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Extreme Horror
Pairic25 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
The Sadness: Taiwanese horror film set in Taipei. The Alvin virus is at a pandemic scale but the deniers say it's a hoax or a political stunt. A virologist warns that Alvin may mutate into something akin to Rabies but is laughed. He may not have the last laugh but he's right, people turn savage killing each other with any weapon to hand. A young couple become separated and the narrative centres on their encounters with the infected and their attempts rendezvous again. This must be the goriest film I've ever seen, throats are bitten out, people eaten alive. In a subway car severed jugular veins and arteries spray the passengers with blood as more fall prey to the mutated virus. These are not Zombies (though one does go after brains), they live but stay dead when killed, they laugh manically as they attack, kill, torture and abuse but seem to retain their intelligence and ability to reason apart from the uncontrollable violence. This is not a film for the squeamish or fainthearted, kilometres of intestines are strewn about along with an ocean of gore. There are some elements of black comedy but this an in your tale of terror and not one you'll forget in a hurry. Written & Directed by Rob Jabbaz in his triumphant feature film directorial debut. 8/10.
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Getting Crazies with it
kosmasp23 October 2021
If you've not heard yet, the movie is quite infamous. Because it goes places (especially visually) that may be a bit too much for some viewers. As others surely have pointed out, the idea is not new. And you won't really see too much of a story here. Actually you may wonder if what we learn from the relationship that our two leads have, was in any way essential or necessary.

But before the mayhem begins, it is always nice to have some ... well quiet time. Also the beginning clearly is a statement - to all the conspiracy theories and to how the world has gone mad. Quite a few stabs at things going wrong - politically but also socially speaking.

That is not the only thing you get though. Apart from the overall plot being lifted from something like The Crazies by Romero, you also have homages to a lot of other scenes from many different movies. Irreversible, Night of the Living Dead, Serbian Film and so forth ... I reckon a second viewing would reveal even more to me.

As it is, this is no holds barred, mostly practical effects violent splatter fest ... take it or leave, just don't judge for something it isn't.
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As extreme and disturbing as everyone said it was going to be
manuelasaez11 April 2022
There are few movies that push the envelope so much that you wonder how they were even able to be released. Movies like Martyrs, Irreversible, Inside ect. Are all films that make you wonder "How did anyone come up with such a twisted film and how did it ever get released?". This is one of those movies. In fact, this movie takes it one step further; it actually shows you everything that can go wrong if your basic violent instinct were left unchecked. It's a raw, gritty, over the top spectacle that that never lets you forget that this is just a movie and things like this can't really happen, right? RIGHT?!?!

Things kick off almost as soon as the movie begins, and they really don't let up throughout. You have every single extreme horror trope thrown in here, everything you could possibly see in your average horror movie can be found here; dismemberment, blood, carnage, evisceration, a bloody orgy. I mean, the only thing it doesn't show is the more extreme stuff that no one wants to see anyway and that never warrants a mention, but for true gore hounds and fans of movie such as those from the French Extremity, this is right up your alley.

The acting is great, the effects are realistic and comically well done and excessive, and the movie is just a truly entertaining watch from beginning to end. You know it's going to end in a messed up way but you watch anyway, simply because everyone put their true heart and soul into this film. The SFX crew in particular should be commended at creating some of the best facial deformities I have ever seen. During some scenes, I literally said, "How the hell did they do THAT?!?".

Many people have been comparing this film to the comic book series "CROSSED" and I can see where the similarities can be found. But let's be real, folks; half the stuff in Crossed could NEVER be used in a movie, and this film is tame compared to some of the truly twisted and sick things that happened in that comic book.

I loved every minute of this film, and although it's nasty and extreme and vulgar, it never lets you forget that despite all that, it's just a movie. Most people won't like it, and deservedly so. But for those of us who do enjoy this type of film, it's one of the rare ones that truly lives up to the hype.

I was thoroughly impressed in every possible way with this movie, but I deducted 2 stars simply because I felt it could have gone further. Perhaps an uncut version will be released down the line and make me eat my words. Fingers CROSSED!!!! (Get it?!?!)
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High-end gore with no substance
eddie_baggins15 June 2022
Creating quite the stir with his debut effort behind the camera, Canadian born but Taiwan based director Rob Jabbaz's visceral and uncompromising gore-filled horror The Sadness never shy's away from its depraved and wild set-up but while it's sure to shock and keep you watching (if your stomach allows it), there's a coldness and narrative void here the film can't overcome, halting it from becoming the must-watch genre experience of the year.

