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Agent Vinod- Fast paced, Stylish, Inconsistent
Achyuta Ghosh23 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It's hard not to appreciate Agent Vinod since there is more good to it than bad- and this I bravely say, with some relief as well, considering my wife has a gun pointed at my head right now. To be fair, spy thrillers have been in short supply in Bollywood, and hence director Sriram Raghavan deserves kudos for having the balls to carry out a full blown assault in uncharted territories, and creating a movie that can hold its own against the very best that the West has to offer.

The evolution of James Bond is perhaps the best indicator of the notion film makers have of spies in general- from the suave and charming Connery/Moore days, to today's intense and gritty Craig, they are today's supermen, they are the only thing standing between order and anarchy and hence, they have to have it all. Agent Vinod, played by lead actor and producer Saif Ali Khan is one such superman, enemies of India, beware- killing is his second nature, his lives outnumber that of a few cats put together, he has a penchant for getting caught and then giving the slip, he globe trots with elan, and saves damsels in distress- all this he does while looking impeccably good all the time- shirt on or shirt-less.

To be fair, there isn't a coherent plot here. I feel Raghavan had a lot to tell and maybe envisaged a series first, and hence it resembles an episodic structure- each episode in a different country- starts with AV actioning a breakout form an Afghan jail, to getting on the trail that involves the death of his partner in Russia which leads him further into Morocco, Latvia, Pakistan, India and culminating in England. Jules Verne thought of it in 80 days, but AV seems to derive extra pleasure in doing this day in day out. AV is on the search of a suitcase nuclear bomb, and he blasts, chops and hacks his way towards it with single minded determination, only to face an enemy who matches him every step of the way with passion and resourcefulness. There is some amount of sleuthing, loads and loads of action, a couple of catchy songs, a little bit of humour, some melodrama and again more guns, more explosions, more glory.

I am a fan of Sriram Raghavan- who can forget his first feature, Ek Hasina Thi, where Saif portrayed a bad guy with chilling intensity, or his second movie- Johnny Gaddar, an ingenious heist thriller, where he made a star out of a non actor such as Neil Nitin Mukesh. Thrillers is his genre, and taut, smart and nail biting is his style- which is evident in bits and pieces in Agent Vinod. Raghavan injects so much energy into this movie, that it hurtles along across continents without giving a moment to sit back and think, which in fact is a good thing is as the plot is riddled with holes. And interspaced liberally is Raghavan's homage to movies of the past that he idolizes- Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Five Man Army, Don, Amar Akbar Anthony, and of course, Bond. Raghavan though reserves his brilliance for a memorable scene in the second half, a bit John Woo inspired slow motion sequence in a seedy hotel, with a blind girl singing a love ballad, as Saif protects a suitably tormented Kareena, in the process finishing off a group of baddies amidst much dodging and shooting.

As super-spy AV, Saif builds the character squarely around Daniel Craig's interpretation of James Bond, the movie itself has shades of Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Saif looks the part- he is suitably chiselled, his hair is never out of place, his clothes never miss a stitch, and he makes the taxing physical sequences look as easy as a walk in the park. And as and when the role dictates, Saif does a good job in letting us take a peek into his vulnerabilities. But he also carries Craig's weaknesses- sometimes wooden, unlike the other senior Khans who know how to play their starpower- Salman and SRK, Saif takes the role too seriously, and only in the credits does he loosen his hair down. Kareena as ISI agent and Vinod's ladylove Iram, for a change does not play the stereotyped, bubbly character that she ALWAYS plays nowadays- but again she does not do something special here, so i feel anyone could have done her part. The masterstroke in AV though is not Vinod himself or Iram, but the slew of character artists that play small but memorable roles. Of special mention is Adil Hussain as AV's nemesis, Colonel, who can kill with a smile and remains one step ahead of our titular superspy. Dhritiman Chatterjee is having a blast- post Kahaani, he again lends grace and class to an important character, and Prem Chopra reminds you how badass he was in his prime. I loved the eclectic background score- zingy and apt, it deserves a release of its own sometime down the line.

