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Finally, a good movie with a house in the woods
Ringhio811 March 2014
Haunted aka Dark House, is a good surprise for horror fans and for a horror movie containing this specific theme, a theme that has been repeated a hundred times before, and most of the times, the result was awful.

Story is familiar to anyone, so i won't mention it. This movie has many elements you've seen before. But it manages to combine them affectively by creating a unique atmosphere. Dark House has a good plot, with very good flow, intense atmosphere, keeps your interest the whole time. There are many gloomy scenes, which helps the story's atmosphere and gets the viewer in the mood of it. It's not boring at all. Yeah OK, it has some clichés and flaws, where all movies have, but it's not disappointing or annoying at all.

Victor Salva has created his best movie so far, at least in horror ones. It gives you a surprisingly good atmosphere, good plot, suspension, tense and scary moments. There's a constant tension the whole time. The appearance of Tobin Bell is a huge plus, with his great acting and incredibly deep voice, on a role who easily manages to deliver, tricking and chilling the viewers the way he knows to. Leslie Ann Down is a positive thing too, who is still gorgeous at the age of 60.

I avoided to write any details about the story, cause i didn't want to reveal anything and spoil someones interest to watch this movie.

Overall, this is a very good movie, and i definitely recommend it.

6 out of 10.
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Very worth it
tekno_tot18 May 2014
A friend and I decided we would watch a low budget horror flick and I chose this because I saw that it was rated 4.7. It was a lot better than we anticipated. There were a couple of bumpy spots and the acting was mediocre. The movie seemed like it had too many different elements till the end. The ending brought all the weird points together. All in all I felt it was an enjoyable movie. Well worth the watch!! :)

I would suggest this movie to anyone looking for a inexpensive horror movie done right. The camera work was done very well, the special effects were fairly good but you could tell it was fake. I am glad the ending for this movie was good and tied the entire movie by the end of the flick.
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In The Jeepers Creepers Universe?
zandertowne28 October 2018
All us reviewers should state some qualifier up front so folks know whether to keep reading. So I'll say I think Jeepers Creepers is a modern masterpiece so you'll know where I'm coming from. I also really liked JC2 but what the hell happened to Victor Salva after that? Rosewood Lane was poor and Jeepers 3 sucked so badly it almost pulled my own soul out! This film, it turns out, was made between those two turkeys ( I didn't even know it existed) and it's his 2nd best film. But what got me the most is how many callbacks there are to the Creeper-verse. Intentional or is he just repeating himself? It's an interesting film (with a weak beginning) but once it gets going it takes turn after turn into surprising territory - just like Jeepers Creepers. And then there's the sixties vehicle driven by the leads - I'm not a car nut but its almost a clone of the impala from the earlier film and the passenger even does the same hand movement out the window; the coat and general mien of the Tobin Bell character harks to the Creeper, as does the location; there's a pivotal diner scene; creatures are driven over again and again and jump back up; even some shots and staging is almost identical to JC (spin out the vehicle on the old road shots anyone!). And even though it gets somewhat sloppy toward the end (a lotta strands to tie together) when it hits its mark its really very good (creepy, axe dragging figures scuttling about is a particularly original vision) and it hits more than it misses. A few of the FX are pretty bad but it doesn't outweigh the positives and, all in all, I'll happily watch this again next Halloween season.
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Promising Beginning, Deceptive Conclusion
claudio_carvalho29 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Nick Di Santo (Luke Kleintank) has the gift to see how any person that he touches will dies. He visits his mother Lilian (Lesley-Anne Down) that is in an asylum since when he was eight years old and learns that his father is alive. Nick lives with his best friend Ryan (Anthony Rey) and one day he meets Eve (Alex McKenna) in a bar and he finds that he can touch her without any vision. Eve moves to Nick's apartment and soon she is pregnant. Out of the blue, Nick inherits an old house and he shows to Ryan and Eve that he used to draw that house since he was a child. They travel to the countryside but they do not find the manor. They decide to return home and they meet Chris McCulluch (Zack Ward), Lilith (Lacey Anzelc) and Sam (Ethan S. Smith) that are measuring the area. They show the location of the house where Nick meets the strange Seth (Tobin Bell). They are hunted down by creepy creatures with axes but they flee. They decide to leave the place but the road leads them back to the mysterious house. What is the secret of the dark house and the creepy creatures?

