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The NCIS team go all out to rescue a team member and kidnapped child in a daring mission on foreign soil.

Season 3

20 Sep. 2011
Lange, H.
In a beach town on the Black Sea in Romania, G, Sam, Kensi, and Deeks check out the neighborhood while Hetty chats with the head of the Comescu family, who describes a connection to G. The team shoot their way into a house and save Hetty.
27 Sep. 2011
Cyber Threat
In Beverly Hills two masked thugs kidnap a wealthy and successful software developer; Callen and company help the National Security Agency; the team find the pieces and put them together, then they find the missing guy and the bad ones.
4 Oct. 2011
A Marine staff sergeant dies in an explosion of an SUV; Callen and company investigate; Hunter makes changes; Sam and Deeks find a runner and a bomb; the team find the bad guy; three more bombs explode, but the gang escape; Hetty returns.
11 Oct. 2011
On the oceanfront at Venice, California, in the Los Angeles area, an unknown gunman kills a TV journalist, Adriana Gomez, who has received death threats from Libyan nationalists (after she created a series of stories about an anti-Qaddafi rebel and folk hero); Gomez contacted a commander, Gavin Madison, in Naval intelligence, who's an expert on Libya; Callen and company investigate. G and Sam visit Cdr. Madison at home, find two bad guys, exchange fire, and drop one and lose one; Kensi and Deeks visit a Libyan restaurant and get a lead; G and Sam check out a defunct ...
18 Oct. 2011
While raiding a pawnshop, targeting a Mexican drug cartel, LAPD cops kill two cartel grunts plus a wanted Muslim terrorist; the LAPD requests help from Callen and company, who seek, find, and scrub an alliance between the two rogue groups.
25 Oct. 2011
Lone Wolf
A woman former lieutenant commander in Naval intelligence dies by gunfire; Callen and company find confusing and conflicting clues, but they put all the pieces together; Hetty again visits an old friend but says that she arrived too late.
1 Nov. 2011
A separated Marine attacks and beats a Japanese man tourist, who dies later; Callen and company investigate; the Marine tells a long story, which eventually becomes confirmed; the team, using extreme tact and discretion, achieve their goal.
8 Nov. 2011
Two men die before a third one takes a small plywood box and disappears; one victim is a seaman on UA from the US Navy; Callen and company find the dead thief, the contents of the box, and the answers, and they forestall a huge disaster.
15 Nov. 2011
The CIA loses contact with Sam in Sudan with a CIA task force; two CIA agents die, as does a third one; G goes to Khartoum and lends a hand; the gang in LA help, and they find and deal with a mole; G and Sam return to LA and take a friend.
22 Nov. 2011
The Debt
During a sting Deeks appears to blow away an unarmed bad guy; Hetty fires Deeks after the LAPD cuts its ties with the NCIS; Kensi belatedly learns about a ruse; the team and the LAPD together find a mole, the bad guys, and some explosives.
13 Dec. 2011
Higher Power
At a college a man steals an experimental electromagnetic-pulse weapon, which has the capability to render disastrous damage; Callen and company investigate the theft and a second one, and they figure out the case and provide a resolution.
3 Jan. 2012
The Watchers
G decks a man, who is the new assistant director, and who briefs the next case. A man dies of a gunshot, said to be self-inflicted, by his wife's firearm; both have worked for a think tank under contract to the DoD; the team solve the case.
10 Jan. 2012
Exit Strategy
Both Alex and Jada, from Sudan in a previous episode, have reappeared in Los Angeles; while two NCIS agents (on a protective detail) escort Jada to an office in preparation for her giving a deposition, a masked man in an SUV attacks the trio in their car and escapes without injuring anyone. Kensi and Deeks get a name from Jada, then check a warehouse and catch a bad guy; Alex and his family disappear; Sam offers to play water games; Nell finds Alex, then the foursome chat with him; his behavior perplexes everyone; Kensi and Deeks visit an international business firm, ...
7 Feb. 2012
G and Sam acknowledge the fifth anniversary of their service as partners. Just outside the LAX airport four masked armed men stop a bulletproof van of the Diplomatic Security Service of the US Department of State, moving two couriers and a wooden crate, having originated in India and now bound for a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles; the bad guys seize the crate and escape with it; Callen and company investigate. G and Sam interview the couriers; Eric and Nell trace one of the trucks, two of the bad guys, and a van; then Kensi and Deeks find the van and the crate, ...
14 Feb. 2012
Two men die in LA; a visitor, introduced as an Interpol agent, seeks help with a link to a closed NCIS case; Callen and company pursue a chameleon, who promises to kill G soon and tells why; Granger says he's there to catch a killer.
21 Feb. 2012
Blye, K.
Granger summons Kensi to the boathouse; Hetty summons the others to the ops center; Kensi's father's fellow Marines have started dying, and Granger wonders whether Kensi is involved; the team start investigating and producing. [Continued.]
28 Feb. 2012
Blye, K., Part 2
Kensi took a round to the torso but, wearing a bulletproof vest, survived; she steals away, hunting the shooter; she clobbers a tail and borrows his wheels; the team put the pieces together and catch the bad guy; Kensi visits her mother.
20 Mar. 2012
The Dragon and the Fairy
In LA a man survives gunfire while trying to enter the Vietnamese consulate; G and company investigate; the victim's personal effects include the name of a Marine first lieutenant; the team save lives, solve the case, and reunite a family.
27 Mar. 2012
A group of Marines find the dismembered body of a Navy ensign; Callen and company investigate; circumstantial evidence points to a SEAL, but Sam refuses to believe; Sam, a SEAL, hears the whole story; Callen learns the cause of death.
10 Apr. 2012
Patriot Acts
A bomb explodes in the bed of the pickup truck of a Marine former second lieutenant; he runs; FBI agents bust him; Granger wants to find out why the team did not previously know about a terrorist plot in the LA area; they figure it out.
1 May 2012
Touch of Death
G and Sam return from an investigation in Honolulu; Danny and Chin, of Hawaii Five-0, accompany them; they seek to intercept a rogue epidemiologist with smallpox virus; the team figure out the case and prevent an unimaginable disaster.
8 May 2012
Neighborhood Watch
Kensi and Deeks go undercover as a married couple housesitting in a gated community to identify a Russian sleeper agent believed to live in the neighborhood; a Russian businessman, who's also a link to the unknown agent, dies at a local hotel. G and Sam visit an old Russian friend of G, and Kensi tries to visit an aged neighbor; they all get reactions; Eric finds a lie, so Kensi sniffs around and finds herself in a chick fight; the other girl agrees to tell all, but she too dies; still, though, she gives a Russian name, and she says that he is nearby. G and Sam return...
15 May 2012
Sans Voir (Part I)
A driver causes a wreck and shoots to death the second driver; a third one blows away the first; SA Renko of the NCIS is an undercover worker of the gun shop where the first two men worked; the team find the bad guy behind it. [Continued.]
15 May 2012
Sans Voir (Part II)
The Chameleon says that he'll walk; he tells about Renko and the Mayfield family; he demands an exchange of himself for an abducted NSA analyst; Granger cuts him loose, and the team escort him to the swap, but G takes action. [Continued.]

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