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Derren Brown: An Evening of Wonders
Jackson Booth-Millard18 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Derren Brown is one of the cleverest and smartly dressed entertainers around, with his wonderful magician, illusionist and mentalist style. This was another of his great live performances, starting with a locked box above the stage, which will be opened at the end of the show. The show has a banana being nicked by a spotted gorilla, a guy calling his Dad and identifying a 3-digit number, six people thinking of objects to identify, and a chance for a man to win £5000 rather than £500. It also has ten people coming up to move tables without pulling or pushing, a bowl of all people's questions to guess and answer (including one just saying "cock", funny), and blind folding to answer more questions, ending with Derren fainting. Then when you think the show is over, he opens the box above stage filled with many predictions of events in the show and the girl brought up, and a bunch of 3-digit numbers added together to make a total (and date) he is wearing on his badge. Very good!
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