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master-bot20 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
50 minutes into the movie I stopped watching because I wasn't able to handle another second of the characters' stupidity. The actors did an OK job with what was given to them. It's the story and the characters that were poorly written. There are a gazillion movies where dumb idiots go backpacking in the middle of nowhere, but many of them are bearable. However the characters here are unrealistically stupid, which is what makes the movie utterly unbelievable and annoying.

here are a few unrealistic moments:

  • the chicks went AWOL in backwoods Argentina without telling anyone

  • got drunk in the local pub provoking every horny kidnapper there

  • got separated in backwoods Argentina because of a chick fight

  • when the blond tried to rescue the brunette, they had 10 chances to neutralize the Argentinian idiot and didn't (and yes he is also an idiot in the movie, I'm not just throwing names around)

  • when the American guy was pointing the gun at the two amigos, he just decided to turn his back on them, only to get a bullet in the back. At least he was looking somewhat smart, up until that moment...

And to top that, we're supposed to believe that an entire town is conspiring to kidnap tourist girls (which is often the case in this kind of movies.) This aspect is not entirely ridiculous but it's a stretch.

I liked the beginning of the movie with all the scenery, but unfortunately that remained its strongest point.

The actors had nothing to do here. They were stuck with shallow roles with no room for real acting. This was a big step down for Karl Urban and the two females. This type of movies can work, as long as the story and script are believable enough, without having to reduce the characters to imbeciles, which is just frustrating.
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And Soon the Mediocrity.
lewiskendell29 December 2010
And Soon the Darkness is a serviceable "vacation gone bad" thriller. The two lead actresses are VERY pleasant to look at. They bike and sunbathe and run very prettily. But the story is so predictable that it's almost comical, the bad guys and plot twists are apparent from the very beginning, and the protagonists make decisions so stupid that they almost seem to ask for the situation that they get involved in.

You should be very familiar with this kind of plot by now. A pair of attractive young American tourists (Odette Yustman and Amber Heard) get separated from their bike tour group in Argentina, meet some suspicious people, get separated from each other, and then one of them goes missing. They're not the smartest of tourists, that's for sure. 

Even if you can stand the by-the-numbers plot (for Odette Yustman, I can accept a LOT of clichés and obvious plot twists), And Soon the Darkness isn't a very thrilling thriller. There's not a lot of creativity or imagination to it, it's just the same movie we've seen before with some new faces. Watch it if you're a fan of Yustman or Heard, but don't expect a lot.
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And Soon Straight To DVD
trooperjac5 January 2011
Good things first, some very nice cinematography of the landscapes. Cool looking deserted town that looks like something from a nuclear holocaust. Now that's out of the the way, on to the bad...

Clichéd characters. The Ellie character is just plain annoying and whilst I'm not a prude her behaviour just invited trouble - she's in an unknown country surrounded by strangers and acts like a complete whore. The good guy character hints at some promise but is taken out of the equation too easily. No inventiveness applied here, nothing you haven't seen a million times. Plus the female leads look like famine victims, especially Ellie - neither of them would have had the strength to fight off any kind of attack. I don't know if this is what Hollywood considers sexy nowadays but if so you can keep it.

Only rent if there is absolutely nothing else.
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Extremely disappointing
carlpiaf23 December 2010
The only good thing about this movie is the editing, the camera work and the sound. The acting is okay, but the plot is shallow. The promise of twists is totally unfulfilled. It is predictable and rather pointless. What a shame. It is one of those movies that seems to have something, but you wait and watch and nothing happens. There is very little to say about the movie. I had to add this filler just so that the review could be accepted for having 10 lines of text. The characterisation is shallow. I suppose the scenery in some of the scenes is rather interesting. But other than that, this is a complete waste of your time.
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Better avoid this one !
annjerremy21 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Am not going to compare this to the original 70's movie as I have not seen it. So, will judge this movie on it's own merit.

Who thinks up this stuff ? Two sexy girls traveling all alone through small towns in Argentina ? Really ? While in town they (one of them) decide to sexually frustrate and provoke strange Argentinian men for their amusement ? Really ? Throw in some of the most incompetent human traffickers you have ever seen, a town that completely ignores this and a moody /mysterious American who is creepier than the traffickers and you have a movie ? Really ?

