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Is it possible the makers understand how incredible this film is?
srcooper-756-64667122 December 2020
You only get to watch this for the first time once, so choose your state of mind carefully. It is a film about movies and dreams and reality, and what sort of life it is best to find when you leave the cinema and return to whatever you left to enter. It is spectacular, and brutal, and enigmatic and disturbing. It is beautiful and absorbing. It is about one of my favourite characters ever to grace the screen. I don't see it often, in case it's not as good as I like to remember it. That is my secret, that I lock away in my safe in the basement. That somewhere there is a perfect world for us all. For some, perhaps it is in the cinema watching this.
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Insanely Brilliant ! Nolan has outdone himself !!
naman-avastol10 July 2010
What is the most resilient parasite? An Idea! Yes, Nolan has created something with his unbelievably, incredibly and god- gifted mind which will blow the minds of the audience away. The world premiere of the movie, directed by Hollywood's most inventive dreamers, was shown in London and has already got top notch reviews worldwide and has scored maximum points! Now the question arises what the movie has that it deserve all this?

Dom Cobb(Di Caprio) is an extractor who is paid to invade the dreams of various business tycoons and steal their top secret ideas. Cobb robs forcefully the psyche with practiced skill, though he's increasingly haunted by the memory of his late wife, Mal (Marion Cotillard), who has a nasty habit of showing up in his subconscious and wreaking havoc on his missions. Cobb had been involved so much in his heist work that he had lost his love!

But then, as fate had decided, a wealthy business man Saito( Ken Watanabe) hands over the responsibility of dissolving the empire of his business rival Robert Fischer Jr.(Cillian Murphy). But this time his job was not to steal the idea but to plant a new one: 'Inception'

Then what happens is the classic heist movie tradition. To carry out the the task, Cobb's 'brainiac' specialists team up again with him, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), his longtime organizer; Tom Hardy (Eames), a "forger" who can shapeshift at will; and Yusuf (Dileep Rao), a powerful sedative supplier.

There is only one word to describe the cinematography, the set designs and the special effects, and that is Exceptional! You don't just watch the scenes happening, you feel them. The movie is a real thrill ride. The action scenes are well picturised and the music by Hans Zimmer is electronically haunting. Never, in the runtime of the movie, you will get a chance to move your eyes from the screen to any other object.

Leonardo, who is still popularly known for Jack Dawson played by him in Titanic, should be relieved as his role as Dom Cobb will be remembered forever. His performance may or may not fetch him an Oscar but it will be his finest performance till date. The supporting cast too did an extraordinary work. Christopher Nolan, ah! what a man he is. His work is nothing less than a masterpiece and he deserves all the awards in the 'Best Director' category. If "Inception" is a metaphysical puzzle, it's also a metaphorical one: It's hard not to draw connections between Cobb's dream-weaving and Nolan's film making, intended to seduce us, mess with our heads and leave an ever-lasting impression.

To conclude, I would just say before your life ends, do yourself a favor by experiencing this exceptionally lucid classic created by Nolan!

My Rating: 10/10

Thanks & Regards
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konradbuczak1 February 2021
Wait, did i just watch this or is it just a dream?
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Nolan's best film by far
harveyneary-7306528 February 2021
This is an excellent film. The CGI is great. The characters are great. But I have one problem which is the character development. It didn't have much of it, but that is the only problem. The movie did start of really confusing, but in the 40 minute part I got used to the story. In conclusion this is a great film and I would highly recommend it.
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Incredible-Nolan keeps improving and Inception is by far the best improvement!
drakula20059 July 2010
I saw Memento very recently, something that turned out to be a great miss.I saw it again, just to make a couple of thins straight-and i'll definitely do the same with Inception.

Christopher Nolan keeps improving himself, with even more complex and multilayer script like this.And i thought Memento was hard to reach by most of the viewers, but no.Inception will keep you mesmerized and captivated by the genius, that's hidden behind it.And not just directors and screenwriters (or with other words-Nolan), but with acting and sound-and effects and editing as well.

