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Holy crap
brett-7626031 December 2022
All I'm gonna say is well done Mate. What an incredible journey you've had so far. If you are looking for a fantastic show to watch give this a go. You will experience all the emotions one can have and when it's all said and done, you will end with a smile and just thankful. Thankful there are people out in the world conserving this planet and the animals that live on it. This story is so amazing and the show is so worth watching. The production value is top quality and I really can't offer up any negative feedback. It's just a show that captivates you from the get go. Harry as a US Marine myself, never let go of hope. This journey of life is full of ups and downs.... I know your pain of combat but keep waking up and keep making a difference. One journey at a time Mate!
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In the wilds of the Peruvian Amazon, conservation efforts.
TxMike2 January 2023
This documentary, which is a bit too long for the content, has a theme of rescuing an animal, in this case an Ocelot, in the Peruvian Amazon. But it is actually more about a young man with PTSD and suicidal tendencies trying to salvage his life. There are a few glowing "10" reviews which don't really say anything about the film, many of them only have one review, I wouldn't trust those if one is trying to decide whether to take the time to watch this.

Harry is a Brit who, as a teenager, joined the military and had bad experiences in Afghanistan. Now out and in his 20s travels far away to escape life as he knew it, and ends up in Peru.

Harry meets Samantha (just Sam) there, she is a 20-something American student working towards her PhD, her area of focus is conservation of the planet. In some scenes she wears a T-shirt that says "There is no Planet B", a take on the old saying regarding a plan A and a plan B. We need to take care of this Planet.

Harry and Sam have a natural attraction but she is solid and high functioning, he seems always "needy", and needs the approval of others, including needing to feel good about the Ocelot he is training to be self-sufficient. He at times gets upset when the animal won't leave, then gets worried when it is gone for a few days. He cuts himself and wonders if he should just end it all. He is a real mess.

The Ocelot angle is interesting, particularly for me, a big fan of Ocelots. But the real core of the story is Harry, can he get a grip on reality and salvage his life? This film will not appeal to all but I am glad I took the time, as a peek into a segment of humanity I am seldom exposed to.

At home, on Amazon streaming.
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Inspiring Documentary That Can Turn Your Heart From Empty To Full At The Drop Of A Dime
rannynm15 December 2022
Prepare to be inspired by a new documentary, Wildcat, directed and produced by Melissa Lesh and Trevor Beck Frost, which leaves viewers in a whirlwind of emotions and can turn your heart from empty to full at the drop of a dime. This is a film that you are not going to want to miss.

Struggling with depression and PTSD as a result from his time spent as a British soldier in Afghanistan, young Harry Turner attempts to escape his world in order to restore peace to his troubled life. That escape lands him deep within the Peruvian Amazon where he teams up with American scientist Samantha Zwicker, and together they work diligently to save injured and orphaned wildlife at Hoja Nueva Rehabilitation Center. The film focuses mainly on the duo's efforts to rehabilitate and "re-wild" orphaned ocelots, and their work seems to put purpose back into their lives. Harry continues with his mental struggles throughout the film and, although his efforts at Hoja Nueva are helping him overcome these challenges, the film highlights for us that these struggles may never truly be defeated.

There is so much to love and appreciate in Wildcat. The cinematography is terrific as it takes us to one of the most remote and biodiverse places on our globe, allowing viewers to get close up views of some incredible species of animals. The story demonstrates that beauty can indeed be woven into the lives of those who have dark days. And since I absolutely love cats and our family has been involved in cat rescue for many decades, I commend Harry and Samantha for their efforts in wildcat conservation and highlighting for us how difficult yet rewarding this line of work can be.

Wildcat is a true masterpiece. There are so many important thoughts to take with you after watching the film, and yet the film's most important message is about hope and courage. Mental illness is a life threatening disease, but, with some hope and a whole lot of courage, someone suffering from this condition can learn to cope with their disorder. There is certainly also the message about the importance of conservation and the willingness to volunteer in order to protect and restore our fragile ecosystems. We need more wildlife warriors and this film just may be a call to action for those conservation minded people. Parents need to be aware of some adult language throughout the film and at times some of the scenes display some very dark moments for Harry.

I give Wildcat 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12-18. Adults will also absolutely love this film. Wildcat releases on December 30, 2022, on Prime Video. By Dominic D., KIDS FIRST!
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i can't stop thinking about it.
kimberleylancaster30 December 2022
I absolutely love this movie. I can't stop crying and thinking about it.