Lately Bollywood has been churning out action thrillers-think Dhoom, Don, Players- Agent Vinod stands head and shoulders above them but suffers from a curious case of inconsistency- it has loads of style but lacks substance, the VFX overall is top-notch, yet some shots are dead giveaways, some dialogues are out of this world smart, yet some are downright cheesy, some sequences are heady, and some are plain bad, and the ending is needlessly overdrawn. But i found myself secretly smiling when i left the theatre- is it because i had low expectations, or maybe, just maybe, Agent Vinod did work for me- remember the gun, folks  6/10
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I wasted my 3 hours. I hope you don't.
chinvikul1 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Calling this 2:30 hours long video a movie, would be an insult to the rest. Movie starts with some random action scene. This scene pretty much gives you a glimpse of whats coming to you. Bad guys die in tons, good guys don't even get a scratch, chicks falling for the hero etc. you get it all right.

1. Its very bad script. It totally defies logic. There are many instances where you would cry out "why didn't you simply did *this*?"

2. Too many characters. After 15 minutes into movie, you stop keeping track of locations, characters, questions you hope would be resolved later and people dying. Also, 2:30 hours is way too lengthy.

3.Very bad editing.

4. In a movie, one or two twists are accepted. When you twist the story every couple of minutes and use some random codewords which don't make much sense, you loose interest and the plot.

5. Bad jokes. Really very bad jokes.
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Utterly soulless and quite frankly too long and boring.
devimumba7728 March 2012
This is just an amazingly poor film. I think Saif Ali Khan can be a good actor, I liked him on "Being Cyrus", but AV is in my opinion absolutely dreadful. It's not a spy film, it's not a Bond film or a Bourne film... It's not anything. It's just a mess. It is not original, it is just a derivative action movie. It lacks any discernible plot and replaces any character development with continuous hyper-edited action, so much so that you just end up not caring about anything. What annoyed me most were the camera angles - I felt dizzy during a number of the action sequences and there was just too much going on in front of my eyes - all at the expense of an actual plot. In Saif A Khan's character there's not even a trace of humanity as he becomes increasingly unbelievable, and increasingly unlikeable : he tries so hard to look sultry with his oiled, polished bare torso, but he has no humor or charm or sexiness as you would expect him to have. AV is basically a spinning machine, almost robotic in his ways. The effects and stunts are OK, hence my one star. But that's it. The bulging-eyed female co-star, Ms Kapoor is an enigma for me: mediocre acting and not even a hint of charisma, mystery or whatsoever. I never understood and will never understand the reasons of her mega success in India. She should move to Hollywood and watch how difficult is for a professional actress to act well and get a deserved success. After disastrous partnership on screen between Mr Khan and Ms Kapoor (Tashan, Kurbaan), maybe it's time for both to stop acting together, since they really do not show any chemistry at all...that special "something" that you would expect from two people, who supposedly are partners in real life. Overall, very disappointed : utterly soulless and quite frankly boring. I wish I hadn't bothered with AV.
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Don't watch
hasmax786-328-84549927 March 2012
Indian cinema at its best today Agent Vinod, the movie drags like no bodies business.

I've just watched it I've got a headache.

There are so many mistakes in the movie I got sick of it.

This movie was an equivalent of a Salman Khan movie full of mindless action with no real story.

Very overrated movie.

I think agent Vinod was supposed to be India's 007. Fail! worst movie I've seen so far this year.

Conclusion: if you watch movies to pass time and if there's nothing else to watch don't watch this enough said.
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not worth watching.....awful in one word......boring.......non sense
Dhruv saha29 March 2012
from where to start...............the film was nothing but a useless waste of time and money and mood............saif Ali khan was as usual awful.......his foreign accent does not help this crap..................and again what Karena kapur was doing in the whole film.......not only in this one but in 3 idiots body guard...she ate all our brain stuffs by showing non sense...........this film is a disappointment from the director after Johnny gadder and ek hasina thi...............and why the hell saif Ali khan was comparing this film with James bond films or Bourne films or the villains in tin he mad??????????????any way just avoid this movie this is total waste of time and money.......and saif please do films which have a proper meaning
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totally awful!
Akhil Dwivedi23 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
aah! I didn't expect the movie that bad but it goes beyond my every level. seriously i find it total lousy boring action and surprisingly with no script lol. I feel like it was torture to audiences to watch whole movie.