When you have a cast like this-i mean Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, Michael Caine, or Marion Cotillard (a personal favourite), the movie just keeps going flawlessly.Most of the crew is the same the Nolan brothers worked with on TDK and earlier in Batman Begins.So the Oscar noms in those categories are a certainty for me.

The only thing one could have against the movie, is the headache one could have.See, most of my friends go to the movies for brainless action, they enjoyed Iron Man 2 and The A-Team, but this movie-you have to see it at least twice, to understand it.The levels and the layers on which thing are happening are so many, that one surely'll miss something vital.This is a reason for not fitting to the mass audience, but i hope that won't happen, because Nolan is one of my favourite directors/writers, and he showed, that the brainless action flicks aren't all of it.There are still movies like Inception out there and still people like the Nolans to make those movies, so it's not all lost.And i hope this movie could show the audience that the story is still important for the experience one could receive, not the endless, constant explosions.Because this is really a one of a lifetime event.

Saying that, i must say, that in a world full of remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels and God knows what, this is a unique chance to see something different and unmatched so far-a strong movie, that, surely will be Nolan's latest masterpiece! My Grade won't change-it's the same for all Nolan movies-sheer 10!
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Nolan at his most intelligent best.
marcusdean11813 July 2010
Inception is truly one of a kind. A concept which has long gestated in Christopher Nolan's mind, his eye for drama mixed with his large scale sensibilities ring true in Blockbuster season making Inception a true original in the sea of reboots, remakes and sequels.

To try and explain Inceptions many plot twists and incredibly intelligent arcs, would be a foolish task. As Nolan himself has been reluctant to. The best way to approach the film would be with an open mind, if you are prepared to be taken on a ride of a lifetime, then trust that you 100% will. If Avatar was a seminal film in technology (although coming out as a rather poor film, in my opinion), then Inception is seminal in it's storytelling. With a 148 minute running time, you would expect a lot to take place, but what you wouldn't expect is the pace of it all. I did not think at one time in the film about how long was left. I was simply blown away by the depth in every single part of the film. If my enthusiasm for the storytelling aspect of the film has left you worried about the spectacle, then don't worry. They are, as hinted in the trailer, incredible, looking real and unbelievable simultaneously. The most pleasing thing about the action set pieces, is that they are genuinely used to illustrate the story, rather than to blow stuff up a la Michael Bay.

With this complex movie in it's high concept, a stellar cast is needed. And Nolan as always, delivers with just that. This is vintage DiCaprio, perhaps only equalled in The Aviator, which is even more impressive as his role as Cobb in Inception is not a showy one, needing DiCaprio to be the constant at the centre of the film. And he pulls off Cobb's emotional contradictions sublimely. The rest of the cast members all shine in parts of the films, Cillian Murphy shows off his usually non-existent tender side, Gordon-Levitt bottles his usual charm for his confidently reserved turn as the reliable Arthur, Watanabe is devilish as the seemingly ambiguous Saito, Page shows why she's the next big female star and Tom Hardy revels in being the comic relief of the film compared to his recent turns as decidedly psychopathic characters.

Overall, Nolan has indeed surpassed himself. He has created a world as expansive as his Gotham, a plot dwarfing the intricacies of Memento and one which blows The Prestige's cinematic reveal out of the water. This is truly unmissable cinema. Revel in it, we've still got to wait a whole two years before Batman 3.
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Amazing Directing, Captivating Plot, Overall Great
howemonika12 July 2010
I had the privilege of seeing this movie before it came out, and, like most of DiCaprio's films, it blew me away.

Inception is a well-made movie, filmed in about 6 locations all over the world. The directing was outstanding, there were only about two moments, maybe three seconds in total, where i noticed that visual effects were being used (of course defying gravity is pretty difficult).

The plot was very pleasingly intricate, with a twist-and-turn, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat type feel. I noticed that this film had similarities with DiCaprios thriller Shutter Island (which i also enjoyed very much)seeing as it left you wondering what was real and what was not. It's great to see a movie with a thick and emotional plot and not just grenade-throwing action heroes who achieve greatness in the end.

