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Surprisingly Impressed
Shoe19829 September 2009
I often close my eyes and shake my head when I hear about Hollywood remaking what seems to be every title that was successful in the past. I never watched the original Melrose Place, but knew who some of the characters were and understood the concept of the show.

When I tuned it to watch this remake I really expected to be disappointed, as I was with the pilot for the 90210 remake. I was actually entertained. Yes, the acting was average and who casted Ashley Simpson? She can't even act.

The story lines seem to conveniently center around sex and some just seem so made up. Writers, you need to think of better twists! Overall, the chemistry between the cast seems to work for me. This show has potential as long as the writers have a plan. Check it out.
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The bitchiest soap opera is back!
DennisAlexis10 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched the new "Melrose Place" pilot and I personally loved it! As a HUGE fan of the original, I was a bit sad to see Sydney killed off since she was one of my favourite characters, but I'll get over it. And who knows, maybe she'll return from the dead at the end of this season? This is "Melrose Place", for God's sake, anything can happen!

A lot of older fans are complaining about the show, but I don't agree with them. This isn't the same show, so they can't keep everything the same as it was in the original. We have to accept the changes if we want the show to survive today. This isn't the 90's. But I for one think that they've keep a lot of the original atmosphere. And I definitely don't think that Ashlee Simpson is as bad as everyone said she would be.

Welcome back, "Melrose Place"!
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A More Sophisticated and Mature Melrose
SeeBear14 April 2010
My First Review

I'll be honest. I expected this show to be one giant laugh fest, which is the only reason I decided to tune in.

Boy was I surprised! What did I get?

1. Characters that were over-the-top, yet believably two-dimensional.

2. A Gorgeous cast that can actually, dare I say, act. Even Ashley Simpson's awkwardness works to create a character that is uncomfortably off-kilter. It was a shame to lose her so early.

3. Sumptuous- Absolutely beautiful sets with fantastic directing. Seriously, the camera angles alone absorb you into the story. They're so impressive and will sadly be overlooked by most.

4. Great writing and fantastic dialogue that will fill your quota of witty snap-backs for decades to come (courtesy of Ella Sims).

The phenomenal Katie Cassidy leads this ambitious Motley Crew and lights up the screen with her flawless performance. Her effortless charismatic charms and sharp wit hold your attention from beginning to end. Even when she's not involved in a storyline of her own you find yourself missing her whenever she's not on screen.

In this return to Melrose, the there's plenty of action and "Oh My God!" moments that mainly reside in the the dialogue and the ways in which the characters interact. It's a smart and more sophisticated version that doesn't lack for suspense and nail biting moments.

And although wackiness ensues, their exists a level of respect and caring among the residents that you rarely find in a series of this type. Amidst the amoral antics, it can be surprisingly uplifting; making it a rare bird indeed.

Of course, there's backstabbing, cat fighting, underhandedness (which is the typical order of the day), but the way the characters are fleshed out makes the impact of the tragedy that befalls them that much more affecting.

Melrose 2.0 is a rare underrated gem that is a hybrid in many ways. It's campy, suspenseful yet smart and implosive, which can often confuse and polarizes audiences. It has aspects of the original but, in many ways, is its own creation.

But if you don't mind taking the leap you will undoubtedly enjoy the smooth rush you get just being in the company of these wild sexy beast.
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Awesome Show!!!!!
geraldgarrow6 December 2009
I love the new version of Melrose Place!!! It's fun, hip, sexy, & exciting throughout!!! The new characters are very solid with my favorite is Ella Simms played deliciously by the beautiful & sexy Katie Cassidy. Ella's a tough publicist who gets what she wants at anytime. Katie's a great actress who was awesome in Supernatural & Harper's Island & has great things coming to her. Keep it up Katie!!!!! Recently they let go of 2 regulars: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz & Colin Egglesfield. Ashlee played Violet Foster & Colin played Auggie Kirkpatrick. They're also changing the shift of the show's tone as well. It was dark at first but now they want it to be more lighter. The show got some serious buzz in promoting the show but the ratings have been low throughout which to me is disappointing because it should be seen by a lot more people. So Melrose made several changes hoping the ratings would go up including bringing back Heather Locklear as Amanda Woodward. Heather's return has shaken things up @ Melrose including turning Ella's world upside down. Ella wants to be like Amanda but Amanda wants to show Ella who's boss. It'll be fun between the two & I'm hoping that Ella will hold her ground & stand up to Amanda. I think the changes are gonna help Melrose in the long run for the best. There's talk of Melrose being canceled due to low ratings but I hope it doesn't get canceled because it's getting really good now & this Tuesday's episode should be really good!!! I also like how the new Melrose are bringing back the original characters from the original Melrose. Thomas Calabro, Laura Leighton, Josie Bissett, & Daphne Zuniga returned for stints on the new Melrose along with Heather Locklear. I hope many people can tune in to the show because it awesome & a lot of fun!!! I hope it can get renewed for season 2 & also can get a full order of episodes for season 1(it has 18 episodes on tap for season 1). The show rocks & it needs to be given a chance!!!!!


