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Tries to get a message across, but fails.
I wouldn't recommend this film simply because it has no real plot. I expected to get something out of watching this film, maybe even a different take on life. The trailer doesn't look to bad. I think I can see what the writers wanted to portray. But it's done very poorly. If you think about it there is a decent plot somewhere and a decent message. But it honestly is done so poorly. If you watch this film you will gain nothing from it. There seems to very diverse characters which is what interested me in the first place. But we know so little about the characters and even as the film goes on, I couldn't help but feel more confused. I didn't even know what the characters motives were. Overall it's just a confusing film and at the end you just don't care. You don't even want to know.
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This movie tried but...
skay_baltimore18 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
...was not particularly successful, IMO, at resolving the very issues it raised. Few of the characters, with the exception of the 2 children, were particularly likable. As a result, it was difficult to empathize with their predicaments. And any time that happens, the message of the film tends to get lost. It's usually NOT a good thing to be hating on the main characters to such an extent that, at some point, you just say: "Who cares? Do whatever you want. It's not worth spending any more of my time watching your miserable, wretched, whiny existences any longer". And that's pretty much what happened to me at the 2/3 mark of this film. (And it went for pretty much ALL the main characters, with the exception of the kids.)

Maybe if one watches this film and is able to see the characters in a different light; or is able to draw different conclusions than those drawn by the characters in the film itself, then one could enjoy this movie more than I was able to. But as it stands, for me, this is a classic example of a film that had a lot of potential, but was not able to maximize that potential to any significant degree. About the only thing that I concluded from having watched Bedrooms is: "Love Hurts". And I could have gotten that from listening to Boudleaux Bryant's song -- sung by either The Everly Brothers, Nazareth, or Emylou Harris -- while saving myself around an hour and a half.
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