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Get Him To The Greek of babysitting movies.
marpo10 December 2011
Look, to seriously review a movie like this or rate it with stars is ludicrous unless you're comparing it to others of its kind which case I would have given it 10 stars. This is a goofy comedy in which you must suspend disbelief continuously. That is all it was meant to be. It's just a babysitting movie, get it? Like all the rest, only it tries to bring a little freshness to the table ...and in my opinion, it does.

It showcases Jonah Hill's amazing comedic talents, and we get to see some really good performances by some child actors too. Yes, it's Hill's signature shtick, but look closely and you'll see incredible timing and a guy who is extremely capable of carrying a movie. There are some good jokes written into it, but the film completely relies on the performances, and I doubt anyone associated with it would disagree (well, let's hope they wouldn't).

In my opinion, most of the comedy works the way it was supposed to, and the few half-way serious moments do too. In terms of its edginess, it seems to up the ante on the simple formula flick that it is. It's safe to say that if it suits your sense of humor and you're willing to go for the ride, you'll have a good time. I wish people would quit over-analyzing movies like this. The bottom line is that the jokes are either your cup of tea or they are not.
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I liked it, don't quite understand why it has been universally panned
Yesh420 May 2014
Contrived? Oh yes. Predictable? Very. Outrageously fun with a good heart to the characters? YES

Before watching it I saw that 99% of critics( and viewers by the looks of it) hated this movie with a passion. They complained it was "predictable" and "unfunny". Well, so what if it was predictable? Most movies are, answer me this how many movies have you seen where you were genuinely surprised at the ending. So naturally, my expectations were lowered. But I thought the acting by the children was really good and Jonah Hill was as funny as usual. Also, it dealt with a prevalent issue in many kids' lives, coming out as gay. It dealt with this in a respectful and not overly-sentimental way.

Basically this movie is not trying to bag an Oscar and it is not high- art melodrama stuff and it's not even close to being one of my favourite films. So watch it if you like a good,rowdy comedy.
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A deflated and desperate ride through the formula of chaos
StevePulaski10 December 2011
The Sitter is a deflated comedy robbed of all laughs, jokes, and originality. It knows formula well, but doesn't know where to go from there. It also knows how to pick a lovable lead actor who is consistently funny in everything he does. It's the second film to be released by independent filmmaker David Gordon Green this next to Your Highness. Both will earn a special place on my list of worst films for 2011.

Even since Your Highness, David Gordon Green has successfully put me in a state of never-ending puzzlement. Here's a guy that has made back to back acclaimed independent features, and now, chooses to use his time directing lame, directionless comedies without wit or a soul. The Sitter takes an already mediocre premise and refuses to push it off its feet into something more original or fresh. It understands the formula inside out, but proceeds to disregard everything else.

Noah (Hill) is a layabout who is lured into babysitting three children for his mom's friend so they can go to a party together. The kids are sexual confused Slater (Record), the pint sized fourth Kardashian Blithe (Bender), and the rebellious Latino Rodrigo (Hernandez). What kind of children are these? They're not normal children. They feel like real people shrunk down to fit pint sized kids. Regardless, their roles aren't at all funny.

Soon after arriving at the job and discovering the chaotic duty behind it, Noah's girlfriend Marisa (Graynor) calls asking him to deliver her cocaine at a party and she'll reward him with sex. Noah tries to get cocaine, but Rodrigo winds up stealing an egg full of cocaine, costing Noah over $10,000.

Oh, and I'm not even going to continue from there. The film is relentless in its gags and events, none of them even remotely realistic or the least bit funny. The biggest laughs, in fact, aren't even from Jonah Hill, but J.B. Smoove who you may recognize as Leon from Curb Your Enthusiasm. I actually would've adored the idea of him playing the babysitter much more than Hill. Don't you hate it when that happens? In the same movie, you find an actor who is playing the secondary character, but you wind up liking him more than the actor playing primary character and wish the film went through some sort of star reversal? The endangerment of the kids is sickening, the jokes appallingly unfunny, the setups are outlandish, and the sentimentality the film tries to shoot for at the end is deplorable. We just saw a man put these children through hell, he's unapologetic throughout the entire film, and now he wants to make a complete three-sixty and get on their good side.