"Haunted", a.k.a. "Dark House", is a horror film with a promising beginning in the style of "The Twilight Zone". However when the group stumbles upon the house that moved to another place, the plot becomes a complete mess. The deceptive conclusion is awful. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Casa Escura" ("Dark House")
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SO much better than other "Houses" out there.
gothic-fiction11 March 2014
Ding ding ding ding, JackPot!! WoW, was I impressed or what. I knew Victor Salva was on this one, and his work usually managed to stand tall, but man, if this movie came just a few years sooner it could have been somewhat of a pioneer.

The character complexity is lovely, to actually see people with many faces, not even knowing which one is the real one, the plot, well, it is a movie about a guy that inherits a house and believe it or not, it's actually so much more to it, the tension provided by the sound is quite good, especially considering the fact that they did not use fancy bands or anything, simple and effective, I mean, I actually graded this a 7. Because it works as a horror, it didn't even show nudity, when it could, cause it preferred to rely on something more, and considering this is not a slasher, I have to say, Bravo!!

Look, words will get you psyched on, and I don't wanna send you to somewhere expecting a masterpiece, but in my honest opinion, this is the best "house in the woods" movie I've seen in a long time. Evil Dead the remake was all about gore, Dark House is all about plot. Scares will come, tension will build around you, and question marks will pop all around.

Dark House, thank you for keeping the hope of good horror still alive!
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The movie did have potential, then took a turn for the unforeseen...
paul_haakonsen16 March 2014
"Dark House" was interesting in its own way, and it did have some rather interesting aspects. Well, that was right up to a certain point, where it was revealed what was going on and it dawned on the audience. From there, then the movie took a turn for the worse in my opinion.

Director Victor Salva did manage to put together an interesting movie that had a good amount of suspense and building up thrills. Just as shame that the movie took that turn. And no, I am not revealing what it is.

There is a nice sense of fear and dread to the movie, especially because for three-quarters of the movie you have no real idea what is going on. And the events that do take place are a little bit odd, disturbing and just downright weird.

The people on the cast list were doing good jobs with their given roles, especially Tobin Bell, who really stood out in this movie with his dark charisma and usual strange charms.

However, for a horror and thriller, then "Dark House" didn't really push any boundaries or bring to the game something that hadn't been seen or done before. Of course, the turn of events in the last quarter of the movie is a matter of personal preference whether you like it or not. I didn't care much for where the turn took the movie, and as such the movie did, in my opinion, drop well down in overall enjoyment. As such, then I am rating "Dark House" 5 out of 10 stars.
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Dark House
kosmasp31 December 2014
All those title changes, how is one supposed to keep track of them? I did watch this movie at a Festival and it was called "Dark House". You can still find it with that title here, but apparently it changed. Maybe the buzz was not so good and they decided to change it to get a fresh clean sheet/start? Who really knows? And who really knows what's up with horror movies starting off strong and getting weaker by the minute ... like this one right here.

