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Strong start, but loses focus and ends with a thud
cantake89 January 2014
When this film began I was exhilarated. Not knowing anything about the film prior to screening, the cast is the first thing to impress. Visually, it is handsomely mounted. I anticipated another classic adventure favorite unfolding before me.

Unfortunately the film becomes laden with details and loose threads as it moves along, and fails to gain steam or provide answers. There are side stories that are intriguing when introduced, but never pursued. Then there are "discoveries" which are made much too easily, one wonders why nobody made them before.

Aneurin Barnard who plays Mariah, the older brother in the family, appeared to be the next heartthrob-in-the-making; handsome, talented, appealing. But it isn't to be as I doubt many people will rush to this film. Michael Sheen is splendid as he hams his way through this film, but he is unmatched by any other players, mostly due to the troubled screenplay with which they contend. Sam Neill is wasted in a role of broad villainous strokes that are tired and worn out.

Other characters appear and then aren't heard from again, supposedly until the sequel. By the time this film ends, there isn't a coherent TEAM of triumphant adventurers over a defeated foe, just kids who made it through a harrowing experience with the help of some grown-ups who are never strongly defined.

The film shifts abruptly from classic adventure to science fiction, which is such a bumpy transition, I was thrown off.
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worth watching and hope there is a sequel
Kathy Nolan1 March 2014
This was a great movie for the whole family. A bit of a sleeper because it was better than expected. Shame it did not get the adds it should have so more people could have watched it and perhaps done better at the box office. I am surprised at the bad reviews on this web site and hope more people get a chance to see it. I am eager to see a sequel. The story line was good. The settings were full of interesting things to see. The cinematography was excellent. Actors did a great job of making their characters believable. This film took me on a journey, a true adventure and was not predictable. There was a mysterious air to this film. I could see some influence from Harry Potter and Indiana Jones and others but this film was better in keeping your attention without the use of sex, drugs, foul language, excessively violence or bloody scenes. Well done.
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A clean movie for kids
heather-foxworthy9 June 2014
I am surprised at the other reviewers; I think the one point that most reviewers are missing is that it's a children's movie based on a children's book. My ten year old son loved it. It's hard to find clean action-adventure movies that appeal to boys and this one worked well. Sword fights, near death moments, supernatural content, chase scenes all without excessive gore, cleavage, or foul language.

Several comments have been made about the poor acting. I didn't see that. Come on folks, Sam Niell is the main bad guy.

This movie is available on Netflix. There is a sequel in the making and we'll watch that when it comes out.
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A young English man is pulled into an Indiana Jones type of adventure
Doc T29 April 2014
This is a good, entertaining, slightly-cheesy, mystery/action movie you can absolutely watch with your kids.

I honestly don't understand the low ratings. Note that it is "Indiana Jones LIKE" in nature, but Indiana Jones it is not. It is not meant to be and it is not meant to be taken too seriously.

What it is, is:

1:Fun 2:Clean 3:Well acted (for the most part. I suspect some characters were meant to be cheesy) 4:well filmed.

I enjoyed it. I feel it's completely safe to watch with young children, and that is a rare thing. I recommend you give this movie a chance, ESPECIALLY if you're a parent looking for something you can watch with your kids that YOU can enjoy at the same time...
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Watchable! 5/10
leonblackwood9 November 2014
Review: I'm surprised that this movie wasn't bigger than it was because it's quite an epic movie with some fairly big names in the cast. I did find the leading character a bit annoying, but Michael Sheen was a joy to watch. The storyline wasn't bad either. Basically it's about young boy whose looking for his kidnapped brother whilst on a quest to find a magical box which can turn anything into gold. With the help of Michael Sheen, he ends up working in a hotel which is were all the clues lead, to find his brother and the box. It's not exactly Indianna Jones, but it's a mysterious tale which leads the audience down many different avenues after following the many clues. I think that the director wasted a lot of time on trivial matters in the middle of the movie, but the showdown at the end was half decent and it looked very glossy. Personally I thought that the movie was OK and I'm surprised that it made such a lose at the box office. Average!

Round-Up: I think this movie would have been much better if Michael Sheen and Sam Neill had more scenes and if there was an actor with more screen charisma, playing the lead. The director left the storyline open for a sequel, but judging by the lose at the box office, I doubt that we will be seeing one anytime soon, which is a shame because the concept wasn't that bad. All the clues did seem to drop on the main characters lap with ease, but he did have the help of his new found friend, who he falls in love with, and the great Sheen who helped his partner in many sticky situations. In all, I honestly think that people would enjoy this film if they gave it a chance, but you do have to be in the right frame of mind to watch it.