Is this as bad as Green's Your Highness? It's close. Your Highness at least had the ability to have me stay frustrated for several hours after watching the film. I got over The Sitter's abashed nature quickly, but felt saddened and cheated. I was hoping that Green would seek redemption in the character and everything wouldn't go the way it was supposed to. Green isn't the director who stays inside the lines, so I was hoping he'd make a smarter comedy here.

The Sitter is an exercise is cheap filmmaking. It relies on lackluster stereotypes, recycled jokes, and caricatures to function inside its dead formula. It's a miserable comedic workout.

Starring: Jonah Hill, Ari Graynor, Sam Rockwell, Method Man, Kevin Hernandez, Max Records, and Landry Bender. Directed by: David Gordon Green.
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Not only unfunny, but strident
Wizard-815 May 2012
As some other reviewers have noted, what we have here is a blatant rip-off of the 1980s movie "Adventures In Babysitting". I wouldn't have minded that fact had "The Sitter" been entertaining, but it isn't for two big reasons:

(1) The characters are extremely annoying. They are foul-mouthed, mean, cruel, and downright stupid at times. I really didn't care if they would succeed in their aims or not.

(2) The movie just isn't funny. There is a mean-spiritness to most of the humor that makes it hard to take. Oh, there are a couple of one-liners that are somewhat amusing, but otherwise the humor is loud and grating.

Although "Adventures In Babysitting" wasn't a great movie, it is Oscar worthy compared to "The Sitter".
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This ain't 'Adventures In Babysitting'
Ramascreen9 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
-- --

THE SITTER is a raunchy comedy that starts out fine but then the humor goes south after 20 minutes into the movie mainly because it has identity crisis, it can't make up its mind if it wants to remain a comedy or if it wants to also be a psychiatric drama. Jonah Hill suddenly turns from a sitter to a child psychologist or a shrink and the laughs stop…

There's nothing wrong with wanting to instill some heart in an R-rated comedy, the first Hangover movie successfully pulled that off with the underlying theme of friendship and solidarity but THE SITTER is bedridden with too many issues, even the 'heart' gets confused. All of a sudden it becomes some kind of public service announcement for 'it's OK to be you'. It suffers from the same disease that victimized Your Highness, also directed by David Gordon Green, the script's got F-bombs to spare for the next century and that's all that the movie relies on.

The three kids have pretty funny and interesting personalities and habits. So for a short while, Hill's clashing with those personalities are good enough to get us engaged, but once those personalities run their course, they don't have much more to offer and so what's left is a series of predictable situations that are usually started or ended by Hill's literally hitting the brakes and that happens way too often.

Hill is a funny man and I think he's proved that with Superbad, Get Him To The Greek, and more. As Noah the sitter, Hill is just a guy who wants to help his mom and impress his supposed girlfriend, the whole deal with the dad who abandoned him showcases Hill's dramatic side that we saw Moneyball but it goes back to the problem of this comedy not being able to stay comedy. Sam Rockwell as the eccentric psycho drug kingpin is mildly interesting but even if he doesn't manage to crack me up. THE SITTER is yet another disappointing work by director David Gordon Green whose 2008 comedy is one of the best pothead movies I've ever seen. I'd rather watch Elisabeth Shue's 1987 film, Adventures In Babysitting a thousand times.
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Make Love to the Night
ferguson-611 December 2011
Greetings again from the darkness. Seeing more than 100 new movies every year means strict adherence to the "gut instincts" policy of deciding which new movies to see, and which to avoid. A day after the beat down of "Shame", I was desperate for laughter, so I ignored the gut instinct and headed out to see this new comedy. Unfortunately, my gut was correct, and I am still seeking laughter.

David Gordon Green also directed Pineapple Express and Your Highness, neither my style, but both clearly comedies. Jonah Hill has quite the track record of comedy films (Cyrus), and earlier this year made his first foray into drama with "Moneyball". He has also recently lost a tremendous amount of weight, so this was to be his final "fat guy" comedy.

