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An Action Masterpiece. Ridiculous In All The Right Ways. (9.5/10)
isaacsuttle14 May 2015
George Miller returns to live-action filmmaking with one of the greatest action films ever put to screen. 'Mad Max: Fury Road' is ridiculous in all the right ways.

For those who have seen the original films and loved them, you'll fall in love all over again with this film. Tom Hardy takes the reigns this time around as Max - a man of few words who has been hardened by the world in which he lives. Along with him is Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa - a woman who seeks redemption by helping five young '"wives" escape from the film's antagonist.

Leading up to the film's release, many speculated if this would be just another action film that lacks a solid narrative and motive, but I am happy to say that this is simply not the case. Yes, the film does fill 80% of its run-time with action sequences, but it never gets in the way of the humanity between these characters that Miller has brought to life. There are some emotional moments. Specifically, with Theron's character. Is the story something we haven't seen before? Not at all. But in a film loaded with action, it's nice to see a solid narrative.

Now, how about those action sequences? Incredible - exhilarating - jaw-dropping. George Miller has put together some of the greatest, most memorable action set-pieces ever. One thing that sets the action in this film apart from a good majority of mediocre action films today is that every action the character's make have an affect on them. For good and for bad. The action is not pointless. It's motivated. And it's glorious to behold thanks to the use of practical effects, incredible stunt work and stunning cinematography.

'Mad Max: Fury Road' has set a new standard for action films. It's arguably the greatest action film of the 21st century. It's that good. George Miller has brought back what we loved about 80's action films while also brining new ideas to the table. It's the best time I've had in a theater in a long time, and I couldn't help but laugh in appreciation of the ridiculousness that was unfolding before my eyes. The film left me feeling giddy, with a big smile on my face.
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Finally yes Finally I have seen a good Action Film from 2015. Mad Max: Fury Road is the finest blockbuster of 2015!
ivo-cobra83 October 2015
When I wrote this review 3 years ago I had no idea how many people hate this movie and they are preferring Mad Max 3 over this film. Claming Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome the third film is better film than this, really? Better than this? Listen folks it has no Mel Gibson so what? So what's your point? Gibson dropped out this film and he wasn't interested, it was in development for years, since in 2004 this movie was announced. George Miller did something different with this film and he got hate for it. I hate Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome to death! It is rated PG-13 family film and I wanted an action bloody rated R film not a boring stupid lame fu**** movie! I got an rated R bloody action film that I wanted in Mad Max: Fury Road. I was entertained and I enjoy it.

At least it wasn't so sick like was Beyond Thunderdome. Mad Max: Fury Road is my second favorite film in the franchise and this movie did it right and it correct that third film that it failed been an good action film. Like it or hate it, is your problem but in my opinion it is a good action violent movie and I love it to death I am an action junkie myself. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior is my number 1 favorite film of all time.

I think Mad Max: Fury Road is George Miller's masterpiece. Finally, Finally after 30.years of fiasco Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome that completely destroyed the Mad Max Trilogy, George Miller finally come back and fix the mistake he did 30.years ago. Why wouldn't I love this film? This film is the best one in the series along side Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior at least for me it is the best film. It has action, high explosive and Tom Hardy been a real Mad Max unlike Mel Gibson was in Thunderdome. I am happy they made the 4th movie. Tom Hardy was a bad ass Mad Max. I didn't even noticed that we don't have Mel Gibson in here. Tom Hardy breaths life into Max Rockatansky and Charlize Theron is excellent and emotionally perfect as Furiosa. I love high speed and pursuit on a road which I seriously love this. The thing was more similar to Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior but much better, George Miller fix it, the film did not copy The Road Warrior the film has it is own story. All, the stunts and action sequences are SPECTACULAR. Immortan Joe was a fantastic villain in here he was really good. The film shows a real wasteland and the future which I am really happy about it.