Budget: $25million Worldwide Gross: $14,000 (Terrible!)

I recommend this movie to people who are into there mysterious, magical movies about a quest to find a magical box which can turn anything into gold. 5/10
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Earnest But Bland
3xHCCH3 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
"The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box" introduces us to Mariah Mundi. He (yes, Mariah is a guy) is the son of a couple who deals with ancient artifacts. When his parents and younger brother get kidnapped, Mariah allies with the eccentric and mysterious Captain Will Charity to locate a certain Midas Box, which their captor Otto Luger desperately wants to get his hands on.

Actually this film has all the elements that should have made it succeed. It stars some pretty established actors like Michael Sheen (as Will Charity) and Sam Neill (as Otto Luger). The lush cinematography and authentic-looking period production design does not stray far from previous hits of similar nature like "Sherlock Holmes" or "National Treasure." There were actually some nifty computer generated visual effects.

Despite these pluses though, "The Adventurer" still wound up pretty ordinary as these films go. It probably took itself too seriously to generate any element of fun, something that other historical detective films possess. The lead actor who played Mariah lacked charisma to carry the whole film. This film seems to be targeted to the younger- than-10 crowd, but I think even these kids expect something more than this.
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Family Fantasy Fun!
wesryb16 January 2014
I don't understand why this film has received such poor reviews. I personally thought it was a magically fun viewing experience.

The key ingredient to enjoying this film, like other successful films in the past: "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "National Treasure", is if one can imagine archaeological antiquities holding unimaginable super powers...the door is opened.

The story line was thus believable, production values were high, music kept the pace, and the acting was superb. Aneurin Barnard was fantastic as 'Mariah Mundi'! He has such an interesting and emotional look with the acting chops to really pull off this role (I also loved him in "The White Queen"). Michael Sheen totally pulled of the character of 'Captain Will Charity'. He was hilarious and deeply serious all at the same time. Watch him in "Unthinkable" some time and witness what this thespian has to offer. Lena Headley has cemented her role as a self- seeking witch (I LOVE GAME OF THRONES, but she always plays the 'Cersi' role..branch out babe!). Sam Neil was great as always. And I must give props to the young Xavier Atkins for his portrayal of 'Felix', he was great.

Overall, if you let your children watch films like "Hugo", they will enjoy this one!
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Great Family Fun
fastaxion17 February 2015
I had this movie in mind to watch with my son for a while. My 9 year old son was hesitant to watch it but I had a hitch that he would enjoy it, and wow was I right. This is a great family movie to watch with the kiddos. It provides fantasy and action, in an Indiana Jones type of way. We enjoyed this movie and when it ended my son asked when was the second one coming out. I checked and after seeing this one did poorly in the box office I mentioned to him it was unlikely they would make all the trilogy as at first they intended. We are still having our fingers crossed, as for now we will be reading the books. I highly recommend this movie to watch as a family.
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Young adult action thriller with steampunk and fantastic elements.
suite9224 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The time and place are somewhere that has both steampunk and fantastic elements. The clothing and cultural affect is late Victorian; the technology, steam, mechanical, with some electricity, but no electronics. The dual quests are for a lost brother and a magical, powerful box.

The Mundi family and Charity are on one side of the quest for the box. Luger and Monica are on a different side. Charity gains some particular intelligence about Luger's efforts, plus a broken key relevant to the box. He relays some information and the pieces of the key. Soon thereafter, the Mundi family is attacked. Charity helps Mariah escape, but Charles, Catherine, and Felix are kidnapped. The parents, Charles and Catherine, and questioned harshly by Luger, and Felix is made to work in a particular mine.

Mariah works at Luger's hotel to gain intelligence, disguised as a new porter. He has some success at this, and meets Sacha. After Luger gets the two broken key pieces from Felix and Mariah, he adds another piece to complete it. The fun really begins, as Luger gets closer to the box.


Cinematography: 8/10 Dark and murky, but well shot.

Sound: 9/10 No problems.

Acting: 7/10 Sam Neill was good, as was Michael Sheen. Aneurin Neuman grew on me during the film.

