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A gentle, beautiful and sensitive anti-war film
Maurice Wilkins17 June 2013
Having read and enjoyed the novel I decided to rent this movie, but while awaiting delivery I read all the reviews I could find. A very high proportion of these user reviews, both on IMDb and elsewhere, described a film that was totally boring, a complete waste of time, had nothing to do with resistance and was generally pointless.

All I can say in reply to these reviews is that films about war are not necessarily about violence, gunfire and cruelty. Put briefly, this film is a gentle story set in a beautiful Welsh valley, a tale of frightened farmer's wives left mysteriously without their menfolk, a group of German soldiers traumatised by war, an expression of human feeling and resistance to war in many and varied ways. If this doesn't appeal to you, then watch Rambo! If, however, you are a sensitive soul with a belief in human goodness, then watch this film and enjoy it! My only gripe is that I found the dialogue a little hard to follow - and there are no subtitles. Having said that, I accepted this difficulty and found that it didn't really affect my pleasure - the film doesn't rely heavily on dialogue. All-in-all a most enjoyable film and one that I will watch again - it certainly helped to hear the director's commentary on the DVD.
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A touching but depressing tale of war, love, and loss.
theredcomet23 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This film is breathtaking and beautiful with gorgeous scenery, cinematography, acting, and story line. It is a film that DEEPLY touches the heart.

Plot summary below:

Resistance is not really a good title for this movie since it is not really about resistance. The premise is that the D-Day invasion has failed and that Nazi Germany is in the process of occupying Britain and the war will be over soon.

A small group of German soldiers are sent on a mission to a secluded Welsh valley to look for a piece of medieval artwork reported to be there. This valley is extremely small with only a couple of farms on it. Meanwhile, all the husbands of the women there have disappeared. It never really explains what happened to them, but it can be surmised from the beginning of the film that they leave to participate in some guerrilla action and never make it back.

One of the main characters of the movie is the German Captain Albrecht. He notifies the women of the valley that his men will be posted there for a couple of weeks. He tries at first to find out where all the men went, but soon abandons that pursuit.

The main female character is farm wife Sarah, who feels extremely hurt and betrayed that her husband left in the middle of the night without saying anything (for her safety), but she also deeply misses him and is scared for both his safety and what this meas for her future. When the German soldiers show up this makes her feel even more alone and vulnerable.

Sarah and the rest of the women of the valley band together for support because the women feel scared and alone without their husbands and at first they don't want to have anything to do with the German soldiers. But Albrecht and his men are, for the most part, kind and compassionate to the people of the valley and treat them with respect while searching for the lost artifact, which was hidden before the invasion. The woman tell the soldiers they cannot cooperate with the enemy and be collaborators and the soldiers respect their wishes.

Soon the harsh winter comes and threatens the livelihoods of the women's farms and the soldiers catch food and start to offer help to the resistant women. When they help the women during a particularly bad storm, they start to come around and accept the help of the German soldiers around their farms who take on the tasks of their missing husbands.

Meanwhile, Albrecht has found the lost artifact but hides the location from both his men and the high command so they can stay there longer. He suffers from PTSD due to his men being killed in the war and also from the death of his wife and child in a bombing raid. The peaceful seclusion of the valley offers him something he has been longing far since the beginning of the war and he will do anything to keep it that way by keeping both the German command out of the picture and by stopping any communication into and out of the valley - his reasoning being that they can wait out the rest of the war in the valley so no more of his men get killed. The acting by Albrecht's actor Tom Wlaschiha is phenomenal and you can really see the pain in his eyes and face and the struggles he goes through, but you can also see his strength as he takes care of his men and his kindness and compassion for the women.

Albrecht develops a subtle relationship with Sarah who is missing her husband and who seems heavily depressed. Their relationship is probably the most interesting part of the film. The other women also develop different relationships with the soldiers as they work around the farm and care for them. The change in the women's attitude is also shown by the soldiers adopting the husbands' farming clothes.

