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Season 1

25 Mar. 2009
De grote oversteek
Jes Jacobs, a young woman about 30 years old, is about to move to Shanghai. Not for herself, but for the job of her boyfriend Gert. During the preparations for the journey, there is a difficult feeling to gnaw. What will they do? Is this really what they want? Leaving her friends here, but for what? Last minute, at the airport Jes takes a decision. In consternation of Gert she decides not to leave. Her older sister Michelle and friends Luc and John catch her up. She can temporarily stay with Luc in Brussels, until they find their own place and she knows what she wants...
8 Apr. 2009
Kapot gemaakt
Michelle tries to link Jes to Jan, the son of a good friend. Jes is absolutely not sit with it. Until her clothes come back from Shanghai, completely destroyed by Gert. Now she wants revenge ... and she goes to bed with Jan. Sofia withdraws the financial problems of our dedicated lawyer Luc. She wants him to become make a well-known lawyer, seeking a high-profile case. Luc doesn't notice it, but the unstoppable Sofia pulls him into an escalating campaign, which will indeed give the necessary publicity. Meanwhile John is in love with neighbor Felix. His' Gaydar 'says ...
17 Jun. 2009
En nu?
Suddenly it all goes a bit fast for Jes: Felix asks her to move in, and before she can answer, everything is already arranged. When she gets attracted by a charming immo-customer, she doubts again. Choose for Felix, or dive into a new adventure? Before the marriage of Luc and Rosita, the bride's brother Ringo suddenly appears. But is he really her brother or is there more going on? Michelle goes to research. John took a fight with Johnny and ends drunk in bed with another. The next day, he has enormous regrets, but doesn't know how he should tell. From guilt he tries ...

 Season 1 

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