NOTE: "Don't waste your time if you have seen the original." from a hater review my reply: Yes I will waste my time watching this awesome action flick! Yes I have seen the Original Film Mad Max with Mel Gibson so many times than you ever did! I love this film much more than Mad Max because sometimes the original is very boring and the film has so much Drama in it and less Action than it is in Fury Road. I wanted to have an apocalyptic action film like are Fury Road and The Road Warrior which this film fix it. Finally yes Finally I have seen a good Action Film from 2015 and It is finally the finest blockbuster of 2015!

Mad Max: Fury Road is a 2015 post-apocalyptic action film directed and produced by George Miller, and written by Miller, Brendan McCarthy and Nico Lathouris. The fourth installment in the Mad Max franchise, it is an Australian and American venture produced by Kennedy Miller Mitchell, RatPac-Dune Entertainment and Village Roadshow Pictures. The film is set in a future desert wasteland where gasoline and water are scarce commodities.

10/10 Awesome film I have seen it twice. I love this film to death I love it! Fury Road would be the second favorite best film in the franchise.
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Mad Max Fury Road: A statement to embarrass and destroy all other movies in the action genre
confrank16 May 2015
Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, is George Miller's attempt to reignite his long dormant Mad Max franchise...and my god does he ever. For the past decade or so, with exceptions such as John Wick, The Bourne Trilogy, and The Raid, action movies seem to be struggling to capture the excitement and enjoyment the genre once held; a tenacity that classics from the 80's and 90's had in spades. George Miller single handedly delivers our saving grace with Fury Road on the back of a spike covered oil rig with a blind zombie playing a fire breathing electric guitar.

Max is a man of few words, but Tom Hardy's talent for portraying strong, silent characters shines through in a gruff but sympathetic performance. He teams up with Charlize Theron's Imperator Furiosa to save the last 5 hot women in the world from the leader of a powerful cult with a terrifying breathing mask inspired by the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. From there, the chase is on.

Using this simple plot as the setting, we are able to bear witness to one of the most beautifully shot films in years. The world of Mad Max looks absolutely gorgeous, combining awe-inspiring practical effects and landscapes with bold colours brimming from all edges of the frame. These are of course just bonuses in enhancing the primary reason people will love this film, the action itself. I'm happy to report these action sequences are damn near flawless. No shaky cam, barely a hint of CGI, and scenes where we actually feel like our characters are in danger (yes Furious 7 I'm calling you out). Total chaos relentlessly ensues for the majority of the film, but it's chaos you can follow clearly and marvel at. Whether it's one of the explosive car sequences, or one of the smaller emotional moments, Mad Max: Fury Road refuses to let up on tension for one second.

There's a reason this movie is sitting at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. This is an action movie that will set a precedent for years to come, roaring ferociously at all who may challenge it. Hopefully, this is only the beginning of a genre revolution early in the making.

