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Season 1

23 Oct. 2009
United States Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Peter Burke teams up with an unlikely partner to hunt an elusive and vicious counterfeiter known as the "Dutchman."
30 Oct. 2009
After advanced technology embedded with security data is secretly woven into a designer's dress, Neal and Peter must plunge into the world of New York City's Fashion Week to prevent an international criminal from selling it.
6 Nov. 2009
Book of Hours
A New York mafia kingpin enlists help from Peter and the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation after his precious bible disappears; Neal finds himself in a tango with a female villain and must decide where his loyalties lie.
13 Nov. 2009
Flip of the Coin
Neal and Peter try to track down smuggled Iraqi artifacts, with clues pointing to either a news producer or a United States Marine.
20 Nov. 2009
The Portrait
When a painting is stolen, Peter and Neal are tasked with finding it. They get a lead on the thief, they set a meeting but something goes wrong and the man disappears. They try to find him using info he uttered at the meeting. Later a curator from a museum in Europe claims that the painting was stolen from the museum years ago and when the painting is recovered, he expects it to be returned to him. Neal talks to the owner and learns that her family has a connection to the painting, which makes Neal wonder who the painting really belongs to.
27 Nov. 2009
All In
Thrust into the seedy underbelly of New York’s Chinatown, Peter and Neal must navigate vicious Triads, mysterious Interpol agents, and a game of Pai Gow in order to capture their target.
4 Dec. 2009
Free Fall
The FBI investigates a spectacular jewelry heist and all the clues point to Neal. Now Peter must figure out if his CI is telling the truth or if Neal is pulling a con of his own.
19 Jan. 2010
Hard Sell
Neal and Peter go undercover to take down a corrupt group of Wall Street brokers. If the mission fails, Neal's deal with the FBI could be negated.
26 Jan. 2010
Bad Judgment
When Peter and Neal discover that an estate judge committing mortgage fraud is also connected to Fowler, they devise a plan to bring them both down.
2 Feb. 2010
Vital Signs
When June's granddaughter Samantha needs a donor organ, Peter and Neal stumble on the trail of illegal organ trade. Neal approaches Dr. Wayne Powell, the ringleader, posing as an 'approachable' doctor. That leaves only Peter to seduce his female cahoot. Finally an elaborate 'Indian' trap is set.
9 Feb. 2010
Home Invasion
A female thief escapes from the home of a murdered art collector, posing as a victim. Neal helps bothersome Burke, who invites himself to his luxury home while his apartment has state of the rat HiFi installed, identify and find her. They work out her latest robberies are after a historically priceless set of imperial Chinese jade elephants, a matter of diplomatic interest, but find setting a trap unusually hard.
23 Feb. 2010
An old rival of Neal's issues a challenge to re-create a rare bottle of wine owned by Ben Franklin.
2 Mar. 2010
Front Man
When the daughter of a man from his past goes missing, Neal volunteers to help find her.
9 Mar. 2010
Out of the Box
Alex Hunter finally teams up with Neil to steal the music-box, which she located in the Italian consul's safe, doubtlessly obtained illegally. Pete smells a rat but is kept at a distance, as the plan requires entering a witness protection relocation to Canada, arranged by dirty agent Garrett Fowler. An explosion changes everything.

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