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Village Voice
Working with a full-on studio budget for the first time in his decade-and-a-half career, Smith is still making movies about guys just like him.
A movie that makes little sense, is dumb when it's not being stupid and yet is still at times laugh-out-loud funny.
The Hollywood Reporter
Definitely has its amusing moments, but ultimately all that improvised shtick gets mighty tired without any real break in the nonaction.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
While the plot is as flimsy as a hooker's halter top, it's buoyed by two actors with attitude and timing.
Without that heightened racial antipathy-turned-camaraderie, there's not a whole lot to Cop Out besides watching Kevin Smith pretend, with a crudeness that is simply boring, that he's an action director making a comic thriller about cops versus a Mexican drug gang (yawn).
There's precious little of that tension to be found between co-leads Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, but more than enough between director Kevin Smith and the shoddy script he's elected to take on, and neither seems willing to budge.
Boxoffice Magazine
An ultra-thin spliff, Cop Out never sparks, although knowing that in advance won’t deter moviegoers who believe pairing Morgan & Willis with Smith equals hilarity.
Orlando Sentinel
Cop Out is still funnier than the dreadful later Eddie Murphy cop pictures. But it feels like an homage to a period best forgotten.
Desperation oozes from every frame of Cop Out, which front-loads its best joke -- then spends the rest of its running time endlessly spinning its wheels.
With so much junk littering the screen these days, the movie business looks like a garbage strike, and it’s beginning to smell, too. The latest pollution from the celluloid dumpster is sub-mental horror called Cop Out.

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