Gerald P. Garrow
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I love it--keep it on the air!
Togmonity10 October 2009
I really like it. The original was awesome, and this version, although totally different, is just as good. I even like Ashlee. She is getting way too many bad reviews by haters. PLEASE give the show a chance and keep it on the air.

I think the scenes are well shot, and I like that it moves fast. There might be a few too many songs but whatever. I hope they can get some guest stars (real celebs).

I'm excited about seeing Heather Locklear. I hope Sydney is somehow alive because she and Michael were my favorite on the original version. Thank you for bringing it back, CW!
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...Because it was made for teenagers...
ddfcmp823 June 2010
Being a constant viewer of the original MP from 1992-1996 (Daphne Zuniga left, so I zoned out), I can say as much that this one was a dud in comparison. That's not to say it didn't have merits, but it was a far cry from the original. In the case of attempted innovation, that's just fine, but the show needed to step it up a notch, as soon as the pilot was over. It is common practice to build slowly in a shows freshman season in order to pull the viewers in, and gain their loyalty and devotion. The problem, however, is that with a serial like "Melrose Place", one cannot afford to build so slowly. What made the original so popular was it's high octane energy, and fast paced story lines. YES, even the original started out slow and then sped up with time, but with a reboot like this could have been, they needed to hit the ground running, and they hit the ground jogging instead. We only got a glimpse of it's real potential starting at the 13th episode, or so. After that, we finally had some good stories, but by then it was too late. The show had been canceled before it was canceled. Another mistake, ultimately, was the designation of the viewers. On the CW, the demographic was indefinitely bound to be consisting of mostly teenagers, and that cuts any possible chance of real adult interest out of the picture. The original MP had a lot of sex, violence, and twisted capers, but there was also a lot of business sense and adult interest, such as mortgages, jobs security, and business ethics in general. It had adults behaving, outside the bedroom, like adults. (most of the time) Here, we have barely touched on anything of the like, and, in turn, have kiddies in Abercrombie and Fitch running around saying "pity poor me". There is no credibility to this because it's too far for the suspension of disbelief that most adults nowadays watch with. Furthermore, it's dull. These younger stars like Ashley Simpson and Katie Cassidy are not talented, and the boys of the show like Shawn Sipos and Michael Rady are not credible either. Jessica Lewis almost had the same maturity going for her that Jo Reynolds had in the original. (Fancy the storyline that Jo had with Riley). Alas, the only credible actor and character was Lauren played by Stephanie Jacobson. She displayed an urgent need for morale and justice despite her torn predicament as a med student/call girl.

Other than that, cast members and story lines were pretty boring. Heather Locklear's return was very welcomed indeed, and served it's purpose very well. The same went for fellow MP originals Thomas Calabro, Josie Bissett, Laura Leighton, and of course, my personal favorite, Daphne Zuniga.The problem with these fine relics, was the writing. It wasn't easy blending these seasoned characters/actors, with newer characters and talent. It all matched up great by seasons, or shows end, but never quite took off the way it could have and should have. My only real compliment to the show, at long last, is that Jo Reynolds got some real treatment the way she should have been treated the first time: Real happiness, despite being a workaholic of course. Sad to say this show almost became a good continuation. It would have too, if it were renewed at least one more season. Oh well, almost a good show there.
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araceliearambula10 September 2009
Melrose Place was fantastic. It exceeded my expectations, I thought I would be disappointed like I was with 90210 and it blew me away, really smart to hire an Oscar winning director to direct the show. Even Ashlee Simpson, who is usually an AWFUL actress, was not as bad as I thought she was gonna be, but that was due to smart editing, they focused more on Stephanie Jacobson, who was brilliant in her role as was Thomas Calabro who was great with his subtle cyncism, Laura Leighton doing manipulative brilliantly while adding a touch of humour, Shaun Sipos was also great, as was Michael Rady, they were all on point and sharp with their acting, and this comes from an actor who has studied and performed in theatre my entire life (me). I'm VERY nitpicky when it comes to seeing acting mistakes, I can't even watch Ghost Whisperer because of the atrocity that is Jamie Kennedy, but Melrose? Just brilliant, brilliant acting, brilliant cinematography, music, 10 stars.
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The new melrose place
adrian_archibald22 September 2009
First let me say I wasn't expecting too much of this but I was surprised. The storyline was good, the characters are well written, especially the new ones Ella (Katie cassidy) and David (shaun sipos) whom made a very good job playing Michael's rebel son. I was glad to see Sidney and Michael back. I hope the writers always keep this on the right track because it looks promising and I really like this to stick around for a while and at least have a nice closure!