FINAL VERDICT: Mad Max: Fury Road is a beautifully chaotic display of masterfully executed action sequences with a strong emotional core, and a raw energy unmatched by nearly all of its action genre competition.
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Oh, What A Day! What A Lovely Day!
CalRhys25 May 2015
An action essential through and through, it's plain and simple! Since the days of 'Die Hard' and 'Terminator', the action genre has turned into a repetitive, over-the-top array of films trying too hard to create entertaining sequences that instead look too cheesy due to bad composition or an overuse of CGI, of course along the way we have had some fine exceptions in the style of 'Casino Royale' and 'The Dark Knight', but certain directors *cough* Michael Bay... don't seem to be able to use their knowledge of an action sequence to its full potential and instead have constant fiery explosions and over-the-top shaky camera-work among other things... oh but then there's 'Mad Max: Fury Road', talk about epic action pieces. It has been 30 years since the release of 'Beyond Thunderdome' back in 1985, and George Miller decided to return to the directorial chair for a Mad Max reboot, and my God, he truly is a mastermind of action. After creating the epic scale of an action film in the form of 'Mad Max: The Road Warrior' it was going to be hard to live up to the previous films in the franchise, but Miller didn't just do that, he excelled at it and instead beat his previous films. With Tom Hardy as the new face of Max and Namibia as the new backdrop for post- apocalyptic Australia, 'Fury Road' is an exhilarating action fest that goes beyond its boundaries in creating what might just be one of the greatest action films ever made. Hearing that nearly 90% of the stunts and effects were practical literally blew me away, the sequences are extravagant and complex with frequent fireballs and car crashes filling the screen. George Miller's 2015 vigorous tale blends emotion and brutality with drama and action to reignite Australia's greatest film franchise and create the epitome of the action genre.
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One of the greatest action films
MR_Heraclius23 February 2020
George Miller elevates action and violence to a true art form in this remake of a classic. The film is a gripping full adrenaline race across the desert of a post-apocalyptic future. The action sequences are mesmerizing and the work of a true master craftsman in action. What is perhaps the most enthralling part of the film is the absolutely absurd story and world building. Miller created a fantasy world where men playing flame throwing guitars and leaping through high speed chases on pull-vaults seems like a typical milk run. The movie keeps a relentless action pace that makes all of the absurdity seem so completely ordinary, which might be the real magic of this movie. This is only really possible because the action, filmography, set choices and music are so brilliant you cannot help but believe the insanity that plays out before you. You want to believe the fiction because of the quality of the production. The movie also features some surprisingly good performances. Charlize Theron being the real the star of the film, with the titular character really only acting as her support.
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Superficial action movie that lacks depth
jethrotroll-3080729 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not completely sure what I was expecting from Fury Road, but it was more than this. This is the latest example of Hollywood rehashing a successful and good movie franchise solely for profit. It's mindless, repetitive action sequences melded between horrible acting and overused clichés.

One of the allures of this series is seeing the outlandish road vehicles that are used, and in this the movie mostly delivers. You have the high-powered Warrior Rig driven by Furiosa. There's battle vehicles equipped with spikes, rigs with counter-balanced poles for launching warriors into other vehicles, and there's even a vehicle equipped with large bass drums and a stack of speakers that would make KISS jealous with a psychotic guitarist wailing away for our musical enjoyment. And of course, each vehicle comes equipped with more explosive arsenal than a battle ship. And it's put to good use.

However, once you get past the eye candy, you realize there's nothing else to it. The story is weak. The characters are weaker. And the acting is the worst. The movie never drew me in. Not even close. Whenever the movie 'tried' to add depth and be dramatic, it was painful and embarrassing to watch. The scene where Furiosa reacts to finding out her birth home is gone by taking off her prosthetic arm and dropping down to her knees may be the worst movie scene I've ever watched. And it says something when the most interesting character is Nux, a relentless slave/warrior who actually has a mind of his own and decides to help Max and Furiosa in their quest. Of course, one of Immortan Joe's wives falls for him, representing one of the many poorly executed clichés this movie is riddled with.

I can watch a superficial action movie and enjoy it for what it is, to a point. This one, however, is just generally so poorly executed that it leaves a lot to be desired. I didn't hate it, but I have absolutely no desire to see it again.
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An absolutely insane action film that will blow you away
stephendaxter13 May 2015
Mad Max Fury Road is George Miller's return to the franchise he started way back in 1979 with Mad Max. I will start by saying this movie was absolutely batsh** insane. It was filled right to the brim with continuous over the top bloody ridiculous action sequences that keep you on the edge of the seat and just amazed at what Is happening on screen. Now this film doesn't have much of a plot at all but seriously you're not going into this film for an intense plot, this is a film that almost didn't even need one at all. The one thing I was worried about going in was whether I needed to have seen the previous films to understand this one and thankfully you don't, the story is independent of the previous film which was really helpful.

The characters were all awesome and it did an amazing job to introduce them all almost instantly and get right into the action. Max (Tom Hardy? and Furiosa (Charlize Theron) were were great and extremely likable characters. Even the villain who I will just call Sweet Tooth was so great, he wasn't anything too special but was a great threat throughout the film.

I just absolutely loved this movie, intense action from start to finish and didn't slow down at all, that made it ridiculously fun to watch. The great characters and the performances are awesome on screen and we're always interesting to watch. If there was ever a Twisted Metal movie, this is what it would be. Nothing really let the film down and everything really worked, such a great time and the best cinema experience this year so far. - 10
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This is what passes for a great movie nowadays?
Ma_MaMia3 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It's hard to believe that the same talented director who made the influential cult action classic The Road Warrior had anything to do with this disaster.

