

In summary, I feel it was very badly researched and was somewhat rushed. The first movie was fantastic and Taken 2 was truly abysmal. Liam Neeson's fight scenes are the only part of the movie worth watching. Oh and visit Istanbul for yourself. It really is a fantastic city.
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Watch the first one many times and enjoy, because the sequel is terrible
captaincameron7 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was enthused about Taken 2. The first Taken was an awesome flick on so many levels—sure, if you want to see Shakespearian acting a dialogue, Taken (the first) was not for you. But if you want to see action, dialogue, believable characters, and some gritty but realistic (mostly) violence, Taken (the first) was awesome. If you want to see action, dialog, some believable characters, and some gritty but realistic (mostly) violence, then go back and watch the first Taken movie. You will not find much of any of these in Taken 2. To be fair, Taken 2 is not the worst movie that I have seen in the theaters this year. That honor goes to Dark Shadows, which is, I believe, the new standard for disappointment in a film that had great actors, great directors, and great promise. But wow, Taken 2 came close to being as bad. I always indicate "May be spoilers" in my reviews on IMDb in case I let something slip, but I try not to let many details out, because regardless of how good or bad the film was, I believe that the people involved deserve respect for their efforts, and I am willing to admit that I may be wrong in my reviews, so I don't want to ruin any surprise. Fortunately, with Taken 2, the above warning is not all that necessary. It is an ACTION film. In theory. After about the first half hour, things eventually started moving at more than the glacial pace the movie started with, and that began with Liam Neeson (OMG!) knocking on someone's door. Taken 2 was—once you get past the first half hour or so—wildly predictable. A few (and very few) Luc Besson-style fight scenes and one really long car chase. There was one twist where Winnie The Pooh looked down through a hole in the roof and said "It puts the honey in the basket or it gets the hose again," and that was kind of scary. But wait, that didn't happen. That must have been when I nodded off and dreamed that a child's cartoon combined with a book/movie written more than 20 years ago had more entertainment and action value than Taken 2. The key to a great movie is to have a great opening sequence to bring people in, a middle sequence with a great story with great characters, dialog, action, romance, etc., and a great ending—often with a twist involving the characters, dialog, action, romance, etc. The key to a good movie is to have two—or even one and quarter—of these attributes. Taken 2 had, well, none. Opening sequence—boring. Middle sequence—poorly put together. Ending—weak, weak, weak. I could add another weak and that would almost make for a month that you should avoid wasting your time or money on Taken 2. Please take my advice—it is better to get the hose again from Pooh than to sit through this film.
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A poorly made sequel with only the dollar sign firmly in mind
azanti002914 October 2012
Now look, I am going to say from the start, I like Liam Neeson, a good solid actor, even if lately his roles seem to be that of the brooding loner, perhaps very understandable considering recent personal circumstances and its a role he plays very well, so no problem with that. I loved the original movie, I saw it at the cinema, rented it, own the DVD and have shown it to many people. Its a great film, slick, fast, sets up its own universe rules as just the more realistic side of a James Bond movie, and it doesn't break those rules or lapse into total absurdity. Sure Neeson does impossible things but we get that and go along for the ride.

Here though, something went seriously wrong. The action relocated to Istanbul could have been potentially very interesting and the basic story, as shown in the trailers, so no spoilers here, is that the family of the men he killed in the first film want their revenge. I like this idea, that those seemingly meaningless extras whose job it was to basically die in the first film, actually have friends and relatives who care about them and want to see Neeson dead. In the world that Taken has set up, this is all very plausible and I am sure seemed a great idea on paper. So what happened?

The script then becomes riddled with ideas that are beyond dumb, and Istanbul is reduced to a minor backdrop and not used to its most effective use and as can be seen from other reviews, Turkish people found the film and its depiction a little offensive, I am not surprised. Most of the film could have been set almost anywhere except for a couple of wide shots. Characters do and say things that make no logical sense at all and the rules of the Taken universe are constantly broken. Yes we can suspend our disbelief to a point, but the film reaches a level of absurdity where your just squealing in your seat that this really is awful. Some of the acting from the supporting cast isn't great either but maybe that's down to the very poor tools (Script) they were given to work with. The action scenes are dumb and seem devoid of the tension and abrupt impulse that came with the first movie. Such a shame, because with a good script I would be quite happy to watch this character in any number of scrapes and I do enjoy a well written and well directed action flick with a good story, unfortunately this had none of those elements. If you have to watch it, wait for the DVD, even if there is an extended cut, I fail to see how it will resolve any of the issues here. Wake up Hollywood, we really aren't this dumb. So many Producers on one movie - ever heard of 'Too many cooks?'
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Political Message (Spoiler)
torcids12 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Well if you don't think on the storyline the movie is really good. But the message into the movie are to obvious to be left alone. 1.First of all the Albanians would not speak English with each other would they know? And the majority in Albania are in fact non Muslim so this group would now have Islamic tattoos on their head. Especially their supposed home are not Muslim.... Having a Serb play that role says it all, like having Russians playing Americans(you ask yourself why they could not find a human to play their own kind). Even if the first movie but an ugly face on all Albania this on is just ridiculous. When an American or french does something bad he is just a robber, thief or perverts. But when an Albanians does something he is an evil Albanians.... 2.Turkey and Albania does not share any borders, nor do I think Greece would let Albanians travel with guns through their country without good inspection. 3. Yeah and Turkey is not Iran for the fact either. It is probably the most modern country that have a big Muslim amount of believers and compared to the rest of the world it is really secular. 4. The girl(American) cant handle an automatic car in USA but she can drive manually in Istanbul a la Milan roads?