I hope some of the old characters make a comeback, maybe jake or allison, that would be cool. I Know most people wants Amanda to comeback but i don't think that's a good idea since her storyline its perfectly finished and she is unnecessary but if she comes back of course I'm gonna keep watching lol!

the non stop music was a little bit annoying but I will get used to it,

9 out of ten
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Melrose 2.0
sesheppard10 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked this show. I thought that I wouldn't like it, because hey no Amanda Woodward...(yet)! The show was amazing! The reason I didn't give 10 stars is because they just threw too much info. I get that it's the pilot and the have to set the viewer up, but it was a little much. That being said, I love love love the story lines. I cannot wait to learn more about Violet (ashlee Simpson). I love Syndey and I can't wait for the flashbacks to begin and learn more about why she was murdered. The series finale ended with a bang and the 2.0 started with a bang! I can't wait to see what this season has in store for us.
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"Melrose Place"-can't get enough
Amycrocker7613 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I have been a fan of this new series since episode one. It is hard to pick a favorite character out of this talented group of actors, and it is a real treat to watch the cast members of the original interact with the new ones. But, you don't need to be a fan of the original to get why just the name of the apartment complex MEANS SOMETHING...EVEN THE CHARACTERS ON THE SHOW REMARK ON HOW THERE IS Something THAT JUST DRAWS YOU IN, week after week. I do feel that anyone who hasn't gotten on board should watch the reruns and add it to your must-watch list. "Melrose Place" has something for everyone-enough drama, humor, romance, suspense and intrigue to keep you hooked!
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What I think about Melrose Place
popstukkend19 December 2010
Melrose Place is the only series I watch, if I watch greys anatomy, i'll actually forget watch it again, I don't have time for watching TV...but I've never ever missed an episode of Melrose, I love it...I'm very disappointed that they are canceling the show, I really hope they can save this one!

It's really worth watching, I really didn't know it can be possible that there is so little viewers! Me and all my friends watches it and we love it!

In the beginning Ashlee Simpson was a bit irritating,her voice is just irritating me, but I think they should bring in a bit more teenagers in, I know its a block of flats etc, but maybe if they bring in some school girls, there will be more younger viewers watching it as well.
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Please Keep Melrose Place
toxicsolovely17 November 2009
In all honesty the only reason I started tuning into the CW was because they took a chance and brought Melrose Place back and they brought it back more awesome than ever.I never missed an episode of the original Melrose Place and feel the way the ended the show left their devoted fans in utter disapproval. The new Melrose from day one it air has the original in it's dust it is way better and more entertaining. I hate the fact you fired Ashlee and Colin cause they were my favorite characters on the show. The plot is so well played out. Like I said in all honesty no disrespect to the Cw but if Melrose gets canceled this viewer will no longer watch the station. Please don't cancel the show it's the best thing airing on that station.
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Where is Baby Jane...Jane, Syd's sis that is?
joseph-stark5 November 2009
OK...maybe this is just a huge plot inconsistency, which is not surprising on this show, even though I can't stop watching it...but what the heck happened to Josie Bissett's character, Jane Andrews...formerly Jane Mancini??? She comes in for 1 episode, tells everyone she is the new landlord because she inherited the building from Syd (Ummm...when did Sydney OWN the building...she is the landlord...and who does own it...Michael or Amanda?), moves into Syd's apartment, wreaks havoc on Ella's life all in the span of 1 episode and then was just gone with no mention of her again.

I would be OK with the logic of Oh...she just is out and about or something for the reason she hasn't been seen again...but the very next episode Violet (Ashlee Simpson...RIP on the show and THANK GOD) is rummaging through Sydney's apartment not to mention David and Auggie both making visits back that apartment also.

Plot inconsistency much, CW? I was hoping for at least a catfight with her and her ex-hubby, Michael Mancini.

Does anyone else know if I missed something? Did she say at any point in that episode that she changed her mind? I heard she is filming one more episode for the show but come on...a landlord that no one ever sees in a VERY small apartment complex??? Not likely to say the least and still wouldn't explain how these people are able to rummage through Jane's (Sydney's) apartment after Jane is supposedly living there.