If you have seen the far-superior "Adventures in Babysitting" (1987) with Elisabeth Shue, then you know the basic premise. Hill does his mother a favor by agreeing to babysit her friend's three kids. This proves more challenging than Hill's character expected. The kids are Slater, played by Max Records (Where the Wild Things Are); Blithe, played by Landry Bender; and Rodrigo, played by Kevin Hernandez. The kids, of course, have various afflictions, phobias and disorders ... but none as off the charts as Hill's character.

Without going into detail, the first scene is horrible and the movie somehow proceeds to get worse from there. There is bathroom humor, a run in with a drug dealer (Sam Rockwell), a bitchy girlfriend (Ari Graynor) and a confrontation with a group of African Americans featuring Method Man. Every scene is predictable and generated no laughter from me or hardly anyone else in the theater. I always say that comedies are most difficult genre to review, because everyone has a unique sense of humor ... but this one just offers so very little.
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Incredibly underrated.
Bestie56324 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Despite being a comedy movie with a lot of chaos as practically everything goes wrong when Noah Griffith takes the kids he's babysitting on a road trip to get some drugs for his 'girlfriend' this movie shows a lot of character growth and has a very good 'moral' behind it.

For instance, Noah tells Slater of how he has realised that Slater doesn't have any big problems and that he is actually gay. Noah helps Slater a lot in his acceptance of his sexuality by telling him how in college no one will care and how it is perfectly okay to be gay. Also Noah realises that his hot girlfriend is just using him and doesn't have any actual feelings for him and ditches her for a nicer girl from his old astronomy class who admits to have been too shy to talk to him at school. Finally Slater confronts Rodrigo about how scary he can be which helps Rodrigo to open up more to his new family meaning they can all get along better.

So no this movie is not as bad as people are making it out to be, it is actually a very funny movie with a very good ending.
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A near-perfect end of the year Comedy
PoisonKeyblade11 December 2011
Hilarious from start to finish, The Sitter injected a much-needed R-rated comedy boost to the draggy awards season of December. Jonah Hill delivers another funny performance, but the real surprise for me was the shocking pro-gay message featuring one of the first kid-related gay story lines in a mainstream film. Max Records, the awesomely talented kid from Where the Wild Things Are, has no problem with the content and easily delivers a calculated performance. I guess I was so surprised because gay content is rarely dealt with so carefully in a Hollywood film marketed toward young adults, and I have to say I was really impressed. The kids make the movie all the better, and each of them is given a relatively well-developed backstory. The movie never sputters out, running at a perfect pace and hitting all the right punches. Even Sam Rockwell is awesome as a crazy could-be-gay drug dealer who chases the sitter and the children all across town. The Sitter is a movie I'd easily recommend and another fun treat from director David Gordon Green.
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Being Unoriginal and Predictable Is Not Necessarily Bad
TroyeEvans27 December 2011
As the what title suggests, I don't expect anyone looking forward to watching a drama-comedy that has depth. This is more of a pure comedy and an entertaining one at that for me, so I'd consider it successful.

And yes, The Sitter is quite unoriginal and what movie-goers call "predictable". I admit it's a kind of fun to try to expect the unexpected, but a predictable story does not equal a bad story. In fact, from the beginning of the 80 minutes or so until the end I'd been kept entertained and I honestly didn't experience many boring moments.

Other than its comedic scenes, the movie does have attempts to include moving scenes that make the audience learn something. I would say those attempts are not highly effective but not at all futile efforts.

The best way to conclude The Sitter is to say that it is a good comedy for young adults or above. Language and inappropriate behavior are main reasons this may not be suitable for children or younger teens. The Sitter is an enjoyable movie that is funny and does not require too much thinking to understand.
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The Funny Sporadic, The Drama Unwelcome, The Sitter Disappoints
Kevbo19854 April 2012
As far as comedy goes, Jonah Hill has steadily made a name for himself as a star in the genre. Personally, his films have always been hit or miss for me, and I've come to the conclusion that his best work is reserved for those times when he has a solid, usually more naturally comedic, actor to support him. With The Sitter, he is already at a disadvantage; his main supporting actors are children and, for the most part, his abilities are front-and-center for the entire film, which was entirely his idea to begin with. The results are mixed at the best of times and, for the most part, lackluster in general.