It's a shame, because the mood this creates at the beginning suggests it would (and could) be stronger than it actually is. But it falls (and fails thereby) into clichés and ridiculous twists, that will leave your head spinning faster than Linda Blairs head in the Exorcist (not in a good way obviously).
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It is a unique story with something missing. You might still want to check it out.
face-819-93372612 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Tobin Bell has been absent for a few years, I for one am glad to be seeing Jigsaw's face again(Saw lover, and so happy they are making #8 even though they wrapped everything up nicely in 7 anyway) sorry, really I am happy to see him creeping around in this movie. There are a lot of terrible things that this movie is trying to pass as a single fluid story, and it is a real shame that all of those things are not brought together well enough, it could just be inexperience, but you can plainly see that the story has to be crammed into a few places like Goofy packing a trunk, and just as successfully. I can say that though because there is a good semi original story here that gets lost in it's self more than once, and they came pretty close to closing the deal, they just didn't. The acting from all of the characters is really good, I was reminded of Silent Hill movies at times, or In The Mouth of Madness, and you are kept off of your guard really well for most of the movie. There are some decent reveals, and some very unexpected turns, but it does not all fit together at the end, and that is too bad. The Golems were nicely done, and felt very intense, and the secret conspiracy all around the young heroes is as unsubtle as it should be. A real pickle though, I did Enjoy a lot of this movie so I do recommend it to horror/suspense fans, it is unique, and that is always a good thing, it just isn't quite as good as it seems like it could have been.
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Time for Salva to retire
Leofwine_draca18 March 2016
Victor Salva is up to his old tricks in DARK HOUSE, another predictable horror yarn featuring buff young men who invariably disrobe at some point for the role. I'm surprised that Salva still manages to find work in Hollywood, not because of his private indiscretions (to put it mildly), but because his films are just so pitiful. CLOWNHOUSE, the two JEEPERS CREEPERS flicks, they've all been below par and DARK HOUSE is no exception.

The house of the title is an ancestral home sought out by a group of faceless teenage types without an ounce of charisma between them. The house has some magical properties including the ability to move at will, but other than that there's little of interest here, apart from the requisite bloodshed. No scares, no atmosphere, just monotony. Lesley-Anne Down has a minor part and there's a nicely complex turn from SAW's Tobin Bell, but otherwise DARK HOUSE is a mess and nothing you've not seen before.
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What an awful house!
evilspellz19 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This has to be the worst take of the battle between good and evil since... since well you know, this movie is crap! Not worth the time or the money, nothing makes sense apart from the fact the you get to see the little kid from Malcolm in the middle all grown up and one of the antagonists. The story is ludicrous, a house that withstood a flood and is possessed by a demon or something in the cellar, whom is calling onto his son yada yada hillbilly angels with axes versus demons. Not a lot of effort in the story or logic. It feels like a mixture of a lot of old horror flicks, "don't go into the cellar!". Another angels versus demons, fate hanging in the balance, in the hands of the chosen one, Baaah! Nothing to see here!
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Any negative comments about this movie is scary!
Gysociety16 March 2014
This movie was so scary. It was Victor Salva's best yet and Tobin Bell was incredibly scary. The cast had some new stars and I will be on the lookout to see how big they get. They were so convincing. I love good old fashioned horror films that keep your eyes peeled and closed at the same time. Scary movies have spiraled down before this. Too bloody, too demented. My favorite movie is the original halloween. Have you seen the remake of rob zombies? People are twisted. Dark House should be a new classic to run around Halloween. Its scary and intelligently planned out. If people give it a negative review it just makes me think they aren't smart enough. Same reason Arrested Development went off the air. It was made for intelligent people to understand it. This movie felt like it should come with sequels. The ending was shocking and makes you want more! I want to see more of this cast, more of Tobin, more of Salva. This is Charles Agron's first film, i definitely want to see more of his work!!
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Very enjoyable horror flick
aldiboronti10 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
There's an atmosphere in Victor Salva's movies that I enjoy. It' a sense of unease which he instills in the audience, a growing sense of menace and horror. And, unlike some of his fellow horror directors, he doesn't build the audience up and then let them down. He delivers and his films grip you to the very end.

Is this movie Creeper 3? The continual mention of 23 would certainly indicate that Nick's father is the creature from the first 2 movies but there's a lot of mythology in this one that wasn't present in the others so I'm still not completely sure. I do hope Salva makes a sequel to this one. The guy gets better and better as a director.

