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Clue is in the title
kosmasp19 September 2012
I guess that's the best described movie title since Snakes on a plane. The movie delivers fully on its title and that's all you can expect from it, isn't it? A year ago Frightfest audiences were treated to a glimpse of some footage from the film. August 2012 the same audience (or whoever came again) got to see the whole film. And I'd say it played pretty well with most people.

I liked it too. The humor is good, you get Cockney language thrown in a couple of times and one the slowest chases you'll see in any film. And it works really good tension-wise. Mr. Ford of course is a delight to watch and he must have had a lot of fun on the set. You can't and shouldn't take a movie like that serious. Otherwise you'd have trouble enjoying this
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Very amusing zombie comedy with just some minor issues
5h4d0w1 September 2012
The trailer for this movie actually represents what you get very, very well. Quite a bit of gore and funny moments. In fact, I thought that I would find it less funny than I did. There is some really witty writing here.

However, what already bothered me in the trailer really did not sit well with me in the movie too. Namely when the writing goes from witty to dim-witted. Mostly because of those one-liners. Although even some of the serious dialog seems just too unnatural and clichéd.

Also, for my taste, there is a little bit too much cutting to a certain location where people are stuck. There is nothing going on aside from some of the pretty awful dialog I just referred to.

A minor complaint, since there is still plenty of gory action going on, would be that there are some scenes in which gore spatters from off-screen where I would have preferred to see the action on-screen.

In the end, it is about a fun, gory ride and "Cockneys vs Zombies" sure delivers when it comes to that. However, productions such as "Tucker and Dale vs Evil" or "Shaun of the Dead" have demonstrated that one doesn't have to rely on formulaic dialog and one-liners so heavily in order to create a fun splatter film that is actually fun.
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Great English Zombie Flick.
Ashman71171121 October 2012
First, it's a movie about zombies and it's English, so don't go in expecting some grandiose academy award winners. What we have is a film that is meant to be watched and enjoyed. It's purpose is to entertain us with zombies, gore, and the best type of dry Brit humor one can find. A job it accomplishes rather nicely.

It never takes itself seriously but doesn't go full on to cheeky parody mode either. I have to agree that like Shaun of the Dead or Tucker & DAle Vs Evil, this one has successfully blended a great comedy with a good horror flick. though I'll warn it's more about the good gore one finds rather than scares.

By far the strongest actor would be Alan Ford who fills the character role of "Grandad" brilliantly as the cantankerous grandfather of the two leads and the caretaker of an old folks home. He has some of the best lines- most of which you simply don't expect or at least won't know what the heck is gonna be said next. right from the get go with opening credits you have the idea it's gonna be a fun, somewhat satirical ride and indeed it is. In all, the plot isn't that much of a stretch(it's zombies) but the actors and director make it work. it has a decent music score too. after viewing it may not be in some horror fan's top fav list, but it will certainly not disappoint. (also if you like crass British slang you'll like this movie)
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Shockingly Good
gavin694212 August 2013
A gang of bank robbers fight their way out of a zombie-infested London.

When I heard the title of this film, I kept thinking there was no way this could possibly be good. The reviews were consistently positive, but that title was just so bad. Hopefully others are not scared off by the lame name, because the critics were right -- this is a winner.

We have a rocking soundtrack that keeps the pace and flow going, one of the best chase scenes ever put to film, some clever moments in a subgenre (zombie films) that should be completely used up by now... and some elderly folks with big guns.