Inception also has a very well-composed score, which to me was the finishing touch to a perfect movie. If you're thinking about seeing Inception, definitely go! Even though i was fortunate enough to see a free show, it is worth every penny you pay.

Truly unique, like nothing i've ever seen before. Christopher Nolan certainly covered new ground with this film and wasn't afraid to leave us hanging with a spectacular ending.
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Nolan's first true masterpiece
technofunkie12 July 2010
Usually I try to be careful with over hyping a film, or setting the expectations too high, as film geeks all are guilty for, however for Christopher Nolan's Inception, this really is not possible.

This is possibly one of the only perfect films I have ever seen. It is absolutely confident in every way, something which is extremely refreshing, even more so than Avatar. Christopher Nolan gets some slack for making great to look at but ultimately heartless affairs, which I for one do not agree with, however I do not think anyone can argue that here. The emotional aspect of this film not only ties it all together but is really the centre of this film, it is the focus.

I do not want to over simplify the film, by simply calling it Kubrick doing Bond, or Gondry on a huge budget, because I am sure it will be called that but it is far more than that, it is something I do not think Kubrick could have ever made. It is pure Nolan, and pure greatness.

I hate writing something which is pure fan-boy gushing, but its really difficult here. I did not find a thing I did not like about it, I am sure if maybe I saw it a second time, maybe I would find something about it I didn't like, but not the first time. The way it is cut, means that there is always action on screen, if not, then the visuals are interesting enough to keep your eyes glued.

The final hour of the film, is possibly one of the most complicated action sequences put on film. You have to constantly be paying attention to remember all of the layers of what is happening. Without spoiling anything, all I have to say is that is what this film is about, that is what makes this film so great, layers. Once you have seen this you will now what I am talking about.

All of the actors are fantastic too, Di Caprio is the stand out here. Yes, this is probably due to the fact he is the star and given all of the emotional weight, but he handles it perfectly, similarly to his performance in Shutter Island. Ellen Page, whom I usually hate, gives a great performance here. Tom Hardy gives a break out performance here, he is quite the bad ass.

I hope audiences are ready for a film like this, a pure auteur driven film which does not sacrifice a single frame for the studio. I would hope this film will change Hollywood, as it is 100 percent the directors vision yet it is definitely a marketable film, much like District 9, yet I do not think it will.

I cannot recommend this film anymore than I have, I just have to say everyone and anyone should see it. Sorry about all the gushing, it is just so hard not too.

If you liked this review check out my new film blog:
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Requires Concentration
deepfrieddodo1 February 2021
An incredibly unique film which deserves its plaudits purely for the intelligent world created. Whilst extremely complex, the 'science' allowing the story to unfold is explained for the most part, although I imagine everyone loses the plot on a first viewing at some point, for me I was okay until the very final Saito scene. It keeps you engaged throughout and I think (?) you're routing for the right people, although in reality the overarching reason to undergo the entire film is a little weak, possibly skimmed over, and purely a vehicle to discover the world of dreams.

Visually it cannot be faulted, and the pairing with the music works excellently as well. You're constantly drawn into the film without it ever being something that will get your heart racing, more interesting than compelling. Having said that, it is really one of a kind, at least at this level, and so everyone should see Inception, if only to appreciate the depth Nolan went into.
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Sci-fi perfection. A truly mesmerizing film.
dvc515915 July 2010
I'm nearly at a loss for words. Just when you thought Christopher Nolan couldn't follow up to "The Dark Knight", he does it again, delivering another masterpiece, one with so much power and rich themes that has been lost from the box office for several years. Questioning illusions vs reality usually makes the film weird, but Nolan grips your attention like an iron claw that you just can't help watching and wondering what will happen next. That is a real powerful skill a director has. No wonder Warner Bros. put their trust in him, he is THAT good of a director, and over-hyping a Christopher Nolan film, no matter what the film is about, is always an understatement instead of an overestimate like MANY films before.