Gaining notoriety at various festivals across the world and garnering larger hype after its release recently on horror streaming service Shudder, The Sadness has managed to draw viewers in through attention in the press and word of mouth occurrences and for anyone that is expecting a bloodthirsty escapade that explores the city of Taipei thrown into chaos when a plague turns many of its citizens into murderous and raving lunatics, Jabbaz film will provide the exact type of offering their seeking but it's unfortunate the central characters and plot-line don't connect to make all the insanity something more than pure shock value.

Wasting little time getting stuck into the action (horror) of his film, deep fried goodness included, Jabbaz tries to give his film some heart and soul with Berant Zhu and Regina Lei's loved up couple Jim and Katie becoming our hosts in amongst the depravity of the Taiwanese plague but despite the best attempts of his lead duo, their quest to be reunited in the chaos unfolding around them never really clicks into gear, making much of The Sadness's plot paper thin at best and with little reason to care about outcomes of the films characters, there's only so far this feature can go on the back of its sensory overload.

There's little denying in this sensory sense that The Sadness is one of the most unforgettable and eye opening genre efforts in some time and Jabbaz does instil this affair with a sense of kinetic energy that captures the insanity and wild nature of this premise, that while over the top in almost all instances, strikes a different kind of chord after the Covid-19 era of our lives and while it's not an entirely unique premise, with the film feeling like a zombie film that isn't while touches on familiar ground to a film such as The Crazies, there is a unique and memorable nature to this film that is found amongst all the lesser elements.

Final Say -

A film that may be too much for many to handle, The Sadness never holds back when it comes to the shock and awe factor of its story but with an inability to make us care and a faltering in the storytelling department, this blood-soaked horror is never close to being the classic it might have been.

2 1/2 umbrellas out of 5.

For more reviews check out Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)
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Gory and brutal, but not an outstanding horror movie...
paul_haakonsen22 May 2022
Now I read somewhere online that someone had written something in the likes of "if you're just going to watch one zombie movie this year, make it this one". And that made me actually take notice of the 2021 Taiwanese horror movie "Ku Bei" (aka "The Sadness"). I had initially skipped it back in 2021, and then sought it out here in 2022, as I read that praise of the movie.

So it was with some expectation that I sat down to watch what writer and director Rob Jabbaz had to offer with "Ku Bei". And I will say that it was watchable, for sure, but it just wasn't all that fantastic or outstanding. And the "if you're just going to watch..." sentence hardly rang true for "Ku Bei". As a matter of fact, then "Ku Bei" felt like a Taiwanese tribute to the 2002 movie "28 Days Later", as there were massive similarities.

And as for "Ku Bei" being a zombie movie. No. It is not a zombie movie. Very much similar to "28 Days Later", "Ku Bei" is a movie about people getting affected with some sickness that makes them into raging lunatics that also have cannibalistic and sexual deviant tendencies.

I wasn't familiar with the cast ensemble in the movie, but then again I am not well-traversed in the Taiwanese cinema.

The good part about "Ku Bei" was the gore and mayhem. This movie was bloody, so very, very bloody. In fact, at times it was just too much. There was a scene where there literally was a fountain of blood spraying from the neck of someone. I have to say that I was good and ready to turn the movie off at that time, because it was just infantile stupid. But I opted to stick with the movie and give writer and director Rob Jabbaz a proper chance.

The effects in "Ku Bei" were good. There was a ton of blood and gore, which I enjoyed. And I have to say that the effects looked realistic, and it added a lot of enjoyment to the movie. So thumbs up to the special effects department for this accomplishment.

"Ku Bei" is watchable, as I mentioned earlier, but it is by no means a revolutionary movie in the horror genre. Sure, I enjoyed the mayhem, gore and visceral brutality in the movie. I am a life-long gorehound after all. However, I doubt that I will ever return to watch "Ku Bei" a second time, simply as the storyline just doesn't have enough depth or contents to support a second viewing.

