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Never solidifies a genre and that hurts it
jtindahouse29 May 2022
'Emergency' is one of those films where if a single character did the common sense thing the movie would end immediately - or in this case never even begin. It is very frustrating. Every single step along the way is based on a ridiculous decision being made that does nothing other than to service the run time reaching a minimum length.

Putting that aside the film isn't bad. But it does struggle to pick a genre. At first it seems like it is going for the 'Superbad' style of comedy. It kind of gives up on that after the early scenes though and there is barely a laugh found (or attempted) the rest of the way. I think it would've worked better as a comedy. So many of the characters are over-the-top and too unrealistic for any drama to feel natural.

It does remain watchable though and the message it goes for at the end is a decent one. It's not one I'd be going out of my way to recommend however. 6/10.
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social commentary wrapped in a buddy comedy
ferguson-619 May 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Greetings again from the darkness. When we discover someone in the midst of a medical emergency, most of us wouldn't hesitate to call 911 for assistance. In this film, developed from their Sundance award-winning 2018 short film, director Carey Williams and writer K. D. Davila remind us things aren't always quite so simple. Two best friends and college students, return home to find a white girl passed out in their living room. Since the two young men are black, and their roommate is Latino, their discussion revolves around how the situation will be viewed by paramedics and law enforcement. It's a terrific premise, and one handled deftly by the filmmakers and cast.

The first act is outstanding as we quickly get a feel for the friendship between Sean (RJ Cyler, "I'm Dying Up Here") and Kunle (Donald Elise Watkins, "The Underground Railroad"). Sean is the fun-loving one who is constantly vaping for effect, but also paranoid and aware. Kunle is the strait-laced son of two African immigrant doctors. Kunle has been accepted to the PhD program at Princeton, while Sean's big plan is ensuring he and Kunle become the first black students at Buchannan to attend that evening's 'Legendary Tour' ... seven invitation-only frat parties held over the course of one night. Kunle wants to hang with his buddy - just as soon as he finishes with his bacteria specimens (his "babies") in the campus laboratory.

The early buddy-comedy banter is spot on, and leads us to make assumptions about the type of movie this will be. It's only after Sean and Kunle stop by the house and discover the girl, that we realize this is a rare buddy-comedy loaded with social commentary. Their gamer-obsessed roommate Carlos (Sebastian Chacon, "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels") joins the mission on how best to handle the situation. Carlos catches grief for his fanny pack, which is always filled with granola bars. Sean enjoys teasing Kunle, calling him an "Oreo" for being too white inside, and we hear Kunle described as "Black excellence". As these three men of color debate the next step - how to provide care to the girl (who has since thrown up on their floor), while also protecting themselves from possibly dangerous racist reactions.

What they don't know is that while they are arguing, the unconscious girl's big sister (Sabrina Carpenter) has rallied two friends to go searching. Rather than improve the situation, racial profiling plays a part at just about every turn. The tone of the film shifts when Emma (Maddie Nichols) wakes up and freaks out at the situation. It becomes a comedy of errors in the mode of ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING (1987), only with fear and risk involved. Two sequences in particular standout: when they stop at Sean's brother's house to borrow a car, and when they do finally encounter the cops. Both scenes present the paranoia and constant uneasiness felt in these situations.

When utilizing comedy to express social commentary, there is a fine line between effective messaging and too-obvious. Both of these occur during the film, but for the most part, Williams and Davila and the cast are superb in making their points without preaching. The commentary on friendship and racism blends well into entertainment, despite the messages never leaving the screen.

In Select Theaters May 20th Available worldwide on Amazon Prime Video May 27th.
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7.2/10. Recommended
athanasiosze31 May 2022
This is a good movie.

At first, you may think it's similar to "SUPERBAD" or "PINEAPPLE EXPRESS".

Then, it's similar to "AFTER HOURS".

In my opinion, the last 30 minutes, where this movie became something different, these minutes are the best of it.

This is not a hilarious movie, if you expect something like that, you will be disappointed. There are some funny moments though.

This is a coming of age comedy/drama, where racial issues are being addressed.

Young actors are very good, the script is clever, it is well directed, but the last 30 minutes are brilliant, and touching. I am a white guy who lives in Europe, i don't get emotional with racial issues, however, the ending make me tear up.

For sure, this is not as good as SUPERBAD or AFTER HOURS, it is a different movie, but it is still interesting and good. If you know what to expect, you will like it too.
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So basically nothing happens
alanhowden-863672 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Stupid, implausible desicion at the beginning of the film aside there was some potential here. The actors were great, there was a decent sense of tension and I was wondering which way the story was going to go, what terrible thing was going to happen and then.... nothing. In the end everything turns out ok for everyone* which made we question why I had bothered watching this at all.