Others have said this is "Shaun of the Dead" meets "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels". That may be fair -- it is as good as both of these films, and really needs to be seen. I can see it becoming a cult classic alongside "Shaun"...
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Loved it!
MisterE210821 October 2012
A fun filled zombie film. Definitely not one of the best, but highly enjoyable. Loved the dialog and all the actor character portrayals. The gore effects had highs and lows, meaning there were some gore effects that were crazy good and other gore effects that were most likely rushed or they didn't put too much thought into. Alan Ford had me in stitches, he did an awesome job, I guarantee you will like him a lot in this film. Rasmus Hardiker and Harry Treadaway who play the central characters were both entertaining, and I wouldn't mind if the two reprise their roles in a sequel. Lastly I wanna speak about the lovely Michelle Ryan (who plays Katey, the cousin), I sorta fell in love with her in this film and loved her fiery attitude as she helped kick some zombie butt. In closing, I really try my best not to give away any of a particular film, because we usually already know what a film is about, and the only thing that comes next is to watch the film. In my opinion spoilers suck and it takes away from what others may enjoy or dislike about a particular film, that's why I rather that others come to their own conclusion upon viewing a film for themselves. Cockney vs Zombies...I loved it!...and I hope other fans of the genre get to see it and come to love it as well.
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Great British Comedy/Horror! A new cult classic?
This film was both funny and bloody! If Guy Ritchie directed a zombie film this would be the result. A funny LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS type of Comedy/Horror. The plot is mostly original and the action is bloody and gory in scenes which makes this film fun to watch. It's not quite SHAUN OF THE DEAD but it's very close. There are a few familiar faces for those who have seen a lot of the great British Guy Ritchie type films. There are some great kill scenes too. I found myself watching the movie and seeing a few comparisons to the for-mentioned comedy/horror film. This will be, in my opinion, another cult classic in years to come. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.
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Absolute blast of a zombie effort
GL8426 February 2014
Attempting to salvage a botched bank-job, a group of robbers find their efforts interrupted by a viral outbreak and must fend off the swarm of zombies infesting London's East End to save their grandfather and get to safety.

This turned out to be quite an enjoyable and entertaining zombie effort. One of the biggest pluses here is the fact that this one manages to contain a large portion of goofy and plain hilarious moments that are flat-out funny for just how absurd this one gets while attempting to play it straight. The way the robbery gets botched, the arguing between the family, the zombie assault on the retirement home and the eventual charge down to their escape is all quite funny for how blatantly goofy it's portrayed yet comes off as completely relevant in the way it transpires and ends up making these scenes better by not writing the movie around the jokes but instead working the comedy into the story. This truly funny comedy makes the action all the better as there's a real massive amount of action with plenty of shoot-outs, including the bank-robbery itself as well as the charge through the streets after the retirement home visit to holding off the creatures in the safe house with the hostages being forced into action to save themselves, as well as the different encounters along the escape route in the streets filled with the zombies which just really gets all the high-notes here with the mad-collision of bullets flying everywhere, zombies getting shot to pieces or blasted to chunks and the victims being pulled apart and devoured in nearly everyone of these encounters which makes for a huge gore quotient to go along with the comedy and thrilling action. While these make the film quite entertaining, there's one rather important factor holding this down which is the fact that there's a rather convoluted series of plot-points that seem to go nowhere and bring more people into this that don't need to be there to begin with. These here make this one fall slightly, but overall not enough from being one of the better zombie efforts recently.

Rated R: Extreme Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.
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Respect the elderly Cockney Rebels!
Coventry30 October 2012
I've grown quite allergic to the terms zombie-comedy, and especially to the allegedly cool slang name "zomedy", because we horror fanatics are literally overloaded with movies about the Living Dead that are supposed to be horrific and hilarious at the same time. In reality, however, the vast majority of them are just downright dull, uninspired and irritating. Ever since the British cult hit "Shaun of the Dead", it seems like every (young?) aspiring film director assumes that he/she can make a horror comedy even though these two remain the hardest genres to put into a blender together. Therefore I was rather skeptical when I went to see "Cockneys vs. Zombies" at a local horror festival here in Belgium. The idea sounded good, the trailer looked mighty fine and the cast features a handful of names that even make the most mediocre movie tolerable (Alan Ford from "Snatch" and Honor "Pussy Galore" Blackman) but still … it remained a zomedy! It took me more or less five minutes to put all my skepticism aside, though, because the movie starts out amazingly and I immediately got sucked in. The intro sequence and particularly the awesomely animated opening credits, guided by the magnificent song "What's that coming over the hill is it a monster?" by The Automatic, set the basis for an exhilarating, fast-paced and blood-spurting horror adventure. Admittedly the script features many clichés, stereotypes and redundant melodramatic moments, but overall seen is director Matthias Hoene's approach fresh and inventive. In Cockney country, the heart of working class East London, construction workers are building a gigantic apartment complex for which several traditional monuments have to be demolished, including the old folk's home of Granddad Ray Maguire and his friends. His offspring plans to rob a bank so that he doesn't have to move away from the area, but something else also interferes with the construction works… a zombie invasion! When the workers stumble upon ancient catacombs underneath the city, the region is quickly overrun by thousand of zombies. The bank robbers battle their way back to the retirement home as fast as they can, but the old timer prove themselves still tough enough to stand up against the undead. "Cockneys vs. Zombies" (don't you just love it when the title is, in fact, the entire plot?) is a straightforward and largely unpretentious zombie romp that delivers what you expect (or hope for). There are various flaws, like for example the screenplay refuses to sacrifice any real pivot characters and overdoes the melodrama a bit near the climax, but these are widely compensated through ingenious little plot aspects and the excessive gore effects. Certain sequences already qualify as instant classic in my book. For example, you haven't seen a zombie chase until you witness the race between a pensioner with a walking frame and a traditionally slow-sauntering rotting corpse. Or, how to kill a zombie with a metal plate in his head? And then for the obvious biggest trump of the film I'd like to refer to the title. The genuine Cockney characters and the delicious rhyming slang dialogs are the elements that truly distinguish the film from the others. Alan Ford must be the coolest Cockney since Sid Vicious and, as expected, he steals the show in every sequence he's in.
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Utterly brilliant - a new cult classic!
VicL25 October 2012
So - you liked Shaun of The Dead? The mix of drama, deadpan comedy and in-jokes? You will LOVE Cockneys vs Zombies! There's nothing not to like - great story, well-developed characters, loads of laugh-out-loud moments....