Personally, I think the whole sexual deviant aspect to the infection in the movie was unnecessary, and it just added a level of sleaze to the movie that held it back somewhat. And there were some scenes in the movie that also were unnecessary to include on that account. But hey, a matter of personal preference, I suppose. But if you are a true hentai - go for it.

My rating of "Ku Bei" lands on a six out of ten stars.
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Depraved, violent, blood everywere, weak script
redtiago13 September 2021
I saw Friday at MotelX

It is being commercially promoted, i think not from the director he only wanted to make a film appealing to the most "harcore" fans of the genre, as innovator, with a new variant of zombies. With human beings alive but infected by a virus that attacks the brain, causing them to behave without being able to repress the most basic instincts of violence and sex.

It's an idea that I like as a premise for a horror film, but it's not at all new, "The Crazies" direted in 1973 by Master George A. Romero had this premise and this one in my opinion is a a much better movie, well done and with a much better script.

"The Sadness" is more violent and depraved, but the plot is very basic and then it's just gore, liters and liters of blood, sometimes well executed, sometimes not, clearly noticing the rubber.

As a fan of "hardcore" horror, i liked this rampant slaughter, but I have to be honest and admit that it's just an average movie, very well promoted, albeit wrongly, as an innovator, one of the most violent and depraved ever.

There are far better Asian zombie movies like the much-recognized "Train do Busain" or the lesser-known but high-quality Chinese saga "the way home". This one is clearly not in that league. But watch, judge for yourselves...
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"The crossed" in asian version
heretic3694 February 2022
What is the human without constraints? A monster.. In "the sadness" a virus mutation transforms the infected! - this has nothing to do with zombies, nothing at all - into such unregulated creatures.

For fans of "the crossed" from Garth Ennis, this will be quite known territory. Although where Crossed can show this happening at a broader scale "the sadness" always seems quite limited. Even though there are a few nice Splatter scenes and especially the beginning is quite atmospheric, the more the movie nears it´s -predictable- ending, the less is actually happening.

Six points for the bravery to actually try this kind of stuff. Could have been much better though.
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JayDeeezy21 May 2022
This is a hot one right now. It promises violence and definitely delivers on that front. Some, however, are praising it for its commentary on the COVID pandemic but I found its messages to be pretty thin. I think there was potential for a profound allegory but it merely toys at one here and there and then remembers what it is - a nihilistic gorefest. I will say it has great production value and some very memorable shots. It will appease the twisted side of the hardcore horror fan - it superficially prioritizes shock value and I suppose it's worth a viewing out of pure curiosity. In the end though, I didn't find it to be too special in the grand scheme of zombie/Crazies-type films.
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Over the top and brilliant
veganluke31 August 2021
The Sadness is one of the most over the top, ridiculous films I have ever seen. I couldn't believe how gory this got. It's absolutely wild and I loved it so much. It's utterly disturbing too with some of the things it does. Just when you think it can't get anymore disturbing it ups that completely. It's fast paced, as soon as everything hits it just gets outrageous and it is brilliant. With it being full pedal to the metal and being incredibly stressful and tense. There's a moment it slows down and it's good to have this moment so you can have a breather before we get pulled back in and punched straight in the face with the extreme scenes and buckets of blood. The Sadness does have many horrific scenes and it's some of the most shocking stuff I've seen in some time. It is though one of the most brilliant Horrors I've seen recently, it's so well made, never holds back with how far it will go and keeps you on the edge throughout. I can't wait to watch this again!
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danieltucher1 September 2021
The Sadness is pretty much what I expected (and hoped for) judging from the trailers.

A completely bonkers and hyper violent & disturbing movie that is an intense viewing experience.

While there are some attempts at social commentary, there is not much besides the mayhem and gore going on - but I think most people will be fine with that.
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It's not a zombie film.
kskmah9 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Why are people writing that this is a zombie film? It's not. The virus is just making the people crazy and not dead zombies.

If you want good horror with tons of blood and gore, watch this movie.

Don't listen to the bad reviews. It's not boring and yes it's over the top. Some idiot wrote bad script? It's a horror movie. It's not an oscar movie you idiot.
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Taiwanese zombie gorefest
kannibalcorpsegrinder13 November 2021
Trying to make their relationship work, a couple heads off to work as normal only to suddenly see the city around them erupt in chaos as a viral outbreak affects the citizens turning them into mindless killing machines attacking without cause, forcing them to come back together to escape the situation.