There was no chemistry b/w SAIF n KAREENA which at least hold the audience nut NOOO nothing like that. There was just exotic locations,some of great beaches .The first 30 minutes of the film are intriguing but then all fell apart,there was no linking between sub plots they just went on and on without a reason. At last they were trying to create to create climax but they failed horribly. It's just copy of Hollywood I don't know which film but it certainly was.

Unwanted scenes (between the lead pair) and unwarranted songs add to the film's already lazily unfurling narrative. For a thriller that talks of nuclear explosions and a plot that zips from one country to another, the film moves at a staggeringly sluggish pace, and is only intermittently gripping I bet you cannot watch it for 2nd time even for free. DO NOT DARE TO WATCH AV ON CINEMAS
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When Style dominates Substance.......................
SonalSudeep27 March 2012
Stylish actors,wonderful locations,lots of side characters,wayward storyline all these sum up the context of Agent Vinod.Mark,I used only two positive things,which are actually the fairly good things in the movie,whereas the reason you should avoid it,is at the behest of the negative points.The movie seems as if cut-by-cut summary of 14 different movies(because of 14 different locations) with none of them providing apt understanding of the storyline and you end up asking yourself-"What was that?","Who was that?","Why was that?". Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor did justice to their character still the storyline & some poor editing made a mess of the movie.Songs were good still not upto the mark. All in all Agent Vinod is a stylish,sleek movie beyond a good and sensible storyline.If you find STYLE dominating SUBSTANCE as good,go for it,else its far far better to avoid it.
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Agent Vinod_License to Boredom
Chatswood23 March 2012
One of my friends said that Agent Vinod is the remake of old Agent Vinod (Available on YouTube). I was not convinced, but when I came out of the theater I started believing it. Really? Sriram Raghavan? After Ek Hasina Thi and Johny Gaddar, Agent Vinod? I still can't believe that Saif and Sriram come up with this utterly disorganized film.

Agent Vinod is something that Saif wanted to do with Kurbaan,(Thank god they haven't repeated any love making act, may be Saif wanted to concentrate more on acting skills.) The main problem of the film is screenplay. Screenplay throws out sequences without any explanation.You can't connect with this film. It feels like writers were stoned and when they were high they started writing Agent Vinod. This film shows you glimpse of 12 or more countries with irrelevant characters that supposed to be most wanted criminals.Every character is flat and shallow. I can't even say 'underwritten'. There are ton of questions that could really make you sick and dizzy. Couple of dialogues is witty but you heard it in first trailer itself. Sriram tried different things like to relate the sequence with Charlie Chaplin's films and to synchronies the fight sequence with silent song but it doesn't hold your attention because your mind continuously tries to figure out what the hell is going on.

Too many characters but no one gets enough time to act. Saif is confused, he tries to carry the film but the plot (?) is so weak that I would have watched Don 2 again. Why the hell did editor freeze some random frames? To make an impression on viewer's mind?

The good thing about agent Vinod is that it's not in 3D. This is not an action movie, it just a movie where someone kills someone, that's it. The most idiotic thing about the film is that a bullet is sufficient to kill Vinod but then, again we have to face lame action moves. Why was there Rajat Kapoor and Gulshan Grover? They come and go, they do nothing.But why did even writers come up with those characters.

Agent Vinod is not an intelligent, smart film and it doesn't come up with anything new. This spy has license to boredom.
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AGENT VINOD is disappointing and boring often. The film is an experiment gone wrong.
Ali Ahmed Awan23 March 2012
AGENT VINOD is a film which has a 15 minutes introduction scene of Saif in the beginning. The film could have been easily brought to 20-25 minutes shorter as the story doesn't have much in it. It's a film that has been made on such a huge canvas that pulls the bar of expectations but what we get on screen is far behind of the hype that the film has generated. The director takes the film over the top because in each of his sequence, one can notice that the film is trying to be clever, but it's actually not! The writers are to be blamed for the half-baked role written for Kareena Kapoor. Her character more so becomes a caricature, thanks to filmy dialogues and poor direction. Also, the screenplay writers fail to maintain rhythm of the film because every scene is followed by some random action and chase scene. Pritam's music is just OK but it's not original. The cinematographer doesn't give any such views which will please the eyes. Sriram Raghavan fails to execute the film because his aesthetics and nuances, this film clearly lacks. It's a lazy attempt and hence it should have been handled well by the director. Saif Ali Khan is fantastic as he delivers most to perfection. He infuses life in the film. Kareena Kapoor is saddled by badly sketched role. It's just a fail..... an epic fail....
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Absolute Rubbish
neetighildiyal23 March 2012
I just saw this movie and I can't believe the reviews that are written above. For what starts out as an attempt to be an action flick..this movie totally bites the dust. Saif's aim to project himself as the 007 of Indian Cinema bombs! Saif and Kareena both are really pathetic in this. There really was no chemistry in this.