A young boy who never went to the front was instructed before the invasion on how to resist the enemy. He spies on the valley and soon finds a way to interrupt their idyllic lives. I won't give away the ending but the whole movie is very heart-wrenching and you really feel for both the women, the group of soldiers, and the angry boy who wants to do his part in fighting the enemy.

This movie shows the horrors of war very honestly and really explores the nature of human beings and the feelings of love and loss during wartime.

It is not an action movie, but more of a slow character drama. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Not bad at all
lufcwls27 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
There will be spoilers in my review... I wasn't expecting that much from this film judging by its rating and reviews but I was pleasantly surprised. Well shot in a period style it offers a strange and perhaps inaccurate account of Wales if Hitler had taken Britain. I say inaccurate in account to a review on here that the Herman soldiers would have been more 'intimate' with the women which were, essentially, prisons of war. This may be true in reality and in many other horrifying an graphic representations of war in other films but this reviewer has failed to take into account the personality of the German captain who is obviously a kind soul who doesn't want to be mixed up in this as much as any other person! Seen in his protectiveness of his squad and eagerness to help the women farmers - hence no rape and pillaging. Some other reviews I would agree with, it is a bit slow at times but it is not overly long to make it seem tiresome and I do also agree that Sheen is wasted. The scene with the horse has been completely misunderstood by many too; obviously he was meant to shoot the woman but instead shoots the horse as he cant bring himself to do so. He has a local connection to her also so knows (and sees) the pain he has caused her by shooting her beloved horse - hence the tears. Some of the reviews on here are damn right stupid and i suggest you ignore and enjoy the film for yourself
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Moving, poetic, haunting.
stephenurie1239 December 2011
Resistance is a war movie like no other I have seen. It is probably more accurate to describe it as a film about humanity found in war. This probably marks it out as an anti-war movie if anything and is clearly not to everyone's taste. It is, however, to mine, and I have found myself thinking about the film for many days after seeing it.

It is a film which stays with you. It is also a film that perhaps expects rather a lot from the audience, for which I and my wife were incredibly grateful, as this is increasingly uncommon.

I would recommend you to see this film if you like ideas, beauty and no easy answers. The performances are uniformly stunning and the photography, breathtaking. Don't see it if you expect to be told what to think. This is a film about difficult questions in extreme circumstances and as such demands commitment.
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One of the most 'cinematic' films of the year
aladar411 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Knowing that the film you are about to see is based on a much-loved historical novel that was partially funded by book groups and fans much lead you to expect a movie made up of long complex conversations in overly art-directed heritage country houses.

Resistance is the opposite of novelistic. It is the embodiment of cinematic. There are as few words as possible in every scene. No voice-overs, people sitting down to write letters, no exposition. Despite it's wartime setting, this film is not made up of daring missions by brave resistance fighters against inhuman Nazis. It is an exploration of whether we can resist the forces that seek to shape our lives.

I see the film as the story of Albrecht, the leader of the small group of war-weary Germans who have been assigned the task of occupying a remote Welsh hamlet in alternative history version of WWII in which the Germans are invading the British Isles. When he first arrives, the women say that their men are up farming the remote fields. He soon realises that the men have vanished in advance of his arrival in a bid to join the British resistance.

As with good movie titles, it means more than one thing: as well as the resistance group that the men have left to join, there are the large and small acts of resistance that are open to the remaining women, and even some of the Germans.

Resistance is a period film, but it has more in common with 2011's 'Drive' and 'Shame' than 'It Happened Here' and 'Saving Private Ryan.'
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A film in search of a story
johnbirch-22 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Lets begin with the positives. Its a very pretty film which makes full use of a Welsh valley. The acting is pretty good as well, in general. It looks very period and the Welsh country show with Nazi backdrop is well done.

So in short all of the pieces are here to make a good film. The scene setting is pretty good and the cast competent. But a film is not all scenery and actors, it does kind of require a story as well - but this really is where this one falls down because it really does not have one.