I watched this at the back of the house, downstairs. My daughter was upstairs at the front of the house, listening to music via headphones. And heard me laughing. That's how much fun this film is - I could go into more depth and say how funny Alan Ford is reprising his "Bricktop" role from "Snatch," how great is is to see Honor Blackman kicking ass again - in her mid-80's! and ....oh never mind. Watch, laugh and enjoy....I did! At least a 9/10.....
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below average.
Thomas haasum13 November 2012
So Cockneys vs Zombies. I don't know if you have to be Cockney to find this flick amusing, I however didn't. Not able to compete with movies like Zombieland and Shaun of the dead, i found the movie weak, with a bad plot, and the special effects very bad. i seriously thought about turning the movie off more than once. i don't know if it was a low budget movie, even the funny parts of the movie failed to entertain me, and i normally really fond of Zombieflick. The acting was OK, and the casting was so so with a few flaws, the Mental mickey character wasn't really mental enough in my eyes.

The only thing i found amusing was the into and the theme song. OH and i hate when movies use "pretend" bullits where actors have to pretend to fire their weapons..
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Hilarious - but has ruined The Walking Dead for me!
minerva196123 October 2012
OMG my boys and I watched this last night and it was hilarious, totally unexpected but so freaking funny, it was pretty gory and the very first bit of gore had this old geezer grossed out but then turned into standard zombie blood fest. I thought yet another crap zombie movie but this was different, there are parts in this movie when I had tears of laughter rolling down my face - two scenes in particular had me laughing out unexpected... it's not going to win any awards (except maybe comedy of the year!) but it's just so funny, however if you love The Walking Dead then don't watch this because it will spoil that series forever, you will never see a zombie in the same light again! So freaking funny!

The old geezers with their cursing are marvellous - grey beards rule... and how the hell did they get Honor Blackman and Richard Briers to star in this. Do go to see it, it's very very British humour and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
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This movie could have been better
fatt198824 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As the title, this movie is about some folks from eastern part of London fighting through zombie's apocalypse. Generally, this movie is just a few step behind Shaun of The Dead. However, there are some scenes where it just don't make any sense (i mean, though it is a movie, it should be putting some sense in the storyline). The intro which shown how the zombie nightmare started was quite ridiculous. If you're a man looking at your friend being eaten by a zombie, would you just scream like a little girl or would you ran out for help. It was a construction site filled with construction workers. The other frustrating moment in this movie was at the end of it where the folks were going on a boat but their boat was chained to the dock and one of them tried to release it. At first, they ran onto the boat to get away from the zombie hordes but then suddenly they started to waste their ammo on killing all of the zombies. What was the point of running if all you want to do was killing all the walkers. If some efforts were put to make the plot more 'senseful', this movie would be much better.
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My Review Of "Cockneys VS Zombies"
ASouthernHorrorFan17 August 2013
"Cockneys VS Zombies" is a British zom-com that brings the horrors of the zombie apocalypse to the world of the East-enders of London. The comedy is directed by Matthias Hoene and stars Rasmus Hardiker, Harry Treadaway, Michelle Ryan, Jack Doolan, Alan Ford, Georgia King, Ashley Thomas, Tony Gardner and Honor Blackman. "Cockneys VS Zombies" follows a group of mates in the East End who come up with a scheme to save a retirement community from eviction when plans to demo the building for new construction with all the mod cons. Unfortunately for the groups worry and plan it all ends up happening at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

