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Another dud
jamesparsons939329 September 2021
Let me preface this by saying I've watched hundreds of westerns including some of the absolute lowest budget productions out there and I do not require good acting, high production value or any of that to enjoy a western. The problem with Apache Junction is its just another modern production with zero character. The direction is boring and the cinematography is non existent - lots of close in shots that are tight on the characters, something that was obnoxious 10 years ago & I'd hope would have fallen out of style by 2021. This movie is completely by the numbers & not in a good way. Its such a drag I tried 3 times to watch it and could not make it through.
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Waste of time and money
smokebender7 October 2021
If you're looking for a good western to watch, look elsewhere. Nothing is even close to realistic beyond the horses are actual horses. If you choose to see this movie, plan on asking for your money back.
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Not quite a 'typical' Western; very well done
tkarlmann26 September 2021
An unusual story, well acted, and the sets were VERY well done -- with one minor exception.

This is a simple film, but once you except that, the story is quite engaging and entertaining! The setting is as old and creaky as the Old West itself.

There are some attractive women here, as well as the craggy-looking men. Worth watching.

Things That Bothered Me: 1) With all the attention paid to detail in re-creating an old western town, you think they would have caught one glaring, but minor, oversight -- plastic poker chips! Get some of the older type next time, please! You can even hear plastic poker-chip rattle! 2) Typical in a LOT of movies and TV shows -- no one does any WORK -- to earn a living!

This film has an interesting pace -- it is very slow; but it is also purposeful, and I never got bored.

Worth your time!!!
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Somewhat slow paced and uneventful...
paul_haakonsen10 October 2021
Western movies have never really been my go-to type of movies, although every now and again I will sit down to watch one. And as I had the opportunity to sit down and watch Justin Lee's 2021 Western titled "Apache Junction", I did so, mostly because I saw that the movie had Thomas Jane on the cast list.

I will say that the storyline told in "Apache Junction" is pretty straight forward and easy to follow. However, it was so simplistic that it was sort of bordering on being a bit boring actually. Nothing much really happened throughout the course of the movie, so it was somewhat of an ordeal to sit through "Apache Junction" in all its entire run time.

The atmosphere in "Apache Junction" was good, and it definitely felt like you were there in a gritty frontier town back in day. And that particular atmosphere was adding a lot to the movie. Just a shame that the storyline itself was so mundane and rather uneventful.

Of all the actors and actresses on the cast list in "Apache Junction" then I was only familiar with Thomas Jane and Stuart Townsend. However, I will say that they definitely had put together a nice group of actors and actresses to portray the characters in the movie, and the performers did good jobs. Just a shame that they were somewhat hindered by an inferior script.

"Apache Junction" doesn't really have that archetypical Western feel to it, which was a shame, because it could have brightened up the movie in a much needed way.

While "Apache Junction" is watchable, it was hardly an outstanding Western movie, nor a particularly memorable one. And I actually doubt that I will ever return to watch "Apache Junction" a second time.

My rating of "Apache Junction" lands on a generous four out of ten stars.
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