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Fun action but forgettable story
Movi3DO1 November 2021
United States of Smash!

Class 1A and 1B are back on a mission world wide to save humanity from those who believed that quirks are doomed.

The first My Hero movie was bad, and the second was my favorite movie of that year. The movies always feature awesome animation of action scenes. It was a treat to enjoy the character fighting and pulled out incredible moves. The biggest problem with the movies is that they are basically filled with no consequences to the main series. Because of this, the story usually had little significance and not worth investing, except maybe the second movie.

The third installment was almost no different. The fight animation was still fun, although not as awesome as the second. Shoto, Bakugo, and Deku all had their own scenes where they showed their ultimate moves, and I enjoyed the movie mostly for that.

However, the story was again not memorable. It moves very quickly without any deep exploration into the villains or why the Humarise organization rose. This time Deku made another companion, who had a pretty lame quirk that wasn't worth all the wait. The quirk didn't have as much significance as it was intended to when it was revealed.

Also, near the end Deku again pulled out a new move, which I had a problem with. It would be spoiler to talk about it, but basically it should have had more consequences. Of course, the movie just didn't even bother justify it. At least the second movie tried to for Deku's ridiculous move.

Overall, it should not be a surprise that the actions were fun, but the movie was still forgettable. 7/10.
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No Stakes, No Sense, just Cartoon Drawings
axdeath25 February 2022
High budget animation of fight scenes, but no real sense to it. Lots of villains show up with no real explanation of their powers, and when the heroes primary abilities dont work against them, they dont come up with new clevre strategies, or methods of using their powers, they just use MORE of the same powers, until they somehow win.

How do you defeat someone who reflects your punches back at you? Punch harder. How do you defeat someone immune to fire? Use more fire.

A whole host of heroes are involved in this story, but nothing happens to any of them, and we'll never hear about this story ever again. A sort of non-canon, no stakes, series of DBZ action sequences, with extremely typical results.

The story also as typical involves one new normal person we will never hear from again, and he doesnt even really get much of a story. He exists, down on his luck, meets try hard Midoriya, decides to try hard.

Also, because they need these fight scenes to be ridiculous and resolve quickly, you can count any number of onscreen deaths caused by "heroes" and the heroes themselves suffer any number of injuries that would result in death, while fighting alone hundreds of miles away in an abandoned facility controlled entirely by enemies who want them dead. There's no way any of them survived. But no stakes!
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This is an absolute must see for fans of the series and an anime movie masterpiece
kevin_robbins10 November 2021
My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission (2021) is a movie my daughter and I saw in theatres opening weekend of its release. The storyline follows Izuku being framed for murder by an international cult that plans to kill everyone with quirks. Izuku and a young man with a troubled past he recently bumped into has something the cult wants. Izuku and the young man will have to go in hiding from law enforcement and the cult.

The animation for this series is a definite step up from the show. The display of powers and all of the characters from the series in one movie was awesome. This villain is also top notch and one of the best ever within this universe. The storyline was unique in terms of developing a new character and depicting Izuku in a different light than we've seen him historically.

The final 20-25 minutes of this movie is absolutely awesome. The fight sequences between the various heroes and villains was remarkably intense and violent and you never know who is going to win or die.

This is an absolute must see for fans of the series and an anime movie masterpiece. I'd strongly recommend this and score it a 9.5-10/10.
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Average is the best word i have to describe this movie
rayanejelidi28 January 2022
The Movie was really weird to watch , it didn't have that "movie budget" feel in terms of animation and the use of old OSTs from the show is kinda disappointing even tho the used OST are legendary at this point i think they could've at least worked on a new one for the final battle .. now about the story , don't expect much since 3/4 of the movie is a roadtrip and bromance between the main character and the movie original character (which was interesting but never used to the fullest ) I think this movie is nice to watch for any hardcore fan of the franchise(even tho i doubt people would be watching these reviews to decide weather or not they will be watching the film if they are mega fans) but i don't think you are missing out if you don't watch it.
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Heroes and quirks
legobuilderpro30 October 2021
As a My hero academia fan, I had a great time and found it awesome seeing especially in the theater on the big screen.

I still love the characters, like Izuku, Bakugo, and Todoroki. Their scenes were awesome and the fight scenes they are in are fast and beautiful.

The animation was gorgeous and nice to look at, there were certain scenes that made me happy seeing when they did something from the Series.

(No spoilers for the movie or show/Anime)

I highly recommend you to watch Seasons 1-5 of the Anime series and read the Manga, so you understand more of the certain things in the movie that the show added before.

Overall, The action was gorgeous to watch and the it has a really threatening villain plot, the only thing I wish there was more of is more of class 1-A.
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Worst mha movie so far
As always Animation is good ,Story is super wholesome Couldn't complete this movie in one go (felt bored halfway through) and had to fast forward because of how slow second half was, climax was kinda stupid.
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Amazing/Best villain of 3 films
shakedatjunk31 October 2021
Best superhero movie of 2021 so far prior to Spider-Man.

The villain of this movie was the most compelling of the 3 films so far. Reasoning and plot was the most interesting. His quirk was cool kind of like a nomu but in a different way.

The fights and animation were absolutely incredible. Just ridiculous. There are no words. All the fights ended crazy and for different reasons. The choreography and kinetic impact of everything was nuts. This is Bones at its best. 10/10 fighting and animation.

The characters who got attention were great wish others could've got some more attention too but it's a great ensemble. Rody the new character was very fun and emotional.

