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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, and for some language

Sex & Nudity

  • The main character is seen wearing a less sexy than usual outfit - pants and tank top, occasionally revealing some cleavage and skin.
  • It's never played for titillating effect, but we do see quite a bit of Lara's muscular, toned physique.
  • She boxes another woman-both of them dressed in shorts and a sports bra and revealing ripped abdomens
  • Lara also wears a formfitting tank top throughout most of her adventure that reveals a bit cleavage.

Violence & Gore

  • Various people are shot and killed, blood splatering is shown
  • a woman is threatened with a knife by a young man, and chased by him and his 2 friends
  • People are stabbed by various objects including a climbing pick (one such as shown in trailer)
  • A woman is choked, tied up, taken prisoner
  • A man is suddenly impaled by a spike, another crushed by a death trap
  • Though this is an action adventure filled with gun-wielding thugs, Lara doesn't want to kill anyone if she can avoid it
  • In fact, when she's forced to fight for her life and kill a savage attacker, she's very obviously shaken by her deadly actions.
  • Things get even more violent from there, but Lara makes repeated efforts to wound and incapacitate when possible, instead of taking her assailants' lives.
  • However, the men holding Lara and others captive have no such compunctions.
  • The boss, Mathias Vogel, shoots one of a menial laborer (who's helping to excavate a crypt) at point-blank range for being sick and slowing the work at hand.
  • And when some captive men break free, they don't hesitate to grab guns and shoot the baddies, either.
  • Perhaps 15 to 20 people or so get shot or stabbed (though bloodlessly).
  • Others are hit with rifle stocks and kicked while on the ground.
  • Men are infected with a plague-like virus that causes their flesh to decompose quickly.
  • Several mechanical traps kill men with spikes and by dropping them from great heights.
  • Lara herself is thumped around in precarious and believable ways
  • She's never punched in the face by a man, but we see her tossed about, hit with glancing blows, choked and shoved.
  • After being clocked on the head and knocked out, she touches her wounded head and draws back fingers lightly covered in blood.
  • A female boxing partner does hit Lara in the face, pound her in the stomach and hold her in a choke hold till she nearly passes out.
  • We also see Lara jumping from precarious places and slamming into logs, rocks and crumbling rusted structures.
  • She ends up with a short wooden spike in her side after one of these tumbling falls. (The wound is stitched with needle and thread by someone else).
  • Lara runs into a car while riding a bike.
  • She's threatened by a group of young men with a knife.
  • And she has to leap into roiling waters during a vicious storm.
  • A boat in a storm smashes up against huge rocks and disintegrates.
  • Men use explosives to detonate large rock structures
  • We see a room full of hundreds of shelved corpses-each of which, we're told, committed suicide for a special purpose.
  • We also encounter a huge chasm partially filled with skeletal corpses.


  • One half utterance of the "F" word.
  • There are uses of the word "Sh*t" around 3 times,
  • One Use of Damn - one use of Goddamn
  • Five s-words join one unfinished use of "f-" and two uses of "d--n."
  • God's name is misused in combination with that last profanity as well.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A character is seen drunk more than once, and while intoxicated aims a gun at people. Later on in the film he says that a certain character has taken advantage of a drunken sailor, meant for comedy.
  • When we first meet a boat captain named Lu Ren, he is quite drunk.
  • So much so that he passes out and tumbles off his boat's upper deck.
  • We see him pull out a bottle to repeat the process later on, but then he puts the booze away.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A woman's life is threatened numerous times by various people. most notably a gun is pointed at her head and the hammer cocked. Meant to deliberately torture her psyche
  • Unarmed slaves are shot in cold blood, including one for being too sick to work.
  • Mild jump scares are present in the tomb, including skeletons, spiders, death traps, etc. One man in impaled, another crushed
  • A few scenes in the 3rd act played as jumpscares with loud sound cues.
  • Scores of men are held captive and used for slave labor.
  • A secret organization wants to unleash a plague on mankind.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man becomes cursed and turns black and decayed as he screams in agony, tries to kill himself and then others. Others are also infected by the disease and are affected similarly.

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