For the most part, there's a lot to like about the film. Among the better features on display is the topical storyline that manages to evoke current topical subject matters into the explanations for the viral outbreak. Touching on the idea of an initially harmless disease that doesn't have much in the way of damaging effects to an infected individual beyond treatable symptoms, that the worry of it mutating into something far more dangerous is an eerie mirror of current society. The political ramifications about when the virus is unleashed upon the citizenry and how it's to be controlled and wiped-out focus much of the attention on other modern-day governments and how it's all being treated in the pop-culture landscape regarding the sources to be trusted creates a perfect parallel to the culture at the moment. With this setup in place, the film goes overboard in featuring tons of outlandish zombie attacks that are incredibly fun. From the early sequences of the outbreak occurring on the streets featuring the couple going past infected citizens being detained by police to the chaos at the restaurant where he's attacked by several infected zombies, there's a frenetic quality to the encounters that's quite chilling. Given the treatment of the zombies here where they're shown to be mentally aware and cognizant of what's going on but delving into their baser instincts without pity or remorse, it creates some tension and fear in the scenes where they're confronted by the creatures with the way they run after victims, taunt them before killing, and are shown to be in complete control of how they're behaving, which all helps to make them more terrifying. This quantity of fun encounters produces an over-the-top and extraordinary amount of carnage and bloodshed on display. The amount of bodies shown being torn open, bitten, and devoured is staggering to think of as eyes are gouged out, necks are chomped, fingers ripped off, and much more. The straightforward approach to the effects-work means that these scenes never become campy or ridiculous but rather remain grounded in a realism that's immensely satisfying as the film goes on. However, it's the hardcore bloodshed on display from the multiple stabbings that really win out here as the brutality inherent in these sudden ambush sequences that produce an immeasurable spray of blood onto the attackers and surrounding areas. Featuring all kinds of great effects-work throughout, there's a lot to like with the film. That said, this one does have some issues. The main factor to get over is the change of pace regarding the zombies and their behavior, which might not be appreciated by most hardcore genre fans due to several changes made. The shuffling, slow-moving brain-dead undead who only desire to eat human flesh is gone, replaced by weapon-wielding, cognizant beings that merely act out their perverse and morbid desires instead. That basically amounts to murder and rape which can make them questionable about being lumped into the genre, especially since there's nothing about them dying and coming back to life. There's also the overlong finale that goes on much too long for its own good, focusing on the confrontation between the two which goes nowhere instead of showing her trying to escape which she easily can. The speech is infuriating as it's obviously a trap and the inability to recognize it makes for an overlong finale, factors which hold the film back somewhat.

Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Nudity, and Rape.
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Made for fans of splatter and gore
kikkimikki4 January 2022
Reminds me of the comic «Crossed». People get infected become demented vile killer/rapists. The story is basic but I like it that way. Some might want more story but for what it is it delivers. Had the gore been more creative and graphic I would give it 10.
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Takashi Miike Gone Wrong...
Xstal4 June 2022
There's a virus manifests within your mind, if you catch it inner demons will unwind, with some great special defects, a morgue of bodies to dissect, black cataracts will catch your eyes and make you blind.
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The closest movie adaptation of crossed and I loved it
matthewwallace-9337414 April 2022
This is your classic shock horror film thats disturbing to the average movie buff, straight off the bat my first though was the comic series 'crossed', however crossed is way extreme, the sadness is like a watered down movie adaptation, the gore, the sadistic acts this infection causes its hosts is comically over the top but not to a point where its too much, the subway scene not long into the film gives you just a taste for what you are getting yourself into.

Blood, gore, vulgar language and eye gouging.

I really liked this one.

In saying if you cant stomach it do not read the crossed comics.
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Appropriate title Warning: Spoilers
The film is definitely a sadness. Shock rape and shock gore.....yawn. When the zombie raped the girl's empty eye socket I laughed at the ridiculous absurdity. I'm sure they wanted me to gasp in shock and fright, but when it's so over the top silly like this you just laugh.

Then there's an orgy with naked zombies drenched in blood laughing in ecstasy as they have wild bloody sex with each other lol. I wondered at that point if it was supposed to be a comedy.