The only thing dumber than the characters in this movie is the fact that I actually watched the whole thing.

No plot, poor acting, unbelievable story. Need I say more.

Did Karl Urban even read the script before he decided to do this waste of time? I guess a paycheck is more important than doing a good, or even half decent movie with at lest some redeeming qualities, which this movie had none of.

A big disappointment of a movie where I wish I could get my time back.
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"We need to find her before it gets dark".
lost-in-limbo29 October 2011
Workably well-made, but unremarkable pot-boiler remake of the 1970 British version. This time it takes place in Argentina with two American girls on a cycling trip, compared with the original having two British girls cycling in the French countryside. One of the girls goes missing, leaving the other friend on a desperate search to find her. The simplistic narrative is routine as can be, dealing with alienation and paranoia of being a fish-out-of-water. Still rather under-written. While it might start off lousy and not surprise with its lack of twists (as the mystery does eventually loose some steam), it remains effectively sustainable in making you uncomfortable in its foreign surroundings… where it's hard to know just who to trust, as no one wants to get involved even though the suspicions are there that the locals (you know those long stares) might just know what is going on. Desperation and danger fills every inch of space as details become clear for the protagonists. The direction is intrusively slick and pacing slow-going, but this only adds to the unsettling atmosphere and breath-taking mountainous scenery. Other than Amber Heard's commendable performance, the scenic photography also is a true scene stealer. The lush sights are a marvel and only compliment the underlining threat of this idyllically forlorn retreat. After such a sturdy progression and falling into contrived developments, it breaks away in the final acts with some intense cat and mouse moments but never fully tapping in to the suspense of the predicament. The cast give well rounded performances, even though their thin characters are descriptively black and white. Heard is impressive in the lead role, while Odette Annable provides plenty of energy. A disconnected Karl Urban shows up as a mysterious stranger (though foreseeable to where his character's ends up in the plot) and Cesar Vianco (with that icy stare) plays the town's officer. Underdone, but modest travel thriller.

"He looks… responsible."
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And Soon The Dullness
lovecraft23129 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
If there's one thing horror movies have taught us over the years, it's "Never leave home to a foreign country or island." The Italian cannibal movies taught is this, Lucio Fulci's "Zombi 2" taught us this, the "Hostel" movies taught us this-the list goes on really. If you go to places your unfamiliar with in horror, you will end up in danger. Well, you can add the new remake of the Robert Fuest film "And Soon the Darkness" to that list.

The film deals with two best friends, Shy, virginal Stephanie (Amber Heard) and wild party girl Ellie (Odette Yustman), who are on vacation in Argentina. Well, they miss their bus, and after lazing around in bikinis (not a bad sight I must say), Ellie ends up being kidnapped. So, can Stephanie find her friend? What's with that nosy American man Michael (Karl Urban)? Are the local policeman Calvo (César Vianco) and a guy Ellie hooked up with the night before (Michel Noher) somehow behind this?

As you can guess, there isn't that much mystery behind what will happen. Hell, it pretty much shows you one of the villains from the get go. Yep, this is yet another movie with sketchy law enforcement figures involved with shady dealings, the "good girl" becoming the requisite "final girl", and so many other genre trappings that tell you exactly what happens. And that's what's wrong with the movie. Well, that and it's mostly kinda dull, because you know what's going to happen, so it's hard to really invest any interest in anything that occurs. Sure, there's at least two things that are effective (the town of crumbling buildings and dead trees has an eerie ambiance) but the whole thing is written and directed to the point that it feels more like a direct to television movie than it does a serious genre entry.

It also doesn't help that none of the actors are really given much to do with their roles. To be fair, they all do fine work (except for Yustman, who I just found irritating), but they're all just characters we've seen before. Plus, we aren't really given much of these people as characters. We know that Michael is a stranger whose looking for his wife, but that's it. There's no other reason to care about him or anyone here.

If I could compare "And Soon the Darkness" to another movie, it would be to "Turistas", only without the sadistic edge, and just as uneventful to boot. This movie should have just been called "And Soon the Dullness."
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Had some potential
Matt_Layden27 December 2010
Two young attractive girls are biking through Argentina. They miss their bus to leave and stay a bit longer, when they get into a fight one of them leaves the other by herself. Big mistake, the girl gets herself kidnapped. Now her friend must try to find her.