The editing is not good at all..I could hear almost everyone in the theater going "what just happened" and not because of excitement. The dialogs had no punch in them. Only the locations in the movie were worth something to look at.

However, the supporting cast i.e., Ram Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Dhritiman Chaterji are pretty decent .

The movie is NOT sharp, NOT cool, NOT clever, NOT funny, NOT Interesting. A below average movie.
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Mind Blowing action, Sriram's strong control on script and Powerpacked performance from Saif.SRK.
wazankash19 March 2012
saw the public screening of Agent Vinod in a film festival.Frankly speaking I was stunned by the movie.Simple plot but the twists and turns in the movie were amazing.I will not reveal the plot details because you will loose interest in it.It's slick,stylish and high on acting and visual effects.

Saif is the man who reigns supreme in this film and leaves a strong impression on the audiences mind with his stellar performance. His smile, dialogue delivery and every expression deserves a bow.

The director Sriram handles the scenes well and never lets the adrenaline rush or the script to fall flat. He keeps the audiences glued to their seat and this versatile man gives as a slick action thriller which is far better than Race,Dhoom,Dhoom 2 or Ra.One.

The script is well written and every scene is well handled. Dialogues are brilliant and none of the scene fall flat. No unnecessary toilet humour and songs have made the film even more appealing.

Agent Vinod is an amazing movie with unforgettable action scene and car chase sequences. Highly Recommended.
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madhu-lg24 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
They could have called it Agent Orange - three hours of chemical refuse, pouring endlessly from the screen.

The script tries for too many twists, and makes a painful experience, incorrigible. The director seems to believe that labelling scenes as of Moscow, Solmaila, London and Morocco, will make a great spy tale.

A movie where random Afghan barrel bags become entry passes to high profile parties, neither Ruby nor Vinod get a bullet to their head in Morocco, or a don who lets go a steward's name easily has terrible written all over it.

* Puke *
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A circus of a film!
varghesejunior10 April 2012
Perhaps this film was designed to be something like an Indian version of James Bond, but it does not turn out to be ANYWHERE close to 007. James Bond is not a circus man!

The intro is high octane and worth watching, but then the film DRAGS for quite a while, and picks up in between. There are many a flaw in it. The makers shouldn't have tried to make the actors talk about things they KNOW NOTHING about, especially in the medical field! Music is unremarkable.

The background score does not correspond to the various scenes in the film. Many people come, are killed quickly, and through it all, agent Vinod jumps on and off, dodging bullets, killing goons. REAL CIRCUS.

You can watch this just for fun. Don't look for complete logic.
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License To Kill- Revoked.
morrison-dylan-fan1 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Despite having found the 2009 teaming of real life Bollywood power couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor in the terrorist Thriller Drama Kurbaan to be a paring that killed off any promise that the paternally exciting screenplay had to offer.

I decided,that since having heard the this film was a "dream project" for Saif,and that it was being directed by the man behind the highly praised Film Noir Johnny Gaddaar,I felt the there was a good chance that this Bollywood " Masala" 007 style film would offer some terrific thrills and a gripping,undercover spy storyline.

The plot:

After having escaped from a Taiban camp in Afghanistan,RAW (Indian secret service) Agent Vinod heads back to his headquarters in India,where he is told that his next mission is to find a man who murdered a fellow RAW agent in Russia,and who also has a scorpion tattoo and has some strange connection with the number "242".Rushing round in Russia,Vinold eventually finds out that a man called Freddie Khambatta is meant to be delivering 50 million to a powerful Mafia boss in Morocco.

