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Come Dance At My Wedding-Glad to Do So ****
edwagreen13 June 2009
Wonderful film about a woman who is to be married only to discover that she has a father.

John Schneider is absolutely wonderful as her dad. Schneider proves in this film that he is quite a hoofer.

You can't imagine why his marriage failed until the very end when it's revealed why. How sad the reasoning was.

When her father enters her life, naturally, he enters her personal problems as well. She has the opportunity to sell her dance studio to a developer and use the money to become a psychologist. Her fiancé wants her to do this and after a wonderful meeting with his father-in-law to be, it becomes possible that the 2 men might very well lock horns over this thorny issue. Why would the mother, now deceased, leave Schneider's name on the deed? It is all tied together quite well.
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TV movie with a rather pleasant story and a dance studio.
TxMike14 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Pretty Sara Canning is an actress I had not heard of before, but she is good in this role. She is Andrea Merriman, 20-something, and her mother just died. In this small community she runs a dance studio, something her mother did, and before that her grandmother. But now a company wants the property for some retail projects and are offering her 2 to 3 times its normal value. She wants to sell and go back to school to pursue a different career but there is a catch.

Andrea finds that the dad she never met has remained as co-owner of the property, so she cannot do anything until he signs off to her. She finds out how to reach him, with the help of Roma Downey as the friendly town lawyer, Laura Williams. He is sent papers to sign and return, she has no incentive to meet him. Her mom had simply told her he left before she was born and never returned.

Veteran of 'Dukes of Hazzard' and 'Smallville', John Schneider is the dad, Tanner Gray. He was especially surprised because he never knew he had a daughter. He figured his name remained on the deed for all those years for a reason, so he traveled to the town to meet his daughter and examine the offer in greater detail.

Tanner turns out to be an all-around nice guy. A carpenter by trade he fixes things up around the house. A trained dancer he helps out at the studio. He and his daughter develop a nice relationship.

Overall a very nice, small movie with good family themes.

SPOILERS: I got tired and went to bed with a half-hour to go, but my wife filled me in the next day. With the delay in making the deal Andrea decided she really wanted to have a dance studio so did not sell. She did get married and Tanner, her dad, danced at her wedding. When he got to Maine for his next job he received forwarded mail, in it was a letter Andrea's mother wrote to him right before he died, and he just now was able to read it and complete the loop.
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