The film never tries to elevate the genre that it is in, nor make it interesting. And Soon The Darkness manages to follow the footpath of every film before it, thus making it boring and predictable. First we have our two female characters. One is obviously a trouble maker and the rebel, while the other is more conservative. Guess which one gets herself kidnapped and which one has to rise to the occasion to get her friend back? The two female characters are played by Odette Yustman and Amber Heard, they fit their roles of attractive young females. The roles don't call for anything beyond that really.

The biggest letdown, had to be Karl Urban. His character is somewhat pointless. He doesn't advance the plot, his story line is left unfinished and Urban himself seems to be bored with the material. I like the guy, but he needs to pick better projects than this. Now that I have my biggest letdown out of the way, let me tell you where else this film went wrong.

The main reason for the girl getting kidnapped is due to the character's stupidity. The two girls get into a verbal argument, one storms off leaving the other. Who would leave their best friend in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country? On top of that, they state earlier that they were part of a bike tour group, but got lost from the pack? These point in the film had me scratching my head.

The film doesn't really know what it wants to be either, it reminded me a lot of Turistas. These characters are in a beautiful location, the film knows this and it is shot fairly well. There are bits of torture, yet the film never steers into that Hostel, or Saw territory. It comes off as very tame, I'm surprised it is even restricted. The film can easily be a PG-13 flick.

There are no surprises, you know from the moment you see the characters, who is responsible for what. The film tries to be clever to throw a curveball, but as I mentioned before, we have seen this type of film before and it's obvious where it was going. The film even lacks suspense. The kidnapping scene is poorly done, the climax is also a third rate cat and mouse game. The film fails to create any tension and that was a key element missing from here. Too many things were left unanswered for me. The two people who ran the hotel, do they know anything? Are they in on it? Does the wife try to warn them, but the husband put her in her place? Who knows.

And Soon The Darkness peaked my interest, but is failed to excite me. If Karl Urban was not in it, I would never have bothered with it. You should do yourself a favour too and skip it.
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Watch the original...
bill-hutchin17 February 2019
If you like your thrillers to have suspense with a twist at the end then dont waste your time with this version of "And Soon the Darkness" but watch the original. This does have some nice scenery, but so does the original. It has however put me off ever wishing to go to Argentina!
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Extremely disappointing remake of Robert Fuest's cult suspense film.
HumanoidOfFlesh25 December 2010
"And Soon the Darkness" tells the story of two American girls on bicycle trip in Argentina who fall prey to a sinister captor.One of them suddenly vanishes and the other one must find her friend before it's too late.I am a big fan of extremely chilling Robert Fuest's original set in sunny France and this unneeded remake is nowhere nearly as suspenseful.In fact it's very dull with one-dimensional characters and the lack of surprises.The banality of the plot is simply overwhelming.Admittedly the scenic scenery of Argentinian countryside looks beautiful and desolate.The ruins of a town that flooded years ago and was abandoned provide some spooky atmosphere.Unfortunately the majority of the film is tedious and annoying.5 out of 10.Watch creepy British original instead.
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Couldn't watch more than 10 minutes of this crap
JohnnyKong6 January 2011
The plot as many has mentioned is so stupidly predictable from the very beginning. What really annoyed me though was how it stereotypes American going to developing countries and acting...well like ignorant American tourists just asking to be robbed, ridiculed, and/or raped. I mean, who in their right mind, male or female, would dress up and go to a local bar in a small, little town out in the middle of nowhere.

What gets to me most though is this very Hollywood, developed world perspective that all developing countries from Asia to South America to East Europe are dangerous places where deviants and criminals are constantly roaming around hunting and kidnapping innocent, naive American tourists. This is as far from reality as it gets. Well that's Hollywood for you and the 5.2/10 is well-deserved.
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An Admirable Remake of a Forgotten British Thriller
gavin694214 December 2010
Two young American women (Amber Heard and Odette Yustman) are biking around Argentina. It is a fun adventure, at least until one of them gets kidnapped. Can the other track down the kidnapper and save her friend? Who can she trust?