I mark it 7 out of 10, the same score I gave the first 2. (I'm very conservative in my scoring, reserving higher marks for the real classics of cinema.) Good movie. Highly recommended.
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Dark House (2014)
morrigan198211 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is about a guy who is trying to find who his father is. Nick has a strange gift, a gift that allows him to see how people will die. This gift hasn't allowed him to leave a normal life. He hopes that by finding his father he will get some answers.

When his mother dies he inherits a house. A house that he dreamt and draw and obsessed over it since his was a child. So he arranges for a trip to find the house because he thinks that it will give him answers about his father.

Someone is moving and leaving inside the walls of houses and the source seems to be the house he is searching for. It seems to be cursed and alive. This movie has a good atmosphere and an interesting plot. Tobin Bell is a plus in favor for the movie; he can really give you the chills with his deep voice.

I also enjoyed the ending that gives you the unavoidable circle of life. We are destined to do the same mistakes over and over again, even though we try so hard to break this circle.
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Surprise a horror flick that delivers.
mrlmann111 April 2014
I'm not going to go into a bunch of details about this movie but I was pleasantly or maybe unpleasantly surprised. It had a good cast, good direction, good story, good action, good scares, and good creepy characters. All in all a very entertaining movie. I did rate it high on the star scale because I feel some people did not give it enough credit with the stars. I believe it should be at least a 6.5 to seven but people really are hard to please. Thats one reason I do not go by the star rating on IMDb unless it is below a 3.5. Yes, there were a few things that you maybe would think "how would that happen" but with a haunted horror flick you can get away with some unusual things. I also thought the story was fresh with a small twist and I did not feel I was watching something I had seen before. The other thing I really liked about it were some really creepy characters that had very unusual and creepy moves throughout the movie. I hope this helped you to decide to watch this move and give it a chance. I do not feel it was a waist of my time and was better that some of the recent mainstream horror movies I have see lately.
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Go enjoy if you liked Jeepers Creepers
rust3730 March 2014
Here we go again - bunch of young guys go to the middle of a rural nowhere to meet other guys and they find old house. Cool thing is that it is not fully true or completely not depending on how you'll see it. There is a decent couple of twists to keep you involved.

Straight to the point - Haunted/Dark House is kind secondary to Jeepers Creepers, and hear what - I won't complain about this. I would like to see more horrors (and scares scene directors) of this quality and consistence. Strong chasing scene, axes, effects, dark woods - thanks, Mr.Salva. No corn fields this time though.

It's not a completely repetitive exercise though - there are new sweets as well. E.g. I loved choreography (sic!) not to give away much. Loved new angles the team attempted to tension build-ups.

What is missed? Real scares, real dark, and depth. Otherwise it is quite simple, and well-done dish at a fair charge. Apparently overlooked and underestimated.

Again, if you liked Jeepers, you'll definitely love this honest roller- coaster too. I did.
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Terrible! Not worth the $1.20 rental from Redbox
SJinSeaTac12 March 2014
I would give this zero stars if I could. Too bad that is not an option.

Plot (if you want to call it that): A young man (who clearly didn't graduate from the Stella Adler school of acting) goes to visit his mother at a mental hospital. She tells him that she knows who his father is, but won't tell him who it is. Later the young man inherits a house in the middle of nowhere. He goes looking for his father and takes his best friend and now very pregnant fiancé'/girlfriend/womanherandomlymetinabareightmonthsago to find said house. Bad things happen.

Throw in a subplot about being able to see other people's future deaths when you touch them, Tobin Bell from the Saw franchise looking all menacing, a house that somehow has managed to be relocate on its own, weird characters who run around with axes like the nurses from Silent Hill, along with other goofy characters that may or may not be the "bad guys," and you have Dark House.

