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Highly recommended
rdfast2 May 2009
An incredible story of Grace and Forgiveness and Mercy that is uncommon in society today. I have known Grove Norwood for many years and he is as genuine as they come. He is compassionate and caring about his fellow man. When life's circumstances have you down or you think you cannot go on, you learn from this story that there is a source of power and strength out there that can provide you with all that you need in order to withstand any ordeal. This story, if taken to heart, can and will change your life! I highly recommend this story to anybody and personally loved it. It is a modern day story of love and sacrifice that is truly supernatural in its unfolding.
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Amazing message
strawberrysweety27 November 2012
I was so impressed by this movie. It is such an amazing story of forgiveness that people of all ages should see. It gave me a new perspective on what is means to forgive and love one another. If you are looking for an amazing Christian-based movie that the whole family can watch, this is the one! Loved it! Each of the characters has their own story to tell, and you are blown away at every corner by just how caring and kind the people of Simonton, Texas are. This movie is very underrated and I highly recommend it for church showings also. It is a great way to bring together a community and make you step back and realize how much we take for granted in this life. Beautiful movie.
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