And its not as if there aren't plenty of opportunities for a story to break out. There's the resistance group with all their secret weapons... but they get bumped off in short measure. There's the young heroic, lone, resistance fighter... who has virtually no lines and no action at all.

There's the German invasion and conquest of Britain... which is happens entirely on the radio. There's the secret of the map... but that really goes no-where and if it had not been part of the plot at all you'd really not notice. There's the Martin Sheen character who is great and mysterious... and in the film for all of about 4 minutes during which time he does damn all.

Which leaves the war-weary soldiers hiding in the valley to see the war out... but who then allow someone out so as to enter a horse in the local agricultural show!

But there again how about five people could be expected to keep everyone (including rest of the German army) out of an entire valley, as well as not actually being missed by anyone is anyone's guess. After all this is a map that is wanted by senior German officials, so they really WOULD notice if their crack search team had gone walkabout!

Its as if the director lost interest about 15 minutes into the film and just left the camera running while the actors improvise until they got bored and wandered off - which chances are most of the audience will.

In short, if you want to see what German occupied rural Wales would have looked like its great. However, after those 4-5 minutes the rest of the hour and a half is eminently, frustratingly, forgettable.
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Mumble, mumble, mumble
Rick Joshua4 November 2012
A fairly interesting premise, and a story that might have been far more interesting if I didn't find myself having to switch on my superpower sense of hearing to make sense of the irritating mumbling between the characters.

Of course, no sooner had I upped the volume the music started playing - an eardrum-throbbing violin.

The net result was that I found myself spending more time playing with the volume buttons on the remote control than I did watching the film - a shame as it was on the whole pretty atmospheric.

I couldn't see the point of the Michael Sheen character, but the German Hauptmann was quietly convincing - if perhaps a little too quiet when he was not speaking German.
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Liked it very much
isab-castro3 January 2014
I bought the film, because I was curious about it. I like war films, and this sounded different from the others. And why some of the critics were good,and others put the film completely down? I knew Tom Wlaschiha from Game of Thrones and so many people had a very good opinion about is job. So I had to see it. And I am not disappointed. It's a film about emotions, relationship that shows the human side of people in such a devastating scenario that was the WWII. It makes us think. It makes us believe that people in certain circumstances, can join forces and work together. We don't need to see fights, people being killed, because that we had seen a lot. So, don't criticize so hard this film, because it deserves consideration. You can also read the book of Owen Sheers. Maybe some of the people will understand it better.It has o low budget. What's the problem? There are so many Hollywood films that don't deserve the money spent. I give my congratulations to the lead cast, because they are fabulous.
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Wry, sharp look at occupying powers and their victims.
robbeaus23 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Having read the reviews on IMDb, it was with some trepidation that I set out to have-a- look-see at this film. As apart from Andrea Riseborough, and Martin Sheen, this was a bit of a step in the dark for me. I knew that Amil Gupta was a newbie, but supported by the up and coming cinematographer John Pardue (Frequently asked questions about time travel) who works are starting to attract the big boys, I was somewhat fortified and set out to see for myself what the fuss was about. First of all I don't know what film the others saw, but it certainly wasn't Resistance! This was a sumptuous feast in its presentation, its thought process and not least its cast. A simple story of what might have been if the war had gone differently played for all there worth by a leading band of players. I won't give the plot away, save to say don't what ever you do miss this potential classic. Stunning performances by Ms. Riseborough and her male lead (not Michael Sheen) Tom Wlaschiha, gripped me to the seat as I debated will they won't they, and an ending that was completely expected made is 92min expo see like 10mins and me demanding more. But what I most enjoyed was the Welsh landscape presented as a lovingly prepared canvas by the adept camera work of Mr. Pardue. As I say if I tried to deliver more I run the risk of giving the game away. So buckle your belt, seek out you cinema sixpence and don't miss this one
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Atmosphere 10/10 - Content 0/10
per_nefer12 July 2014
A Welsh rural community under Nazi occupation with the male population disappeared into the hills to form the resistance (we assume) was well acted and the atmosphere captured perfectly. The content was abysmal. Too much was presented without credible explanation - the significance of the medieval map was glossed over, the killing of Maggie's horse for her alleged collaboration was lame, and many other anomalies. But the real killer was the whole basic scenario. If D-Day had failed and Hitler's western front secured, are we really asked to believe that he would have sent troops into Britain when the Red Army was advancing on Berlin? And where were the Americans? Do we assume they fled back across the pond to resume their stance of neutrality? To suggest so shows little knowledge or understanding of the history of the late war period. Hitler's precondition for invasion had always been for dominant air supremacy which he failed to achieve when Britain stood alone - would he have attempted a repeat performance with an island full of US air-power? I think not.
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I really enjoyed this film
zaraleighgordon4 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As clear from my title, I loved this film. I thought the acting in it was amazing and I even enjoyed the plot, though I'll admit it can be a little unclear at points.