Nice cameo by Jo (Daphne Zuniga) though. I love it when she says "I have a ton of memories from this place...most I would like to forget." LOLOLOLOL Don't get me wrong...I love this show and have watched every episode. That is really bothering me, though, and the fact that they are killing off the hottest guy at Melrose Place, Auggie.

And how did David become Michael's son and who is his mom? Michael didn't have any kids when the show ended or any time during it.
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HUGE dissappointement
dymingirl008 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
So I grew up watching the original series. It was never a masterpiece but always entertaining. So when they said they were remaking it I was intrigued. I already think the new 90210 is alright. Not as good as the original but OK. I geared up for the pilot tonight thinking hey it's gonna be pretty good right?

Good lord, it was awful! I sat through an hour of what? Nothing at all. The plots were pathetic, the acting was just alright and even the small cameos by a couple of the old cast didn't help. I was disappointed to say the least.

I truly hope they can do a much better job, because if the rest of the show is the same dribble, it will be canceled quickly.

I mean COME ON who is going to pimp themselves out for medical school by some jerk they just met 4 hours before?

And the resident "BAD girl" could they make her any more pathetic? I even happen to like Katie Cassidy but the character was just bland. It was like watching a 12 year old trying to be a bitch. Give it up already.

I really hope the writers went back to the drawing board on this because it was really bad.
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Just not that great
diretorio_k9 September 2009
As a great fan of the original series, I admit that my expectations was a little too high about this remake. Most part of the cast is good, especially Stephanie Jacobsen and Katie Cassidy. But the plots are kinda boring.

The Riley/Jonah couple is almost so annoying as Allison/Billy and Shaun Sipos looks like he's sleeping the whole time. Also at any moment there was that tension, that catfights moments or that great lines that the original Melrose immortalized on TV.

As for Ashlee Simpson... was she on the pilot? I don't even remember of seen her.

I'll keep watching this and hoping that they'll do a lot better in the future.
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Excellent show and worthy sequel to the original
ralph_knight200224 November 2009
i really enjoyed melrose place in the 90s, same as beverly hills. i think the cast of the new melrose place is great, because they are about the same age as the original cast, unlike this "supposedly sequel-ish" 90210, which in my eyes has quite nothing to do with the original. seriously, high-school students? beverly hills was about young professionals and their lives, so 90210 is a no-go for me.

it's nice to see that in melrose place at least, young professionals still are in the center, with the addition of the old characters such as michael mancini and amanda woodward. the drama is still here: they face problems with their jobs, love life, friendships, there's issues with money, intrigues, lies and much more, which i liked so much about the original. i really loved it when amanda returned in episode 10 and can't wait to see her meeting michael and later-on jo and jane. up to now, not much has developed yet (since we only have 10 episodes so far), but as it looks right now, things are expected to heat up at ep. 11 and further ones, so don't miss the show.

what i don't like is the almost constant use of contemporary pop-music tracks in the background, it's sometimes just too much, i mean i'm watching a TV-show and not MTV. it's bearable and won't get me stopping watching this show, but if some of the CW-people reads this, please think about that, i think i'm not the only one being a little annoyed by this.
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Could be better, but...
mirwais-orbit14 October 2009
In the 90's I was a huge fan of the original Melrose Place and I was only a teenage. Unlike most of the people, I think that the best seasons were the first ones, and when things started being the most craziest thing on TV, it just stopped hooking me. People say that the 1st season wasn't so great because it hasn't anything catchy or interesting... but in my point of view it was great because, differently from what was the original Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose was showing a bunch of going-on-30's trying to achieve something in their life. They were living in Hollywood, in a middle class complex, working hard, paying their bills, falling in love, making mistakes. Melrose was meant to be in drama what FRIENDS was for the comedy but it didn't work for the audience and that's why it turned something that it became in further seasons.

When I heard that MP would come back I thought that it would be a great opportunity to try its original idea again, most of all because I'm 27 right now, the same age of most of the original characters in the first season.

But I'm a little disappointed because Melrose is just another teenage show getting the same track of Gossip Girl, a TV show for teenagers discuss the last episode during boring classes or also trying to be one of the characters. It's only a new TV show with people with great and stylish haircuts-and-colors, using amazing outfits, living a simple life that simple people wouldn't ever have. So, I was expecting something more serious and mature.

But differently from what I felt just watching the pilot (which made me give just 1 star first time a wrote about it), now I have to say that it got a lot better after second episode. Despite some characters and amateur acting level (like that horrible Ashlee Simpson or that annoying Jessica Lucas), the lack of chemistry between most of the actors, and also the fact that there's background music in every single scene (which is also a lot annoying), the show is really holding my attention. Seems that it will be the same craziest thing that the original one was, but not in a so surreal way (well, I expect that). Of course that some things are the same: everyone needs to take care of their own backs, because everyone's crazy to stab each other.

