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  • No, this is an adaptation of the same book on which the miniseries was based. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It was reported on the 13th of March 2009 that american screenwriter/producer Dave Kajganich had been hired to pen the script. In 2010, American film-maker Cary Fukunaga came on board and started from scratch on the script. Later on in 2012, Chase Palmer came on-board to assist Fukunaga with the script. As of 2015, the new director, Andy Muschietti, and his sister and co producer Barbara Muschietti, have since done some rewrites on the Fukunaga/Palmer script to match the new director's "vision". Most of the Fukunaga/Palmer script will remain intact. It was also announced on Feb 2016 that screenwriter Gary Dauberman touched up the script with Andy Muschietti to match the financial goals. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Part 1 for this re-adaptation takes place in 1988-1989. Part 2, when they are adults, will be set in a contemporary period (2010s). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There was the rumor that the task would fall on the Spanish effects company DDT, whose previous works include movies like MAMA, Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth, Perfume, The Devil's Backbone, and more. However, two other companies are the only ones confirmed/credited; in particular, Amalgamated Dynamics for special makeup effects. They designed the look for Pennywise and were responsible for the making of his prosthetics as well as various others. However, the Prosthetic makeup for Pennywise, the Leper and everything else seen in the film was applied by Canadian makeup fx artist Shane Zander who was the head of dept/ supervisor for all the set work and makeup fx artist Neil Morrill was the Key for the movie. Sean Sansom was the Prosthetics designer for the Canadian crew who designed, created the Leper, the Mummy, and various other prosthetic elements for the movie along with his shop crew. Unfortunately for unknown reasons, the Canadian crew were all uncredited in the films release. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It's been suggested that Pennywise or "IT", has a way of hypnotizing people. He is a real creature, but he can hide himself from people he doesn't want to see him. As more and more children go missing in the town, the majority of people seem somewhat aloof. We see evidence of this when Henry, Belch and Patrick are assaulting Ben. A couple drive by in the car, look right at them and continue driving as if nothing was happening. So it's likely that the old woman saw Georgie at the storm drain, but once IT attacked him, the old woman was blinded by the event. We see that her cat witnessed the event, but when she went to look, Georgie was missing, but there was a stream of blood and she didn't seem to react at all. This is also evidenced in the scene where the blood shoots out of the sink at Beverly. Her father walks in to the bathroom and doesn't see the blood that has completely coated the room and Beverly. Yet the rest of the children can see it when she shows them. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • As stated above, IT seems to have the ability to manipulate people or hypnotize them. Once the kids know what they are dealing with, they go to find IT. Each kid at one point or another is distracted or lured away by IT. However, we also see at least one instance where he hypnotized them. In the sewer drain, Stanley is right alongside the group, he then turns to look down the end of the drain and sees IT peaking out at him. Then when he turns to warn the group, they're gone and he's in a completely different area of the sewer. Edit (Coming Soon)


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