Not since the eras of Stanley Kubrick, Andrei Tarkovsky and Alfred Hitchcock has there been a more brilliant director than Christopher Nolan. He is, undoubtedly, one of THE most brilliant and gifted Hollywood filmmakers in history. Filmmakers like him come but just once in a lifetime. He has the ability to seduce our eyes, ears and most importantly, mind, and then delivers what he intends to deliver in full blast. Rarely have blockbusters have the gall to deliver such amounts imagination and intelligence at the same time. And yes, it is similar to the excellent anime film "Paprika" in the whole "invading dreams" plot, but the similarities end there as Nolan brings the film to a whole different level.

Visuals and intelligence rarely come together in movies at the same time, it's either all-visuals-no-smarts ("G.I. Joe", "Transformers") or the exact opposite ("Doubt", "Invictus"). In this film the excellently directed action sequences combined with immensely groundbreaking and jaw-dropping visual effects are combined smoothly with a heavy dose of intelligence and believability.

Although having an ensemble cast and financed by a Hollywood giant studio (Warner Bros), this film is a very personal film for Nolan, he wrote the film as well as directing it, and as you watch the film you get many glimpses of Nolan's perplexing, increasingly imaginative thoughts and dreams in the dialog that he writes and the plot that he sets up. Ideas have never felt more interesting and put to good use than in this film. This film is NOT for the popcorn muncher, rather it is a film for thinkers. Honestly I can't explain the plot for fear of spoiling the movie for you readers. Even the slightest hint will ruin the experience. The viewer will walk out of the cinema feeling dazed, confused and ultimately breathless. It's like a puzzle, both physically and mentally, and you have to pay attention throughout the film for the clues. However Nolan controls the spectacle of the film and is careful not to let it overwhelm the film's humanity, and this is where "Inception" shines. It is a very deep film that will have one thinking and asking questions for years to come. That's right, years.

Once the film ends, you'll want to watch it again, for there's something new every time. This is a film that requires multiple viewing for someone to truly comprehend the film's ambiguous themes, and will be discussed by many in the future. This is an original film, no adaptation, no sequel/prequel, no remake/reboot, which is extremely refreshing having gone nearly three years of mostly unremarkable visual effects roadshows ("Avatar" be damned).

Of course, a film is not complete without the actors. Leo DiCaprio delivers an Oscar worthy performance, similar but better than his previous effort "Shutter Island". He shows glimpses of a flawed, grim, fragile man, who has knowledge about everything else but yet can't seem to come in grips with himself and his demons. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Dileep Rao, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, Michael Caine, Marion Cottilard, Pete Postlethwaite, Lukas Haas... Nolan really brings out the best in this unusual yet extremely talented group of supporting actors who make their roles their own.

Nolan is of course, a master behind the camera, a real virtuoso when it comes to film. His direction is taut, focused, gripping, and extraordinarily fascinating. The detailed and complex original script is no surprise from Nolan, considering the fact that he turned Batman the superhero into pop-culture art two years ago ("The Dark Knight"). The action sequences are unique, exciting and fresh, something absent from the cinema which has since been interested at things popping towards the screen and stuff blowing up every two milliseconds. The visual effects are awesome and imaginative, and best of all they do not bring down the movie's quality one bit, rather it makes the movie more fascinating to watch. The cinematography is absolutely, beautifully shot, so we can see the action and emotion in all their glory. Production design is top notch, with terrific design of sets and locations. Hans Zimmer's complementing music score is simply outstanding, and knowing the man, that's really all I have to say. Together all of these elements combine to deliver a mesmerizing movie experience like no other this year.

Christopher Nolan has once again outdone himself. He truly is a gifted filmmaker, arguably the most imaginative in Hollywood today. And "Inception" can proudly stand alongside "Blade Runner" and "2001: A Space Odyssey" as science-fiction masterpieces that push the boundaries for movie making and become a different experience altogether.

There are two types of films: the crowd-pleasing blockbuster and the intelligent indie/art film. Nolan has combined two of these tropes together into one exceptionally brilliant package, pulling off that rare, now nearly-extinct Movie Magic that has since been wiped off the planet by sequelitis and reboots. Movie of Summer 2010? Movie of 2010? Heck this is possibly the first masterpiece of the decade! Nolan is a genius and I applaud him for treating his audiences as intelligent people.