"Cockney VS Zombies" has a very contemporary story set-up with a very standard but well written cast of comedic characters. The gang of cockneys are good natured but illogical friends. Their intentions are good but their problem solving skills are very flawed. That is good for us the viewer of this truly witty comedy because the antics that follow are some truly classical Brit balderdash hilarity. There is very little about this story or it's subplots that fall apart. The script and character portrayals are strong and convincing ones that entertain. I felt invested and connected with the characters, as they fought tooth and nail to survive, and save the helpless through the rise of the undead horde. The comedic shtick and jokes are nothing new or inventive but they deliver honest laughs and amusement-if it isn't broke then don't fix it!

The action and thrills in "Cockney VS Zombies" is a standard array of raucous stunts and action sequences but they hold up much like the comedy with true theatrical force. The zombies are classic zombies- the slow moving, moaning kind which is kind of rare for Brit zombie movies- they usually opt for the fast moving mutant-screechers that quite frankly scare the sh*t out of me. However much like "Shaun Of The Dead" this is a total homage to the classic Romero era of zombie lore. The special effects are great and the gore is rewarding but the bigger rewards come with the banter and interaction between the characters dealing with the zombies, not to mention one another.

"Cockneys VS Zombies" is a cool, energetic zom-com that entertains and delivers the expected zombie montage of rotting corpses driven to consume the living with total a totally hilarious outcome. The characters are lovable, the story holds up from beginning to end and the funny is actually funny. I think any fan of comedies, and zombie films who enjoy the lighter side of the undead will enjoy this film. Some of the dialect is "cockney" and I like many Americans will really not get the lingo but it never takes away or hinders the total dialog of the film. It just adds an extra little bit of humor and organic flavor to the films already entertaining atmosphere.
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matthewmercy28 January 2013
Quite why anyone thought that the movie-going public needed another low budget zombie-themed comedy I don't know, but that is exactly what we have with 2012's Cockneys vs. Zombies, a simplistic and intermittently funny film, albeit one that is so derivative of other, far better efforts that it's chiefly memorable for so often drawing attention to its own pointlessness. It's a cliché already, given the numerous references made in the other reviews posted here, but it really does feel as though someone took a look at Shaun of the Dead and Snatch and thought 'I know, a film mashing these two hits up would make a ton of cash!', and set about doing just that. It is an unfocused film, at its most bearable when it is directly ripping off it's 'inspirations', though there is nothing here to match the inspired verbal sparring in Guy Ritchie's gangland corkscrew thrillers or the relentless in-jokes of the Simon Pegg-starring 'zom-rom-com'. With its protagonists a group of novice bank robbers, the film is able to both focus on the supposedly fertile ground of East London's criminal element, and at the same time, heavily arm them in readiness for the zombie attacks that dominate the second half of the movie. There are a couple of standout bits of black comedy that give you a jolt because they are in such bad taste (the zombie baby, for instance), but these are offset with far too many other scenes which descend into tedious melodrama. As to the cast, they are largely ineffectual, and quite what potential Richard Briers, one of our most respected actors, saw in either the film or his part is unclear; his doddering old duffer barely makes an impression and his one supposedly hilarious comic set-piece falls flat because it is so poorly paced (perhaps he thought that since his old Ever Decreasing Circles co-star Penelope Wilton turned up in Shaun, he had to do something similar?). Snatch's Alan Ford is clearly the 'marquee' actor in the film, as his screen persona pretty much personifies the vision of East London the movie is supposedly built around; however, despite Ford swearing in his distinctive accent, there really isn't anything else to bed the story into East London at all – it could just as easily have been called 'Scousers vs. Zombies' and been set on the Wirral with Ricky Tomlinson in Ford's role. Whilst definitely a charismatic and screen-dominating figure (and nobody else in the film has half as much to do), Ford is such a one-note actor that he makes Ray Winstone look like Alec Guinness by comparison. Honor Blackman also barely registers, whilst former Eastender Michelle Ryan's entire tedious performance and appearance (would-be bad-ass putting wimpy males to shame) are just ripping-off the genuinely talented Emma Stone's turn in the infinitely superior US effort Zombieland. Don't bother, really.
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The Zombie Apocalypse We Want, Not the One We'll Probably Get
ikrani14 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
That should pretty much tell you whether or not you'll enjoy this movie. If you're looking for a serious Walking Dead zombie film, this is not it. This is not a needlessly grim tale of a "realistic" zombie apocalypse. And no, this isn't Shaun of the Dead, either. Yes, it IS a British zombie comedy, but that's where the similarities end. Think of it as a British version of "Zombieland" meets "The A-Team". And yes, the movie IS as awesome as that sounds.