On the whole, Tom Wlaschiha and others managed to make invading Nazis human, and even likable in some situations. The women from the village, mainly Andrea Riseborough were again acting superbly.

I would say the other thing I found really interesting was the relationship between Sarah and Albrecht. You had to keep reminding yourself he was an invading, Nazi soldier, and she was married. I'll admit I wanted her to runaway with him in the end! It really made you question what was right to do, particularly since her husband left without a word, which personally I would have found a little annoying.

Admittedly, I can see why some disliked it. There are too many 'lingering' reaction shots, and Michael Sheen - as awesome as he is - should definitely not be given top cast spot, Andrea Riseborough I'd say would be best or tom Wlaschiha. I did like Iwan Rheon's almost cameo of a role in it, even though his character was a bit odd.
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Pretentious, historically silly, with incoherent plot
davidmurray19174 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers

The back story is this 'D-Day fails, Germany invades UK'. That's it, no other explanation, no other context. There is a serious issue as to whether of not The Third Reich had any intention to invade the UK even in 1940. There is a good argument that it did not. To suppose that it had such plans in 1944, when it was fighting a desperate and loosing struggle against the Soviet Union is ridiculous. To suppose that had the D-Day landings been repulsed Germany would then have switched to the offensive, by-passing the months of planning and logistical preparation that would have been required for a Channel crossing, is at the level of a kid's comic.

But this, as it were macro-absurdity, is then echoed by a whole series of absurdities at every level of the plot (using that word loosely):

1) The men of the village disappear, supposedly to fight the Germans, but we hear nothing of the.

2) The German unit is tasked to find an ancient map, which, supposedly will be used by Himmler to validate his ideology. Er, how, and why? And how come the unit is of the Wehrmacht, not the SS?

3) The map is 'hidden' in a cave and is found by the German commander on this first search. I mean, really !!

4) We're told that the Germans are stranded in the valley over Winter, but what we see of the weather is nothing very special, even by Brit standards, and far less severe than the conditions on the Eastern Front which the German military would have been dealing with for 3 years !!

5) For no good reason the Germans start to wear civvies, supposedly because their uniforms are 'wearing out'. This is just beyond silly, and anyway, didn't they have spares ?

6) At one point a Welshman is caught by the German unit, supposedly having been 'interrogated by the Gestapo' - the only damage to him appears to be a bit of facial bruising, no more than could have been received in a barney down the boozer on a Saturday night. OK, this is supposed to be an 'alternate history' work, but a Gestapo whose interrogation goes no further than a few smacks to the face is just too alternate for credibility.

The overall premise has possibilities. None of these are explored. This is a worthless movie, utterly devoid of serious ideas or any moral or political dimension.
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Shoulder shrugging bewilderment
carljbewley25 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Here be Spoilers ...

. . . . . . .

Somewhere there's a massive hole that this film fell into. If I can catch the mood of the film in two words it would be:



An interesting 'what if' scenario that is given plenty of time (too much as it turns out)to develop but lacks any inspired input from any source whatsoever. I can't really comment on the acting because the dialogue in the film, thanks to the dreadfully thread bare script, is so scarce that you hardly notice anyone is in fact acting or interacting with anything.