What immediately screamed at me about the opening sequence was "trying very hard to get the audience's attention". I won't spoil the scene for those who haven't seen the movie, but you'll agree with me once you do. Before I go much further, let it be known that I am an extremely big fan of lighthearted, irrelevant humor (Anchorman is one of my most loved comedies, for instance), and for the most part these are the sorts of films Jonah fits into. The Sitter tries to emulate the formula of many recent successful comedies in terms of witty one-liners and clever trade-offs between characters, occasionally seasoned with a bit of more physical comedy. It's an old system, of course, and something I've more or less come to terms with as being "the norm" in popular comedic cinema. But what disappoints me about The Sitter is how many times it whiffs on the concepts; seemingly custom-made situations for Jonah's quick, nonchalant wittiness are, for the most part, poorly written and performed. The more action-based comedic portions of The Sitter involve a child with a penchant for explosives and some vehicle shenanigans that are rather uninspired and bland without the accompanying depth of creative dialog and jokes.

At some point, perhaps early on or perhaps towards the end, the movie takes a sudden shift into the dramatic, focusing on Jonah's character's relationship with his father or the troubles with his "girlfriend". These aspects of the film ring as hollow and somehow incomplete in the face of a heavy dose of relatively immature and inane comedy. The character development is far too sparse and, when it does take place, far too blunt and, again, uninspired to merit the delving into such intimate places. What does work, and this surprised even me, is how Jonah's character relates to the children he is babysitting. Being an eternal child at heart, Jonah's connection to his ward's problems feels perfectly natural and, in certain ways, touching to a degree. But ultimately it all feels out of place, like a scarecrow in an empty field; it would have a purpose if only it's surroundings were in better shape.

The whole film moves at an increasingly agonizing pace at it becomes more and more clear that you're actually waiting for something funny to happen. Not to say it doesn't happen; but the consistency is so off that it ruins the entire project. There's a certain level of bland, uninspired atmosphere that permeates the film, oozing out of it like a thick mud you cannot remove yourself from. And when you finally do, when the mood lightens and you actually catch yourself grinning or maybe even shocked to hear a chuckle cross your lips, you raise your foot from the mud...only to find your shoe still stuck in it. Relief turns back into aggravation and, more than anything else, you just want it to end.
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Excellent movie, many laugh-out-loud moments
Little_Tyke19 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I just was blown away by it, and especially by the main character's performance, which had such perfect timing, I laughed spontaneously at several points throughout the movie. I rarely laugh out loud ever, not usually seeing anything funny in what other people find funny. Maybe it's the way I'm wired, but this movie was way better than a lot of movies I've seen recently.

The actors who played the kids were brilliant, too.

*** Possible spoilers ahead. *** Shame that the movie ended rather abruptly. I'd have liked to see the reaction of the parents after returning home and being confronted with three changed children, and changed for the better. Also, I believe the director missed a trick with the attractive mother of said children. When she opened the door near the beginning of the movie, Noah couldn't keep his eyes off her breasts, and if she had later been shown happy and contented with Noah's stint as baby-sitter, and his triumph in having converted her kids into human beings, maybe she might have had a few minutes to attend to Noah's needs. Just sayin'! Also, it would have been fun to see the reaction on the father's face when the red car was inspected in daylight the next day.
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Definitely Worth a Look
gigan-924 January 2012

I know the majority of the film is predictable, dare I say cliché, but the ride was very enjoyable. That is, after-all, the nature of the comedy genre. How often do I go see a comedy for its intricate storyline, radical character development or enigmatic themes? Close to never, honestly, and so with that reasoning why not go balls-out? Jonah Hill is a very likable character in the film with an understandable ploy. It lacks the in-your-face violence of director previous film "Pineapple Express", but it is definitely hilarious, no doubt about that. The kids are very well played, and thankfully come out as pretty decent characters. Thankfully nowhere near as annoying as the duo of the "Are We There Yet?" films. It's definitely a coming-of-age film that may not be a classic, but it certainly is worth seeing.
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Adventures in Plagerism
skullislandsurferdotcom10 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
During the opening credits, the name David Simkins doesn't appear anywhere... He's the writer of ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING, the 1987 comedy starring Elizabeth Shue as a reluctant, frustrated teen who takes the kids downtown to help a friend; then gets chased by bad guys and... Everything else that this movies imitates.