*apart from the fact the main character is traumatised from having a gun pointed at him by the police and while I agree the way black people are often treated by the police is appalling and agree that this has terrible lasting consequences for individuals and society (which seemed to be the point the film was trying to make). The fact that the character was reported as having kidnapped a girl who was not breathing in his car which had just led the police on a high speed chase means the police weren't at fault here at all, so it seemed a really strange situation to try and make the point with.
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An Admirable Film
tkdlifemagazine27 May 2022
This is an unusual find. I am not even sure what genre the film is in. However, I am sure it is very good and interesting. This film takes a college party night and examines an "emergency" and how it intertwines class, social, and racial issues as well as coming of age issues. The dialogue is smart. The young cast is relatively unknown but they are solid and interesting. The Direction and cinematography are strong. This is very watchable and I found the way this unfolded to be very admirable.
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Do Not Believe any hype about this film.
Anyanwu30 May 2022
I don't care what Rotten Tomatoes or Sundance said. This is not a good movie. It tries to stay within the realm of reality but the decisions made here are just, just not believable within the context of who the characters were supposed to be. This kids are supposed to be in college, I guess. One of them is supposed to be going to Princeton. He's working toward a ph.d. One guy allows one person to persuade him not to do what he very well knows he should do. It's just not believable. The premise is serious yet the principle characters deal with petty issues that totally gloss over the seriousness of the predicament. They deal with their own personal insecurities about identity and worth but it just doesn't fit the tenor of the film. The film attempts to be funny in a Kumar and Harold go to White Castle sort of way. It's not that funny. No way close. The character, an young Black man from African and the other a young Black man from the U. S. is not lost in the makeup of the characters of this film and the context of the situation. This was not addressed in terms of the differences that are said to be had between an African from the continent versus and African from the U. S. as they relate to law enforcement and racism in general in this country. The film has a good idea but totally has to be reworked script wise and edit wise and direction. It's just not that good.
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Satire with thought
fdhodges28 May 2022
Was it a genius script no but thought provoking YES. The low reviews are people hiding their racism as if there was no meaning to the things that went on in the movie. They are probably people that claim they have "One Black Friend". The movie touched on many cliche yet true stereotypes that black especially young black Americans face. I think every young black American should watch because dealing with law enforcement in certain situations can and have turned deadly. I liked the movie! I have also recommended it.
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A decent film by newb filmmakers.
Top_Dawg_Critic16 June 2022
Well directed and written, and even better and convincing performances. I didn't really find it funny, but it was still a well told buddy drama dealing with real world issues. The 105 min runtime was decent, although the pacing could've been better. A solid one-time watch and a well deserving 7/10 from me.
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A topic the haters want to just go away. A satire film that hits home
thatleoguy12 June 2022
A topic people hating on this film wish would just go away . However it will not.

A satire story that hits home

You can't tell people what we go thru is not real. That the feeling in your soul is not real when you can relate to this film. This film took me by surprise since I had no idea what it was about. While the actors are young and fun these characters were very well played with a good cast.

And while maybe this isn't a must watch for some people so that their feelings don't get hurt I do recommend this film

No matter what good we do , It is said that within the first 7 seconds of meeting, people will have a solid impression of who you are - and some research suggests a tenth of a second is all it takes to start determining traits like trustworthiness.
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Why the hate?
taddykstone3 June 2022
I thought parts of this movie was as funny as it gets. Not everyone gets satire. I'm even a white guy and I get the satire in this movie. You should try it. It's worth the try.
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Its Good. I know this..
Because I watched it and Im smart. But seriously folks...Don't believe the onesies and twosies. They didn't get it. I got it. You will too. Politics aside.
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Woke Buddy Comedy
icocleric8 June 2022
It's definitely a buddy comedy, that gets woke and the characters are really likeable. I think they could have squeezed in a few more laughs, especially since the tone does end up getting very serious.

But I really enjoyed the social commentary. I think it's got a very important message on how you have to think about what you do more when you are black. They were literally just trying to help.

The acting is very well done, and the overall look of the film is very polished and nice. I think it's well worth a watch, and it's an enjoyable watch. But I think it needed that bit extra on the comedy for a rewatch value.
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Worth a watch
BlockLike30 May 2022
Firstly, the the hate reviews are clearly coming from the anti-woke brigade that clearly don't even understand what woke means if it hit them in the face.

Ok, so on to the film.

I was pleasantly surprised with this one.

Starts off as a college buddy comedy, but not full blown laugh out loud levels.

It's got some good laughs here and there but is quite witty as well.