This film takes a semi-realistic approach to the zombie genre. On one hand, we have the characters quickly realizing that the zombie apocalypse is upon them because, let's face it, pretending that zombie culture doesn't exist in your zombie film is so clichéd at this point. On the other hand, we have the characters using military-grade hardware to mow down the zombies and never having to reload except for a few times.

The movie obviously drew influence from the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, which becomes quite obvious during the scenes with the old folks. I hold it as a rule that anytime old people are part of the main cast of an action/comedy film, you KNOW you're in for a good time. They take advantage of every old person joke you can think of: old people trying to out-walk the slow-moving shamblers, old people being senile when handed firearms, old people being hands-offish about hitting zombies with things, you name it, it's in here. And every joke works.

The main young characters are all very likable and very entertaining, except for one arse-hat who has got to be the stupidest hostage I've ever seen in my life. Despite their criminal actions, they do it with the best of intent, trying to save their granddad and the old folks from having to move out of their comfortable nursing home to some undesirable place farther north. And after seeing what a lovable old crotchety asshole Granddad is, I agree that he is totally, unsarcastically worth keeping around.

Granddad embodies this movie.
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A total hoot!
deacon_blues-330 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Zombies attack a London East End retirement home, populated with elderly British character actors. Great hijinks ensue, highlighted by a zombie/walker chase scene and a drop-kicked zombie infant.

Alan Ford as Ray (Snatch), and Honor Blackman as Peggy (Goldfinger) are the two lead old fogies, with a supporting cast of wheelchair and hip replacement comrades who are assisted by Ray's bank robber grandkids in this comedy that milks the situation for all it's worth in laughs.

With lots of the usual blood and gore of any zombie flick, this laugh-riot is not for the squeamish by any means; but if you loved Zombieland, Fido, and Shaun of the Dead, you'll get a charge out of this low-budget romp.
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Good ideas, bad execution, not funny
maxwellwyman26 May 2014
I can't say I expected this to be that good but I did expect to enjoy it more than I did. British zombie flick that will obviously draw comparisons to Shaun of the Dead (and to which it can't even compete with). There were some good ideas thrown around but I didn't really find it to be that funny at all. The two brothers and the grandpa are likable enough but I honestly just don't care about any of the characters. There is some cool gore but nothing that hasn't been done before. In my opinion, this was just a stereotypical zombie flick that attempted to add in some original ideas but was executed pretty poorly. For some reason the style and (attempted) comedy of this movie reminded me of 30 Minutes Or Less, which I also gave a 3/10...

Score: 3/10 Watch again?: Nope
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Bloody, Brutal, Blazing and British
buddybhupender25 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
We all have seen plenty of movies in this genre and every one has their moments to share with others but in recent times there has not been any.

The fans have been longing for some insane gore fest to brag about and i think it has been fulfilled by this movie to some extent. The movie is shot in London and one will find familiar sights of Thames and surroundings. The movie is a small budget affair so i did not expected anything great from it though in the past i have seen many Brit thrillers and i really loved them as they had a different ruggedness and dark humor with superb performance which takes them to level you cannot compare with American one's.

if we talk in the context of this movie it is a c4 wrapped in a bullet. It starts and blows your mind away. It leaves its impact despite its limited budget. I am not saying that it is a perfect movie but it entertains you and despite its flaws it works. Violence lovers will love it and action fans will definitely love the zombies being blown up and being smashed with hammers and swords chopping off body parts. If you are on to much darker side then guts spoiling and torn flesh will work for sure.

