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Wannabe American movie?
hanalisss27 August 2022
I mean I absolutely adore kdrama but this movie feels just a korean version of every single american movie about cars and racing that has ever existed. Even the plot is just the same as many other movies. ( even the music are all 80's American hits)

Korean dramas have something unique and special about them and they have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years because of that. You can usually experience their culture through the screen but everything that makes people fall in love with korean shows and movies is missing here.

I have watched the leads in many dramas and I know how good they are ( specially Yoo Ah-in which completely transforms in each role).

The movie, regardless of everything is entertaining enough and it's fast paced but I was expecting more.
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Korea's Fast & Furious wannabe simply not compelling
paul-allaer31 August 2022
As "Seoul Vibe" (2022 release from South Korea; 140 min) opens, it is "1988 Saudi Arabia", and two guys are driving a Jeep in the Saudi desert, delivering cases of weapons. The two guys then return home to Seoul just as the Olympics are about to open. As they are picked up at the airport, it seems they are followed by "men in black". At this point we are 10 minutes into the film.

Couple of comments: as the movie unfolds in the first half hour, this results in an easy comparison of the wanting to be the Korean version of the "Fat & Furious" franchise, and in and of itself, there is nothing wrong with that, if this version is compelling in its own right. Alas, that is where the movie falls way short. The multiple street car chases, which form the core of the movie, are okay at best. I can't help but think back to that other Korean action movie that was recently released: "Carter", Korea's version of "Mission Impossible", and a movie that absolutely blew my mind on every level. Compared to "Carte", "Seoul Vibe" is a poor third cousin once removed, if you know what I mean.

"Seoul Vibe" opened this past weekend on Netflix, and the New York Times had an interesting review on it. That was good enough for me to give it a chance. I must say, I was quite disappointed when all was said and done. Of course don't take my word for it so I'd readily suggest you check this out, and draw your own conclusion.
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Rarely do I not bother to watch an ending
T-Dawgg30 August 2022
What can I say...

First off the movie is too long yet they are able to make the ending feel rushed. Draggy storyline yet filled with many loopholes. Somehow the main characters who claim to be "normal" people are able to pull off their plans with ease.

Secondly, there is too much subpar/low quality CGI that makes you wonder whether this movie is not only set in the 80s but also produced in the 80s. Too unrealistic driving CGI that even makes Fast & Furious feel legitimate. Footwork camera scenes are ridiculous.

Last but not least, the amount of promotion for the American dream/American related subjects makes this movie feel much like a propaganda. Again, it makes one wonder if this is a Korean movie or an American movie.
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Bad vibes
zelena3313 September 2022
It's a crime, the way that CERTAIN US-BASED STREAMING PLATFORMS are all rushing to buy their way into Korean and Japanese markets by just green-lighting every lousy script in the local language they can get their hands on, and then producing what is basically just American television in Korean (also, Japanese). It's a crime because they are buying out the great creative powerhouse of our generation and gentrifying it -- within ten years they are going to destroy the local creative industry and replace it with Disneyland. It's like the Mission District and Williamsburg all over again. Netflix is basically the stinking sulfuric acid that dissolves culture.

This lousy turd of a Netflix production in no way resembles the flavor and genius of Korean cinema and tv drama that we know and love. Okay, we got that out of the way. But while we're at it ,it also doesn't resemble 1988 in any way shape or form - not America in 1988 never mind Seoul in 1988. I didn't bother to look at the credits, but it's 100% certain that this thing was made by first-generation Korean Americans from LA who weren't even born in 1988. So there is no nostalgia to like about it. Beyond that, it just feels surreal, how lazy you have to be to not even research the period right. In the 90s, people were making 70s period pieces that could pass... maybe it has to do with the collapse of culture from the internet, but it's just weird how far this is from portraying the "vibe" of a generation ago. Nothing like Korean cinema, nothing like 1988.
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Be intuitively enjoyable and pleasant !!!
foralssu29 August 2022
OMG!! It captivated both eyes and ears.

It's a film of perfect material for entertainment.

The clumsy characters who aim for American culture are so cute.

By combining hip-hop, fashion, and music in 1988 Korea, the eyes and ears of the audience were entertained.

I think I've never seen a Korean movie with this kind of material.

The scenes of car-chasing in the old car are amazing and it's killing me.

People who have only seen serious and message-filled Korean movies will be surprised to see this movie.

It's a great movie to laugh and enjoy.

I hope these kinds of movies come out often in Korea.