Jonah Hill wields his usual mellow guy with stunned sarcasm but his signature dry humor's all dress up with nowhere to go. Most of the time he's putting up with each child's annoying personality: the little girl wears makeup, sings dirty lyrics, and sprays perfume in his mouth; her neurotic older (but still young) brother takes pills to feel normal; and an adopted Puerto Rican boy blows up toilets.

From one dull situation to the next, it never seems the characters are in any real danger, even though a maniacal drug dealer, overacted by Sam Rockwell, wants them all dead.

And the biggest (unintentional) laugh occurs when an extremely gorgeous girl admits she's had a crush on Hill since high school, and even acts nervous around him. Makes you wonder, is the overweight actor playing himself: a millionaire movie star? This is perhaps one of the worst comedies in a long time, going in one ear and out the other: like a bullet from a shotgun. And a particular scene where Hill gives one of the kids advice on life is so politically-correct, you'll long for days when comedies were meant for laughs, not agendas.

For More Reviews:
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Pure and Utter Garbage - Worst film since Jack and Jill
tp-144 March 2012
Remarkably bad. Good concept, horrible writing, profanity throughout, including from children, as if that's funny. Pure garbage. Jonas Hill, still chubby, picked an incredibly poor film to star in. Some of the lines are atrocious, "you have more issues than a magazine stand." Really? This line was delivered to a kid, by the way. A little girl in the film, for example, wants to a hooker and spends the films with make-up smeared all over her face. Yep, that's the type of sophomoric, asinine "humor" in this "film." Do you a favor, avoid this garbage at all costs. You'd be sorely disappointed spending time watching this awful film with the most predictable ending in film history. I cannot stress enough how poorly written this script is.
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Cringingly awful comedy that's superbad
laurencetuccori4 March 2012
Mere words cannot accurately describe the true awfulness of this alleged comedy. Imagine a group of minimally talented amateurs getting the opportunity to write, produce, direct and act in a multi-million dollar mainstream Hollywood movie about a reluctant babysitter who takes his charges on a night of wild adventure through New York and you'll start to graze the surface of the awfulness. I say minimally talented not to suggest that there are some glimmerings of talent on show here, but simply to acknowledge the fact that the boom mic stays out of shot, the camera doesn't fall over at any point, and no one blows their lines. Star Jonah Hill should be as embarrassed as heck about his participation in this lazy, sloppy unpleasant smelling film. He can't blame the writer and director because this project is his baby. He's one of the executive producers! What's even more explicable is that he made it immediately after his Oscar nominated turn in 'Moneyball.' That's self-inflicted reputation trashing on scale not witnessed since Cuba Gooding Jr's post 'Jerry Maguire' career. Co-star Sam Rockwell should also be ashamed. He overacts so ridiculously he makes Hill look good in comparison - and Hill is not good in this film. Not so much a disappointment as an insult, The Sitter is an absolute waste of time and money.

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Winner of the worst script of the year.
ghost_dog8614 December 2011
"The Sitter" is "Adventures in Babysitting" with F-bombs, forced drug humor and middle school sex jokes. Directed by David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Your Highness), a man who is astonishingly coming out with his second most unfunny comedy this year, and starring Jonah Hill who is unfortunately in Green's second most unfunny comedy of the year . The writers of this fiasco of a script are newcomers Brain Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka, who seemed only to have pieced together scripts from multiple 1980's B-movie style teen flicks and added in some dialogue, which consists of crude jokes from their failed stand-up careers. The end result is that "The Sitter" may contain one or two funny jokes, but they are buried within a dung-heap of a script.

Side Note: This movie contains an all too unfortunate supporting performance from the great Sam Rockwell (Moon) that I do not wish to write about, for fear of becoming too angry to continue with my review.