This movie takes some liberty from a typical zombie movie and shows skeleton zombies who spread the virus instead of some intentional break out and some other loopholes which i will not discuss here. Many might find these unbelievable; well its Brit and you have to accept their logic.

Now moving from script i would also like to mention the story part. The movies does have a story in a mission like situation where the lead pair of brothers have to rescue their grandfather who is stuck with his other old mates in a old age home which is also surrounded by zombies and they don't have any means to defend themselves and it is a matter of time before zombies will break all the windows and doors to finish them off. So time is running out and the squad of freshly turned bank robbers have to now play hero in order to save the people they love. So story moves really fast and plenty of action keeps the interest going with some twists here and there and humorous situations keep arising.

Overall the movie is good and a fun way to relive this genre we always finds ourselves ready for. It does justify itself and in a typical British style it makes you feel English with its east London Dialect.

Go watch it and you will enjoy it without a doubt.

Overall rating- 7.5/10
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Dawn of the Brown Bread
BA_Harrison30 October 2012
A gang of inexperienced East End tea leaves pull off a daring bank job, half-inching two million quid with which they hope to save an old people's home from demolition; but when a couple of berks on a nearby building site open a zombie infested 17th-century plague pit, the robbers' plan all goes a bit Pete Tong, and they find themselves battling to save the coffin dodgers' lives instead (whilst avoiding being bitten in the Gregory in the process).

To be honest, I thought this was going to be a load of old pony, just another in a long line of cheapo 'A vs B' horror films, but would you Adam 'n' Eve it, it's actually very entertaining, a brilliant combination of the obvious, the absurd and the surprisingly clever.

Although much of the film's humour is derived from the exaggerated Cockney mannerisms of its characters (Alan Ford, in particular, plays an absolute blinder as hard-as-nails grandfather Ray), there are plenty of inspired gags that don't rely so heavily on stereotypes and clichés (best of all being Richard Brier's protracted Zimmer frame escape from some equally slow undead—I haven't had such a good bubble in ages!), plus some wonderfully silly moments of splat-stick in which heads are blown apart, limbs are sliced off, skulls are crushed, throats are torn out, and entrails are given a good airing. In short, it's all a damn sight better than the dodgy title suggests.

8.5 out of 10, rounded up to 9 for IMDb.
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Trying too hard and failing all the way
Spyan29 November 2012
Not much to say. The dialog is terrible, one or two good jokes, special fx are dreadful, and the storyline is so dull you'll be bored 20mns into the film. Tries really hard to be guy ritchie but fails miserably. You can tell the budget was pretty tight (they couldn't afford blanks so the actors shake their guns when they "fire"-and half the film is firefights because they probably didn't figure out another way to fill up the screen time), CG is so bad it jumps right at your face. I've seen better make ups at zombie walks, and some of the worst parts of acting are cringe-worthy (especially during the final scene where Alan Ford makes a total fool of himself). Generally unconvincing and half assed, some parts almost feel like the director himself is bored to death and is the rushing the job to end it quickly. Bad B movie at best, but not in the good way. To be avoided, unless you enjoy being bored.
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Great zombie movie, lots of fun!
SecretAsianMann6 August 2013
Zombie Type: Slow-walking undead

Outbreak/Apocalypse Phase: Initial outbreak (characters experience the outbreak as it happens)

Sub-genre: Comedy (zom-com)

I've been on a zombie kick lately. The latest piece of entertainment comes in the form of British zom-com film "Cockneys vs Zombies." Unlike last week's very unique rom-zom-com "Warm Bodies," this is a more traditional zombie flick. It pits a group of mobile young adults and not-so-mobile elderly against the classic slow-walking undead. The makeup, gore and special effects aren't ground-breaking, but they're absolutely solid and pretty damn good on occasion. The comedy isn't laugh out loud hilarious, but there are some very funny moments that bring an overall light feel to the movie that makes it a very enjoyable viewing experience. The cockney accents and British feel implied by the title were indeed present and only add to the fun factor. Awesome zombie film and another solid addition to my list of favorite zombie movies.