Road Warrior was raw, gritty, violent and uncompromising, and this movie is the exact opposite. It's like Road Warrior for kids who need constant action in their movies.

This is the movie. The good guys get into a fight with the bad guys, outrun them, they break down in their vehicle and fix it. Rinse and repeat. The second half of the movie is the first half again just done faster.

The Road Warrior may have been a simple premise but it made you feel something, even with it's opening narration before any action was even shown. And the supporting characters were given just enough time for each of them to be likable or relatable.

In this movie there is absolutely nothing and no one to care about. We're supposed to care about the characters because... well we should. George Miller just wants us to, and in one of the most cringe worthy moments Charlize Theron's character breaks down while dramatic music plays to try desperately to make us care.

Tom Hardy is pathetic as Max. One of the dullest leading men I've seen in a long time. There's not one single moment throughout the entire movie where he comes anywhere near reaching the same level of charisma Mel Gibson did in the role. Gibson made more of an impression just eating a tin of dog food. I'm still confused as to what accent Hardy was even trying to do.

I was amazed that Max has now become a cartoon character as well. Gibson's Max was a semi-realistic tough guy who hurt, bled, and nearly died several times. Now he survives car crashes and tornadoes with ease?

In the previous movies, fuel and guns and bullets were rare. Not anymore. It doesn't even seem Post-Apocalyptic. There's no sense of desperation anymore and everything is too glossy looking. And the main villain's super model looking wives with their perfect skin are about as convincing as apocalyptic survivors as Hardy's Australian accent is. They're so boring and one-dimensional, George Miller could have combined them all into one character and you wouldn't miss anyone.

Some of the green screen is very obvious and fake looking, and the CGI sandstorm is laughably bad. It wouldn't look out of place in a Pixar movie. In the previous movies, there was occasionally a sped up frame rate that gave a nice homage to the silent era. Now,Miller has gone full Looney Toons and sped up the majority of the action, making many of the real stunts redundant. They're too fast to fully enjoy.

There's no tension, no real struggle, or any real dirt and grit that Road Warrior had. Everything George Miller got right with that masterpiece he gets completely wrong here.
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On Par for Modern Hollywood Remakes (Meaning it Stinks)
donaldthane24 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
First off, this is another movie in which the action sequences last so long that you can go to the bathroom, get a soda, come back and still find the same people fighting the same fights you saw begin 15 minutes earlier. Personally, these type of action movies bore me to tears, because the story has to stop moving every time we watch one of these extended action sequences. In terms of story, the good guys and the bad guys meeting is a plot point. Then they fight, then one of them wins. As an audience member, I'm ready to know who wins as soon as they start fighting. And I really need the lead characters to have some logical reasons for doing what they are doing.

Here's my spoiler: They drive away from someplace for half the movie and then decide to turn around and go back. The only thing that happened was that they picked up a gang of old ladies. That's as deep as it gets right there. They're running away, fighting the whole way, they get away and then they decide to go back, so they have to fight the whole way. Nothing makes much sense, no characters are anything but as shallow as they could have possibly been made. If you like Avatar, you'll like this movie. If you liked Mad Max and Road Warrior, you're going to be angry about how that franchise was exploited in name and setting only.

