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MPAA Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content, language, violence and some drug material

Sex & Nudity

  • While there are many sexual references in the film, there are no sex scenes or instances of nudity, and for the fair amount of talk about sex, there are surprisingly no actual sex scenes.
  • A woman tells a man that she's "done things in bed with him that she hasn't done with anyone", pointing at her husband, implying that she was more sexually actively with the man then her husband. Played for laughs.
  • A man runs after two men in a car and screams after one of them to come back and have sex with his wife.
  • After they kiss, the main character tells his wife he is going to do her "old man" style.
  • It is said that homeless people had an orgy in the back of a man's car. They leave a note in the car thanking the owner for the "F-shack".
  • A man's wife tells him that her breasts are waiting for him.
  • A grandmother has to convey two sexual messages between a husband and wife: "She wants to have a staring contest while we do it." "He wants to have a 3 day sex marathon and then lick the sweat off of each other."
  • One character asks another character if he has testicular cancer.

Violence & Gore

  • There's a large shootout in an office building, and Terry wields two guns and manages to shoot several bad guys. He slides down a long table, shooting both guns, and he runs out of the room and smashes through a cubicle while being shot at.
  • A man commits suicide by jumping off of a ledge, and the sound of him hitting the ground is heard, but the impact is not shown.
  • There's a lengthy car chase in the beginning, in which Danson and Highsmith chase a group of bad guys who shoot at their car repeatedly. High smith crashes the car into a bus, and Danson drives the bus at the bad guys, and the car flies out of the bus at the bad guys, who parked and are firing at the bus. Highsmith, in the car, fires repeatedly at them, and the car crashes into the bad guy's car and then into the building behind it, causing a massive explosion.
  • A building explodes.
  • Officers kick cars, smash computers and water coolers.
  • There's an intense car chase near the end, and many bullets are traded and cars are smashed. One car flips over several times after crashing, and a helicopter fires at another car. The car crashes onto a golf course, and golfers hit balls at the copter, causing it to crash in a large explosion.
  • Two officers wrestle with each other (very quietly) during a funeral reception.
  • A car accidentally runs over a corpse covered in a sheet at a murder scene (some blood).
  • A man jumps from a building and commits suicide. It's off-screen, and meant to be comedic.
  • Terry gets into an intense fight with a group of assassins in a parking lot, quickly and brutally defeating all of them. He throws a helmet into the last one, who is on a motorcycle, and the attacker crashes into a car and flips over the vehicle.
  • Allen hits Terry with his wooden gun at one point.


  • The word mother fucker is cut off from a song that is played, frequent uses of 'shit', several of 'bitch', 2 of 'asshole' and 'dick' (nonsexual), as well as 'Goddamn', and 1 of 'prick'. Lots of sexual references throughout and frequent use of the F word in the post-credit skit.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A car plows into mound of cocaine, and you see the car covered in it for some time.
  • Two bar scenes. A man is seen drinking a beer. Another man drinks gin.
  • It is stated that a criminal had a quarter pound of marijuana on him.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The final shootout scene is mildly violent, and though some characters are shot, no blood is seen, and even though the scene is intense, it's not graphic at all.
  • A semi-violent, but brief fight scene in a parking lot. Nothing is meant to be very intense, as the movie is primarily a comedy.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • One cop says that he hopes a bad guy likes the taste of prison food and penis.

Violence & Gore

  • Terry and Allen are both shot in the shoulder during the final standoff.
  • In a flashback, Terry shoots Derek Jeter offscreen. Not violent, and played for laughs.
  • Two men jump off a building and die. Not graphic at all, and meant to be funny.

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