It really has impacted me. I don't know what I expected when I started watching it, but I did not expect that. Animal lovers and those people who have inner demons need to see this movie. It makes you see that you can put your mind to it, and you can make things happen. You find yourself really getting into the lives of the 2 main people, and just adoring them. I admire their efforts, triumphs, feats, and for getting through the bad times.

It's beautiful, raw, and real; mixing the need to help nature with the need to love yourself. Lastly, I hope this movie opens people's eyes up about the deforestation problem in the Amazon that kills countless beautiful animals, plant and tree species, and things we probably haven't even discovered yet.

Thank you for doing what you do.
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Whoa... Didn't expect to be hit this hard by a cat rescue documentary, sheeesh!
poopiter21 January 2023
I decided to get some work done and I usually run the tv in the background. Saw this and said, cool looks interesting and hit play. Well, I didn't get a damn thing done for work lol. 20 min into it and i was in my recliner fully invested in this. Man, i'm glad i randomly picked this.

To the people complaining that this is not wild cat rescue documentary, well, you're right... It's a young man with mental issues that saves wild cats documentary. And it's pretty damn amazing! It does get kind of rough towards the end, and veers away from the animal rescue. But again for the critics, this kid is just as much the story as the ocelot he rescues.

Oh and to folks making fun of these two being a couple emo millennials, shut it. I'm an old construction guy and they've got my respect. Sam and Harry are tough as nails to live in those conditions for years at a time.

I was absolutely shocked at how much i enjoyed this. Definitely give this a 1 hr and 45 min of your time... you won't regret it!
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Reality TV Has Met It's Match
naq-124 November 2022
The film "Wildcat", we see the ultimate evolution of Reality TV in the inner workings of a non-profit that is set up to rescue animals and return them to the wild after being traumatically separated from their parents, and interwoven with the idea that people with anti-social tendencies can be just as difficult to re-enter civilization.

To be fair, the two main characters of "Wildcat", Harry and Samantha, are well-meaning, altruistic people who's only goal is to re-introduce orphaned animals back into their own wild worlds. The fact that they are able to accomplish the goal of re-introduction of the animals does not extend to themselves. They both remain distant and aloof from the rest of the world-- Harry with his PTSD from being a soldier during the war in Afghanistan, and Samantha for her father's alcoholism.

Now the stories of Harry and Samantha are intertwined with the story of taking an orphan Ocelot and training it to be a wild animal--not just one time, but twice, almost as if created by a talented Scriptwriter. The parallel stories of the Ocelots with Harry are so clearly enunciated, they might as well have been a scripted Reality Show.

Every moment in the film is heartfelt beyond the standard of the usual documentary, so it is amazing to think that this is merely spontaneous, as each element of the plot serves to fit a 3-act structure. The storyline is almost a character in itself -- it seems to signal the twists and turns with almost uncanny precision in advance.

But ultimately, what results is a satisfying climax. It seems to allow the protagonists to have a mythic quality --these people are more than mere mortals, they are the embodiment of humanity's idealism.
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One of the best surprises and movies of the year
paul-allaer1 January 2023
As "Wildcat" opens, we are in "The Peruvian Amazon, 5 Hours Away From the Nearest Town" and we are introduced to Harry, a British veteran who came back from Afghanistan with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He comes to the jungle and joins Hoja Nuevo, an NGO to prevent deforestation and rescuing animals. Harry is assigned to an orphaned baby wildcat. In a parallel story, Harry gets to know Samantha, the NGO's founder.

Couple of comments: this documentary is co-directed by Melissa Lesh and Trevor Frost, who previously brought us "Person of the Forest". For some reason I was under the impression that this was a nature documentary about wildcats in the Amazon (wildcats are about twice as big as your typical domestic cat). Imagine my surprise, in the best possible way, that this movie is about so much more. Yes, there is cute footage of the wildcats, but in reality this is a look at how Harry deals with his PTSD, how it affects the people around him, AND the wildcats (who is rescuing whom here?). So as it turns out, on this very last day of 2022, I stumble upon one of the best surprises and movies of the year, and sure to make my top 10 of the best of 2022.