Screenplay: 8/10 Moves right along. I'm looking forward to the sequel. As a YA film, this was fine.
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So much potential but fails to deliver
sourmanflint5 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Oh dear! I can imagine the pitch now, a fantastical adventure with a stellar cast, Indiana Jones meets Hugo.. Unfortunately from the very beginning it begins to fall apart. Everything is explained all too quickly and where there may have been a hope for mystery and a great story, we are told everything in the first few minutes, much like in The Golden Compass, thus destroying all hope of the viewer gradually unfolding the truth and being drawn into the characters and events. The dialogue really does not help and everything is far too obvious, there are no secrets in this film, our main hero confides everything he knows to a scullery girl he has never even met before, and she believes it all without question. The screenplay does not really make sense either and just adds to the lack of suspense, worse still is the complete lack of spatial continuity, you continually feel that the locations chosen do not flow, and the film jars from one place to the next. I could go on and pick fault in almost all departments, and what comes out from it is a film made by a director without a singular vision. All in all a spectacular waste of talent and money.
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It was poo
pdagless5 April 2015
To quote my 11 year old daughter after watching this film "it was was poo and it smelt horrible too" and my 15 year old son added "it was like a freshly served cow pat pancake" really I have nothing to add to the review of this film It was really that bad. Oh Keely, Martin, Sam what were you thinking. Really if you are thinking of watching this film do not bother, it is 90 minutes of your life you will not get back. It has been a long time since I have sat through a film as bad as this and I am only adding more as the review rules require 10 line of text as a minimum. I therefore apologise for the extended nature of this review, everything we had to say was delivered in the first 4 lines.
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UK Cinema has caught the Hollywood disease
Had Enough27 January 2014
How very very sad, to see a UK movie turn out the same as the utter drivel coming out of Hollywood in recent times. UK Cinema has always been a safe fallback, guaranteeing a decent story and decent acting. The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box...not only equals the lacklustre movies offered by Hollywood, but in some cases surpasses it for wasting movie lovers time and money. There is absolutely no viable story, and the script is brutal. Mariah Mundi (Aneurin Barnard), the supposedly main character, not only figures clues out in 2seconds, when various so called geniuses have been struggling to do so for a long time, but he also tells all and sundry the secrets which he has been sworn to keep. I believe he has a great future ahead of him if he get's a good agent who will protect him from this sort of career destroying rubbish. Sam Neill, Michael Sheen,Ioan Gruffudd and Leana Headey, are all old hands at the movie game and should have some conscience about foisting this so called movie on their fans, but I suppose money talks..shame.. Avoid this movie for health and sanity reasons.
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Cool concept poorly executed
Lady Malkavian26 January 2017
There aren't all that many fantastical genre movies with a 19th century setting. Even less that are original enough not to involve Sherlock Holmes, Dracula or such. So I certainly give The Adventurer points for being a truly new addition to cinematic Gaslight Fantasy and Steampunk. So if you love the Victorian period as well, the aesthetic of this film has something to offer you.

Unfortunately as a whole it doesn't sit that well with me. It's so obviously based on a young adult novel that it's jarring to an older audience. There are family films capable of being loved by all ages, The Adventurer isn't one of these. The story isn't that strong and many characters behave cartoonishly. As the plot advanced I felt myself caring less and less.

Still I do not regret watching it. But if you do see it, manage your expectations.
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Imitate and worse
gurubesar17 February 2014
The movie was produced with the idea of similar like Indiana Jones, Lara Croft and all the other similar movies. However, there was one important thing the producer forgot. There is so such thing as Midas Box. Midas was a king with the touch that can turn other things into gold and in order to do that, he just had to touch the item. But it is a fantasy movie, anything goes....

The story line is not very clear and sometimes even confusing. It shows an American train style and the set was supposed to be in England. On top of that the kid actor was acting like as if it was on stage performance. I can not understand what they see behind the camera that they did not catch this kind of bad acting...

And of course, there is this Hollywood things. Part of the act was when they try to steal something from the office. Being a thief does not make somebody being cautious, but hey.... take as much time as you need and explore instead of getting the important information. There is no sense of urgency that you can see on the face of the actors who's doing it. And if you have something valuable given to you to safeguard; flaunt it so that everybody can see that you have it so they can steal or take it.

