Blu-ray review: The Punisher Collection (two-film box set)

There have been three attempts so far at adapting Marvel Comics' ultra-violent vigilante The Punisher on to the big screen.

The first film was in 1989, a direct-to-video release starring Dolph Lundgren which omitted many of the character's hallmarks and has been swept aside as a very early and rather ill-considered effort.

Much later, Marvel pressed the reset button and delivered a 2004 reboot starring Thomas Jane and directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, the first directorial role for the screenwriter.

After various deliberations over putting a sequel in motion, Jane and Hensleigh dropped out and the next film, Punisher: War Zone, saw Ray Stevenson take over the lead role and Lexi Alexander directing. It came out in December last year in the USA, and in February in the UK.

Marvel itself was involved in producing the latter two movies, which Lionsgate distributed in the USA and Sony's Columbia Pictures handled overseas.

In June,
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