This character isn't Mad Max. He doesn't have a dog, he doesn't eat dog food, he doesn't eat anything. Nobody in the film ever eats anything. Nor are people clamoring for gasoline, they all just seem to have it. There's an issue with water, but it makes no sense and the entire weak plot seems to depend on it. The movie ends with giant water valves being opened just like the air valves on Mars get turned on in the end of that Governor Arnold movie, I can't remember the name. The reviews calling this something new and different are absolute hogwash. This is nothing but things blowing up and cars crashing for two hours, which, by the way, is another egregious offense of these silly movies. They take a 90 minute movie with a great story line, and they strip it of plot and somehow extend it by 30 minutes. It's a scary trend, the kind of thing that makes one think Idiocracy was prophetic. The less the story and the more things blow up, the higher the ratings. Ridiculous!
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A masterpiece on a massive scale.
sukhmanjitcheema11 May 2015
George Miller returns with a bang and takes the helm of this crazy 2hr bonkers extravaganza named Mad Max: Fury Road. First of all, the stunts and action sequences are SPECTACULAR. Tom Hardy breaths life into Max Rockatansky and Charlize Theron is excellent and emotionally perfect as Furiosa. The story opens, with Immortan Joe who has young ladies as his wives, but he'll goes down when they escape the sadist's hands. Max, who has a violent past with Joe's cronies, decides to help Imperior Furiosa take the girls somewhere safe. Furiosa can't trust Max, and neither can he. So it all comes down to Joe's cronies fighting against them reaching to their destination. The movie is a bananas car chase for the runtime, as Max and Furiosa work together to fight against the evils. And then, there is Nux, a bonkers "really skin coloured" guy, who works with Joe, played well by Nicholas Hoult. The 3D really pays off, and is worth the extra ticket. The movie puts all other action movies of shame, the effects really pop out. Well, this is a definite masterpiece. One of the best movies of the year, one of the best action movies ever made and the role of Theron's life. Miller is truly a mastermind as stated clearly in the trailer. This exceeded my expectations, and will exceed yours as well. The dark style, dark comedy and the over the top characters make a return in this reboot. Must watch, and worth the extra IMAX 3D ticket.
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Mad max Fury Road
auuwws16 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
One of the best films I have ever seen, with excellent directing from George Miller, the filming in the movie was excellent and the movie was full of crazy characters like the guitar player, the accountant and the main villain was not awesome and Max did not have that effect in the movie and the least of them was crazy and Tom hardy mastered the character Max and I liked it very much. The character of Furiosa was one of the best characters in the film, and the action scenes in the film were great, especially the scenes before the storm and the characters in the green place to be good and wives whose characters were not good and I recommend watching the film strongly
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Response to punishable by death''s review
tannerbrown-9721015 May 2015
Yo punishable by death just letting you know that this movie was shot using 80% practical effects and that's a fact on this web page so you're completely wrong when you say that it's full of cgi. But anyway this movie is a real crazy ride. From the very beginning it takes you straight into the action and never lets go. This movie is so incredibly filmed and the stunts are performed marvelously. Although this movie is said to star Tom hardy and Charlize Theron, the real star here is George miller. This man created a masterpiece and it was so beautifully put together. He managed to show the chaos and urgency without the constant shaky camera crap that we see out of action movies now. This is the best pure action movie that I've ever seen.
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visually beautiful but Boring action-action-action-no story movie
qahtanaj_855 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
if you wanna go and see this movie, please expect nothing but frustrating, dazing, predictable outcome action, and then just when you think the movie is ending you get an extra 30-45 minutes of the same action same explosions, same cars and faces doing the same thing they did during the whole first half of the movie. Do not expect any engaging drama or any plot of any kind, but here's the story: post apocalypse, no water (yet there are hundreds of people alive and working), no fuel (yet they all have it in their vehicles), women escaping – women returning back the same day. What a plot! Visually it was stunning, but that's all you get.
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A blockbuster that dark, gritty, brutal and bloody? Right here.
punishable-by-death14 May 2015
I was left speechless when this finished. It can be hard to describe indeed.... but I'll go for it... Sheer madness that isn't sullied by bad acting or laughable lines. A blockbuster that is gritty and doesn't have a sense of humour that could be equated to a fluffy kitten. No 'lets all hug' sentimental BS. This is seriously a movie I thought I'd never see: a CGI-filled blockbuster that I flat out loved. The stunts are so much fun, the FX so great, it is the first movie I have seen where I have thoroughly enjoyed all this type of stuff - probably because the cinematography for once doesn't suffer cos of it. It is all incredibly shot. The action is so brutal and appropriately high-octane. I thought to myself more than once, 'I think I am loving this more than Terminator 2' but other than that, there wasn't time to think. It kicked off fast and barely stopped, and the lulls were amplified by the insanity preceding them. Plus it is a dark film, which made it even better. I many people do an Aussie accent even close to well, was Hardy actually trying for that? Either way, he didn't talk much so it didn't really matter. This is more Theron's movie than Hardy's, he doesn't say much and does next to nothing for the first third or so. Theron's Furiosa is more of the hero is the story, if there were to be a hero in such a grisly and dark world. I don't even like this type of movie but the execution is everything. I'm gonna go see this again, soon. 4.5/5
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Absolutely hated it
lorenzgillisjans27 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe why people like this movie unless you're a fan of no-brainer action-packed movies without a story. 2 hours of non stop rubbish without dialogue. I was a fan of the original Mad Max and at first Tom Hardy seemed like a great actor for the role, but this movie didn't do him justice. He did well as Bane but he wasn't the star in this movie, almost like a support character. I almost fell asleep and left the theater because I can find better ways to waste my time. The only positive thing I can say is that the world looks great as well as the props. Good job on that George Miller. At least there's something good about it. The trailer was promising and since many people praised this movie, I gave it a shot. How can you watch this for a second time "to indulge in the deep content and story it provides". There was absolutely nothing in there. Yes beautiful woman, owned by a dictator who holds all the water and controls the people. Let's escape, make a diversion, trap him, beat the living hell out of him and return to be happily accepted as the new rulers. Hurray.
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Want to lower your IQ? Watch this.
manleytristan1 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It's troubling that a movie can be singularly focused on loud explosions and violence with no plot, dialogue, or character development, yet receive widespread critical acclaim. This is the first film I've ever seen that actually reminded me of the type the populace in Idiocracy would find enthralling.