The film title is 'Resistance' but where is the resistance? If anything its about passive submission and acceptance - and that submission and acceptance is achieved without any real dialogue, interaction or event.

There is no reason to fear the invader and no real reason to refuse their help. There is no tension created although it's hinted at all too briefly, but fades away the moment the three or four words are uttered. Then it's back to bleak rolling Welsh hillside, standing still and not saying anything.

The lone Resistance fighter and his mysterious contact are criminally under used and the plot holes are just annoyingly irritating.

I read in another review that not all war films are about guns, violence and cruelty. I agree you can create a story in the backdrop of war that doesn't have to have these elements physically in your eye line, but as they are all key facets of what War actually is all about then pretending they don't exist is ridiculous.

Are we to accept that a German unit can disappear off the map? that Teutonic ordered efficiency just stopped being a part of the German war machine the moment they reached Wales? That after taking such risks to hide themselves that they would risk it all for an agricultural show? No. These were desperately silly plot points.

Oh, there's also some bizarre sub plot line about a map. None of that made any sense whatsoever. Maybe a fan of the book could enlighten me, but it's inclusion in the movie seemed to be to pin together a few very thin and tenuous plot lines and let the sound man get over excited with a stabby staccatto violin piece (creating a rare moment in the movie where you actually think something may happen here!....but it doesn't...).

The best and worst aspect of the film though was the ending. Best because it ended (hurrah) and worst because it just leaves you sat there wandering...what was that?
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Possibly the Worst British film of 2011
malcolmgsw7 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It took me a round trip of 2 1/2hours to get to to the cinema that was showing this film,one of only 2 in London.This made me feel extremely annoyed at the time wasted to get to see this truly terrible film.The film is disjointed,baffling and boring.had i been in my local cinema i would have walked out before the end.About 5 German troops have invaded a Welsh valley.they are looking for a map.the Captain finds it but does nothing.they just stay there.then there is an agricultural show with about one dozen extras milling about.then a horse is shot dead as his owner is a collaborator.Thats about it.Clearly the exhibitors know a thing or two by making it as difficult as possible to track down.I should have taken the hint.
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completely pretentious - what were they thinking of
robpstone26 November 2011
A potentially good story line ruined by the direction. The director must have watched far to many new wave films. Cutting out the endless shots of the cast staring at each other and numerous silences as the cast have deep thoughts would have reduced the film from 90 minutes to circa 35 minutes get the idea. Directors end to engage the audience not drive them to boredom. In addition where did they get the German soldiers from - those German accents have not seen Germany. Difficult top know which was the worst scene in the film ( there were many). My money is on the one when the young resistance fighter shoots the horse ...cut to crying in his fathers arms.
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War is Hell!
alex (doorsscorpywag)21 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
We are lucky that D Day did not fail in June 1944 or we would have been subject to occupation from a load of B Movie actors who think staring into space is somehow profound. A film with Britain's most brilliant 21st Century actor Michael Sheen should be well worth watching and Sheen is the only thing about this film that is worth watching. Sheen plays the shadowy coordinator type who would have been responsible for Churchill's Resistance movement had we been invaded by the Nazi's. The rest of the cast were dull as dishwater. The German's arrive and start acting oddly and we find they are looking for the Mappa Mundi which is hidden in the hills. Their captain does not want them to fall in battle and keeps secret his discovery of the map and sets his men to helping the local farms now run by the women as the men have all run off to form the Secret Army. A terminally dull passage of time later during which nothing at all interesting happens we get our climactic finish as one of Sheen's men prepares to shoot a collaborator which turns out to be a horse. The assassin then bursts into tears at executing the dastardly equine who was obviously betraying it's country by letting the Germans give it sugar lumps. This type of artsy fartsy drivel is the kind that win awards as critics fall over themselves to show how they cleverly understand what the writer was portraying as Resistance can come in many forms. In this case it comes in boring the Germans into submission. For the rest of us we lose 90 minutes that could have been spent wallpapering the pigeon loft or simply banging our heads against a wall. Both would have been far more productive tasks than watching this utter crap.
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As all the best war movies are, this is....
JaynaB21 April 2017
... an anti-war movie from its first moments.