This film is a remake of a 1970 British thriller. For all intents and purposes, the connection could be overlooked and the film would be just fine. While some things were kept the same -- the bicycling, lack of subtitles and a shot of a plane overhead -- much of it was changed. The setting has moved from France to Argentina, the girls' names were changed, and there is a whole new dynamic. This film could have stood on its own.

Writer-director Marcos Efron truly does make it his own film, and it helps to have two of today's finest young stars in the lead roles. Amber Heard, at the time of this film's release, was already known and about to be more well-known alongside Johnny Depp and Nic Cage. Odette Yustman, perhaps less well-known, is still a star in her own right.

The film is tense, suspenseful, better-paced than the original, with beautiful color and scenery. There is a sexy element, but no outright sex. There is a violent element, but no outright gore. The film is R, but could get by with what I would call a "hard PG-13". Even the torture aspects never enter into the "torture porn" realm of "Saw" or "Hostel", or even "Turistas", and I give this film credit for that, staying firmly in "thriller" rather than "horror" territory.

While I would not give it a must-see, mandatory recommendation, it is a great thriller and one of the better films I have seen in a while. I never get sick of seeing Heard or Yustman, especially when they are in their swimsuits. This film earns a B, maybe a B-plus. The Anchor Bay DVD is also loaded with special features.
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Evanoil27 July 2015
Pretty much every horror title these days is getting a low score almost on every critic sites , To me it is very sad because most of us don't even read the critic review ,we just watch the score the movie got and decide whether to watch it or not. I think this movie is one of those movies that no one really got to see because it has low score . If you look closely it has pretty nice cast in it , Yes Amber Heard and Odette Annable are beautiful actresses but hey also got nice acting skills . The plot is pretty unique , i mean i personally haven't seen movie with this story before and i found this story interesting. This movie has clichés in it but still it is very fun to watch and it doesn't get boring all along... I think its underrated and i would recommend it to every one since its mostly Mystery title , i wouldn't call it a solid horror.
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Do Not Believe the Negative Reviews... because.......
vitaleralphlouis20 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very well made suspense drama, with exceptional story, very good acting, fine cinematography, noteworthy direction. The 95 minute running time -- unusual in 2011 -- doesn't allow time to be wasted.

The movie is set and filmed in rural Argentina, a place few of us have seen, and the problems these two girls face are as unusual to Americans as is the strange setting of the story.

Many reviewers have blasted the movie as being hostile and/or discriminatory; supposedly giving a false negative view. Let me tell you our experience in this part of the world.....

We rented a car in Iguetzu Argentine to drive to Ascuncion, Paraguay. At the main square in Asuncion, we had car trouble and about a dozen men tried to help. Nice guys seeking a tip, they eventually pushed the car into the garage of the modern hotel right on the square. We got a room and the hotel Reception helped us with the car, we thought. In fact, the car was stolen overnight and the hotel Reception orchestrated the theft. (Sounds like a movie script!)

Two days later, in Manaus, Brazil, I was shaken down for $850 by 8 large guys in the manager's office of the Tripical Hotel. I would not have been able to leave that room without paying.

Back on my own turf in America, I used my position as a federal official in Washington to bring about a return of the $850. Had I not had this clout I would have just been another robbed tourist.

IMDb reviewers can use their Political Correctness bull in their reviews, freedom of speech and all that, but more level headed people ought set the record straight.

Aside from my personal experiences, "And Soon the Darkness" is well above the usual tripe we get in 2011 movies; downright good!
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Suspense Thriller by Numbers
anchovyd18 July 2011
My mother-in-law highly recommended this film so the other night my old lady and I unfortunately decided to watch it.

This is a movie that is a paint by numbers type of thing. After the first ten minutes this seemed headed to Touristas-land. Overall it is like Touristas but without the organ harvesting (for Touristas with organ harvesting but on a train, please watch The Train).

The first ridiculous thing is that you have these two beautiful chicks that are on a bicycle tour through South America. These chicks aren't even on full laden touring bikes with panniers. Just mountain bikes with a small trunk bag that carries all their hot clubbing clothes and high heels. Second, these chicks are so skinny. It looks like they couldn't ride more than 5 miles with their toothpick legs and flip-flop shoes. Totally unconvincing as bicycle tourists.