Missing this film and not getting the film's point is a crime.

Overall value: 9/10 (Excellent)
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manojitbaidya31 January 2021
An amazing science fiction movie... Christopher Nolan's another masterpiece... Need a sharp mind to understand the story & enjoy this movie.
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Over long, pretentious twaddle
ap_griffiths24 January 2012
This is not a bad film per se, had it been about 30-40 minutes shorter I would not have been too offended. But I am genuinely perplexed as to how people can rave over it - #13 on all time list at time of writing!! There is virtually no character development, the plot is overly complicated and riddled with holes and contradictions. Frankly you don't need to suspend disbelief so much has have it surgically removed and flushed down the toilet. By the end I was wishing I was in a dream within a dream policed by a completely arbitrary set of nonsense rules - anything to get me out of that chair.

Is this really the same man who gave us Memento??
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"You're infecting my mind!"
Glock_Boy24 January 2011
Alright folks, I saw the same movie you saw. My wife and I both went into this with great expectations. Visually, the movie was interesting. Beyond that, it was ho-hum for us. I felt myself fidgeting in the seat several times wondering when they were going to get to the point. The film was about 45 minutes too long. The concept is very interesting, but there are so many loopholes and unanswered questions and illogical contrivances that we both just shook our heads and enjoyed the scenery. I have to wonder where all of the high ratings for this flick are coming from. I am not buying that as many people loved this thing on the same par as Lord of the Rings and Godfather. This movie was so pumped up that I was hoping for something brilliant like The Matrix. I feel like I got something more similar to "The Happening".
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Not Memorable
jacqueline-439-754892 August 2012
This film has great effects. That is about all I can say because I found its plot instantly forgettable. Slickly directed, it is a visual treat.

Leonardo D. is solid as usual, Ellen Page is good but she suffers from looking too young to have qualified as an architect.

I would struggle to think of any reason to recommend this film to anyone to watch because beyond the sight of Paris folding over there is nothing else to recommend. Not enough tension within the plot so I didn't actually care about the characters.

Looks good but not a great film.
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Are you people watching the same film as me!!????
ashleybelsham1 September 2010
OK here goes. I'll prepare myself for an ass kicking.

I finish watching this film thinking are you guys really watching the same film as me!!?? Does this film really deserve 9.1 out of 10??? (1st sept 2010).

I found this film incredibly frustrating. So I guess at the start you learn what a cool concept the film is based on. Nice idea. Very interesting. So why take over 2hrs to get to the point!!?? I fell asleep twice whilst watching it and still managed to catch the end - not feeling that i'd missed anything important.

I didn't really like the characters. In these films you tend to connect with as least ONE character but I didn't feel it here at all.

So some of you like the FX?? Yeah that ONE scene they used in the trailer. The one they sold the film on.

Oh yeah. The last rant....i cant stand films where they introduce rules and details that only apply in the next few scenes. It so annoying and predictable. They do that a lot in this film.

So anyway. I left asking myself and the other people I saw this with why this film is so overrated and there are a lack of bad reviews about it. We concluded its one of these trendy films that are meant to be clever and intelligent. I think people will be afraid of saying bad points about this just in case it suggests that they don't understand the concept. I for one did understand it, I just didn't like it. I certainly don't think it deserves 9.1 out of 10.

My suggestion....just go and rent Matrix or Minority Report or something like that. Clever, visually brilliant AND enjoyable.
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A Potpourri of Vestiges Review: Buñuel meets Kubrick in Nolan's most ambitious venture, till date
murtaza_mma26 July 2010
Surrealism can appear to be ineffably bizarre, or inquisitively titillating, depending purely on the viewer's intellect. Though the realm of surrealism is highly nebulous and complex, but even a slight attempt at improvisation can sometimes go awry and open a Pandora's Box, making the task highly improbable and nigh impossible. This facet of reality may pose a handicap to the most gifted of the directors, but not to the genius of Christopher Nolan, who not only dabbles with the concept of surrealism, but also ingeniously blends it with the elements of Science Fiction in his latest wonder named Inception. Nolan created a niche for himself a decade back by unleashing a monster of a movie called Memento. He further substantiated his status by conjuring movies like Insomnia, The Prestige, Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight. His unremitting desire for innovation and uncanny craving to foray into the unexplored realms of imagination deservedly earned him an auteur tag, which gave him the carte blanche that a story-teller like Nolan desperately needs. It's highly apparent that Nolan takes every possible advantage of this liberty while filming Inception. Inception is not only dreamlike, but is a dream in itself and is superior to any other thing conceived on the silver screen. With its entwined layers, the movie for the most part serves as an unfathomable riddle and makes multiple viewing extremely essential. It incredibly does extremely well on both the humanistic as well as the technical fronts. In fact, the balance between human emotions and the elements of Science Fiction is so adequate that it's impossible to separate them.