Relaxing on his flight to Morocco,Vinod is left dumbfounded,when he discovers that Freddie Khambatta is working as a stewardess on this very flight!.Using his charms to win the trust of Khambatta,Vinod sneakily decides to take Freddie's identity,so that he can meet the cities local Mafia boss:David Kazan.Initially being terrified of Kazan sniffing out his cover,Vinod is almost caught out when Kazan's personal doctor, called Ruby Mendes (who actually works for the Pakistan secret service ISL),injects Vinod with some chemicals that force him to give all the real details.

Realiseing that his life is hanging by a thread,Vinod quickly shows all the stolen document proof the he can get his hands on,to prove that he really is Freddie Khambatta.With showing good imitative and also having a huge amount of luck,Kazan falls for his alibi and begins to show Vinod the "explosive" secret behind the number 242.

View on the film:

Looking at the main performances in this film,I was extremely disappointed to discover that despite filling dozens of magazines with their real life romance,Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor leave any signs of a sizzling chemistry completely off the screen,with the dozens of scenes that they both share lacking any sense of a "spark".Whilst the film was pacifically tailor made for him,Khan sadly gives a very wooden performance as Vinod,with the scenes of the agent risking his life to find out the truth behind "242" lacking any feeling from Saif of excitement or intense fear of being Vinod's cover being blown at any given moment.

Although Manish Malhotra's excellent costume design allows Kapoor to wear some eye-catching costumes,her flat performance sadly stops any of Ruby's fun flirtyness or paternally thrilling espionage skills to fully blossom in the film.Despite the two lead performances not having a strong,confident presence which is usually expected in epic Spy films,Prem Chopra shows that he can steel the film from right under everyone's noses.For his performance as Kazan,Chopra cleverly mixes the characters ruthlessness (such as killing his own, beloved camel!) with a strong comedic side that helps to light every scene that he features in,with the scenes of him attempting to develop a "closeness" with Ruby being a particularly hilarious highlight.

Using the "242" mystery as a Hitchcock style mcguffin for the film,writer/director Siram Raghavan at first shows signs that he is impressively going to mix James Bond style action with a Hitchcock Thriller edge.Sadly as the film plods along on its overstretched 2 and a half hour running time Raghavan gradually starts to show a clear lack of focus,as the initially intriguing mystery Thriller side disappointingly becomes a tangled mess,as Raghavan seems to spend more time focused on changing the films location every 5 minutes then he does from stopping the mystery side of the film from ending up as a flat-line.

Despite the action scenes weirdly only being in short bursts ,Siram uses the scenes to put his fantastic,stylish directing on full display,with a mesmerising,uninterrupted 3 and a half minute,one shot shoot out scene displaying the excitement and stylishness which should have been featured in the whole film.
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Don't't even bother to watch it
Pratyay Modi23 March 2012
You take good films like Bond, Bourne, Don and add to make a story that even sounds stupid.

Saif does not look or feel like an Agent on a mission but does look like a maniac badly in the need for a shave.

If Don was had 11 countries he has 12 but that doesn't make you better

Pritam has as usual stolen a song and the screenplay isn't that good either.

The plot is complex but that doesn't make it interesting, not a fan of saif and kareena.

The film is too long why can't you wrap a thriller in 90 mins taken 120 but you go way too long seriously
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A complicated tale of Agent Vinod trying to solve some mysteries..
wvikram1123 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not gonna write the story-line of AV here. In fact i haven't completely understood the story yet! There's too many characters in the movie adding to its complications. Its just an attempt to create some suspense which did not do well. The story-line revolves just about a person trying to find out why his colleague was murdered and by whom. In this hunt he comes to know that there's some planning being done to do a blast in Delhi. He finally solves the mystery and prevents the nuclear blast. Its definitely not a must-watch. But it is surely a good- watch movie for action lovers. If you want to see a lot of action and fighting, this movie would do it! Though the story is not so good, it seems an attempt to create Hollywood-like series like the Bourne in India.
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The whole is not better than the sum of its parts
jmathur_swayamprabha1 April 2012
If a movie is to be considered good, it should qualify for that as a whole. If certain (or even all) parts of the movie are good but they do not work together in tandem with consistency and harmony to provide a satisfactory experience to the spectator, the movie cannot be admired.