Next, they decide to get all tarted and liquored up and tease the deranged locals at some bar and maybe get in some action with a few men even though they know that the only bus out of town is leaving at 8am. Of course they act severely disrespectful and stupid almost provoking a kidnapping, beat down and Amtrak.

I have to say that the movie is watchable because the scenery is nice and the locations and buildings are interesting and the chicks have pretty faces, but the whole time you're just screaming how stupid can these chicks be. Bicycling around in hot-pants and a sports-bra in some Argentinian red-neck holler with the degenerates leering and rubbing there mitts together in anticipation for tonight's party favor...

I should probably see the original but didn't even know about it until I came here to spew my review for the lame remake.

Bottom line: Don't waste your time on this one. It is flat-out predictable, stupid, and lame. Even The Train is better than this one.
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nogodnomasters2 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Young women are being kidnapped in Argentina. Amber Heard, who I raved about in Exterminators, was not as impressive in this role, primarily due to poor script. Two American girls venture out on their own to visit the countryside in Argentina. They stay in a small town, where Elle, the floozy of the two causes them to miss their bus. They spend the day sun bathing in bikinis and then have a split up over moralistic differences.

Elle is kidnapped and everyone in town seems to be a suspect, or at least by the soundtrack. Karl Urban agrees to help, but she doesn't trust him either. This isn't like the 80's kidnappings where the women were stripped, raped and tortured. No nudity or sex.

I would fast forward until the girls are in bikinis, that is when the action starts in this slow mover.
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Why some bad reviews?
Dora_29 April 2020
2 beautiful girls with perfect bodies and pretty faces. Enough to watch and enjoy. Besides the script is actually very good. Could be on real life events based. Interesting and intriguing. Not many characters and all is happening outside with little background and I have a thought that the movie is small budget, which makes it even more attractive, everything is set as professional. I only did not like the end. I don't think Miss Heard can fight against 2 men so easily unless she is pro-boxer or something, obviously she is not. 8/10
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Quite a decent movie
mitchie19999 November 2014
Although this movie may have had a few cliché characters, I think it well a well put story with a great storyline.

The acting in this film was also quite honorable, and I think the main reason I feel this film deserves more credit than it receives is because it is a lot different to all of the other thrillers.

The story surprised me and I felt this movie was a one to watch, not only because of it's storyline, but the actors in it really portrayed the characters well.

I give this an 8 out of 10.

Cheers for the great watch
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More clichéd crap
non-shill30 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I watched 80% of this movie and could take no more when the cliché got neck-deep. It was bad enough that the filmmaker expects me to care about some whore who gets kidnapped. No, sorry, I was actually glad to see her go.

In any case, whore gets taken, dumb friend finds her through unbelievable luck, they get away, have the antagonist at bay, can take him out, but stop pathetically short. Then we have the quintessential vehicle-that-always-started-fine-suddenly-won't scene. And then I hit Stop.

As always, I request that idiots who appreciate crap movies to rate my review as not helpful. Thank you.
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Ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous and stupid
manuatimdb4 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Simply ridiculous. The characters are so stupid one can' t even believe it: Examples: The the American tourist knows that his girlfriend was kidnapped and brought to Paraguay but instead of searching in Paraguay he spends his time staying in Argentine for 6 month searching her. The blond girl knows who the kidnapper is and follows him, but will she bring at least a knife? no The American tourist instead of shooting the policeman's leg and forcing him to tell the true story, rather agrees on a deal in which he has to give the blond American girl to get his girlfriend back. and this agreement happens in a situation where he has the gun pointing at the bad guys! Who would ever agree on such a deal having complete control over the enemy? After that like a true idiot he turns around putting his gun down and gets shot. The American tourist finds blood on the ground where the brunette might have been kidnapped. Instead of following the blood. He does nothing just looks and doesn t even say anything about it. He knows about girls being kidnapped in this town but doesn t warn the girls nor does he say anything after the brunette has been kidnapped. Funny that within 6 month he isn t able to find the building where the bad guys put the girls as buffer even though he seems to already been running around that district for quite a while.the American blond girl finds the place right away. and the list about ridiculous things goes on and on. How come nobody of the crew said: this is ridiculous! One last thing. In the last scene the policeman could have shot the girl simply. instead he decides to wrestle with her? why? the objective was killing her!
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Generic Missing American Tourists.
rmax30482312 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
They're just two of your average American tourists bicycling through the hinterlands of Argentina, one reckless dark-haired beauty and one sensible blond stunner, both of them looking and acting exactly like the ex models they were in real life. They miss their bus and must cycle on alone, although they take a rest at a local waterfall, where the camera lingers on their tan and succulent nubility.