To be clear, there are no redeeming qualities about this film. None. And I went in with pretty low expectations, figuring this would be some fun, mindless entertainment i.e The Expendables or any Jason Statham movie. The first few minutes weren't too bad: it looked cheesy, but it had potential. But then I realized that this movie is one long (boring) car chase...and that's it. Really. I mean it really was boring -- exactly what an action movie should not be. The car chases are all one and the same. After a few minutes, it just isn't exciting.

There is no story. The two leads drive to the middle of nowhere, then turn around. That's it. Two of the characters mention they are "looking for redemption" or some other trite nonsense, but the audience is never told why. Not that they'd care. Is the story about survival? At first you'd think so. Max mentions in the opening credits that he is a man reduced to one trait: survival. Yet at the film's end, when he finally has an opportunity to survive....he chooses not to? What? The movie was bad enough until this. Actually I forgot, there is an incredibly forced romance between two side characters that does nothing to further the story. This is a B movie with a big budget.

Likewise, there is essentially no dialogue, save a few grunts from Max and cringe-inducingly awkward lines from the rest.

There isn't any character development, but then again, the characters themselves resemble video game characters. There are no characters to develop, just two-dimensional avatars used for an excuse to show explosions.

So what is this film's targeted demographic? I'm not sure. I can imagine that if you are a 13-year old boy, really into cars/trucks/slipknot, pretty redneck, and probably a little slow, this movie may seem pretty cool. I mean it does have ridiculous cars/trucks outfitted with lots of weapons, spikes, flame-exhausts, (breast-milk?) and guys playing "cool" guitar riffs for no apparent reason. There's also lots of explosions and fighting. And scantily clad women. And tornadoes. And skulls. On top of all that, there is no need to pay attention to petty plot lines or dialogue in order to enjoy the film. Hell once they reach the desert, the movie repeats itself as the leads drive the truck back through the same place being chased by the same guys for no discernible reason.

The special effects aren't even that good. The whole movie looks fake. I know they went to great measures to avoid using CGI, but honestly, I thought I'd at least be impressed by the special effects, since clearly nothing was spent on anything else. And I'm not the kind of person who usually notices when CGI is used or not.

Truly awful. I would rate it lower if I could. The only recent movie that may have actually been worse that this was Lucy, which was also mind-numbingly stupid.