For something with a budget of $25 millions, I expect more on the script. Better make-up, better plot and consistent story are the least that they can do. I would have considered this one as a B grade movie, but the budget seems a bit too much for a B grade. If you don't have anything to do and have a bit of extra money to waste, then this might be the movie to see.
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Doesn't quite go far enough with what it has to give you.
Jesse Boland26 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Fantastical, and flamboyant, with a steam punk flare to give it a great look, and feel. There are many signs of the birth of a new franchise here. Within the box you have a well polished story, and many fine actors from all over the world come together. It has all the flare , and special effects of Van Helsing, or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Hall but the mental acuity of The Golden Compass. The story is whimsical, and feels like it is being told of a different world, not quite our own, just similar on the outside. I did Enjoy the movie, and would recommend it to any one of any age, but much more for the younger more prone to the imaginings, as it should be easier for them to fall into this world.
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Frrrom your powers combined... I am one of the worst movie ever!
Stingster27 January 2014
OK... where do I begin...

First thing that caught my attention was the really poor acting of the not-known actors from the movie, I don't know why pretty good actors like Michael Sheen agree to play next to such greenhorns.

Second thing is the 'missing parts' feeling that the movie gives you. It lacks those elements in charge with the smooth and logical transfer from one scene or plot to another. This is gymnasium level directing and/or editing, really.

Third thing is the amount of unnecessary and unrelated to the movie scenes. I will not give an example so I will not spoil the movie for you but there are some scenes that really give you the feeling that were cut from another movies and accidentally introduced here.

Also, although the movie suppose to take you into the late 19th century London, somehow you have the feeling that cell phone could ring anytime.

It is somehow bad directing, bad editing, bad screenplay, bad acting, bad etc. shook hands to make fun of a good idea.

That is really a shame. I would have liked this movie.
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Please, don't waste your time
gregorioblanco5 July 2014
Worst film seen in years... in decades.

They took me wrong when seeing the cast, full of people that I respected.

Like Sam Neill, Charlie Seen, even Lena Headey....

What the hell are they doing in such a s--t like this ?? Hunger ?? It is so ridiculous that you exit ashamed.

And, furthermore...

they announce a sequel !!! Who's got guts to repeat ?. Please, don't waste your time. Please, don't waste your money.

If they say that it is a children film, they must want to keep them in the ignorance forever
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Pretty to look at
pensman27 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Obviously over rated but it's a movie with flaws and yet . . . . Only actors I recognize are Sam Neill, sure he did the film for the money, and Ioan Gruffudd, a.k.a. Reed Richards and Horatio Hornblower. For 25 million they did get a movie with great sets and fairly good actors. What they needed was a better screen writer. No doubt if I knew the book, which I assume is aimed at the YA steampunk audience, I would have followed the plot with more clarity. This isn't a bad movie but there are plot jumps that leave you wondering if you missed something while reaching for some popcorn. Definitely needed those transitions that are probably on some cutting room floor. While it seems clear this film was shot with a sequel in mind, you can watch it as a stand alone. Basically if you are home and it's a rainy or snowy day and you want a well shot escapist film to watch then this is a contender. Plot is basic: Before parents disappear they hide two parts of amulet with their children along with a cryptic warning; younger brother gets taken by bad guys; older brother goes in search of younger sibling and gets some help along the way; and relatively happy ending with cliffhanger. Think of it as Warehouse 13 in 19th Century.
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I deserve to die for watching this movie!
jemm197831 January 2014
Yes, as the title suggests, I deserve to die for watching this. When I get to my old age, and look to the past I will torture myself with the memory of wasting 90 minutes of my youth years, I deserve to die now and save myself from further self inflicted torture caused by the memory of having watched this atrocious film. I had more amusement reading the comments of other users; oh I should have paid attention to them, instead I had to venture into the dreadful experience of watching this. Terrible acting, not even Sam Neill could make it look decent. If I was to believe in hell, I would imagine Lucifer punishing the doomed souls by making them watch this movie.
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Great action adventure in this clean family film. Young Mundy must find out who is friend and who is foe in order to fulfill his promise of protection.
ohlins28 January 2015
HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE!!! Great action adventure in this film! Well written adventure; a great family film without offensive language or sexual innuendo. Along lines of 3 of our favorite adventure movies, namely National Treasure, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and the Indiana Jones movies; but definitely full of surprises! This had a variety of scenes, all appealing in either their beauty or the curiosity factors they entailed. We felt this was both very well written and acted. It's unusual for me to find a movie that surprises me at all, so this one left me wanting much more. We look forward to a sequel as the end scene here hinted at one. Terrific movie!
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A Magical tale of a family who have gone underground, children seeking truth to find the answers!
corinneathome-989-88446511 October 2014
This was one of the best children/family films I have had the pleasure to view for a very long time. Intelligent, witty, clever, unpredictable, white hat, black hat. Cinema topography excelled. Dialogue excelled. Plot excelled. I just needs a sequel. It takes place in a lush background, not to be deprived of beauty in the visual department in the whole film. Costumes are tops.1800's I believe. Magic and trickery abound. The children are seeking the Midas box .-- and they are lured into a dreadful situation They do have a mentor and they are sharp witted. This is truly worth watching and I plan to purchase. How I wish it was going to have the sequel!