AVOID THIS FILM. Go see other, better, recent straight to video haunted house movies, such as "Haunter" or "Haunt." But do not assume like I did that just because Victor Salva struck gold from directing Jeepers Creepers that he is any good at making movies anymore. He isn't. His career and this pathetic excuse for a movie both belong in the garbage bin.
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A not so original horror, stuffed with a lot of different horror genres but after all still entertaining.
peterp-450-2987166 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I think "Dark House" aka "Haunted" is a questionable case. Both movie titles certainly won't get a price for originality. They could have called the movie "Dark Forest" since almost the entire movie is situated in a forest. Victor Salva, the director of the acclaimed "Jeepers Creepers" saga, lost all orientation in the creation of this film, because it's become a hodgepodge of different horror genres. A lot of clichés of the horror genre are also thrown together here. Ultimately it's a variant of "Rosemary's baby" mixed with "End of Days" and on top of that some elements of the slasher genre and a bit of supernatural phenomena. A cocktail of horror genres. Not always successful, but overall it was still enjoyable to watch and dosed correctly.

Nick Santo (Luke Klein Tank) just turned 23 years old and visits his mother in an institution who's been there since he was young. Nick has a special gift. He can look in the future and see how someone is killed, just by touching that person. He never knew his father but hopes to find the truth after his visit and finally get some answers to the question of whether his father is possibly responsible for this gift. Eventually, the visit didn't progress as he expected. His mother loses her life in a mysterious fire and Nick inherits a house. Not just a house, but the house he has been drawing since his childhood. Together with his good friend Ryan (Anthony Rey Perez) and his pregnant girlfriend Eve (Alex McKenna), he goes on a search for the house, hoping for some answers.

You actually expect anyone with a little common sense to recommend the pregnant girlfriend to stay at home. But no, she merrily goes with them on an adventure. The search leads them to a secluded area where they are told that the house was washed away during a massive flood. Mind you , a full house , including the basement. Who would have thought ? Along the way they almost hit some land surveyors who obviously offer their help to locate the floating house. "Dark House" isn't really exciting or terrifying at any time. Even if they throw in Tobin Bell, the crazy Jigsaw from the "Saw" movies , as the creepy caretaker . That ridiculous wig he's wearing doesn't contribute to creating some suspense . Finally we have a cursed house, in a dark and menacing forest and a bunch of chimpanzees with dangerous looking axes. The group is urged to leave and never return. But despite all the efforts they always end up back at the cursed house .

Ultimately, it all becomes clear a bit and the whole setup unfolds itself and it degenerates into a fight between good and evil. Despite the total lack of scares and a thrilling intense atmosphere, the movie keeps you in its grip and you can feel the oppressive and threatening atmosphere. We have again an obvious situation with a group of young people in a dark wood and an old ominous building that contains the key to unravel the mystery. But the chases, the swirling hard hitting axes and the different twists make this still an enjoyable film.

The acting was nothing to write home about, but afterwards proved not to be terribly annoying. Luke Kleintank was perfect for the role of Nick. A future young father who is looking for his roots. The moments that he had flashbacks about the eventual death of some people, I found fairly successful. McKenna and Perez did what you could expect. And Bell did what he does best : playing an old eerie mysterious person. The portions gore were portrayed in a quite entertaining way. However, it wasn't very original. Another "split by an ax" head. The only thing that really annoyed me and made me shake my head out of disbelief was the fact that there's always someone who's so ultra-horny, he can't even resist to start humping around with a female member of the group , even while they are surrounded by bloodthirsty cavemen with axes . Even a box of Viagra wouldn't help me then.

So you can't really call this movie ingenious. Everything has been used before somewhere in another movie. They have stuffed it all into one movie. A shortage of ideas was not really a problem. The oversupply was a problem. But the real horror fans will probably appreciate this. I would even say that this is a horror that is suitable for those who are not really a fan of the genre. Because it's not really a horror anyway. As I read somewhere: "Talking heating vents are not scary - nor is anything else in the Dark House".