Final Verdict: Highly recommended!
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A memorable comedy-Horror.
stevehoyland3 November 2015
I find the negative comments about this Movie a little difficult to understand - It Is what It Is, an entertaining little Gem, full of hilarious one-liners and humorous situations. The action Is almost constant and consequently Is never boring In the slightest as each scene moves quickly on to the next. A superb effort for an Independent Movie on a limited budget. A pair of dysfunctional brothers and a few equally dysfunctional friends and acquaintances go off to rob a bank just as a Zombie outbreak Is beginning In the East-end of London. The brothers' Grandad Is In a local care-home and he and his elderly friends have locked-down the home In an effort to defend themselves. The brothers decide to go and rescue them. It's pretty much non-stop from beginning to end and gives good value for money although It might not be the kind of Movie beloved by our American friends - much of the humour will go straight over their heads. Unless you're someone who for some reason dislikes both Zombie films and comedies, then this will entertain you and leave you with a smile on your face. It also answers the age-old question:- Can a Zimmer-frame using elderly person out-run the average Zombie? Not the kind of Film to watch again and again, perhaps, but well worth seeing.
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Alan Ford is GREAT in this.
Scott LeBrun7 June 2015
Very modern zombie horror / comedy with a British twist is actually better than expected, and is in fact quite a bit of fun. It's often genuinely amusing, with an excellent cast playing the material for everything that it's worth. The veterans on hand are the most fun, and funniest; you wouldn't expect to see them in a movie of this kind, and "Cockneys vs Zombies" is all the better for it. Despite the plethora of digital gore - which is very much par for the course these days - there are some ingenious gags. Best of all, this movie does have a heart underneath all of the action and bloody violence.

Rasmus Hardiker and Harry Treadaway play Terry and Andy, two young punks who plan a bank robbery so that they can save the retirement home where their grandfather (Alan Ford) and his associates live. But the plans of everybody in London go straight to Hell when some long forgotten tomb is unearthed, and legions of the living dead find plenty of sustenance on hand.

The characters are often thoroughly engaging, even trigger happy weapons junkie Mental Mickey (Ashley Thomas). Our two leads are quite likable, and also endearing herself to the audience (or at least this viewer) is their cousin Katy (Michelle Ryan), who's very tough and adaptable. It comes as no surprise that she becomes a zombie fighter par excellence. Ford performs with gusto as the Granddad (just don't let him catch you calling him that). Honor Blackman is wonderful as his friend Peggy.

This viewer wouldn't exactly call "Cockneys vs Zombies" a breath of fresh air in this overcrowded zombie sub genre, but it's so lively, well paced, and funny, that it overcomes very familiar plotting.

A comic highlight: Hamish (Richard Briers), who uses a walker, attempting to out "run" pursuing zombies.

Eight out of 10.
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A Delightful Comedy Romp
jlthornb5111 May 2015
Just as the title promises, zombies confront cockneys and hilarious hi jinks ensue. This is a film that manages to deliver some delightful comedic moments interspersed with thrills and terror. Done with style and yet over-the-top at times, this borders on being absolutely brilliant at times but never quite achieves true greatness. The performances are first rate and the writing is ingenious, mimicking the screwball comedies of the 1930's. However, the director doesn't ever bring everything together into a cohesive unit and ultimately there are simply too many misfires. That being said, this is certainly superior to most of the comedy efforts produced in the States currently and triumphs tremendously over the trash starring Adam Sandler or Tyler Perry. At least the British haven't stooped to that level in order to make money off the simple minded.
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Not the kind of Zombie film you would expect
This is an instant classic of the b-movie genre :) The title gives it away, it is about Cockneys (British working class according to Wikipedia) and their fight against Zombies, it has a lot of British humor not all of it is dark but it has a couple of twist and turns.

I love these kind of underrated films that just have a lot to offer in its own way and always are quite different from the more mainstream film market.

It is entertaining all the way through, with small strange scenes and stuff you usually wouldn't see in a zombie flick, has lots of action and shooting, lots of humor and above all just crazy cockneys :)
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