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  • Detective Andy and the Merlotte's waitresses find the body of Miss Jeanette without her heart in a parked car. Lafayette is still missing; actually he is chained in the basement of a house with two other guys. Sookie visits Bill and meets Jessica; Bill explains that he is teaching the young woman to be a vampire but the jealous Sookie question why he had not told him before. Sam recalls his past with Maryann when he was a seventeen year-old teenager. Tara flirts with Eggs, who also lives in Maryann's manor. Jason joins the church Fellowship of the Sun and schedules a seminar with the followers.


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  • Open with the mystery body in Andy's car from last season's finale. The body belongs to Miss Jeannette and she is minus her heart.

    Sookie listens to everybody's thoughts as police process the crime scene. A fearful Tara tells police she's never seen the victim before. After Andy tells Bud the body was killed elsewhere, the sheriff suggests he go home. Tara admits knowing Miss Jeannette to Sookie and Sam. They convince her to tell police.

    Bill tells Jessica his mortal girlfriend will be coming over later and she needs to be nice.

    While reading about evil vampires in a book called "Children of the Light," Jason flashes back fondly to Amy.

    Andy browbeats Tara about Miss Jeannette and the exorcisms in the interrogation room. Bud again asks Andy to go home. Lettie Mae shows up at the station and is devastated to learn Miss Jeannette has been killed. She refuses to believe Tara when she tries to tell her mother the truth about Miss Jeannette.

    Lafayette is being held with several others in some medieval-looking underground dungeon. He tells a new prisoner, Royce (one of the rednecks that previously hassled Lafayette because of his being gay) he's not sure why they are being held there and that "sometimes there are screams."

    While Bill comforts Sookie after her rough day, Jessica interrupts wearing nothing but a towel.

    In the police station parking lot Lettie Mae tells Tara her ongoing health is proof Miss Jeannette wasn't a fraud. Maryann arrives and rips Lettie Mae a new one for being a lousy mother.

    Bill explains the creation of Jessica to Sookie. He sends Jessica off to bed and admits to Sookie that she "probably" had nothing to do with Miss Jeannette's death. Sookie is upset Bill never trusted her enough to tell her about Jessica and leaves.

    Reverend Steve Newlin speaks on a cable news channel about the evils of vampires and his murdered father. Afterwards Newlin and his wife Sarah are introduced to Jason by Orry. The star-struck Jason has been reading a book by Newlin's father. They tell him of a leadership conference he can attend for a fee of $1,200.

    Sam shows up at Maryann's place carrying a black trash bag. While waiting for her he touches a knickknack and flashes back to meeting her when he was younger. Maryann caught a nude teenage Sam stealing food from her kitchen and seemed intrigued by him. Sam is told Maryann is still sleeping and leaves.

    Sookie tries to begin cleaning up Gran's room. A man arrives to tell Sookie her great uncle Bartlett has died. He fell into a creek behind his house and the death is being ruled an accident. The man gives Sookie an $11,000 inheritance. Sookie seems bothered by the situation.

    Tara lounges with Eggs by Maryann's pool. They seem to be getting along well and nearly kiss before being interrupted by Maryann's assistant. Then Maryann scolds the assistant for interrupting.

    Jason tells Hoyt about his growing interest in the Fellowship of the Sun. Sookie shows up at the work site and gives Jason the inheritance. She refuses to take even half of the money. Thinking the money is a sign he should attend the leadership conference, Jason looks to the sky and says "thank you."

    More of the Sam/Maryann flashback: It appears she took his virginity and did some freaky stuff during the sex. In present day Sam interviews a new waitress named Daphne.

    Down in the dungeon the Royce and Lafayette discuss the sins they've committed which may have caused them to be in the predicament.

    At Merlotte's Jason turns down sex from a woman, telling Hoyt he needs to "stay pure" for his conference. A drunken Andy is wandering around the bar asking questions about the murder. Jason tells Sookie about the conference but lies about which church is hosting.

    Bill helps Jessica find a blood type she enjoys drinking.

    Sookie and Sam have an argument behind the bar. "I can't be whatever you want, whenever you want," he tells her.

    Bud tells Andy he is taking him off the case.

    More Sam/Maryann flashback: After sex the young Sam went through Maryann's belongings, taking jewelry and cash. The flashback is interrupted by Maryann walking into the office. Sam apologizes and gives her a bag with money. Maryann looks inside and starts laughing: "Money? It's not your money I want." She tells him her visit has nothing to do with him. Eggs sits at the bar. After ordering a drink he and Tara make out.

    Sookie comes to Bill's and delicately asks Jessica for some time alone with Bill. Bill admits to killing Sookie's uncle because "he hurt you." This lack of respect for human life disturbs Sookie. Bill refuses to apologize for his emotions, as "for the first time in a 140 years I felt something I thought had been lost forever." They exchange "I love you"s before having some sex which culminates in Bill biting Sookie's neck.

    Royce is grabbed by a vampire, Eric, and told he will be questioned in regards to a fire which killed several of "our kind." Royce tries to make a break for it but ends up being brutally killed by Eric while Lafayette looks on.

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