My question was answered when the girl who had her eye socket raped reappeared with her socket hole much wider than it was before. I guess that zombie was well equipped!

This was just scene after scene of over the top rape, violence and gore. I don't mind any of that, but there needs to be a riveting story somewhere in the midst of all that and there is none.

I thankfully watched this trash with a free Shudder trial so I didn't pay anything to see it....and I feel sorry for those who did. This is no horror film imo, but a poor attempt at an over the top shock fest which is almost impossible to do with audiences in 2022 because we've already seen it all before.

Try a riveting story, characters to care about, plot and character development....raped eye sockets and blood filled orgies will not become classics to stand the test of time. Trash like this will be thankfully forgotten 10 minutes after viewing.
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Based on the comic book, 'Crossed'. This is the new 'Walking Dead'.
rochfordsimon13 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I was delighted to see an Asian version of the Gareth Ennis comic book 'Crossed'. While this film is not as sophisticated as the original story, it holds its ground.

The fear of the infected is the glue that holds it together. They are not Zombies, but infected humans that do the most evil and sadistic things imaginable. Why, because the infection makes them enjoy it.

Extremely gorey, sexualised and graphic language. Just like the comic. If you're a fan of 'Crossed' you'll like this. The story hasn't got the depth or detail it should have. But very enjoyable nonetheless.
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Gore, violence, sexuality, political and social!
PedroPires902 May 2022
Even if these infected are fast, this film would make Romero so proud!

It's not the only inumerous references to his best films - shots, the mad scientist...hell, even the ending! - not only the absolute chaos and violence, but mainly all the social commentary on it. It speaks about the role of women, about the misogynistic society, about our obsession with technology, our obsession with making everything political even...a virus (where did I see this before??). Truth? What's truth these days?

The gore is absolutely perfect, even if I know that it will be too much for some people - specifically the rape scenes - the visual effects are absolutely fantastic. The film is always tense, the acting very good, it has a beautiful cinematography and a lot of scenes that will stay with me for a long time (and a lot that I will want to watch over and over again).

On par with Train to Busan as the very best of this subgenre in the last 10 years.
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some feelings
j_movie27 August 2021
Online viewing of Locarno Film Festival. This film has really wanted to see for a long time. Together with "Curse" and "psychic medium", it has become the most anticipated Asian horror film of the three major years for fans. Actually, the impression after reading is general, and there may have been enough psychological expectations, so the presentation of plasma and violence is still acceptable. But the plot is really much weaker than expected. In the end, I didn't fully understand the way the virus spread. Moreover, it is not a zombie film. The infected people in the film still retain human consciousness and thinking, and even can speak normally. Only the most violent and dirty side of the body is stimulated, just like people have to blink, they can't control it at all. This is probably why the director said that this film wants to highlight the "evil" side of human nature. With the epidemic situation as a big environment worth pondering, we can probably understand what the director wants to express. However, compared with Busan, it also presents the evil of human nature in an extreme environment, and the characterization is much worse. There is even no character emotion at all, which naturally becomes a simple class B film. However, we can still see the director trying to add some caution to some scenes, such as the audience who still don't forget to take out their mobile phones to shoot even though there is a river of blood on the subway, such as the president who talks and gives history lessons to panicked people but can't take effective action, such as the doctor who thinks he is just and dignified but experiments with babies... Of course, these people have no good end, The director may also want to use this way to make some of his own voice. There should be more extensive discussion when resources are available.
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Absolutely Disturbingly Phenomenal From Start To Finish
tkaine316 April 2022
🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 My #1 Foreign Horror pick for 2022 in the United States.

No Zombies or infecteds were ever this entertaining to watch and rightfully so.. 'Ku Bei / The Sadness' does the unthinkable and then does it five more times just in case you missed it as if your attention isn't glued to the screen. But that's not what makes this the most unforgettable viral rampage / zombie films to date. Among many things what makes this film so great is the unrelenting visual depiction of Violent Aggression and Sexual Desire. The intelligence of this film is remarkable and simplistic often over looked due to it's very extreme scenes of rape, mutilation and sexual torture. But let's be honest here other films have selectively done one or two of these acts and hang their hat on disturbing but the entirety of this movie does it without flinching or feeling fraudulent. No extra unwanted time killing scenes, No dialouge that doesn't keep pace or dulles the senses just to waste time. Yes this film for the most part is definitely over the top but in the best way. Director Rob Jabbaz will have a cult following not because of what he shows on film but because of what he doesn't show on film which is Fear. Sexual desire for most is usually the core layer of our emotional drive and since that layer is buried many fear what people will find if examined in the open which is normal but when a film maker opens that layer through Intelligent chaos, sadistic violence and blood curdling torture disturbingly speaking they should be applauded and given all the tools to examine this descent a little further. Can't wait for part 2..

