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Scarecrow-8810 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The last episode left us with two murders, one of which is focused on during "Ka-Blam", Kelly's supposed suicidal hanging is investigated by Sheriff Charlie Mills (Jim Beaver, whose part is now beginning to develop quite nicely) and the coroner discovers red in her eyes, later determining the reason to be ink! English preppy Cal (Adam Campbell) gets revenge on Sully (Matt Barr) for leaving him hanging upside down in the woods thanks to some honey and feathers (this is hilarious), with cooperation by Chloe (Cameron Richardson, who doesn't cease to look absolutely scrumptious). Besides the focus on Kelly's murder is how the Hunter-Trish storyline unfolds—Hunter, to go away, wants Danny Wellington (Richard Burgi) to fork up 50 K, after repeated attempts to win back Trish fail. Also, Henry (Christopher Gorham) discovers an itinerary in Hunter's guest room that shows that Thomas paid for his flight and other costs. Henry also confronts Daddy Wellington about this, before making a toast to his "soon-to-be" father-in-law, in a standoff, he proclaims that he is marrying Trish (Katie Cassidy, conveying the difficulty of having two men she cares for, as if convincing herself that Henry is who she loves, while Hunter is someone her body might desire)regardless of how her father feels. An enraged Shane, suspected of possibly murdering Kelly, hits JD (Dean Chekvala) with his truck, preparing to lynch him for perhaps being the root cause of the supposed suicidal hanging. Unlike the first two episodes, it doesn't appear as if there will be any murders, but, sure enough, not to disappoint, a character, who thinks he's off to spend a boatload of money, gets pulverized by a shotgun (rigged to go off when he grabbed a bag full of money planted on the boat) blast. Sheriff Mills is challenged by the serial killer on Harper's Island to find him when he discovers a newspaper article with writing on it by the maniac. This episode really continues to emphasize Abby (Elaine Cassidy) as the heroine in the middle of major story lines regarding the killer on the rampage, even though the murders often occur to others that do not involve her. This episode only presents another possible suspect, Thomas Wellington, who would definitely want a recently departed to go away due to his being a nuisance. Again, with any slasher, the show will present possible suspects only for the true identity of the killer to be a twist out of left field, so guessing is probably a wasted effort for the time being. The hot cast is often wearing little to nothing, perfect eye candy for male and female. The show continues to have impressive production values and nicely stylized camera work. A new surprise is the affair happening inside the Wellington family between Thomas' wife and son-in-law!
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