Owen Sheers, author of the novel on which the movie was based, was raised in the valleys where the movie is filmed, and heard about the training for local resistance cells to be activated in the event of invasion. He could predict the likely responses of the people there, and this, perhaps, is what gives the characters their silent, enduring truth.

An alternate-history WW2 movie in which D-Day was anticipated correctly by the Germans and the USA didn't (apparently) enter the war, 'Resistance' joins 'The Last Valley' and 'Midnight Clear' as a psychological double-act of both exploring and exposing war. It's a haunting and intimate look at war as an act committed - or not - by individuals rather than nations, with unspoken combat ongoing between individuals and their own values, their own allegiances, their own communities.

A film that sticks in your head and heart when far more active war films have blurred into one amorphous mass of explosions and blood.
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Intriguing Premise, Uneven Results
lavatch30 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The fascinating premise of "Resistance" is that Germany repelled the D-Day invasion and eventually won the Second World War. In the waning stages of the war, a small German army contingent arrives in Wales where they discover a small rural area where all the menfolk have fled to fight in the resistance. The German soldiers get settled in the community, and the major dramatic action is how the local Welsh women will react to the soldiers, who apparently treat the women with kindness.

This premise had tremendous potential to explore what constitutes "resistance" versus "collaboration." It is clear that the local men left their homes to resist the invading Nazis. But what about the women? Are they in their own capacities also resisting? Or, have they capitulated when they accept favors from their occupiers? The focal point is the character Sarah, who remains committed to her husband Tom, despite the attention paid her by the German captain. The actress Andrea Louise Riseborough is excellent in the main role.

Unfortunately, the good potential of this drama is not realized because the film never probes deeply into the main topic of collaboration. Riseborough's character never seems curious about the fate of her husband, and the ending of the film is especially disappointing, due to its vagueness.

There was beautiful photography of the Welsh landscape, and the performers were excellent. But much of this film did not make sense. It was never clear why the victorious German soldiers would risk their lives by remaining in a small community where they were obviously not welcome. And why should the kid who is fighting in the resistance movement kill the poor woman who traveled with the colt to try to discover the whereabouts of her husband?

Above all, it was unclear why the strong-willed women, fully capable of resistance, did not resist! At the same time, they really didn't "collaborate" either! In a film called "Resistance," there was not enough substance to do justice to the title.
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What a pleasant surprise, this movie.
dejna2231 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was a full blown surprise to me. I wish I heard about it 4 years ago when it came out. I will never understand how shallow and cartoonish movies get all the hype and publicity and a jewel gets left behind on the road. Despite of being very subdued and atmospheric, this movie engages your full attention, 100% of the time. Things aren't explained in so many words, and that's what makes this movie so great. Actors are well picked and give a mesmerizing performance. Two main protagonists are absolutely superb in their roles. The pace of the scenes is just right, even if it's just a scene where a woman is leaning longingly onto her husband's shirt. Or a scene where an enemy soldier who occupied the village stares covetingly at a young woman and his superior asks him if he has sisters. That certainly changes his intentions. Only a complete fool would think this movie is a waste of time! If you need action, watch one of those run-of-the-mill action blockbuster movies and remain grazing peacefully in your comfort zone until the end. It's not a story that is passe for humans. Look at the world we live in. We're still struggling to understand how and why to be brave and selfless. The fool who's written the negative review that pops out first on the movie page, saying that it doesn't have a story reminds me of a child that doesn't understand anything unless you dumb it down to it's level- someone who lacks adult level imagination and capability of abstract thinking. This movie is full of small stories, left for the audience to conjure out of short flashbacks and characters behaviour in the present time. We don't have to know every detail to grasp the choices they are compelled to make, or understand the reasons for their actions. Michael Sheen might have had a short appearance here, but to me, made a point to this story. Our choices in difficult situations determine who we are. (It's true, the movie has a wee bit of a problem with sound, somehow. I had to rewind a couple of times to understand what the actors were saying and lower the volume button when the music suddenly attacked my ears but I completely forgive that, for the otherwise excellent movie experience.)
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Awful, Boring and Pointless Movie
Claudio Carvalho18 July 2013
In 1944, the D-Day for the invasion of Normandy by the Allies has failed and Europe has not been released from the German forces. The men of an isolated Welsh village disappear and their wives believe that they have joined the resistance and soon German soldiers arrive at the village. The farmer Sarah Lewis (Andrea Riseborough) and the German Commander Albrecht (Tom Wlaschiha) befriend to each other along the year.