The movie is about a futuristic world where the human mind can be intercepted through dream invasion. Cobb is an expert in the art of extracting information (stealing valuable secrets) from deep within the subconscious in the dream state. His proficiency in extraction is marred by a turmoil that begins with his wife's untimely death. He is forced to live the life of a fugitive away from his children. His only chance for redemption lies with a Japanese tycoon named Saitu, who wants him to do an inception (planting information into someone's mind). In order to accomplish this unprecedented task, Cobb and his team must overcome a labyrinth of unforeseeable challenges, where even a slight miss could trap them in a perpetual limbo. Any further revelation would be remissness on my part as the plot is filled with such intricacies that even expatiation would be incapable of justifying its profundity.

Leonardo Dicaprio gives a solid performance in the lead role, following his memorable performance in Shutter Island. He has brilliantly depicted the complexities and limitations of Cobb's enigmatic character highlighting his pain and mental trauma. Marion Cotillard is ravishingly scintillating as Cobb's whimsical wife, Mal. The rest of the cast has given a thorough performance with special mention of Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Inception is incredibly brilliant as a movie and is a breakthrough in contemporary cinema. Nolan's creativity and his unparalleled execution definitely make it an object of great cachet, but whether it would become Buñuel's 'Un chien andalou' or Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey' and serve as a prototype for the movies to come is for the time to decide. Irrespectively, Inception is sine qua non not only for an aficionado, but also for the average viewer, who is willing to delve deep enough to savour the delight.

PS: One has to imagine it to believe it. 9/10
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Unique but not good
whatever-tanveer9 November 2010
Look I am a fan of Chris Nolan or at least I used to be. His movies are always different and I liked them. Prestige was the first movie that I watched of him and I loved it. The Dark Knight was the movie that I had the highest expectations and it did not let me down. I know there are 10 things not to like The Dark Knight but for me there were 1000 things to like. But this time I AM disappointed. Inception is like the cutest car that can't run very fast. It has its good looking but no good plot and a million questions about the concept.

There are a few simple rules about a science fiction movie or story. When you watch one there are things you feel right or not. You can use your wildest imaginations but at some point they have to make sense. This film certainly did not feel right. This was like a low budget science fiction which starts well but loses it after a while except for this was a big budget movie!

Well there ARE a few things to like about this movie. It has a good concept, good graphics and good acting. If the plat was better and a few more things made more sense this could have been the masterpiece everyone thinks it to be.
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Mind Bending
ethlaid4 June 2021
Mind bending, plot twisting, heart pumping plot that is constantly creating tension and engaging the viewer. Visually remarkable, exquisite acting. All to be finished with a fascinating ending.
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Am I dreaming
jordandorothy-3073911 December 2020
Though this was a very good, on your toes, don't blink kind of movie. In the end, I had to ask myself, "Was it all a dream?". Acting superb and directing on point. Very good movie.
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Overrated Tripe
cliston22 December 2010
Very, very overrated film. Worth seeing in the cinema for the visual effects but would never buy the DVD. The acting is good but the content lacks a truly engaging story line. It lures you in but never manages to hook you. They shouldve explored other characters rather than Cobb. It seems to me as though the film could've been pulled off with a less talented supporting cast. Also it is slightly confusing in some parts. Other parts are way too predictable. This is NOT the MIND BLOWING film people talk it up to be. Those people out there who say this is a GREAT film are mistaken. Although in saying that it stills scores a solid 5/10. Cam
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Perception of inception
tortoiseman_5262 February 2019
It has taken me 9 years to get round to watching this and during that time I looked forward more and more to seeing it. Was it worth the wait....NO.