"Wildcat" started streaming on Amazon Prime just yesterday (12/30). This documentary is currently rated 92% Certified Fresh and for very good reason. I had read about this film in a recent New York Times article, nd had circled the release date on my calendar. If you are in the mood for a top notch documentary about the mental health struggles of a guy while also getting an amazing look into the day-to-day life of the Peruvian Amazon, I'd readily suggest you check this out, and draw your own conclusion.
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Unbelievable Story
allisonsreed31 December 2022
Harry tells his story in such a pure and raw way. Never have I cried so many times while watching a documentary. The connection he has with Kahn and Keanu can be felt through the screen, along with the strong bond he has with his family. Well done.

If you're looking for a documentary where you feel every emotion- sadness, joy, love, anger, this is the documentary for you.

Harry is going to inspire everyone who watches his story that redemption is possible, you can be happy despite what you've been through, and the love and happiness you are looking for may just be found in a furry friend in a way you never expected.

Thank for for sharing your story, Harry. It won't be easily forgotten.
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I'd love to see a longer cut of this film.
kcitraro10 January 2023
Yes, this is one of those rare documentaries that makes you cry. It doesn't matter if you are a male or female and It's not sad on the "sad" weapy cat dies kind of way. It's sad in the constant flow of gentle tears kind of way. We all can relate to to a connection to our pets or animals in general, but this connection was way more important than a typical love of a family pet. Having to let go and trust fate is even harder. An Afghanistan war soldier with PTSD sets out to reintroduce a wild cat into a Peruvian rainforest over 18 months and knows that he will be freeing this cat from a much worse fate. By doing so, he unknowingly, or maybe knowingly frees himself from some of his own worst struggles. There are no real sob story cat clips. Just one in the beginning to help viewers understand background. The cat Showcased in this doc was not injured during the process of filming and like others say, was not the main focus of this film. Well done. A 9 only because it felt a little too overly edited. I'd love a bit of a longer cut.
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Incredibly powerful and hits close to home for many
ddancker31 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Didn't know what I was getting into when starting the film. The next 106 minutes was 75% crying, 10% anger, and 15% awe and inspiration. The film hit close to home personally on several topics such as mental abuse, suicidal ideation, and alcoholism. For many others I imagine it does the same for PTSD and self harm. The film eloquently captures the healing power of animals and nature. My partner insisted we get two cats and later committed suicide after we had separated and after I had suffered through years of mental abuse and attempting to get him help. Our two cats were the only thing that got me through it for a long time. These two individual's stories are touching, inspiring, and powerful. The way this is pulled together from almost "reality TV" type footage and other personal recordings is really incredible. Highly recommended, as difficult as it can be to watch at times. The film captures so many feelings and challenges we have all been though. Thank you for this wonderful documentary.
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A Heartfelt and Inspiring Story
ROOKreations30 December 2022
This story is told so well and is perfectly structured. You really get the chance to get close to and understand Harry and Samantha. You can truly feel each of their perspectives and emotions. You get a great sense of what it takes to work through the lowest of lows that someone can feel.

This story is full of emotion where you can't help but feel connected to their story and struggle. Seeing their devotion to what they're passionate about and care so much for will undoubtedly lift you.

The music flows perfectly with all the visuals, being inspirational and beautiful. The visuals and cinematography are stunning, not just a result of the breathtaking jungle scenery.

An easy recommendation!
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This is..
anadana-956931 January 2023
..more than a simple story about a "British soldier" and a wildcat.. This is a reflection of:
  • what PEOPLE do to PEOPLE
  • what PEOPLE do to ANIMALS
  • what WE do to this PLANET

What Harry Turner doesn't know (and probably most of us don't) is that he, Harry, is the REAL HERO with one huge weapon: his heart.

Unfortunately, in a world governed by greed, lies and fake heroes, we fail to recognize the real ones. Here's my proof: Harry can NOT accept to participate to the destruction of this planet (by killing in the name of a 'noble' and 'patriotic' purpose), hence he thinks he's failing the outside expectations (depicted through media and 'action' movies), he feels he doesn't belong 'here'. And he wants to sacrifice himself.. He, the REAL HUMAN BEING.. We can see what people do to people - what WE did to Harry, by encouraging him to be something that he is not, something that most of us are not. He has the guts to admit he can't fulfill his 'duties'. And he's trying, in return to SAVE.. something.. whatever it can be saved of this planet.. I AM PROUD and HAPPY that young people like him and Samantha Zwicker exist!!! I wish I could give them a big hug and tell them how much better the world is because of their existence.

From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU! To Harry and Sam, and to all the other ones that they represent!
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zak-048921 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed watching the journey of Samantha and Harry working together to raise orphaned ocelots and isolation of the rainforest. This story helped me envision the power we have on wild places and on them.