After second episode characters started to gain some edges and interesting constructions. Now I see that Sydney's death was a great background to tell each character's own story being interesting without losing its tempo. Even some explicit references to the old MP are there all the time (like the exactly same MP complex, cameos of the original main characters, and also characters with some personality resemblances to the older ones like Auggie = Jake, or Ella = Amanda + Allison), this is a totally new show.

The best characters are the main ones performed by charismatic actors like Lauren Yung (Stephanie Jacobsen), Ella Simms (Katie Cassidy), Auggie Kirkpatrick (Colin Eggelesfield) and Jonah Miller (Michael Rady)... the rest of the bunch are totally forgettable and supporting. I repeat that Ashlee Simpson's character (and also Ashlee herself) is TOTALLY unnecessary, she's boring, she can't act and her character doesn't add anything to the show, any other actress could make what she's doing way much better. So, writers, for the sake of the nation, kill this character! Take this girl out of this show quickly!

After giving the show just 1 star, now I give it 6... and I'll probably give more when Ashley Simpson get out of it.
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Not Impressed
irmtnz25 September 2009
I had watched the DVD of the original Mel rose Place and loved it but this new one was kind of Luke warm . The new Amanda just does not know how to act and for sure does not and can not replace Heather Locklear . The plots are written fine but not as hot as the original episodes .

In my view, the show should have been far better than the original one to attract viewers , old and new ones, to sustain a very good rating and thus extend to several seasons . But if the same format and casting continue, I am afraid this will be a one season show . I keep my eyes open to see if any changes are announced and at that point I will start watching the show otherwise the current show is just not stirring any excitement in me to "want" to watch
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out of Place
RavenGlamDVDCollector5 November 2015
Prior to beginning to watch the show on DVD today, I read that bit on Wikipedia, "switches camp for noir, and soap for mystery" and that totally sums it up in a nutshell. I have only seen the pilot, but this is definitely not in the MELROSE PLACE vein, we just happen to have characters (in what here in the beginning felt like it's aspiring to be a slasher movie, come on, a bloody body floating in the pool, and, look! Katie Cassidy!) who live at a studio set much resembling 4616 Melrose of yore.

It cannot be seen as a sequel, just as a re- imagined version, as Sydney died at the end of Season 5 of the original. Not that it's important. Obviously, the producers figured out the audience will enjoy it for its own right. If it fails as a proper sequel to MELROSE PLACE, I don't really mind, as long as it's an exciting show. And that it delivers in spades!

Katie Cassidy, exciting to watch, clearly the main draw-card. Ashley Simpson, why do they hate you so? I liked her in the pilot, Violet looked so pitifully dejected at the end when she couldn't get the guy 'and had to settle for a rain check' I really felt for her.

I will update as I go along watching further episodes.

"Nightingale". Ah, it's all becoming more clear. is clearly Sydney's daughter. The two hottest performers are Katie Cassidy and Ashlee Simpson-Weltz. I still do not understand why people are so against Ashlee, must be something they dislike about the actress herself.
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laurenlee65330 September 2009
I was excited to see this show when it first premiered but was quickly turned off. The acting is bad and the characters names and personalities are annoying. When I first heard Ashlee Simpson was in it I did not want to watch the show, but tuned in anyway.

I don't like any of the characters at all (let alone any of the actors). I still feel like I'm watching a show in which I know nothing about the characters and it's already the 4th episode. I've been forcing myself to watch it hoping it gets better but it's getting deleted from my DVR immediately.

They should've canceled Melrose Place and kept The Beautiful Life.
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Truly Disappointed
Betty-Spaghetti23 October 2009
After watching the first 10 minutes of this stink fest all I could think of was the insult to the memory of the true Melrose Place.

The original Melrose Place had mid to late twenty somethings that lived in a realistic-to-their- income complex and had real-life issues carried out in the dramatic fashion of talents such as Heather Locklear. This new show is just another Gossip Girl/The Hills/ The City imitation that is some kind of fantasy world where everyone is 20 years old, an Abercrombie model, rich, and oh-by-the-way wildly successful as an agent/photographer/etc.

The acting is terrible, none of these newbies can barely utter a line with believable deliverance and the sets are over the top decorated and adorned. The script writers also aren't on their way to an Emmy anytime soon, either. I wish Laura Leighton and Thomas Calabro hadn't sullied their acting reputation by getting into bed this bomb.
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