The film very slowly starts to gives things a more serious feel from about half way through.

By the end it does make a clear social statement, there's no denying that.

However it's a very real and accurate social statement.

People that don't like the truth just hide behind hate reviews and think they're achieving something, when all they're doing is embarrassing themselves.

The film has decent production value and well cast.

Pretty decent performances all round as well.
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Fictional story playing up black men fearing police.
TxMike8 June 2022
This is an Amazon Original, I watched it streaming on Prime.

I found this movie a bit hard getting into, some of the characters seem unsavory and love to use filthy language. But I stuck with it, the first part featuring college fraternity parties serves to set the stage for the meat of the movie, filmed mostly in the neighborhoods of Atlanta, Georgia.

When two black men, both good college students and roommates, sharing a home with a "brown" Hispanic male, come home they are shocked to find a pretty and petite white blonde girl passed out on their floor from too much partying. They all know the "right thing" to do, call 9-1-1 and get proper help. But their fear of the situation, cops finding a cute white girl passed out in their home, cause them to do something else. Plus, we soon find out, the girl is a 17-yr-old high school student.

In all I found it an interesting viewing, to see in a fictional setting what fear of police might get men of color to do, just to keep from getting shot and killed. That is a real problem in some areas. The director is a black man which lends credibility to the exercise, however I was disappointed that the writer is a non-black female.

To the review titled "so basically nothing happens" I say, watch the movie and pay attention, lots of things happen.
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It didn't do anything for me
paul-allaer30 May 2022
As "Emergency" (2022 release; 106 min) opens, we are introduced to Sean and Kunie, 2 African-American college kids just months away from graduation. As they get back to the house they share with their friend Carlos, a (white) girl lies on the floor passed out. How did she get there? What happened? And what should they do to address the situation? Call 911? Or the cops?

Couple of comments: this movie is the feature-length debut of director Carey Williams. This is in fact the long version of his 2018 short film of the same name, which was well received. I haven't seen the short film but I did read very positive press about the new feature-length, and that was good enough for me to check it out. As the movie started to unfold, I was waiting to see if this was expected to be a comedy, or a scary film, or perhaps a social commentary, or maybe all of the above. I kept waiting and waiting for it to take off and grab my attention. Alas, for whatever reason it never happened, at least not for me. I realize that I may well be in the minority on this, and that in fact this feature-length is being well received (it is currently rated 95% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes). I really can't explain why the film didn't appeal to me. In fact it didn't do anything for me, period.

"Emergency" had a limited theater run and premiered on Amazon Prime this weekend, which is where I saw it. I was really looking forward to it. I was as surprised as anyone that I did not care for it. Of course you don't have to take my world for it, so I encourage you to check it out and draw your own conclusion.
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Took me for a ride
klperkins0728 May 2022
Very good movie. Realistic and impactful. The acting is good from mostly unknown/ unfamiliar talents. Some cliche theme and common "college" buddy film tropes, but the message still hits hard.
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More tension than I anticipated
arstone-097577 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this might be more comic but it actually seems more of a drama with good comedy writing embedded within the framework.

Really, really good movie though. I would rate this higher but I was turned off by the copycat plot of Superbad wrecking the story for me. That was unnecessary. Literally hundreds of ways to avoid that and it feels like you got walked right into it.

Plus, I find it somewhat lazy writing when a great cast of strong, black actors who can stand on their own story, are forced to walk the plotline of an iconic white movie.

If you can overcome that, however, then you can enjoy this because it really is a punch in the gut. It opens your eyes and gives you a look at college life through the lens of young black men.
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Difkes38484230 May 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Three friends find themselves in an awful situation. A drunk white girl breaks into the house because she's messed up and passes out on their floor. Two friends that live there find her and instantly panic. These are two black guys with a passed out, messed up, white girl on their floor and they have no idea how she got there. They did nothing wrong. Instant mess for them. But the direction the film went, they were then guilty regardless of fear or prejudice.

They decide not to get help and remove her from the house and drive around with her trying to find a place to dump her so someone else finds her. Two of the friends are sober, but the third friend is drunk and super high, so he is the guy driving. Meanwhile, her phone is pinging her location everywhere they go, and her freaked out sister is following them trying find her. The whole time she is unconscious and vomiting. They end up out in the woods when she wakes up in confusion and tries to run away. The sister finds them, calls the cops on them, and then clashes with them. The unconscious girl loses her pulse. The guys and the sister set aside their differences, all of them get into the car and then they all run from the cops in a 4 car chase and refuse to pull over so they can get her to the hospital to finally help her. The cops corner them and everyone shows their hands and exits the vehicle except for the friend who had been performing cpr. He is no longer performing cpr but hovering over her with his hands over her cause he thinks she just died. The cop pulls his gun and removes him from the car and the friend is traumatized.