"The Sitter" was more than likely an attempt by Hollywood to see how well Jonah Hill (Superbad) did as a leading comedic actor, and not just the fat sidekick character. And while his performance is what it is, the real flaw here is not with Hill's performance, but with the storyline (or lack of). Let me paint a picture. There is no storyline!!! In maybe the most idiotic plot since "Cowboys & Aliens", Hill plays random loser/nice-guy, with zero potential as a human being, Noah Griffith. Noah has a girlfriend that treats him like garbage. His mom asks him to take a job as a babysitter, babysitting a motley crew of the most one dimensional children put on the big screen since 2010's "Grown-Ups. He takes it for seemingly no reason. Noah makes some inexplicably horrid choices, again for seemingly no reason, which result in some of the cheapest slap-spick comedic scenarios of the year and at the end of the night he learns a lesson, but not really. That's it. No action in the movie has any justification behind it. This movie simply powers forward through a rolodex of shrug inducing jokes, totally disregarding the fact that the audience probably isn't laughing. The storyline has absolutely no direction. As Noah takes the children on a drug run (because the script deems it so) the audience is bombarded with cocaine in the face jokes, followed by an ill-conceived sentimental moment, followed by a man's groin being set on fire, and then back to the grossly overplayed sentimentality. It just doesn't flow at all. This script is so bad, that there was even a point in the middle of this movie where Noah has an epiphany that acknowledges (out loud) his girlfriends true feeling towards him, which should have altogether halted his quest to see his girlfriend (or the entire point of the film) and ended the movie. BUT NO! The plot moves forward despite this game changing revelation; and why? Conceivably, because Green, as a director, didn't catch or wish to acknowledge this egregious plot-hole in the script. So, the audience must sit through the final forty-five minutes of "The Sitter", as if that scene never happened.

With a script as half-assed as this seemed to be, one would assume that the characters throughout are bound to be just as problematic. And that brings me to the children. The children here are so underdeveloped that they aren't even people, they are simply emotions used to move the razor-thin plot along. A bratty little girl who uses foul language (yeah, that would have been funnier if I were seven), a super emotional pre-teen boy whose storyline attempts to become sentimental, but verges on borderline homophobic, and a stereotypical Latin kid who thinks he's Scarface, does not a film make! And as for those sentimental moments, they are truly the most cringe inducing aspect here. I'm sorry, but any movie that would have Jonah Hill giving out sappy life lessons is doomed for failure. But again, Hill wasn't the worst part of the film. The fact is, without Hill's likability as a lead actor, "The Sitter" would have been unwatchable.

Final Thought: In the last few years Green seems to have developed a compulsion to only make terribly unfunny and bland comedies, which center around pot-heads. But the biggest punch-line of these films are how Green holds actual directors credits, yet there seems to be no direction to any of his movies. It is simply a shame that Hill chose this film to show that he could carry a lead role in a comedic film. And while he does carry this movie, with the help of Green and two hack writers, there isn't much of a movie to carry. In the end, "The Sitter" is the film equivalent of buyer's remorse, whereas it looked incredibly funny from the trailer, but is just the opposite once you find yourself sitting in a rather silent and rather packed theater for an unusually lengthy 81 minutes, wishing you could ask for a refund.

Please visit my page on and leave any comments you have about this or any review. The more hits I get the better. Thank you.
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Terrible & Predictable Waste of Time
blandiefam30 May 2012
Not sure why this movie was made. It seems as if every offensive cliché was abused to the max. This movie made no sense and it questioned the intelligence of every movie goer in the world. The kids were acting as if they were given a concept of a movie child and then allowed by the director to ad-lib (badly). The resolution for the kids problems were so poorly done and the premise made me wish I never got on this ride. The blaxploitation of the 70's seemed to be revived in a gruesome side story which made me cringe. Sam Rockwell played his part with a comedic timing which made him a stand out in the whole thing. I am not sure what the movie says about today's entertainment writing in Hollywood. Jonah Hill acted as if he channeled the "Greek" movie into collaboration of improbably scenes. I guess the use of Method Man legitimized the ethnic scenes or something. I am pretty certain this production was not vying for the Academy Awards or the Golden Globe. The predictable story line just got dumber as it went on and on. This movie was about 45 minutes too long.
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This movie was just a flat out waste of $8.50.
wraithez13 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The trailer looked promising, but this movie falls incredibly short. And it falls hard.