This movie caught my attention in multiple ways. Living with PTSD, I can relate to Harry's struggles while sympathizing with Samantha's difficulties trying to manage her emotions and caring nature for Harry. Samantha also seems to be struggling with past traumas within her life as well.

This movie is not just a journey into saving the planet's wildlife, lands it's also a story for people managing mental health and past traumas. I believe this movie is progress.

Please be respectful before criticizing harshly. I understand certain parts are not what society wants to see, however this is reality for some living with mental health problems. Guilt and shame come right after.

Thank you.
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Prepare for strong emotions
neiljb-7374430 December 2022
As someone who suffers from a lifelong depressive illness, and is also a fan of felines, i knew this would be my type of program.... I just didnt think it would affect me as strongly as it did.... Love, loss, heartache, darkness, worry, fear, all clearly and brilliantly displayed.... There are still good people in the world, and its always nice to see them in action... credit goes out to everyone who was involved in making this inspirational video, i wasnt crying it mustve been an allergy, its cleared up enough now to write my first ever imdb review although it might not be my last. A must watch for anyone who likes cats, although painful at times...
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Nominally about an ocelot, but really about PTSD from disastrous war.
gadfeal8 January 2023
This film was "real life" in that it was unscripted, happy endings aren't expected, and nothing goes to expectations at the pace of Instagram. I am surprised at the footage obtained if this was truly not a script.

The superficial story is that of a UK "veteran" (who seems like a teenager who can barely grow facial hair) who finds redemption in the Amazonian forest of Peru, doing a "first" in developing a protocol for rescuing wild ocelots. From that point of view, nothing too "preachy" - just the tell tale signs of inconsiderate humans who destroy forests, kidnap and maim innocent creatures, and an Amazonian that is unpatrollable in most cases. That "animal rescue" story is good but sobering to the reality. The reality is that, unlike Tarzan and Rambo depictions of jungle men, the protagonist is skinny, bug bitten, often muddy and injured lad, who is not afraid of death.

The deeper story is that of this PTSD afflicted seemingly teenage British ex-soldier who was devastated by the inhumane, violent, gut-wrenching horrors of war in Afghanistan, who concluded as he held a dead child's bloody body that "we had no right to be there". On that point of view, I couldn't agree more. The New American Century cabal that controlled the agenda for the two Bush administrations tried to impose their egocentric, two-dimensional views in a tinderbox region of multidimensional complexity. From the legal inanity of giving a President "War Powers" when there is no verifiable enemy State; whoever in his right mind would grant war invasion powers against "Terror" when the players are criminal and radical groups - not State governments?

I blame the armchair political leaders who are completely divorced from the gravity of their decisions to take military action. From a President who avoided military service, and a Prime Minister who went against massive popular opinion, the advice of the Foreign Ministry, and the authenticated reports of the UN Atomic Energy Agency rapporteurs, Hans Blix and Mohamed El Baradei. Like cowards, the principal actors of the New American Century cabal don't dare set foot in a nation where there is possibility of arrest under an international warrant for war crimes.

Meanwhile, two decades on, dozens of millions of lives continue to suffer from the cabal's actions: millions of displaced refugees flooding into Lebanon, Jordan, Europe and Turkey, a societal collapse in Afghanistan, and precipitation of the spread of a violent strain of radicalism. Quite the opposite effect desired -- BUT ENTIRELY PREDICTABLE by all who had any grasp of Middle Eastern societies, history and politics.

So, this poor lad, who was suicidal and self-mutilating in the UK, sought redemption for the senseless killing, maiming and violence on innocent people, but converting his salvation into a project to raise an orphaned ocelot kitten to release in 17 months. He lived somewhat "off the grid" with no running water or toilets, but he did have access to solar power, satellite phones, local helpers and funds from a number of organizations including that of his then US girlfriend on her doctorate project.

The heroes of the story are his family and his wonderful, compassionate American girlfriend who kept him sane with unflinching devotion, but whom he ultimately pushed away as he spiraled into another cycle of self-destruction after a first setback in his "quest".

I won't give away spoilers but if you don't end up crying and repulsed by bone-headed armchair political leaders and their war-mongering with no responsibility for untold lives destroyed or hobbled, you would be likely a very cold hearted being.

