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MPAA Rated R for brutal violence, language throughout, some sexual references and brief drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • A brief conversation with a man about his sexual relationship with his girlfriend's daughter.
  • Brief mild sexual references and innuendo.
  • A husband and his wife hug and kiss briefly. Then he reaches around her and lifts her to sit on a kitchen counter, kisses her neck and the scene ends.
  • A club scene features women wearing strapless and some backless clingy dresses that reveal cleavage as they dance close to men on a crowded dance floor. One woman with her back to a seated man twists and writhes close to his lap and chest.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is shot in the back of the head.
  • Two men are shot in the face point blank.
  • A man is hit in the face. His face is bloodied and a fight breaks out
  • This movie contains some intense, highly frightening sequences of violence, in which there are a huge amount of implied deaths and injuries.
  • A man is shot three times in a car. Blood sprays on a car window.
  • Two men are shot to death in a car. The first man is seen being hit in the shoulder, then graphically through the head. The next man is hit twice before falling out of the vehicle, he is then stood over and shot repeatedly. Very graphic and bloody.
  • A young woman is strangled to death, not directly seen but choking sounds are heard and surrounding characters are disturbed by it.
  • Two men are getting beaten in an alley but the scene cuts out quickly.
  • Dead bodies are seen covered in blood.
  • A gang member brutally punches a man to death.
  • The most disturbing scene in the entire film consists on a man choking another man with a rope near the end. The victim's body is trembling, and we can clearly see his eyes almost popping out and blood dripping out his nose and mouth disgustingly. The scene is extremely graphic, bloody and disturbing.


  • Multiple uses of d*mn and godd*mn.
  • "Ass" is said a few times.
  • H*ll is said a few times.
  • Prick is said several times.
  • C*ck and d*ck are said several times.
  • The Lord's name is taken in vain several times, including Jesus and Jesus Christ.
  • 234 uses of "fuck"
  • Regular use of mild profanity such as 'Shit' and 'Piss'
  • References to American-Italians in a manner some may find offensive.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Lots of smoking and drinking by many characters throughout.
  • Many scenes take place in bars where people are smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • A man is said to have taken part in LSD experiments while in prison.
  • Wine is drank by several people during a nice dinner.
  • Drugs are referenced to when talking about drug dealers and gang leaders, in several separate scenes.
  • A man is seen doing cocaine in a restroom. Very brief.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • About 10 minutes into the film two gangsters brutally beat someone to death. This scene can be very shocking and disturbing to some. This move contains brutal violence and disturbing images of murders and crime throughout.

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