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A Few Real World Life Facts Wrapped In The Religious Godsquad Misinformation Corruption!
silicontourist12 December 2021
The reason that I give this documentary no stars at all is because, its background is based upon a Godsquad pulpit preaching script! And as a person who hates lies I cannot give Curtis Bowers - and his team of carefully selected interviewee's - any postive credits for the 1h:26m:35seconds of constant twisting of the world/word according to God constantly shoved down the viewers throat.

This time Curtis Bowers, a Godsquad nutcase, produces a film that is warning us that America will one day be a Communist country. Thats just one of the stories presented that twists the current world events (and American inner problems of everything) into their real program agenda; the exact same way as governments and spymasters twist ongoing world events into a way of putting more fear into people and therby getting control and the backing of an ignorant populace that doesn't realize it has been totally conned (think Weapons of Mass Destruction, 9/11 etc, etc).

Its so infuriating that numbnut bible thumpers, like Curtis Bowers and co, don't stop to think that their own religious beliefs, socities, groups, religions, churches and Mosques etc are all working in the exact same way as communism operates! That is to take absolute control of peoples minds and the way they think and live by instilling a 1 religion world hive (pretty much exactly the same way the Islamic Taliban and other muslim extremists are trying to enforce).

Another good reason why I hate all religions and their one hive mind beliefs. Only religious Godsquad card carriers are going to fall for all this documentay once upon a time BS!
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