This is what has happened with Agent Vinod. It has great action and thrill, a very good entertaining song (in the style of Bollywood during the sixties to the eighties), admirable performances from the lead actors and finally a very good story with an impressive climax lasting for 20-25 minutes. There are many skilfully executed scenes in the movie (alongwith certain childish sequences as well). All the same, I won't consider it as a brilliant entertainer. It's just an above average movie, something that we did not expect when a talented director like Sriram Raghavan was behind the camera and a talented actor like Saif Ali Khan was in front of the camera. It's a let down from the Saif-Raghavan duo who had delivered a brilliant thriller like Ek Hasina Thi (2004) from the Ram Gopal Varma Camp.

Agent Vinod, as the name suggests, is the story of an agent of the Indian Intelligence (RAW, to be precise) who gets an assignment to dig out the circumstances in which another agent (Ravi Kishan) had lost his life. The investigative and daredevil activities of this agent, Vinod (Saif Ali Khan) brings him into contact with a pretty but daredevil (like him) girl, Ira Parveen (Kareena Kapoor). There are several baddies in the scenario, coming across whom the adventures of these two unearth the plot of a nuclear explosion. Finally, the hero succeeds not only in preventing the nuclear explosion but also in reaching the real planner of these events whose wicked activities are hidden from the eyes of the world.

The narrative of Agent Vinod moves through several countries (even my counting failed) and contains several blows and counter-blows between the goodies and the baddies with countless heads rolling in the process. As per my understanding, the intelligence agents or the spies are trained in such a way that they rise above emotions and not moved by mishaps in the lives of the individuals (whether in own life or in the lives of the other ones). However our filmwaalas are yet to come out of the earlier era and the old-fashioned sentimental twists are still kept to tone down the profoundness of the story (and play with the sentiments of the Indian viewers as well).

The narrative is fast-paced, no doubt but this pace does not allow the viewer to understand the movement of the story and the meaning of different things shown on the screen in a proper way. Events running on the screen are known to the director because the film is nothing but a realization of his vision only. However my dear Mr. Sriram Raghavan, they should be understood by the audience too whom the movie is ultimately meant for. And that's why when the mastermind is unmasked in the ending reel, it does not look convincing because even the most intelligent and logical viewer cannot connect him to the baddies that had already come before him in the movie (and cannot make out the connection of the baddies among themselves also). Should we believe that a sovereign country like Pakistan and its intelligence wing, ISI work for an individual who has his own axe to grind through their operations ? Too far-fetched. Putting it straight, the many good parts of the movie do not act together to make the movie impressive and entertaining as a whole.

The movie boasts of a huge production value and the different locales of the many countries involved have been portrayed beautifully on the screen. Technical aspects are superb except the editing part. The movie is just too long and that's why starts boring the viewer. It should have been short by at least 15-20 minutes. Action sequences and thrills (especially in the final reels) are the essence of the movie. The final phase of the movie (final 20-25 minutes) is the most interesting and gripping part of it.

As far as the music composed by Preetam is concerned, it's according to the mood of the movie. I won't term it as excellent. Only the Mujra song picturized in the old fashioned way is impressive in listening to as well as watching on the screen. And quite interestingly, Maryam Zakaaria looks better than Kareena Kapoor in that song.

Performances are praiseworthy. Saif Ali Khan is a very good actor who has groomed himself to such an extent that he can fit the bill for any role. He is the heart and soul of the movie and the movie deserves a watch for his fans. Kareena Kapoor has also done well alongwith her pretty looks though her character confuses at many places. She dies in the end because our filmmakers are still not gutsy enough to show an Indian Hindu male marrying a Pakistani Muslim girl. The supporting cast is routine.