As for the wildlife rescue aspect, the girlfriend was the level headed one who put in the education and marshalled resources to make durable change that continues long after the poor soldier's quest of redemption. She is the real heroine of the movie.
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Compelled to write a review...
nickjcalladine6 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
Reading some of the nonsense on here I felt I had to try and write something. Yes this isn't a nature documentary, yes it's a hard watch at times, but this is what makes it so brilliant. Also to one specific review - THERE'S TWO OCELOTS. Watch it all before you go write a silly, premature review. We turned it on thinking 'oh a nice story about a big cat' and both came away thinking how much more we got than we bargained for.

In essence, a young man, traumatised from military service, goes to the jungle to work with animals. He makes an Ocelet his personal project...then another Ocelet. So far so pleasant?

What actually unfolds is a stark portrayal of mental health, self harm, trauma, and so much more. It's harrowing in many parts and many ways.

My only reason for not giving a 10/10 is the genuine concern I had for Harry, and intervention that should maybe have come sooner. It felt very close to recording something very dark indeed.
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To Ocelot or not.
myka-558984 January 2023
105 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Yes, I watched till the end, hoping for Ocelot education and a happy ending. I got neither. I'm sure plenty of people will think I'm a heartless monster by the end of my review. So be it. Had Harry's union with Samantha led to a prolific exploration of the habitats of Ocelots and a healthy recovery from past traumas and PTSD, I'd be on board. Instead we got a young man whose biggest issue wasn't PTSD, but more accurately, absolutely no coping skills, who interjected his disfunction into another persons life. Samantha, who was actually moving forward in a positive direction from a negative past and doing something rewarding and productive with her life, got stuck having to babysit and coddle Harry who had no business being in the Peruvian jungle fostering an Ocelot. It is impossible to teach and encourage another being (whether human or wild) to be independent, self sufficient and a survivor when you don't have those skills yourself. He essentially sabotaged her quest. Fortunately she was able to eventually recognize that it wasn't a healthy relationship. If I was alone in the jungle with an unstable cutter and an abundance of machete's, I'd be on edge to say the least. I hope the documentary (and I use the word lightly) at least got Samantha the funding to continue her journey. And I hope Harry has family, friends and therapists who keep him far away from cutlery and remind him that tattooing spots on his back doesn't make him an Ocelot.

And before you all freak out about my review, I'm a retired Marine that has seen things no human should have to witness and lost a leg in the process. I am grateful for EVERY SINGLE DAY and thank God for his blessings, which happen to include the ability to recognize a defunct "documentary" when I see one.
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sparklyblue-034127 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
The premise of this documentary is solid, I enjoyed seeing Sam's conservation efforts in the Amazon and how Harry raised ocelots to be wild. But this film was way too heavy-handed with Sam and Harry's backstories, and particularly Harry's mental health struggles. I don't mind the vlog-style filming, I actually find it refreshing, but it feels so staged and theatrical when capturing their breakup, or Harry carrying out self-harm. I say this having a very similar history of mental illness. There were parts of this film that were way too triggering for what's supposed to be about nature conservation. Harry said in the film that he doesn't want his little brother to be exposed to this dark, traumatized side of him.... yet he publishes all of it in a public film that even features said brother? Again, seems disingenuous.

My understanding is that Sam's conservation organization made this film, so I don't know why they focused more on 2 individuals' trauma over useful information about helping the Amazon. Shouldn't the point of this film have been to raise awareness about the deforestation and poaching happening over there? Those topics are briefly covered, but overall I was just left with a bad taste in my mouth from being fed private, intimate details about 2 strangers. I wouldn't have minded some brief backstory about Harry being an Afghanistan veteran, but this went way too far into the gory details, literally (his self-harm cuts are shown on screen).

In short, I would definitely not recommend watching this. You won't learn anything new about ocelots or conservation of the Amazon.
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The most heartfelt documentaries I've ever watched.
taravdh-9485027 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
This is most definitely the most heartfelt documentary I've ever watched.

It broke my heart when Khan didn't make it after seeing the bond that him n Harry had between them.

Harry's story is by far the sadest, I was in tears watching this documentary.. I just wanted to give him a cuddle and tell him he's done himself proud and never to think negatively because the love he showed for them cats was unconditional and them cats looked upon him like he was there mum.

I know how it feels to raise animals n I too have had them pass away in my arms at home n it breaks ur heart so much.

My animals r the reason I get out of bed in the morning n without them I don't know if I would here.

An animal will love you regardless of ur mood and an animal will love you more than it loves itself.