I find it difficult to find anything positive to say, but the premise and idea of the film is interesting. That sadly is all, its an overblown mess of a movie with no place for a connection to the films characters. A collection of choreographed fight scenes connected by dream science mumbo jumbo and accompanied by a bombastic score does not make an interesting movie. Mr Nolan should have spent his time focusing on a coherent story and some character development, less time on trying to shoehorn in pointless action.

A bitter dissapointment of a movie.
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A beautiful surface,hollow content. Gifted cast wasted and Nolan gets stuck between reinvention and desperate pretensions.
SausagePourVous29 January 2012
Inception makes the average moviegoer feel smart and I would have zero problem with that,unless fans weren't so extremely elitist and condescending. I DO get it...and neither love or hate it. Limited vocabulary but maybe a good read?

DiCaprio has reached such super-stardom that can only be compared with Stallone,Schwarzenegger and Will Smith. Meaning:No matter who stars alongside him,he's the only one who sells the film.Just like in Shutter Island,Inceptions trailer only mentions LEONARDO.DICAPRIO.

If Watanabe,Cotilliard,Murphy and the rest(Oscarwinners and Oscarnominees,come on) co-star,I might want to know. Studios,respect actors...and ON PAPER,the mix of actors intrigues.

Plotwise though,it's all about Mal.Nolan had all the time he wanted to create a caper that was provocative or involved fates of main characters,danger! Morally ambiguous maybe! Yet,planting the seed in a business-mans head that selling his fathers company is his own idea is the result. HOW PG and unpersonal can we get? No room for both a new concept,a bold plot and developed characters...? Nope.

Understand it could've been to get a mail-man to call in sick the next day,heist irrelevant. 80% of Inception evolves around the caper,still it merely becomes window dressing,a distraction from the core,the human heart that occasionally beats,being the relationship between Dom and his bad conscience in the shape of Cotilliards Mal.

All scenes involving her are superb,it's a nuanced performance worthy of an Oscarnomination. Mal is dangerous,sad,disturbed, beautiful and Very dead. One scene especially involving a ledge is great,heartbreaking cinema. That the person who's most alive and complex is deceased..Paradox...but a good hint at the misuse of actors.

Several actors could just've switched names,their characters don't have personalities. What did you do here,Christopher? They describe rules for the dreamworld,dream-extraction,describe what's happening at the moment, that's it.

When Swick casted Watanabe in The last samurai,he knew the screenplay matched the mans potential. Nolan has with Batman begins and Inception twice wasted his talent...Murphy? Think I rather see him type-casted as sophisticated sociopaths alá Red Eye then see him as a blank page.

Inception's the star and while a detailed construction, intentionally confusing and complex,you DO have to pay attention,complex does not equal intelligent. As you take the ride,things move fast and you're not allowed to break and examine. It's only when it's over you realize you were standing still all along.

You are cleverly manipulated into believing the story makes you think(Cause you understand what you saw.Not the same..)or that your mind discovers philosophical metaphors. That you are witnessing something deep is shoved down your throat but depth is mostly absent.

Sure,the film deserves the Oscars. Things sound great,look great. Buildings become bridges. An orgasm for the eyes. Pfisters camera-work here is great,very colorful,crisp,clean. Imaginative art direction. I dig Zimmers less-is-more score. In general the whole film's eye candy,perfect surface. The inside...?

1.Alright,WAY too much shooting and "violence" going on here, considering everyone's sound asleep on a plane and thoughts are murdered. Would've been more intriguing with psychological tension instead of train-crashes and explosions but lack of a REAL physical threat only manages to turn suspense into a dream as well.

Sleeping boy vs. thought in zero gravity is so pointless,the impressive CGI just confirms Nolans smug self-awareness of his competent,VISUAL execution and just cements the surface statement.