Some nerd nice guy ends up spending a night babysitting some milf's psycho children only to end up being dragged all around the city to grab cocaine for his girlfriend, and runs into trouble along the way. That sounds like a recipe for a laughable 81 minutes. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Or not. The movie is flat out unfunny. I couldn't tell if the writers weren't trying at all, or trying way too hard. Pineapple express was hilarious, even if you watched it without being high. If I was baked out of my brains, I still wouldn't be able to find this movie funny. That's how bad it is. I saw nearly 30 people walk out half way through. They were the smart ones, because the second half is worse than the beginning.

Spare yourself the frustration. Go spend your money elsewhere.
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Sit this one out.
jdesando16 December 2011
"You done messed with the wrong babysitter."

As fat boy comedies go, The Sitter is just another caricature-ridden, offensive satire with kids. Noah (Jonah Hill) does much of the politically-incorrect heavy lifting while the kids stick to flatulence, groin punches, and world-weariness to make Noah seem downright naïve.

Noah is on suspension from college when he is recruited to sit for three eccentric kids; Slater (Max Records), a pubescent, gymnastics-viewing, just emerging gay boy; a kick-butt tween, Blithe (Landry Bender), who finds a few too many hotties, including round Jonah; and a very young, adopted El Salvadoran, Rodrigo (Kevin Hernandez), who has a surly attitude and a penchant for explosives. The evening, to which one must "make love," or so one of their street friends rhapsodizes, has episodes that mostly allow fledgling writers Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanakato to indulge their fascination for f bombs and stereotypes that mostly hover around or in street gangs.

There is little logic to the sequences that involve oral sex, cocaine, and nightclub naughtiness, none of which the children should be exposed to but which the tubby Noah justifies in platitudes about their need to see the world. As in Bad Santa, the irreverence is amusing and probably filmed not in the presence of the kids.

What saves the film from oblivion is Slater's coming out and Noah's gentle encouragement for Slater to be who he is. It's refreshing to hear the discussion about a young person and to respect his orientation in a film generally without respect for much of anything.

The gang is rife with caricature and cliché, especially when it eventually decides whether or not to help Jonah out of his difficulty with drug dealer Karl (a leather-clad, gold-chained Sam Rockwell). The language and mannerisms of the gang are egregiously stereotyped. But then so is schlubby Noah, a fat boy hero in a fat boy comedy.
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Everything goes terribly wrong this time
saadgkhan19 March 2012
The Sitter - TRASH IT (D) The Sitter has to be one of the most dreadful movies of the year. A movie about a guy babysitting as his mom can go on date has gone terribly wrong, maybe it looks good on paper but on role its just bad. This one tries so hard to be R-rated that it's annoying. Jonah Hill looked stuck in a fat suit & didn't put any effort into the character. Max Records and Landry Bender were fine but Rodrigo was terribly annoying. Why a family would adopts a grown child when they already have trouble in their marriage. Sam Rockwell and all his steroids team were not funny at all. Overall, just trash this garbage not worth watching at all!
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A Sitting Duck
amahlanand9 May 2012
'The Sitter' turned out to be a sort of amalgamation between 'The Pacifier' and 'Are We There Yet?' but certainly less child friendly. Though, the mix was disappointingly devoid of even half a laugh.

Jonah Hill returns in the shy but foul mouthed, jock aspiring comedic role that launched him to stardom in 'Superbad' where he is very much at home, but the script failed him miserably. As a matter of fact, the script failed the movie completely, the gags weren't all that original or even funny for that matter and the characters even less so to the extent that you ask yourself, what was the point? It tried the teen sex comedy angle which didn't work, it played the family comedy card at times which didn't work and then tried to salvage the whole thing with some 'heartfelt' themes which ended up really thrown in for the heck of it. Needless to say, that didn't work either.

We're yet to see a one man show from Jonah Hill, he seems to work better in conjunction with other cast, oftentimes in a supporting role, and revolving a film around him alone was an unprofitable punt from director David Gordon Green.

With barely anything remotely humorous and a meaningless plot, 'The Sitter' sat purposeless.
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Not worth it
Red_Identity21 December 2011
Why is it that I end up watching The Sitter. Yes people, over films like Girl wit the Dragon Tattoo and Young Adult, which were both playing at the theater we went to. Well, why? Because I was with a girl, and she decided to see The Sitter. Blasphemy!