But this is a strange land. People speak this barbaric tongue called Spanish. The two lost lambs have no command over the language, just a kind of influence over it. And in the little village where they are stranded, everyone seems a little sullen except for one greasy looking guy who pursues the provocative dark babe and must be forcefully discouraged.

The dark one -- I'm not bothering with names because they should both be back to modeling soon -- the dark one disappears under mysterious circumstances. The rest of the film has the blond trying to rescue the other from her kidnappers, who plan to take her to nearby Paraguay and sell her for vile purposes in return for two thousand dollars.

The police are no help. There's only one cop around and he may be corrupt, but in any case he's inept and advises the blond to just wait around, everything will be alright. Then there's the American stud. His girl friend disappeared six months ago, just like the dark looker, and he's been all over the place trying to find her.

The first half hour or so is really rather interesting. For one thing, you get a genuine feel for the eidos of a small Latin American village of perhaps a dozen scattered houses, a cantina, and one or two offices. For another, the sense of overhanging dread is omnipresent and some of the actors, particularly the concierge at the local motel, are very good at projecting ambiguity. You never know quite whether to believe them or not. And finally the scenery and location shooting are unimpeachable. The rocky hills are burnt orange and extremely impressive, and there is an extended sequence set in an abandoned tourist lodge that could hardly be improved on, with its dilapidated buildings and blasted trees and powdery streets.

It's too bad the movie itself is so stupid. It casts aside that ominous spell at the beginning and degenerates into an idiotic slasher movie. If the good guys can make a mistake that leads them into worse trouble -- they make it.

Examples: At the scene of the dark beauty's disappearance, the American stud and the local cop are examining the ground. The cop is dismissive as usual. The American guy finds some blood on the ground. Does he tell the cop? In the village, the blond spots the greasy guy who was hot for the dark girl. She shouts to him. He runs away into the woods. She runs after him. Why? Later, she steals a truck, which can only mean more difficulty for her, but no matter. Still looking for Darkbloom, she enters the grounds of the Villa Lago, long abandoned, with its closed gates festooned with warning signs -- CERRADO and IMPEDIR EL PASO A GRINGAS and PELLIGROSO and MUY MORTIFERO and ACHTUNG MINEN whatnot. So what does she do? Opens the gate and enters The Killing Fields.

On the grounds of the Villa Lago she runs into the American stud and realizes they are both searching for missing companions. And what is the big guy's suggestion in the middle of this wasteland? "I know you won't like this but we have to split up. We can cover more ground that way." Haven't they ever seen a run-of-the-mill horror movie before? But why go on? If you insist on seeing it, do so for the scenery, both the mountains and the succulent flesh of two erstwhile models and aspiring actresses.
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Could've been an amazing thriller...
Dinosaw12 April 2011
Why it didn't be one? Basically nothing happens until the 40th minute, that's why. This is a slow-burn thriller, even though it was advertised as the type that has thrills since the first minutes, well it doesn't.

It sort of played out like Hostel; The first half hour is pretty much character development with some sexual references here and there, and then suspense begins. Come on, this is a 85 minute film, we should've gotten on really. After the 40th minute, the suspense begins. I liked the tension and tautness the film had afterwards.

The acting by the two female leads was natural, but not that great. Sometimes Odette's character seemed annoying, with her being showing off in front of men a lot and trying to sleep with one. Come on. Karl Urban was great in this, loved his performance and his presence.

Another thing I liked about this film is that there was someone else involved with Odette's abduction, and that character was in the film, who is even trusted by Odette's friend. The setting, thanks to the good cinematography was amazing, great location for sure. The music by the average composers Tomandandy was not bad, but it sounded too trailer-ish and something you'd hear in student films on Youtube, but at least it was orchestral and suspenseful.

