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Awesome Flick!
mneal-787-7439899 July 2010
My girlfriend and I LOVED IT! We saw SCARE ZONE in Orlando at a Horror convention and it was great. I think it won an award there. It's a perfect date horror flick - just enough comedy and quirky characters for girls and plenty of scares and gore to keep me happy. Definitely the best movie of the festival. If you're a hardcore slasher freak this may not be the movie for you. But if you're like most of us, this is just right. It's a scary, funny original who-done-it that keeps you guessing. We've all been through those haunted house attractions, and I always have had in the back of my mind the question of "what if one of these monsters actually killed me.? How long would it take for anyone to notice?" Well, we love going to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights and the fact that this was about a Haunted House and was shot at HHNs is way cool.

After the screening of the movie we met the Director and Producer of SCARE ZONE in a Q & A. Turns out Arian Ash, the lead, was in Tigerland and the dude who plays "Spider" has been in a lot of other stuff too. He MADE the role of "Spider." They had a great supporting cast too. I highly recommend this movie! Two thumbs up.
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It's the Stupidity, Stupid
Jonny_Numb10 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I consider the dubious honor of this first IMDb review as a chance to issue a warning to the general horror-going population: I saw "Scare Zone" at Philadelphia's Terror Film Festival last October, and have been trying to scrub the stupidity out of my cranium ever since. What is it about truly bad movies (not the ones that at least make an effort, despite their ineptitude, to be entertaining) that leave such an obnoxiously lasting impression? "Scare Zone" isn't the charming kind of cinematic badness that the late Ed Wood once specialized in; it's more in line with Ulli Lommel's endless output of DTV schlock. Centered around a string of murders that occur during the opening of the titular Halloween attraction, this would-be slasher, would-be send-up, would-be film hasn't a single original idea in its empty head, nor any idea how to build suspense or elicit genuine scares. The cast is a forgettable collection of mannequin-level cannon fodder, walking clichés with no traits of distinction. The script is utterly clueless in developing any sense of mystery, and the dialog is filled with painfully flat one-liners (note to the director: putting a hyperactive guy with an ersatz-British accent in your film does not make you Monty Python). Even worse: the film assumes that all disenfranchised girls who wear black have a proclivity for self-mutilation; the final reveal hinges on this disgustingly exploitative (and utterly unnecessary) plot thread, that exists only to draw attention to its alleged shock value. While the practical makeup FX are executed with some skill, they can't come anywhere close to obscuring the fact that "Scare Zone" is not the work of a devoted genre fan, but the depressing hackwork of a cynical product-pusher. The audience I saw this with made a beeline for the exit once the credits started to roll, eschewing any Q&A that might have followed. Consider yourself warned.
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Halloween house spoofery
Leofwine_draca7 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
SCARE ZONE is another worthless indie comedy horror set in and around a Halloween house. A bunch of goofballs open said attraction with a few to attracting scare-loving teenagers. Exhibits include a token blonde bimbo and a Jason Vorhees imitator. However, their fun is complicated by the arrival of a real-life serial killer with murder in mind. It's a goofy little film, unfunny, with a really cheeseball approach.
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Generic boring garbage
Muhhh30 January 2016
Do you like clichés? Oh boy, has this movie got them!

From the "fun" montage of characters acting wacky while some generic wuss rock song plays, to the typical horror movie non-ending, this one has it all!

Don't worry, no one who made this movie put any thought into it, ideas are hard! I'll give it was shot well enough and the actors were fine. But man, what audience is there for this junk anymore? It seems like the only people making slashers are out of touch old dudes making something they liked as a kid, but a worse version of it. At least I saw it for free on Youtube.
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A highly enjoyable if mildly flawed slasher effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder22 June 2022
Running a special haunted carnival attraction, a group of workers prepares for the annual Halloween crowds by setting up and running a successful show, but as they continue on they realize that the staff disappearing one by one is the cause of a deranged stalker targeting one of the group.

This was a decent enough if somewhat flawed genre effort. One of the more likable features here is the general setup that gets to show the group preparing the celebrations with the behind-the-scenes setup of the operation. With the detailed run-down showing off how they're going through the various stages of production for one of these attractions, from the costuming to prop-work and the role-play within the rooms, this part of the film works incredibly well to get things going. That it plays off just as nicely with the going performing for the enthusiastic, sold-out crowds that make the preparations come off as completely worthwhile. This all manages to give the stalking scenes within the attraction a greater shock than expected. With the killer striking unexpectedly as the victims are far more unimpressed and distracted believing everything to be part of the attraction, that they're allowed to get close enough to strike where they can providing some fun sequences including the couple that's killed in front of unfazed patrons, the massacre of the disgruntled patrons who got kicked out earlier in the night after they break-in and the rampage through the staff that takes place with some rather impressive and brutal kill scenes. Taking place with the final confrontation in the bowels of the facility and offering up enough twists and turns in the story to be worthwhile, there's enough to like about this one. There isn't much to bring this down but it does have some minor issues. The biggest detriment here is the films' rather unbelievable and unrealistic means of waiting several days to carry out the various murders. The fact that they go missing as they do without much notice or even care towards finding them, especially the one killed in front of the crowd which meant witnesses to the ordeal actually happened in front of others. Not realizing the deaths and disappearances is a rather confusing take on this kind of setup, which goes along with the idea of the relationship that develops throughout the film. This is also rather unrealistic and doesn't really develop into anything all that memorable beyond offering an energy-draining diversion to a cemetery that eats up the running time more than anything. These factors are what brings it down.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, and Brief Nudity.
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Scares Zero
MikeHunt107528 September 2018
How do you take a film seriosly that starts off looking like they're filming on the set of Seseme Street then looking like a Halloween episode from an early 90s version of Days of Our Lives? You dont... lol

The film looks really bad, like the actual film it's shot on. I'm doubting it's digital. It mightve worked on made-for-tv midday movies, but the horror and swearing here just make this attempt at horror cringeworthy bad and laughable. Then there is the score.... lol, seems way out of place, like it belongs in a John Hughes comedy.

Nothing positive can be said about any part of this film. Avoid it.
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