My final words - Agent Vinod is strictly a one time watch and that too for the action-loving audience. It's a collection of some good parts which do not sum up to a coherent whole. Frankly speaking, this movie, in its major part, is just like a jigsaw puzzle which instead of entertaining the viewer, leaves him mentally exhausted in trying to join its pieces together in the correct way.
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Stay away from this !!!!!!!
utkydv23 March 2012
AV is really pathetic with no sense whatsoever.....story, dialogues, direction, acting all are equally miserable....even the camera-work is so sloppy that it fails to capture & deliver the fight-sequences...i mean if you didn't want to then why to include them in the first-place....the makers even fail to deliver the only good thing -"Pyaar ki Pungi" song by placing it at the end....i guess giving it any star would be an insult to the word summarize....after watching dis u might feel Ra.One was not so bad after-all since at least you already expected that crap :)

P.S. had to give 1 star because of no option for 0, but believe me i'm being pretty generous here...
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A humongous poop-job.
thepsychocritic26 March 2012
For a film to have technical glitches and inadequacies that are so blatant that even the naivest of audiences find them obvious, is an embarrassment difficult to conceal. To say this about Sriram Raghavan (Ek Hasina Thi, Johnny Gaddar), who has entertained us well in the past if not enthralled, might come as a surprise. However, as far as his Agent Vinod (Saif Ali Khan) is concerned, that is the inconvenient truth. If you cast aside all the glamour, explosions and pseudo- spyishness, what form the crux of this film is a directionless story that takes a man trying to be cool through scenic location in the hunt of reasons for the murder of his colleague. And as Lady Luck would have it, he just happens to stumble upon a ravishing spy of the opposite sex, Dr. Ruby Mendes (Kareena Kapoor), on his way.

You know how a story in most action films is a vessel whose only onus to carry the action sequences through? This vessel has a massive hole in it. I'll forgive the fact that it is all too generic, for the moment. There is a book with a detonator in it, which is sought after by most of the world's leading terrorist organisations. Someone noble and good-of- heart must get it. The only person who can do this and save the blighty people is an unshaven, frog-eyed man, who has a penchant for dancing in front of hidden cameras - Vinod, that is. Apparently, simple enough. But in the hands of Sriram Raghavan and Arijit Biswas (the script writers) the story turns into a convoluted mess that resembles the remains of a dog that has been run over by a speeding battle-tank. Twice.

Saif plays the role of the almighty redeemer for the film. He isn't as bumptious as spies and anti-heroes (casts a furtive glance at another member of the Khan bastion) usually are. The man himself is not larger than life and without the overbearing fungus smeared so generously on his face he even manages to look strangely human. The sins that he must pay for are those committed by the accompanying-cast. There isn't a clear nemesis for Vinod; instead, he gets half a dozen flies to ward off. The characters are shoddily constructed - no defining traits, no vile idiosyncrasies, nothing to remember them by. The actors don't bring much to the table, either. The movie is a playfield for those blighty souls who never got a chance to make it big in the industry. And, as as the movie illustrates so magnificently, there is a reason for that.

Agent Vinod proudly pontificates the fact that it is an action film. It tries to masquerade as one and its attempts lead to desperation. It is out of this desperation, or so I am forced to believe, that the director did things that one absolutely should not while shooting action films. The movie does not get your adrenaline pumping, while the supposed high- octane sequences are contrived. Too many shots are vying for screen-time at the same time, resulting in a metaphorical train-wreck, further exacerbated by shoddy editing. Judging by the way the camera leapfrogs from wall-to-wall makes one conclude that the cameraman is most certainly suffering from febrile convulsions. And yeah, just in case all of that was not enough, there is also a longer-than-necessary scene shot entirely upside-down for no fathomable reason.

Once the films runs out of things to do, it decides to do the things it has already done all over again. This goes on for over one hundred and fifty-minutes, which is far too long for an action movie by any stretch of imagination. Vinod travels to another country, meets a few foreigner baddies, there's more kiss kiss bang bang, a few explosions, a dozen dead blokes and the good guy saves the day. Just when that starts getting onto your nerves, following the precedent set by her fair- skinned mango-juice-loving counterpart, Kareena does a lacklustre mujra. Saif, then, tries to outdo her in another jig of his own. And succeeds. Someone's going to go hungry for a week for stealing the spotlight from his soon-to-be wife.