Acting - A (phenomenal leads) Casting - A (beautiful castings) Storyline - A (pandemic plot)0 Special effects - B (satisfying) Horror - B (cringing gore) Cinematography - A (top tier) Writing - A (spectacular) Sound - (eng. Subs) Music - B (morbidly consistent)
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I love zombie movies but this is just plain awful
Neptune16513 May 2022
Warning: Spoilers
There's a scene where 4 schoolboys are torturing a guy, who also turns out to be infected... Then later on they say they don't pray on other infected... What was that about? I didn't find it that disturbing. I was so frustrated with this movie. It was disappointing to me because people were saying it is "the best horros of 2022". Has a lot of gore, but in the end it has nothing to say, it is just so shallow but it plays out like there's gona be something else and it never comes. Gore itself has nothing on me when the story doesn't deliver something else. In addition, social criticism is just trhrown there.... maybe i'm being to harsh because I kind of expected more...? But it is what it is.
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Bloody fun
I am a fan of Asian horror. I just love how different their films are from American horror. If you like virus outbreak and zombie films with lots of gory bloody scenes, then this film is for you. While not quite as well made as South Korean movies like Train to Busan (2016) or I Saw The Devil (2010) , The Sadness is still jammed pack with bloody violent scenes and some sexual perversion. Yeah, this Taiwanese film throws PC culture out the window and goes full throttle into every despicable act that people can do to each other. It's kind of like how American horror films were back in the good ole 70s. This is definitely a popcorn thriller that will entertain horror fans.
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Hands Down Winner of Horniest Zombie Award
denise-994451 May 2022
Hated this movie. Gory and excessive violence, multiple rape scenes. Thinly developed plot tied to virus/ pandemic. Hands down winner of Horniest Zombie Award. Only real positive is the two lead actors were appealing and pleasant to watch.
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japseyee17 April 2022
Started watching this on the strength of good reviews. Rotten tomatoes gives it 95pc!

If it wasn't for the fact that my son joined me in watching this I would have quit after thirty mins. Reminds me of the old vhs nasties. Better filmed, better acted, but still garbage. Sorry.
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solid epidemic horror movie with good practical effects, but less talented main cast
Shadowboy_25cm20 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Everyone who knows the Crossed comicbooks by writer Garth Ennis and artist Jacen Burrows and other writers and artist, knows what's coming:

It's not a Zombie flic. It's like 28 Days Later: A mutated virus transforms the infected in angry, violent, no-strings-attached killers, rapists, cannibals and sadists. Unlike in 28 Days Later, the infected are not only in rage and act more or less like Zombies, here, they still remain some human intelligence and can think and talk. The infected can infect others by their blood, saliva or ejaculat. So, the numbers of the infected rise and the fight for survival may begin.

Based on actual events, this movie is a dark, grim and very black humorous comment about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Good things: The effects are handmade, very practical, a lot of latex, make-up and tons of blood.

The original score is electronic, minimalistic and reminds me of the synth sounds from 80s horror movies.

The setting is well done, the dark atmosphere builds up slowly.

Bad things: Really bad is the main cast, but also some of the supporting cast. Not well acted. Unfortunatelly the bad acting destroys a lot of the atmosphere and tension.

Some scenes are not well edited/choreographed (or not well written in the script). Might have been a budget problem.

At the final act, the last third of the movie, the story is too constructed, like a deus ex machina. Might also have been a budget problem.

Nontheless, this movie is a shocker, very gory and disturbing, but doesn't keep its atmosphere and tension to keep me as a viewer gripped.

Movies like the The Crazies remake and Battle Royale are gripping and manage to build up the tension and keep it constantly rising.

With better actors, a higher budget, some better editing and some modifications on the script/storytelling, this could have been a blast.

The movie is ok for what it is.
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