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Motherhood and Brotherhood
Claudio Carvalho10 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Vincent Sandinsky denies any relationship with Christina to Lincoln and his team, but Michael calls his brother and informs that the scientist had many phone and e-mails with their mother. However, General Krantz and his men unexpectedly arrive and assume the interrogatory of Vincent. Michael and Sara kidnap Christina, but the evil woman manipulates them, disturbing Michael with the information that Lincoln was adopted and Sara with her pregnancy; she reverts the situation and escapes. Lincoln and his team and Michael head to a congress of global energy technology in a hotel in Miami. When Mahone and Self see a silver van parked outside the hotel, he suspects that they have been framed. T-Bag is ordered to execute Vincent to be part of his Company's team.

"S.O.B" is another episode with many twists and the most important is the information that Lincoln was an orphan adopted by Michael's father. Christina and T-Bag show their cold blood their own way. The impulsive Lincoln will get into trouble again. It is amazing how a man carrying a wallet manages to escape running from Lincoln, Self and Mahone. Fortunately this series is coming to an end…My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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They really are trying to see how low it is possible to go...
ttapola30 March 2010
I've reviewed quite a few season 4 episodes of Prison Break, yet the show's astonishing stupidity compels me to write a new one something like every other week. Because it really is coming dangerously close to being the Batman & Robin equivalent of TV strictly in terms of quality and entertainment value (the latter being a matter of opinion, of course). Again, no wonder the show died in USA and here in Finland they waited a whole year after the end of season 3 to dump this load on us.

It's now pointless to kick this show about its plot holes since it seems to consist only of plot holes. And the "plotting" seems to follow the 6-year old child's play logic of "and then they could..." - except that the 6-year old could probably come up with a more coherent plot. The characters, meanwhile, are reduced to two-dimensional cardboard (remember, "one-dimensional" is only a straight line) with no consistent motivation and the only purpose of existence the needs of the writers to put boring exposition into their mouths and serve us "twists" according to the writers' whims.

Since there were three pre-existing reviews more favorable than mine, I thought it only fair to see how they justified their ratings. One showed sarcasm and stated that "Fortunately this series is coming to an end" yet gave the episode 7/10. A bit high, since a 7 means that something is above the average of 5.5 - and this certainly isn't. Another reviewer had some trouble with the English language but I gathered that the amount of twists and cliffhangers made this worth a 9. Unfortunately their gushing review and declaration of love for the show reveal that they have lost all objectivity when reviewing this series. Again, it is important to note that the first third or so of season 1 was genuinely fantastic, but turning a blind eye to the show's later faults is not something I can do. The third reviewer noted that the brothers' relationship was "further developed". In what sense, I wonder? The only new thing was the "twist" in their relationship and that came straight from the bottom of the barrel. I also wonder why they thought that the Scylla arc was "very interesting" and couldn't help but laugh when they noted that the writing was "nearly fascinating". *Nearly*? And they gave 10/10! I wonder what they would have given had the writing been "thoroughly fascinating" - 11/10 perhaps? Really, it seems that outside of the Twilight fan-base, this series had the most deluded fan-base in the world. Interesting though that there were no American reviews. Again, my vote is 2/10.
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Super Prison Break Turbo II
igoatabase4 May 2009
The previous episode was great and this one was even better. The brothers relationship was further developed. The story focused more on the mother and her complex personality. In fact I specially enjoyed the scene between her and Sara. As expected the General landed in Miami and clashed with Lincoln's team. The whole Scylla arc was also very interesting and the writing nearly fascinating. Even after everything that happened to them I wasn't expecting that. It's a twist ! A cliffhanger ? No it's a real break through !

The dream ending the show deserves is happening right now. Viewers, you better stay tuned !
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A show deserves your attention
Athena Pan5 May 2009
I still remembered the first time I saw this TV series, I couldn't help enjoying it. I think the actors are fantastic and the plots are cliffhanger and with so many twists that you just want to keep watching.In the previous episode, it made me extremely eager to see what gonna happen. But this one turns out to be even more surprising, since the relationship between Michael and Linclon turns out to be without bloodshed,and Michael's mother is quite unbelievable powerful.However,in fact, what I like most is the scene between Michael and Sara.Although there aren't much solo scenes about the two guys, we can still feel the deep love between them. Sara gives me the impression of brave and staunch. I have learned from them that true love is about mutual understanding and to help the other one when s/he needs. Now I'm look forward the coming end of this TV series, but at some extent not willing to see its ending,because I really love it.
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