With the film managing to get its act together only on rare occasions, the ending could have come sooner. It definitely should have. With a Captain America-esque touch to it, the film drops into a gradual denouement. Or so it seems to, before lasting another twenty minutes and then crossing the finish line; rather tumbling over it. The movie is like a bad sexual experience, and the end justifies the statement - tiring, unsatisfying, but leaves you grateful that it has ended. Alas, when you are halfway into the film, the only things that stick out are the amateurishly shot action sequences, jarring editing and Kareena's unattended body fat. And that's the better half.
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The movie can cause serious Trauma to the Viewer
Sudeep Das23 March 2012
The movie does not just lack a decent story line, it falls flat on all counts of acting, direction, dialogues and screenplay !

Most scenes in the movie seem disconnected and the acting is mediocre at best. You will find the dialogues written by a roadside vendor better in comparison.

We had to leave the theater midway to preserve our sanity.

The actors, director, producer and every body else connected with this movie ought to be sued.

If there were a negative rating available, I would have rated this movie a "-10" !!
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What a disappointment!!!!
varuna1226 March 2012
A very lose film with no ends or maybe too many ends! It could ve been something special but one find himself sitting in theatre and waiting for movie to end so you can escape! I didn't like the silly one lines that Saif was uttering to make boring scenes interesting.

Said that Saif can carry the look very nicely but there wasn't any real content in the film. Screenplay was super slow and dull.

None of the characters were given enough time to grow and cos of that no one can really related to any character and therefore it didn't matter whether they lived or died!

All i can say in the end is that its a great waste of an opportunity!!!
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An average movie which is advertised much
prashantgupta200223 March 2012
Big and on large scale advertisement of movie increased expectations. So I went to go first day first show. But movie was not up to mark. Actually this movie is for a separate category of viewer not for all. Director Sriram tried to make it in compare to Hollywood movies. No doubt action is cool. But connect all the story was a big work in which director is failed. in one fight seen an old fight was mixed in that my friend asked me whether there is two Saif Ali khan in movie. like this in many time viewer were not able to connect the scenes. in small time many cities of world is used but that was not necessary. Kareena kapoor's role was confusing. She herself didn't know from which side she is working from British, Pakistani or India. But one thing movie is fast, don't give time to be bore actually you are so confused in correlating all events that you didn't get time to think about leaving the hall. Mujra song is hot. New girl Maryam Zakaria took all credit for this. My eyes didn't see Kareena in that song. But song of Malika Hyden is cut. which is bad. It was a good song with great dance. But as movie was long so in editing the song was reduced. bad for movie. But it was a nice try. as I told before action is cool. in the end got some interest when bomb came to Delhi. it was really a nice part and some surprise. In whole if you have spare time then you can watch. But no reason to go to see specaily.
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Cheesy, cliché but sooooo funny. I laughed a lot until I almost cried!
selmadasi30 March 2012
It's the most hyped, fake, and silly spy story I have ever seen in my life: cheesy, cliché but sooooo funny.

I enjoyed it. I laughed a lot until I almost cried!

The tragedy is on the producer/actors's side.

They were and still are convinced that they made a…serious masterpiece instead of a laughing-out-loud piece of entertainment.

Now that they know, hopefully they will change genre in the future and make a comedy, in order that we may be moved to tears this time.

That would be nice!

Interesting to see the reviews on this one all over the place! I could not recommend highly enough this one to any of my friends or family, and their children as well! Ugh!
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3 hours of time wasted.
Suryanarayanan23 March 2012
The movie has a lot of star cast. But the main objective of the movie seems to be to bore the audience. Dialogues were too cheesy, there is a stunt sequence in slow romantic background with the actors running all over a room and firing paint balls.

It was a bad experience watching this movie,its only good to be watched with some liquor to make you laugh at cheesy dialogues and dragging scenes.

The movie is confined to the secret agent Vinod,with no real powers given to the villain characters. It like 10 people pointing guns at Agent Vinod,but the directer has ordered that none of them can shoot a fire,no matter what happens. Agent Vinod then gets the gun and shoots every single person in the room and not a shot from any of the 10 people surrounding him. It would have been pretty frustrating for the others in the room.

There is nothing appealing,even the chicks are not looking sexy. The glamour portion is missing completely. Only the visual effects have worked well.

This movie is not worth watching,it can just waste 3 precious hours.
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