They withheld medical attention from an unconscious high school girl who almost died in the car, because "the law is prejudice and wouldnt have believed they didn't do anything to her".

In reality, withholding medical attention and driving around with her unconscious in your van until she dies because you were scared or felt you were "truly the one in danger" is manslaughter regardless of race. I agree with other reviews that if all the characters in the entire film didnt make the worst choice every time, then the movie would have been over in 30 min so they had to keep it going. By the end of the movie no one there was truly innocent anymore regardless of their reasoning.
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Great Cast, Great Movie!
khdee-6342127 May 2022
This movie was powerful and enjoyable! The characters were relatable funny. The plot was very believable and it looks like the folks that have issue with it are not POC, who could never understand the juxtaposition between doing the right thing, and doing what's going to keep you and your family safe.
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I'm sorry, but this deserves 25 Rotten Tomatos
battlebuckships27 May 2022
If anyone gives this film a 10, I'm wondering how and why?? Poor everything, writing, acting and such a bad story! It goes nowhere and does nothing to keep you viewing. For me personally, it was a "waste" of money. I'll never watch this again....
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henry8-330 May 2022
2 black students are planning a last bash by touring all the clubs. Visiting their Latino friend's house they find a white, high school girl unconscious on the floor. Given the potential reaction if they do, they debate whether to call 911.

Excellent performances by the 2 leads and a wonderfully witty script make for one of the better comedies of the year. Whilst the first 2 thirds is often hilarious - a couple come out of a their house with a 'black lives matter' sign on their lawn and immediately accuse them of drug dealing - the film slowly becomes more serious as their arguing intensifies, as does the fear of the police / fear for the girl. Ultimately it is a well crafted, but funny indictment of a divided America where racism is seemingly still pretty endemic.
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A Solid Concept and Commentary That Needs a Better Edit
zackerman2423 January 2022
At its core, Emergency has an incredibly interesting and important story to tell. However, it fails to deliver a truly engrossing or cinematic experience. Scenes run long and there is a stark lack of music throughout most of the film. It results in a viewing experience that feels like "I'm just watching things happen" rather than watching a specific, artistic creation.

Still, I think there is a strong base to the movie's story, the actors' chemistry, and the characters' relationships. I simply wish there was more personality to the filming. A movie like this would have been much more engaging with a Jordan Peele-like take, honing in on the horror or suspense of the situation. Or perhaps, a stronger lean into the comedy. The actual result is a movie that fails to be very funny when it means to be, and also fails to deliver much suspense when needed.
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Best film at Sundance !
Jblum530 January 2022
Emergency is about a group of college kids who are trying to survive a night of mishap and craziness. For me this movie has it all - comedy , drama and some heartfelt moments.

The jokes in this movie are consistently funny throughout. Some are "woke" which I think trigger some bad reviews but I was belly laughing throughout this movie's run time .

The other highest compliment I can give this movie it really does it's own thing with story telling. (No spoilers so I will be vague.) the movie doesn't feel the need to complete a checklist of "our characters need to do this, they need to fight with this character, this character needs a back story , this character needs to fall in love for no reason .. ect) You love these characters immediately and the film makers are confident in delivering their story based on this. There are a lot of comparisons to Superbad, Harold and Kumar and Good Time that I've seen but this movie takes things in a slightly different direction and it doesn't forget to be hilarious.

There are certainly a few plot holes and/or plot conveniences but if you want a decent drama with great laughs and lovable characters this is your best bet this year.
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Really enjoyed it.
cnwilson-939251 June 2022
For someone who is African American, it felt very relatable. Really enjoyed the movie and understood why they did what they did. If you've never been in the shoes of the main characters you would never understand the reasons behind their actions. I would watch it again, great cast!
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Not sure what this is?
Cpt_JackSparrow29 May 2022
The movie starts off as a comedy, then goes into being a thriller then decides to switch back into comedy, then shifts into a drama and finally a weird "GET OUT" ending moment?

I have no idea what I was watching and it was painful, however I wanted to see where it was going.

The acting isn't the best and the story is so ridiculous with so many plot holes. You can tell this movie was really trying to "be something" but it wasn't anything at all. Pretty much a waste of an hour and a half and it is half an hour too long.

The woke politics are pretty clear in the movie and I tried to watch it with an open mind but sadly It was a complete waste of time.

I went into the movie thinking it was a comedy and I did laugh at some parts but then it got very dark and heavy.

Not an enjoyable movie by any means.
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