2. Limbo. Wouldn't a dream-extractors worst nightmare be LIMBO,wouldn't it come up in a conversation between professionals at some point probably? No...not even mentioned until drama occurs.

3.For the 5th time,a womans accidental death consumes a wealthy,white man between 30 and 35 with guilt that will define him and her role is again pivotal. It's getting old and predictable,I hope the issues are worked out by now.

4.Last scene. It defines and sums up Inceptions feeling of surface reaching for depth and jaw breaking response,artistic pretensions,strained complexity for the sake of complexity rather then genuinely clever.

Nolan in desperation wants to wrap it up so it leaves us scratching our heads... I was banging my head against the seat in front of me when the end credits rolled.

He leaves you with two options,no scenarios or reasons that make or should make you come up with an own conclusion. Far from a thinking mans thriller. One of the two is a joke used when referring to funny,lousy twists in B-thrillers. So...

No why or how,just IF...IF films were people,Nolans own Memento,The usual suspects or Fight Club would blush,look at 8.8 and put a pistol in their mouth when the words"Smart,thought-provoking thriller" puts Inception next door to them.

The ending insults us,a cop out. Definition of a writer not knowing neither how to quit while ahead or how a journey is gonna reach a classic destination worthy of the plots seemingly intricate layers and ambitions. Sooo...he passes the ball to you and washes his hands with 15 seconds to go,smart lad.

A picture this celebrated for being smart should hold up under a magnifying glass. It burns up without you even turning it towards the sun,man. This is an experiment and Nolans monster looks good,but at times,it comes close to the IQ of Dr.Frankensteins creation.

DiCaprio gives a solid and mature performance,Hardy makes the most of what little the script offers and gives Eames mannerisms,charisma and a sense of humor. Cotilliard is amazing like stated.

The rest could've been portrayed by Gary Busey,Eric Roberts and Lindsay Lohan...

Nolans 1st failure is a mix of beauty,superficial intelligence and posturing. Caught between a flawed,pretty entertaining film and a bad one. Mediocre becomes bad when it comes to this shallow.
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I was glad the theatre served alcohol
talacen13 January 2011
The special effects were great but the science was so flawed in this movie that it was incredible. The storyline made absolutely no sense at all. It also appears to be a bad ripoff of the Matrix (can you say the Architect). Even more illogical is the fact that if the "Architect" can create stairs, doors, or even an entire dream environment at will, why can't they fly, destroy anything they want any way they want, or make themselves invisible. At least in the Matrix Neo could fly.

The movie just contradicts all of its own rules. People were falling all over the place throughout different dream states but no one woke up, even though a sense of falling wakes you up. Even worse was the supposed technology used to put everyone in the same dream. I don't even want to get started with that one but a pair of ear-buds just will not do it. I really think we need to stress science a little more in our schools.

It was pretty cool looking though.
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The most grappling movie
radoslavpeev2 March 2021
This movie is the one with the most original screenplays. I've watched it two times and one of which was in a cinema theater and I can say that this was one of the best movie expierences i've had ever.
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Dazzles like cheap jewelery
ferdinand193228 May 2011
While it seems ingenious to invent a cunning conceit such as the one deployed in this film it is like a novel that uses neologisms and errant grammar and punctuation: it's effects tire and it seems less than it wishes it to be.

The dramaturgy and logic of Inception is very simple and relies on a 'reductio' argument which is quite clear within 10 minutes,(and is absurd because of the logical impossibility of the argument itself like Wittgenstein's proof against skepticism) but it's true failing is not that: it is in fact the use of change and sudden effects as plot devices because once employed they heighten awe but kill any suspense or connection with the characters in the film. There is no reason or emotion in caring about characters that are chaff in a rather ordinary logician's game.

Years ago Thomas Pynchon was considered an important writer, and the author and critic (and sometime film critic) Peter Ackroyd wrote an astute review of his major work, "Gravity's Rainbow", in which he ridiculed the ease of such writing; it's deceptive cleverness; it's egoism, and its immaturity because it is so overtly obvious, and like anything childish, of no real lasting interest artistically.

Inception is that too. Instantly forgettable.
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