As the principal in Billy Madison once said, "everyone in this room is now dumber for having (watched) it." AVOID
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Nitro-fueled action hits the mark
simon-810932 November 2020
This managed to re-ignite the same feelings I had after watching Mad Max 2 at the cinema back in 1981. Pure thrill and excitement all the way. A very fitting Mad Max for a new generation. George Miller pulled it off once more.
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80's action mixed with modern day effects!
Killerkaine15 September 2020
Honestly I watched this for the first time last night and I have to say it's a great film, which takes a little to kick in and to realise what's going on but when you do WOW the stunts that must of gone into this film!

It also besides the incredible/intense action scenes which is about 70% of the film with the 30 being emotional based heartfelt moments which you'll love so overall from plot/stunts/bad assery it's a solid 10
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A masterpiece on wheels!
rmontoyamacias28 August 2020
This movie is insanely beautiful, the world created by George Miller and his team is something that, even if it is fiction, is not far removed from what could happen to our society one day and even though some people do not like it and hate it. madness because I have to tell you that madness does not affect the plausibility of the film.

I've never seen so much visual narrative in a film and for an action movie it is saying a lot. The photography, the costume, the montage, the practical effects, the performances and the script are just perfect.

The pacing of the movie also helps and Miller's direction is exquisite as he knows when to give this marvel of a movie a pause.

The only thing I can say is that no matter how much a '' Simple '' movie is, I don't think everyone connects with it and there will be many who have an inexplicable hatred of the movie, giving it 1/10 something that seems absurd to me. I may or may not like a movie but giving mad max 1/10 is a total lack of respect for what is, for me, the best action movie ever.
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Dark Yet Visually Exhilarating. Beautifully Brutal and Yet Still Visceral Warning: Spoilers
Even at the beginning, there's no hint MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is going to a stop. Right at the very start, the engines are already rewing, gathering furious fires of vengeance and redemption, and before the audience could snap out of the sheer moments of brutal grittiness and exhilarating high-octane drama, they are surely already held hostage within the confines of a post-apocalyptic world, where everything is horrendously scarce. Not that it's a bad thing, no it's not. I tell you, this is like being hurled into the space in a roller-coaster ride. It's dangerous, but it's also thrilling. Witnessing this dystopic world and all its hellish drama unfold might make you grope for seatbelt under your seat.

The film shares Max Rockatansky's (Tom Hardy) adventures. Max is an ex highway patrolman. He's been haunted by the past, by family he never saved. He meets the Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) who is being pursued by the dictatorial Wasteland leader "Joe". Furiosa reaches for Max for help in keeping the 'Five Wives'—women she brought with her—into safety, as Joe's deranged breed of warriors called The War Boys, that are barely humans, are raging across the desert to capture them. This pursuit throws the unlikely partners into the whalloping dangers of bloody escape, suddenly sending them into a game of survival.

After a rip-roaring opening chase sequence, Max is held captive in the Citadel, the city where the ruthlessly totalitarian leader "Joe" is ruling over. The grotesquely brutal lord maintains tight grip of every valuable resouces across the land. This brings the entire populace crippling under his control. As for Max, he becomes merely a blood bag for Nux (Nick Hoult) one of Joe's War Boys, who is a fatal devout to the cause of their fascist leader, who has promised them the glory of getting into Valhalla, the promised land.

Everything in this cinematic behemoth screams grandeur, even the feverish chase, even the dark erubescents spurred from the ruthless violence. Miller has molded a world where darkness is an escape from the stream of clichés and retreads, surging into the cinemas, today. It's a visual feast, but surprisingly, with sense. It's explosive in every unimaginable ways, but it's not devoid of a human story, which in this case, is propelled by stellar performances from incredible actors on the movie's payroll. Tom Hardy is utterly capable as the main hero, but the emotional spine of the narrative mostly runs on Theron's character. At some point, there would be a sense that Max isn't the only one playing under the spotlight, as it gets evident Furiosa is equally as massive as his role is. Hardy here is singularly stunning, playing his role with utmost credibility as he is required. His mission transcends past his emotional torments and he's never pulled himself free from the ghosts if his past. Same can be said with Furiosa, who is not only running from Joe because she wants to get herself free from his cut throat grip, but also to bring every woman into safety, back to freedom where they belong.