This was an OK thriller, which was saved by it suspenseful second half and magnificent setting.
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So much right, but too much wrong
Sweet_and_Lowdown7726 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
1st off, I am a HUGE Amber heard and Odette Yustman fan and when I heard they were in a film together, I was very happy and eager to see it. AND SOON THE DARKNESS has a lot of good things going for it, but ultimately it fails to deliver or (which is probably why it didn't get any theatrical love) be memorable in any way.

I thought the setup, acting and locations were all great. The problem squarely lies in the direction and script.There was a completely useless "teaser" showing a young woman being tortured (like so many torture porn films before). When you actually learn why these girls are taken, this opening is revealed to make no sense. Strike one.

I thought the 1st act did a great job of creating a realistic scenario (albeit 2 girls that looked like Odette and Amber riding alone in S.A. is unbelievable, but that aside, the set up works). The bar scene was particularly effective (although not one South American man hits on Amber?)

Odette burst onto the scene with CLOVERFIELD (a film I despised) and then THE UNBORN (which was terrible). She's stunning and displayed moments of great potential in both, I just didn't like those films. This is the best performance I've seen her give. She OWNS the 1st act of this film. Amber's great too, but I've seen more of Amber's work so it didn't need mentioning.

Where the film falters is the abduction and subsequent events that follow. It's completely unbelievable. I click spoiler alert, so I will spoil some things. Odette's kidnapped and taken to a burnt out town. This is way too easy for Amber to finally find her. And the girl in the opening teaser was chained, but here Odette's ductaped. The scenes with Amber searching for Odette were unconvincing. She looked in 3 spots (where she disappeared the hotel & then where she was being kept). How Karl Urban didn't know exactly where she was and he'd been there 6 months looking for his missing girl is unbelievable. Why did the Cop pretend to help Amber? He had her alone in his car, at the station? He could have taken her captive several times. She was all alone. She was ripe for the taking. Also, the director should not have included shots of Odette being held captive. We as the audience should think the worst. We knew she was alive.

Again, major spoiler...

Now, one thing that worked was Odette's death. I didn't see it coming. And Amber being trapped in the cop's car by her own doing was great.

BUT... that points out the above note. If the cop was going to take her, why didn't he do it several hours before?

It was also WAY TOO EASY for Amber to escape and eventually kill her captors.

Overall, I wanted to love this film. But I didn't. I think Odette and Amber are stars and if you like them, you'll want to watch this film. The director, while not having any nudity in the film, does give us some amazing shots of the girls (including several very good close ups of Odette's bottom).

I gave the film 5/10.
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naughty girl and valiant girl in an incredible Argentina
enriquevirdokolbe5 September 2012
As always,the girl who likes to arouse boys and is not repressed by the actual morals, is abducted and dies. The good girl, pure and brave not only saves her life, also kills the bad kidnappers. But,the scenario is really surrealistic: this film explicit the fact that all happens in Argentina. But, what region of Argentina? First we see scenes filmed in Salta (north), then Cafayate (south of Salta).Near we contemplate a ghost town near a river (there is a sign over the route that says: "Paraná")This river is located hundred of miles of Salta. And the ghost town with a building thas claims: "Matadero" is really on south of Buenos Aires. In the movie,all the places seems to be near each other. Well, the plot is obvious: police is corrupt.People in town does not help the American girls.Natives are bad or indifferent. The good girl, skinny and without experience in fighting,manage to save her life and uses firearms to kill a policeman and other villains. A really spoof.
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And soon the nausea....
headly6630 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I have never heard of the original 1970 film set in France but it has to better then this. Two very cute ladies decide to take a bike trip through Argentina and then proceed to make every typical movie mistake possible in the span of 15 minutes. One girl struts her stuff and makes herself noticed by every good/bad guy in town, makes out with a stranger, they miss the bus, then they decide to go sunbathing in the middle of nowhere, get in a fight so they separate, etc, etc.

This is chock full of every cliché in the book, there really is no story, no character build up, no suspense. Everything you would expect to happen happens right on cue.

Really bad,avoid at all cost.

If you want to see a great movie with this theme then check out the original Dutch version of The Vanishing.
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