Well done Harry and Sam n keep up the good work, even though urve both taken the separate roads urve done the animal kingdom proud and u both deserve the upmost respect for what u have done and what u have achieved.. I'm so happy that Keanu learnt to live in the wild n that you gave him the best learning skills u could give him for making that huge leap into the wilderness.. Well done to you all <3.
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Can i cry? Cause i'm so emotional.
lolabuyle20 January 2023
This documentary touched me deeply, like I'm actually a bit lost for words, i cried, something that doesn't happen often when watching a movie. This boy reminds me of me and my love for cats, but also of me and what I'm struggling with, damn, wow, beautiful... I recommend this to anyone who's deep and emotional enough to be able to handle this, i loved the pure energy of this documentary, everything felt so genuine and real, thanks for creating this. I was emotional all night after watching this, i cried, i was so so so emotional. Beautiful story of beautiful people, pure energy, real and wow...
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Didn't make the point they thought they were making.
LukeCustomer228 January 2023
In general... any movie about cats and the struggle to keep them alive is going to have a lot of people relating. Not to mention how beautiful ocelots are... so I loved everything about Khan and Keanu learning and being adorable.

But the humans? Not so much. I have often found that people claiming a mental illness are just spoiled and this movie did not disabuse me of this notion. Harry did not seem to have legit PTSD but rather a terminal case of selfishness and a stubborn assurance that he should never have to suffer. In general though, I don't think that anyone who does have PTSD should ever be rehabilitating animals like this... it is emotionally horrible to bond with an animal and see it get hurt and that is not going to help.

I ended up fast forwarding during many of Harry's scenes because they were painful. I know the movie is trying to make the point that dealing with animals is healing but I don't think they made it.
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Just wow. Emotional, beautiful, fantastic.
gator-232 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
If you want a cute movie about cats, this is not that movie. Those who give it low reviews based on that premise simply don't get it. If you want the realities of the wild and the human condition glossed over so as not to hurt your sensibilities, please avoid this movie.

This documentary shows the grittiest truths about what happens in nature, the Amazon, and in the hearts and minds of people who deal with the damage caused trying to be normal human beings in a world determined to grind them up and discard them. There is literally no winner in this movie, just survivors - but sometimes just surviving is really the best possible outcome. To grow and become more, or just to find a point where you can live in your own skin, to become maybe not everything you can be, but simply what you need to be, first you have to survive. This feature weaves those themes together with a deft touch I literally have never seen before. I say it is "wonderful" in the sense that, if you are one of the people that "get" it, it will fill you with wonder.
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Don't be fooled into thinking this is about animals
NotYourAverageBear24 January 2023
It's more a story about two messed up people and THEIR journey while raising wild animals, specifically ocelots.

There is comparatively little footage of the cats. There is a TON of Harry's whiny babbling. It's obvious he was likely really screwed up before going into the military, and it appears to be a story in contrast -- lower class Brit hooks up with upper middle class American. Sam is working on her doctoral thesis. She has no problem airing her family's dirty laundry and speaking ill of the dad. Her political views really don't belong in the documentary, and make her even less likeable.

If you liked the Blair Witch Project format, you might be interested in this. The movie was better with the sound turned off.
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Absolutely Incredible
lasiter-0029527 January 2023
I was in total amazement that there are humans like this that really care about our wildlife. This was awesome, if you have any feelings about animals like I have my whole life this will emotionally affect you forever. I've had pets my entire life & love them more than most humans, unconditional love like nothing else. I cried a lot watching this, it really had an impact on me. My 15-year-old nephew took his life in 2012 & I just about gave up on living. I have changed my life immensely since then, I want to see everything that good people & animals that make my life worth living. Hope to see more documentaries like this.
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Emotional abuse, not ocelots.
aces-6625016 January 2023
I can't believe they promote this as a wildlife documentary, its actually about ptsd and emotional abuse from someone that refuses help. An emotionally unstable and suicidal young man travels to the Peruvian rain forest to try and escape his mental illness only to emotionally abuse a young conservationist with daddy issues and take out his emotional trauma on two ocelots. He acts like he wants what's best for the animals chases them away then when he hasn't seen them for a few days welcomes them back and shows them affection further confusing the animals he's supposedly trying to rehabilitate. I'm just glad he went back to his family and Samantha decided to end the relationship so she could continue to help the animals without having to worry about a mentally ill young man alone in the rain forest.
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