One Not to be missed for family viewing!.
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The penance for all your sins
Maleplatypus2 February 2014
What do you get if you combine a fair amount of funds (too much, that's for sure), bad script, even worse acting and terrible direction? This movie. You watch it and all your sins shall be forgiven, since you've suffered more than enough! Know this, you poor man: this movie is a curse itself, and fate more horrifying than the destiny shall befall all its makers. Don't let your children watch it (unless, of course, they are younger than 3 years) for they shall be doomed too. But the idea could be well carried out well as a movie by someone else. Anybody else. Even (God forbid!) Indiana Jones.

A word of advice: keep your sins and stay away from this "movie". Fires of hell will be a walk in the park compared to watching this. So it it written, so it shall be done.
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Pretty packaging, hollow box.
K_Ripley26 February 2014
Visually, this movie was brilliant. Pretty good special effects, beautiful costumes, opulent sets - the works. I also love the steampunk style of the film, and there were some decent actors. But the story, while imaginative and potentially interesting, was erratic and at times unconvincing - but totally predictable. There wasn't a single twist you couldn't see coming from miles away. The acting, while occasionally decent, was generally mediocre at best. Most of all, the character development was TERRIBLE. The villain, heroes, everyone is one dimensional - almost a punch line.

Also, for God's sake, it's 2014 - but you would think that in addition to the movie being about a fantastic Victorian world, the movie's writers and director are themselves actually Victorian. There are three women in the movie: one is the mother of the protagonist, one is his love interest, and the other is the sexy lover or wife of the main villain. While they are clever and help the movie along (with their emotions.. god help us, the gypsy card scene?! wtf?) , the women of this film have no roles other than as supporting characters for the males of the movies: the movie should have been called "AdventurER: Mystery of the Antique-Loving Old Boys Club - But Your Girlfriend Can Come, Too". I am so sick to death of this trite, sexist, racist Hollywood-style crap. I'm starting to turn into JD Salinger and dread movies. Also, speaking of racism, while I'm pleased they made an effort at diversity, no matter how half-a**ed, it 's bizarre that there is only one black guy in the whole movie, which has a large cast. In a 99% white, patriarchal, hetero Victorian world he reads obviously as a token, not a necessary character to the plot. They could very have thrown in a few more POC, even as extras. One of the villain's henchman, a fellow porter, a villager, someone at the reformatory, a guest at the hotel, some extras on the street, audience members.. the list is endless.
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A fun 1800's adventure movie
James Scott9 February 2016
I came across the DVD having never heard of this film. It was a fun family adventure film similar to the Mummy series. I like the fantasy/reality world of set in the 1800's with the wild inventions and crazy machines. Micheal Sheen's character was well done and I would like to see more of him in this role. You can tell the movie is based on a teen adventure novel as it wasn't too complex and has some plot holes. I think more time could have been spent on them events leading up to the main movie plot. The race to find various magical antiquities leaves endless options for future films. Sadly as the box office was small I doubt there will be a sequel even though the movie sets the stage for this to be one of many adventures. Overall it is an enjoyable film.
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The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box - Not that bad, terrible, horrible as Alexander's Day
roen9921 October 2014
I just read some of the other reviews and I can't say I didn't like it. So I decided to write my review. I really have to say that those were not the correct actors. I didn't feel any emotion in some scenes. And the way he was saving his brother. He was hurting him. Man, do the Heimlich next time. Or the part when Sacha's father died. I think she cried too much (irony). However, I have to say I liked the imagination and all other fiction stuff. If you want to see this film, make sure you are not in a bad mood, you have a big orange bowl of popcorn and a family member or a friend by your side. I think that would be the best way! Good bed-time story! :) Enjoy!
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