Much of the movie is spent with furious speed chases that goes from end to end of Joe's subjugated land, while also taking surprising twists and turns along the way. It's like it doesn't know how to stop, and if it does, that's surely only to allow us breathe and catch up with the next electrifying action setpiece. There's an enigmatic style Miller has employed to provide distinctions in his fantasy world, and it keeps the momentum in tack, if not ever progressing. The tone of the movie, all those vividly dark colors, that magically shifts from something to another, imparts a drowning experience, only it's enjoying and looks festive to the eyes. This makes every eye-squashing spectacles take mammoth forms of visual extravaganza, turning all those burning combustions, metal blasts, and endless pursuits, from mere technical marvels into a hair-raising escapade.

Amid these sanity-grabbing action sequences, though, is an emotional streak that keeps Max and Furiousa's humanity alive. This prompts them to survival, into carrying out their similar humane causes, clinging tightly to their only mission even if they get hurled into the barbaric hostilities of their dystopian society. This turns the movie into something visceral, cathartic in some ways that probably only a small fraction of the audience could understand. It will not be enough to merit this achievement with merely a splurge of superlatives. This needs to be experienced, felt, and forever cherished. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, ignites eternal fire, and it will keep burning through the stretches of cinematic history.
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Great non-stop action
leotfoster13 May 2015
Great film, so fast-paced it makes every other film out there look slow and old-fashioned. Wonderful to see George Miller back on the Australian road, where he belongs. Charlize Theron is great, Tom Hardy is not bad, but the stunts are really where the film shines. It's hard to think of a better action road movie. It has all the intensity and perversity of the MAD MAX and THE ROAD WARRIOR, but amped up to new heights of craziness. Miller is the real star of the film -- in some ways technology seems to have finally caught up with his early hyperactive camera style, and he takes full advantage of the ability to move wherever he wants, however he wants.
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Waste of time and money
amazon-678-69444929 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the original mad max... it was violent, it had car battles, it had minimal character development. I had very realistic expectations going into the theater to see this new version.

Never have I been more disappointed with a movie. The acting on both leads parts was mediocre at best, with the male lead switching from being well spoken to being capable of nothing but grunting..

The story line seems to have been written and edited by remedial English students, the characters are unbelievable and seriously lack any character development, it has horrible motorcycle stunts... and guys bouncing back and forth on poles of all things.

and come on.. a flame-throwing guitar and fat women being milked for no explained reason to trade for gasoline to power the flame throwing guitar?... it's full of shitty clichés... badly cut scenes.. and lots of explosions.

Save your money see anything else and you will be better off.
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Good one as far as gender switch films go
james-harrow22 May 2020
Hardy is quite brutal and convincing and there are several thin attractive women in it so it makes it quite watchable. The original 2 Mad Max sti8ll have an untouchable vibe and brutality, but this one is not bad. Non-stop action!
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Great action movie with best soundtrack
dearfriendjesu-6551821 August 2020
Excellent movie that does not follow the usual comics line of action. Weird in a good way. Excellent soundtrack.
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Awful awful
pilegaard-7686825 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This must be one of the worst movies of all time. 2 hours of shootings and blasts. There is a lot of action, but it is the same through the hole movie. People left the theater before the movie ended, There is no story. It's a chase for 2 hours, where the main character (should be) Mad Max has a role as a sidekick. The movie title should have been "Furiousa". Mad Max has only a few lines, and after each sentence, he growls. The movie starts of well, but after 15 min. It is downhill with silly conversation. Normally a good action movie should be entertaining and you Would leave the theater with a smile, but not here. Then in the middle, we have a lot of fire, shootings and blasts and a lot of stunt/animated scenes. But it does not have any power It's just the same over and over again. The end has a brief rise, but again ends poorly and foreseen. The old Mad Max movies starring Mel Gibson had power and lines with humor and bite. Maybe they are going for a new story in this movie.....but there is none to be found. Crap!
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