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  • For the first time, Monday night's "Dancing with the Stars" required each of the remaining five couples take on two individual dances -- one Latin and one ballroom. The Latin dances would each reflect a style of a different decade.

    The judges' take: The judges provided some insight into each of the couples and what they were looking for out of them. Up first was Donny Osmond, who Len Goodman and Carrie Ann Inaba agreed had to focus on posture in the Viennese Waltz.

    Carrie Ann noted that Joanna Krupa had lost her balance in ballroom before, so she needed to put her best foot forward in the quickstep. Bruno Tonioli also noted that Joanna had to watch her tempo.

    Len said he was looking for grace and elegance from Kelly Osbourne in the foxtrot. Carrie Ann said the ballroom was Kelly's strength, so it was a crucial round for her. Len said Kelly had to "grow or go."

    Mya would have to be sharp and precise in her quickstep, Len said. Carrie Ann noted that Mya tries to avoid being as technical as possible and opts for the showy moves.

    Carrie Ann said the foxtrot is about "rise and fall and light and shade," and that Aaron Carter has a tendency to be "over-exuberant." Bruno said he'd have to stay under control to succeed.

    Mya & Dmitry: Mya's foxtrot last week was again too showy for Len, but Mya didn't want to risk losing "the wow factor" just to please Len. They went to ride horses to relax a bit. It might have worked. Len said there was again some disappointment for him -- pausing for effect as the crowd groaned -- because he "couldn't find anything to criticize." Bruno said, "This is quality." He said "after you taste it, nothing else will do." Carrie Ann said Mya made something very difficult look like it flowed right out of her body. Scores: 9, 10, and 10. Total: 29

    Aaron & Karina: Aaron earned his highest score of the season, but still had to dance for his life. He called it an emotional coaster and said he didn't think he had shown the world what they could do. He confessed to Karina that he'd never won anything in his life. Karina was sick much of the week, but powered through for their foxtrot. Bruno said he could see how much work went into it, but said it "was a little bit tense" and didn't have the smoothness of a foxtrot. Carrie Ann agreed, saying every detail was important at this stage. She said Karina's foot came off the ground. Len said watching Aaron was like watching his son in a toy shop because of all the emotions Aaron tends to show. He said that regardless of what happened, he was proud of Aaron. Scores: 7, 8, and 8. Total: 23

    Joanna & Derek: Joanna was at the top of the pack last week, but the quickstep presented a whole new challenge. Derek showed Joanna some footage of Mya's previous performances to see her competitor's strengths and give Joanna some ideas of how to hold her own. Carrie Ann noted the routines were longer than normal and spotted a couple of out of sync moments. She said Joanna's bottom half was "a little bit of an eyesore." Len said the performance was "not the standard for the quarterfinal." Bruno said it looked like Joanna was "running away from the scene of a crime." He said it was "not one of your best performances." Scores: 8, 7, and 8. Total: 23

    Kelly & Louis: After an emotional week, Kelly Osbourne had Bruno dancing on the judges' table and said she was no longer afraid, but excited. She and Louis were taking on a ballroom dance for the first time since the first part of the season. Kelly was distracted during rehearsal so Louis took all of her things away and locked them in a box. She was focused on doing a foxtrot that would prove she belongs in the competition. Len said he'd forgotten how much grace and elegance Kelly brings to the dance floor and said that despite some distracting footwork, it was "fantastic." Bruno said Kelly was weightless and said she stayed in the performance. Carrie Ann said Kelly's secret weapon was that the moment she has a breakthrough, the audience goes wild. She noted Kelly needed to work on her extension. Scores: 8, 8, and 9. Total: 25

    Donny & Kym: Donny succeeded at covering up mistakes in his quickstep last week. He confided in Kym that he was burned out last week and wasn't having any fun. He said he had to "reset everything" and start over in enjoying the competition more. He and Kym put on an elegant Viennese waltz that earned a standing ovation from the crowd. Bruno said it was like "watching a Lifetime movie." He wondered how could Donny help but be an entertainer. Carrie Ann called it "mesmerizing." She said Donny didn't over-perform it and looked at ease with his posture. Len said it was nice, but a little "arty-farty" for him. Scores: 9, 8, and 9. Total: 26

    The judges' take, Part 2: Len said Donny's paso doble had to show "an action hero." He said Donny has what it takes, "but he makes mistakes" and "he's gotta get it right."