"Resistance" is an awful, boring and pointless movie with one of the most stupid fictional story of the World War II. The pretentious story with the German basically winning the World War II associated to a dull romance simply goes nowhere and is a total waste of time and good cast. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "Resistência" ("Resistance")
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david_hemsworth17 June 2012
I love war-themed films and liked the sound of this one. What a disappointment! I can only echo an earlier reviewer and stress how mid-numbingly slow, boring and seemingly pointless it all is. If you fancy a story that well and truly loses the plot, appreciate a leading lady's woodenly bad acting and enjoy trying to make out what is being mumbled pretentiously in a Welsh accent, this is the film for you. Goodness knows what the woman was saying sometimes - I played back some utterances several times and still didn't have a clue, there being no English sub-title facility, other than when German was spoken. I found myself longing for a bit of German to relieve the strain of mumbled English dialogue.

For 60 years I've had a limitless capacity to lap up any old tosh about the Second World War. This dreadful film has put paid to that.
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90 Minutes of my life i will never get back!
Will Kennedy24 March 2012
This has to be the slowest, most boring film i have ever watched.

So bad in fact that after 5-6 years of reading IMDb reviews, this is the first review i have posted.

I would like to point out that i am not in anyway offended by the content of the film, or the subject matter. the premise is actually quite intriguing - the UK set in a German occupied state. i was very much looking forward to how this would pan out (not fizzle out)




i really cannot stress that enough. Utter crap.
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90 minutes i will never get back!
torrentmad7 May 2012
I too never write film reviews however this film is so bad that i felt compelled to write this. The premise is a good one, the actors are good. However the director who has seen probably one too many Terence Malick films thought who needs a story when you have the characters inner monologue. Do not watch this garbage. Michael Sheen is in this film for about 5 minutes however if you watched the trailer you would think he was the main character! I am still of the opinion his character was shot to stop any possible interesting storyline happening. Its absolute drivel of the highest order.

Do Not Watch This Film
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Michael Sheen used to sell this movie and he's not in it much
nishy201227 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is a TV movie if anything, very average and predictable. Michael Sheen is listed as one of the stars yet he is only in it for about five minutes, maybe ten at a push. Some of the reviews on IMDb are laughable regarding this film, like the chap who said he never posts reviews, well neither do I but after reading the first one I have to say that this is a very mundane film and I agree with what he wrote completely. The Welsh countryside is beautifully shot by the film-maker but that is not really a reason to watch this film. My advice is to wait till it comes on TV and if you are bored then this might kill time but it is certainly not very special, interesting or anything else.
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Not what I was looking for.
Devyn CM4 October 2014
The romance of melancholy is the best way I can describe the tone.

This dreary film would of been fine if I was looking to feel contemplative on the idea of existence as a whole showing how meaningful it is through single life and the glorification of the mundane interaction that such a singular life must undertake. But I was not looking for that. I felt mislead by the description, it would be perfectly fine and enjoyable if this was what I wanted.

That being said the discussion of the humans condition being consistence (and repetitive) regardless of cultural differences is some what over done these days. It is a notion that needs to evolve in its functional use for story telling. Hopefully where it is not longer the core of a story but an assumed trait perhaps. This is only a personal preference though and I acknowledge that not everyone thinks it is an trope that has become unreasonably popular.
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