Marmaduke (2010) Poster


Sam Elliott: Chupadogra


  • Marmaduke : Chupadogra?

    Chupadogra : Who are you and what are you doing here?

    Marmaduke : Please don't hurt me!

    Chupadogra : You're a big boy. Good. The small ones ain't got enough meat on their bones.

    [he snarls at Marmaduke] 

    Marmaduke : Please don't hurt me! I'm sorry, I...

    [he hears the dog in a coughing fit] 

    Marmaduke : Are you okay?

    Chupadogra : I'm more than all right.

    [he is still coughing] 

    Chupadogra : Sorry to bother you. Hey, what's a dog like you doing out here, anyways? You're no stray.

    Marmaduke : I ran away from home.

    Chupadogra : So, you think running's the answer? Huh?

    Marmaduke : I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. I acted like a big-shot and lost all my friends, my family.

    Chupadogra : Listen, this bag of bones you're looking at used to be something special. I was the alpha dog. Left my home to go run the pack. And man, did I run it. Till they turned on me. Now I live out here alone dodging trains and dogcatchers. Rest assured, compadre, there ain't a day goes by when I don't think about waking up in a warm bed and spending the day with the folks who love me. The real me. Go home. Something tells me it ain't too late for the real you.

    Marmaduke : Thank you, Buster.

    Chupadogra : [he looks at his old bowl that reads Buster]  Been a long time since anybody called me that. Thanks.

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