The Sitter is just as formulaic as you expect, a guy decided to babysit and problems tart appearing. We've seen this all before, but not quite as horrible as this. The film, from the opening shot, becomes the sort of obnoxious kid you can't shut up who says all the wrong things. The film's dialogue is pretty atrocious, and it thinks its being funny when it really isn't. The film calms down a bit as it goes along, but for a story like this to work, no matter how formulaic, unoriginal, and predictable, you need good dialogue at least. That is the problem. I seriously cringed so many times.

It's not all horrible, since there are a few laughs here and there, and Jonah Hill tries his best so much. In a way, I can't help but hate him for taking this role, but without Hill it would be even worse. Also, the only real likable character here is Max Slater's, who manages to have some more quiet moments in the film, but even he is completely two- dimensional. Skip this please, and what's even worse is that I could have been able to see Dragon Tattoo or Young Adult. Such shame taste some audiences have, although to be fair the girl I went with didn't like it much either. Hopefully she learns.
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absolute garbage
EvilMissQB18 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a Jonah Hill fan, and I am not a hater of raunchy comedy, but WOW was this film just BAD.

When I first saw the trailer I thought it was pretty odd someone thought Adventures In Babysitting needed a remake. Now I can see it isn't a remake at all but a disgusting rip off.

You know what's NOT entertaining? A movie with a gross pig babysitting three kids and hollering Sh*t and fu*k at them every five minutes. You know what's even less entertaining? When the three kids are so horrible you feel no connection with them and could care less if they suffer. Oh yeah, and of course the kids are also running around hollering plenty of their own sh*ts and fu*ks. What were their parents thinking, letting them be in this crap? Ugh. I wish I could get the time I spent watching this back.
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This is not the Jonah Hill you are looking for
ThreeGuysOneMovie3 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jonah Hill is Noah Griffith (no relation to yours truly thankfully) a typical screw up who has recently been expelled from college. He lives at home with his divorced mother and has no job and no prospects for the future.

On this particular night his mom is looking to go out with some friends so she can meet a blind date she has been set up with. The only problem is she can't go because her friends can't find a baby sitter. Noah reluctantly agrees to baby sit the friends children.The kids of course, are all nightmarish and start acting out as soon as the parents leave. While Noah is struggling to contain the behavior problems, his hot and cold girlfriend calls and asks Noah to come to a party that she is at. She promises Noah sex if he shows up and stops off to buy some cocaine for her. So Noah loads up the mini-van with the kids and sets out for the big city. As you can imagine, Hilarity ensues.

Jonah hill has impressed as of late with some of his performances. His work on Moneyball was a standout and he stole most of scenes that he was in. Surprisingly, he actually does a good job here as well. he delivers on some pretty funny dialogue that will actually garner a few laughs.

The problem with The Sitter is just that its a terrible script. The plot is ridiculous and predictable. The scenes where Noah tries to get inside the heads of the kids and teach them life lessons seem overly contrived and forced. The movie plods along to predictable conclusions that we have seen over and over again from other, much funnier, movies.

I don't know how they got Sam Rockwell to appear in this film but what a waste of time and talent. His character is re-donkulous. I have no idea where they were going with his role and what they were trying to accomplish but lets use the word outlandish and leave it at that. There are few funny parts in the Sitter that you will get to see in the trailer below. Save yourself from the other 78 minutes of not funny and use that time to do something else.

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Why the sour face?
mambx1 March 2012
first of all a lot of people need to lighten up and look at this movie for what it is: a feel good, hilarious, quirky movie. Jonah is always extremely funny and I laughed so much during this movie, and I loved how it had little moral stories hidden inside!

Yes this movie isn't a work of art, or anything special, but seriously, who cares? it's GREAT entertainment and makes you laugh, smile, cry, feel great, so just enjoy it!

I guess the term 'haters gonna hate' always applies, however I found this movie exceptional and loved every bit of it. The kids made the movie a whole lot more enjoyable, especially Rodrigo.

EPIC flick.
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