I recommend it to everyone who needs a laugh.
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A movie done with phenomenally!
batoolkaito26 August 2022
1988. It is indeed impressive how the setting of the movie took us back to 1988 in a beautiful way to portray the modernity in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

It is a mixture of political events unfolding in speedy action rhythm, with not much car races but races with a lot of purpose! Blended with comedy! There is no other creative way to display it beautifully more than this!

Each character have their own charm, but what made me pleased and happy is actress park juhyun as the biker Yoonhee because this character may sound sassy, courageous character in our age but at that time she was viewed as a rebellious woman, and its a good reminder to not forget how women were looked at in the late 80s. However, she represents the bravery of a lot of Korean women who have been fighting for their dreams, the way they want to dress since the 80s. Women in South Korea still suffer from how the society want them to be, so looking at this character, it is such a great addition from the writers because we need more characters like her, to remind the world that, unfortunately, things might have changed, but discrimination against women still exists.

Overall, I give the movie 10/10 because they managed to transform many genres like how a painter mix their oil colors in a smooth way, a must watch? Definitely!
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Great! Fast Paced and Suspenseful Throughout
PalmBeachG26 August 2022
Great fast paced and suspenseful 80s themed movie themed around the 1988 olympics in Seoul where a gang of friends with a shady past, the leader being Dong-wook, the best driver in the world, former military, who had been dealing arms in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, get involved with the government in Seoul who the prosecutor offers them a spy job centered in Seoul to gather the evidence against at the top dictator and leader in order to clear their past records and give them visas to the US. Dong-wook's dream is to drive in a race in LA that is a major competition amongst the world's best but otherwise can't get there because of his shady past.

Love the 80s cars and the customizations that they do, exciting and some violence but not too much that you can't watch it. Great show - definitely worth watching! The only criticism I have (why I didn't give it 10 stars) is that it may have an effect on teens in todays society as it definitely comes across as being "cool". Having a home in Chicagoland, I can tell you this type of stunt driving that sometimes involves real shooting is real and going on the real highways right now and it involves all social status - the haves and have nots - either with stolen upper class cars or parents bought upper class cars/ inner city or suburban, all filmed and uploaded for fun. So it may be an encouragement.
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A film with a suitable speed that has excitement and comedy in it. Korean cinema has shown well that it can make any story beautifully. This movie recounts politics or social
samanemojtabavi28 August 2022
Korean cinema has shown well that it can make any story beautifully. This movie recounts politics or social events without bothering the viewer, the author has managed to make a movie about the abuse of power, and by adding comedy and excitement, and the believable acting of the actors without boring the audience, the audience entertain We usually like Korean cinema because of its very beautiful dramas, but in this movie we can see the ability to make different movies from Korea. The actors have handled the roles well and have chosen and performed them correctly. I suggest you watch this movie with your friends and family and enjoy it and be sure to rate it. Thankful.
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It was the most exciting movie I've seen recently
Lolo7777772929 August 2022
This movie expressed Korea interestingly in 1988.

The main characters' acting was cute, and they expressed the historical background of Korea in a humorous way.

There were many things to see, such as hip-hop, car action, humor, and messages...

I think a simple plot is rather an advantage.

My stress was relieved because I could only focus on the movie without thinking about anything.

I recommend this movie to anyone who needs a laugh, like the review written above.

I was grateful that I could watch such a movie on Netflix without going to the theater

I wish I could see many Korean movies like this.
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A Different Kind of Kdrama
mfgwkvx28 August 2022
In amongst all the kdramas we are soo accustomed to, Seoul Vibe hits us with a fun, fresh and exciting take on the genre.

This move was a breath of fresh air filled with thrill, laughs, drama, and good old nostalgia. The cast are amazing and a perfect pick for the roles they play. Not to mention Mino bringing his usual swag and demeanour to the screen, which I couldn't not get enough of. This is not your typical kdrama and nor should it be. Don't expect the expected, like two characters falling in love. This movie is a step in the right direction to expand upon the cookie cutter plot the kdramas we love so much copy and paste. While some will struggle to take that step, it's worth a try.

If you're looking for and are willing to try a different type of kdrama, then this movie is for you. I personally hope to see more of 'something different'. Seoul Vibe is fun and a must watch.
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Fun and charming characters, but..
mrouttt30 August 2022
Apart from the fact that the film is rather conventional and not very original, it's atmosphere, the set up and the characters are good enough to lead you to the end.

The real dissapointement come from the chasing and racing parts. It feels too fake, too much CGI. And when it's not CGI, most of them feel too slow.

The soundtrack is quite nice.

You could have thought that with all these sponsors, they could have done better. A point that will probably irritate more than one. Especially when famous drinks explod exactly like in a commercial, this was clearly not necessary.

Worth the watching anyway.
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