    Len said Mya had to be groovy with a '70s samba. Carrie Ann said Mya likes to play it safe. Bruno agreed and said Mya needed to let her hair down. Carrie Ann she still didn't believe that Mya wanted to win it.

    Bruno wondered whether Joanna would be aggressive enough to nail a futuristic paso doble. Carrie Ann said if Joanna nailed it the way she knew Joanna could, she saw 10s in her future.

    Bruno said Kelly is always better in hold than she is on her own, "and that won't cut it for the jive."

    Len wanted to see bounce, fun and bongos from Aaron's samba. Carrie Ann said the dance is "totally Aaron." Len encouraged him to "shake what your momma gives you."

    Mya & Dmitry: Mya was excited to have pulled the '70s samba. Dmitry said they would incorporate some disco moves into a traditional samba to match the decade. Dmitry was having a difficult time coming up with choreography. The crowd stood in appreciation. Carrie Ann said, "I believe it!" She suddenly believed Mya wanted to win. Len said Mya was "absolutely on fire" and her hips were "hypnotic." He was glad she produced two dances Monday of the highest standard with no gimmicks. Bruno got all hysterical and sang a couple of lines from Diana Ross' "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Scores: 10, 10, and 10. Total: 30

    Aaron & Karina: Aaron said the '90s samba was perfect for him because it was what he grew up with. He showed Karina a move he called "The Rodeo," which he said was popular in the '90s. Len said it was tough for Aaron to follow a samba that earned a perfect 30, but said Aaron sold and nearly nailed it. Bruno said it was good to see the mix of the '90s and the samba. Carrie Ann said Aaron had grown into "truly a great performer" and said he was "hitting it." Scores: 9, 9, and 9. Total: 27

    Joanna & Derek: Derek wanted to create a paso doble that people had never seen before as their decade was "the future." He said it was one of the most unique dances he'd ever done on the show. Bruno called it a masterful reinvention of a classic and called Derek a "genius." Carrie Ann called it outstanding execution of the theme and praised Joanna for not missing a step. She pointed out one little misstep. Len said Bruno had taken his word -- "genius." He said not only was the theme great, but the content of paso doble was great. He called it fantastic. Scores: 9, 10, and 10. Total: 29

    Kelly & Louis: Louis wanted to design something really fun for a '60s jive. Kelly's first music video was set in the '60s, so she was glad to be able to bring something to the table for the choreography. Len said Kelly had been "an absolutely revelation" to him by coming in week after week, "stronger and stronger." Bruno called it "groovy, baby." Carrie Ann said it was definitely one of Kelly's best performances, but there were some hiccups but it was really good. Scores: 8, 9, and 9. Total: 26

    Donny & Kym: Kym wanted to do an '80s, rock n roll glam paso doble. Donny channeled Adam Ant (and maybe a bit of Pat Benatar) and recalled the mullet that he wore back in the day. Len called it the most scary, bizarre paso doble he'd ever seen, but he liked it. Bruno said it was like watching "Donny doing Marie doing Donny doing Marie." Carrie Ann said it was fun, but it went kind of over the line for her. Scores: 8, 8, and 8. Total: 24


    Mya & Dmitry, 29 + 30 = 59

    Joanna & Derek, 23 + 29 = 52

    Kelly & Louis, 25 + 26 = 51

    Aaron & Karina, 23 + 27 = 50

    Donny & Kym, 26 + 24 = 50

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