More reviews at http://opinion-as-a-moviefreak.blogspot.be/
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Pleasant Surprise sleeper hit
linda9665731 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was pleasantly surprised by "dark house" and that doesn't happen often. I'm movie crazy, I probably go through 5 full length movies a day, every single day! So when I say I've seen everything, heard everything, been through every filmmakers tricks, traps and cheesy plot twists....I really have seen it all. As much as I love movies I can't stand low budget grade b stuff, I avoid it like the plague. But this was a well made movie, the acting was solid and so was cameras, sound, makeup, special effects, etc. "dark House" had an interesting kind of like fantasy/sci fi feel to its monsters and I really enjoyed it. There are a million scary house in the woods movies but this movie had a fresh approach that keeps it interesting. The action moved at a good pace and the plot was fun and inventive. I recommend this movie, don't miss this thrill ride.
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Solid premise, lackluster execution.
kobrakai-15 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Given the type of past the director has, it's inevitable that any movie Victor Salva makes is going to be scrutinized far more than most. From an objective standpoint, this is a film that has promising start and if not for some glaring flaws, this film could have been another sleeper hit along the lines of Jeepers Creepers.

The story follows a young man who, on his 23rd birthday, visits his mother in a mental hospital. The goal is that he'll hopefully learn something- anything- about his father and why he has a certain supernatural gift. Instead of getting answers, however, he's simply dealt the deed to an abandoned house following his mother's untimely death shortly after his visit. To go further into the plot would ruin what appeal the film has, as the movie does manage to sneak in some twists and turns to a haunted house genre which has been run into the ground with hits and misses over the recent years.

The plot hook is interesting, and like our protagonist, we are largely left in the dark as to what's going on and why he is in danger for the majority of the film's running time. Furthermore, the acting is serviceable, if not better than your typical straight-to-DVD release. Tobin Bell, in particular, steals every scene he's in as the mysterious Seth- a man lurking around the house our main character seeks to stake claim to. He makes the most of what is a rather minimal part.

Unfortunately, the film suffers from what is your typical problem with low budget genre fare like Dark House: for whatever good idea the film has up its sleeve, it shoots itself in the foot when key parts of the plot are glossed over. This is especially true by the end, in which it feels as though the filmmakers were running out of time/money and needed to cop out on the finale. As a result, the film is plenty of build up and very little payoff.