Look I know it is only a movie and superman does not exit in reality even though you can see him in a movie. But this movie is so unreal that it sad to see that they really work hard to get their political message to the audience. It makes me sad and disappointed that such methods are used.

Taken showed a backside of the world that probably are real awful world but the evil men are not evil because they are a certain kind of ethnic group or religious. They are evil because they are evil.
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Very predictable, fake copy of "Taken 1"
reload_11716 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
For me it looked too fake. Especially when Liam escaped from Albanians. Bad guys were too idiot not to sit and keep an eye on him. And the girl blowing bombs all over in Istanbul was too funny.


Movie is very predictable, if "Taken 3" comes out then I better stay away from it, since I exactly know what is gonna happen next. Again same story: His daughter will be kidnapped and CIA agent will come and get her. I think next one will be in Palestine or some other country that is against Muslims, or it might be in Vietnam. Indeed it did not have to involve Muslims there. Muslims are not friends with US and I am so tired of it. I see it in the news and in such freaking movie too :(((

And dude was a hero of all times, before it was King Kong now it is Liam Neeson. He got couple alcoholic friends who can solve issues and they got connections in Embassies all over the World. Plus I hate it how they show Istanbul police. I been to Istanbul and i have seen how strong and good looking was police in turkey. But in this movie they are riding some old small cars and tripping on the road :(( Like one of those France cops used to drive in 1960

It was funny how Yellow cab in Turkey simply went inside US embassy without any problem. Totally fake.


I was very disappointed. This actor was one of my favorite :( He looked too old and wheww...when he said it : " I will be back " or when he said it " I will go and do I was taught to do ( or smth like that,meaning he got trained to kill and he do not know anything else in this world )" ==== it was fake, disgusting, and too old fashioned phrases. It was from Terminator... It was before we used to like it when actor says smth very cool... But these days we expect and like movies to be more humble and to shut your mouth and do the damage. I mean exactly this: Keep it gang, keep it cool and do not tell us you are trained very very well...

And should we think Albanians are such nerds? It looked from their faces they are born killers. And how come they can't shoot even straight :(

Too tired of politics involving movie...I was on the side of Liam and his daughter on Taken 1. But here Taken 2 I was hoping at least the story gonna end with gangs gonna kill Liam. But this America(n) likes to show how strong and well trained CIA ex-agent - he can destroy anything and anyone in Asia :(

Sad very Sad Pls make it more real not fake.
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Makes fun of itself and the first film.
dadrysdale18 September 2012
Just got back from a special advance screening of Taken 2 in London. If you enjoyed the first film, you will very much enjoy this.

What I will point out is that this is almost a parody of the first film - there are lots of in jokes, references and humor directed at the style of the first film - especially how protective Brian Mills (Liam Neeson) is of his daughter. There are lots of funny scenes involving his daughter, him and his daughter's boyfriend.

The action is there and as brutal as always. There are some great speeches and lines very similar to that famous "I will find you" speech in the first movie.

The audience I watched this with laughed a lot - this is a much more light hearted film than the first and doesn't take itself seriously which is great. As mentioned, it is more of a parody of the first film, with everything magnified by 10. It had a very similar tone to what was great about the original Bourne Trilogy.

It is everything a fan of the first film would wish for - the speeches, the action, the humour and the brutal efficiency of Liam Neeson's 'Brian Mills'.

Enjoyed this very much - a definite for fans of the first film and a must see for anyone else.
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Good, but not great
christianhh6 October 2012
First off, I enjoyed the film, and think it was worth the money I paid to see it. While other reviewers have been beating this film down, I find that the story itself was carefully structured in the beginning and grants it believability from that point. By carefully structured, I'm mostly talking about the way an ex wife brings her daughter to Istambul to see her ex-husband.

The action sequences are, frankly, amazing. But not being an action junkie, I tend to go more for the story. What bothered me about the story was the portrayal of Kim Mills' boyfriend, and the resolution at the end of the film.

Just to note, the sequence on the rooftops of Istambul, someone mentioned it was believable, I wholeheartedly agree... let's just say one of the characters put guts and enthusiasm on display without suddenly becoming an expert... 'nuff said...

I loved Taken, I enjoyed Taken 2.
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Laughably terrible.
dyallo5 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is my first review and I'm doing it because I now believe that I have a responsibility to save people some money.

I don't believe that I've ever seen a so cliché'd, non-credible, infinitely discrepancy-having, incredibly predictable and stupid movie.

Wow, these writers must've had zero self-criticism when they wrote this and believed that they had a good script. The bad guys are portrayed as Albanian mafia which at first seem very competent - a property expected from people reaching such level of crime and coordination. But when the guns started popping they immediately turned retard. One could predict the outcome of absolutely every scene throughout the movie. It contained all of the typical clichés. The typical "leave the ex CIA-agent prisoner unguarded", terrible drivers miscalculating the timing when crossing a railroad crossing and killing themselves and getting their brains blown out when peeping through a peephole.

If you like this type of a movie - by all means go ahead and waste your money on a ticket. But if you enjoy well made and smart movies - absolutely don't. The other reviewers of this movie giving this a good grade must be herbally medicated or intellectually impaired accepting this blatant attempt of stealing money out your pocket excuse for a movie.

I give it two out of ten, just for the joy I had trash talking the movie with my friends after. It was hilarious.
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