Say what you will about Victor Salva, but he does do his best to make the movie look polished, and he still knows how to create suspense. Here, he manages to squeeze in a couple of rather tense sequences in the latter act of the film. You can tell Salva is trying to capture the spirit of Jeepers Creepers in this movie (particularly in the guise of the numerous axe-wielding figures that lurk in the shadows... even Tobin Bell sort of resembles The Creeper a bit, albeit a definitively more human version of him). Still, it's not enough to make one forget about some gaping plot holes and rushed character arcs. It's a shame; Dark House had some promise, but it's ultimately hindered by shortcomings that are too hard to ignore.
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Too much talent involved for the second half to fall apart.
loomis78-815-9890345 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Nick Di Santo (Kleintank) has the ability to touch someone and see how they are going to die. Having struggled with this gift his whole life he visits his institutionalized mother (Lesley-Anne Down) on his 23rd birthday, who informs him that the father he never knew may still be alive. Nick has seen an old mansion in his dreams his entire life, and with his friend Ryan (Perez) and girlfriend Eve (Mckenna) they set out to find the house which he now holds the deed to. It was washed away in a flood years ago but still remains sitting in the middle of a desolate field. Once there he meets a scary man named Seth (Bell) who warns him to leave. Spirits appear in the woods and chase our crew with axes and weird behavior only for the group to eventually end up back at the house. Everything isn't what it seems and through a series of twists, Nick himself is something entirely different than what we think he is. Once Charles Agron's story begins to reveal itself to the audience this movie slips seriously from an interesting, and at times scary horror film into a series of confounding explanations that will probably leave most people shaking their heads. Director Victor Salva of "Clownhouse" and both "Jeepers Creepers" movies knows how to deliver solid scares and he has added a few to this movie. These moments happen early on, but the second half of the story admittedly goes for an epic storyline and Salva quite frankly just doesn't deliver it. Once this happens in the story, the movie simply stops being fun and the wonderment that the filmmakers obviously thought we were going to be experiencing falls flat. There are a few cute ties ins to the "Jeepers Creepers" franchise including the 23 year bit being carried over to Nick's 23rd birthday here. The movie is certainly watchable and manages some nice moments in its first half, but the story just crumbles and doesn't work once it really kicks in.
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Good plot, bad BAD directing, 4/10
paulomureb23 March 2014
This movie could have been something. The plot is pretty cool, well written and dynamic. The acting is the average for an horror movie. But what makes this not get a 6 or even a 7 to me, is the directing. The director is pretty lame connecting scenes, creating the atmosphere, making the things work. At some point i was thinking to myself: "Dude,this movie is not SO low budget." Cause some of the locations really seemed to cost a little money, the actors are know of the public and even have the Jigsaw on it. Someone paid for this and i really hope that it has been the director cause he's the reason this movie is bad. Anyway, if you don't have nothing to do some random night, give this one a try. It may not amuze you the way it should but can give you some laughs. The sound track is almost inexistent, you can barely hear something there. I don't know what else to say. I watched it just because we are in that period of the year thats the releases are just a little few.
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Not TOO Bad But Still Pretty Disappointing
dfa12037418 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Ever since his early childhood, Nick Di Santo has been drawing images of a certain house and can only think that it has something to do with his family history and the location of his father, who he's been searching for. When Nick gets information on the possible location of this mysterious house, he sets off to see if he can find it. Nick also has the special ability to see how people will meet their deaths by mere touch. After almost crashing off the road, Nick meets three State ordinance workers who give him information regarding the house and decide to help him find it. When they do find the house they are warned off by a mysterious stranger named Seth advising Nick to stay away. Of course, Nick doesn't do this and soon he and his friends are fighting for their lives.

At first glance, Dark House seems to be a badly filmed, badly acted B Movie. After actually watching it, however, I'm happy to report that it isn't any of these. On saying that, though, it's obviously not the best movie out there, but at the same time it's definitely not the worst either.

The plot and the story of the movie isn't actually that bad but it just falls apart a wee bit with some inconsistencies at the end which is a bit of a pity because if it had a stronger ending it could have been a much better film. Seems to be a bit of a thing with the director, because Jeepers Creepers started off well but got a bit ridiculous for the last third.

Dark House is basically a Heaven vs Hell movie which saved it for me a wee bit because I do enjoy the Angel vs Demon mythology. Some of the scenes - especially ones that include the Axemen - are filmed pretty well, bringing a good level of tension to them and the atmosphere that is created throughout these scenes is also nicely done.

It's not a slow going film by any means either, but it definitely lacks a certain something to make it a much more gripping film to enjoy.

Overall, Dark House is a decent film but just don't expect too much.
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Good start, Poor Finish
dylanleefoster18 April 2019
Definitely won't be watching again, save your time & money.
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Don't waste your time
natiesee13 December 2018
Such a stupid movie I can't believe i watched the whole thing. My husband and I laughed at it so much while watching it.
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nogodnomasters8 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers

Nick Di Santo (Luke Kleintank) what's in a name, has a special ability in that he can see how people are going to die. He has a small circle of friends and his mom is in a mental institution and only now is he seeing their deaths after 23 years. Nick inherits a house from his mom, an abandoned home which has things in the walls. He explores with his pregnant wife Eve (Alex McKenna) and meet Lilith (Lacey Anzelc) and Samael (Ethan S. Smith) and Seth (Tobin Bell) with an ax. Gosh. Where is this headed?

At this point it was pretty easy to guess who is Nick's father...his reason for visiting the house. Believe it or not I liked the film better with Frankenstein in it.

I grew bored watching the film. The building of the story and character was haphazard and ineffective. The actors weren't really that great except for Tobin Bell.

Mediocre rental.
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