Loved it. Definitely better than season 5 and 4 but that's Bones own fault. Nonetheless amazing. Cannon in my mind.
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Lighthearted, action-packed fun ride.
Prashast_Singh3 December 2021
As someone who experienced an anime on the big screen in the form of this film, for the first time ever, I absolutely enjoyed this ride. Lots of action, well-written characters and a captivating backdrop aside from the usual brilliant animation are among the key offerings of this superhero flick.

There was enough heroism, drama and tension to back the story and there was also more humor than the first two movies. I must say this third film did well the usual job of showcasing a new character who ends up memorable. With Two Heroes, it was Melissa. With Heroes Rising, it was Katsuma and with World Heroes' Mission, it's Rody: a cool, hilarious but also very well-written character memorable enough to be remembered even as the credits finish rolling. His friendly, brotherly bonding with Deku makes for an interesting watch throughout. Audience cheered at the heroic moments and laughed at the funny ones, implying the final product came out well with a proper mixture of serious and funny tones. There are times you'll get Spider-Man vibes, and in a good way.

This is mostly a lighthearted film and hence has a feel-good vibe to it. Starting on an intense note, continuing to go that way and delivering a grand, epic battle like most anime action films is a job WHM does without trying too hard. I was also wowed by how beautiful the backgrounds looked, an absolute treat to eyes on the big screen! And, the villain seemed interestingly written as well. The music and background score were both pleasing to the ears, and became a reason enough for me to sit through the end credits. All in all, this is a fun action movie to be enjoyed best with a helping of popcorn and some beverages. If you love MHA, especially its inspiring heroes, you will enjoy this ride throughout. So book your tickets and fasten your seatbelts for an endless, fun-filled, action-packed ride.
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dakshwaj7 August 2021
This is the best movie in the franchise so far. Amazing storyline with breathtaking animation. Watching this was the equivelent of going on a rollercoaster!
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bryalig7 August 2021
The movie is incredible, the best of the three both in history and in animation at the level of the second.
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So Deku is now Superman AND Spider-Man
BoutTime1328 December 2021
By the time Deku is allowed to control all his quirks, he might as well be God on steroids. Glad they were able to replicate all the Spider-Man scenes with him using black whip swinging on a bridge. Next I expect lightening speed, freeze breath, or laser eyes. At this point, feel like we need to start rooting for the villains who aren't 7 super heroes in one body. So much for an under-dog who overcomes anything. Just make the show an homage to Deku and how he now rules as the absolute overlord of the world. Anything else is just silly...
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One of my favorite movies!
TheGreatGreenBadger5 November 2021
I loved this movie! I saw it opening night, and it was really awesome. My adrenaline was really going on some parts and there were moments when my heart dropped, I was so into it. I really liked this movie, a great companion to the already amazing season 5!
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Ugh... Definitely not a 7
burnessmathias20 February 2022
I RARELY write reviews but I had to write this one because I am so irritated academia fans inflated the rating so high. It's not even close to a 7 rating and what a shame that is! I love the show, more so the manga, but this movie was disappointing.

Cons Intro was lame, I could tell from the beginning the movie would suck. Animation is mediocre, poor choice in music, story is okay, but pacing was off. This movie does not capture the essence of what makes the show so great.

You know how some anime movies spend more time and budget on improving animation and music...? This is not one of them. Maybe this was a result of a covid-mangled mess, made with remote workers and zoom calls.

Pros There were some cool fight scenes and villains, but that's about it. The villian todorki fought was pretty cool, wish we could see more of him.

I do not recommend watching unless you are super bored.
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Was Great! Will watch Again!
zeelemonkid8 November 2021
I've seen all three of the BNHA movies, and this one is by far the best. What Two heroes lacked in a solid plot, and what Heroes rising lacked in a satisfying conclusion, World Heroes' Mission' makes up for it all with a solid concept, plot, and conclusion

The fights at the end felt suspenseful, Humarise felt like an actual villian (arguably stronger than the league, but thats a whole other can of worms), and for a few minutes at the end it did genuinely feel like they were going to loose (asides from the fact that anyone who has ever seen a movie before knows that wouldn't happen) so it was a solid ending.

And Rody, oh my god don't get me started on Rody. He's a really good movie exclusive character, who is given enough development that he doesn't feel Hollow like Melissa did (no dirt on her, she was just kinda flat IMO), and as he's just one person, his development and actually involvement made him have more steaks in the story unlike Mahoro and Katsuma (i know Katsuma had hella steaks in Heroes Rising, but just watch the movie and you'll know what I mean).

My only "problems" with the story are more contingency issues, like the way Bakugou uses Howitzer impact (then again this can be chalked up to him levelling up in battle which we have seen before), and the final countdown going on longer than it should but this often happens in movies, so then again this is just nitpicking.
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Totally Worth Your Time
tgibson-538442 November 2021
Definitely worth seeing in the theaters. It has a great mix of action, plot, and humor. The animation is great, the soundtrack is good, and the antagonist is also great. If you have not seen it, I would recommend!
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Really good movie had a good time in the theathers.
huhoeduardopena24 August 2021
In my opinion this was way better than the last two movie,the others were good though specially heroes rising.
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Not as good as heroes rising but a good addition none the less
reece-942546 December 2021
I was very interested to see humarize ideology on quirk and relation to the manga such as their theory is based on the Doctor's. Very interesting side character aswell as the villains.
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Bones continues to be the gold standard for action anime
connorpearl-7267910 November 2021
This film delivers exactly what you're going into it hoping to get; entertaining characters who are forced to push through their limits, almost nonstop action, and some of the best animation in the business. The characters here are the ones you're already familiar with, focusing of course on Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, and a new, film-only main character, Brody. They are all as endearing and funny as ever, and Brody serves as a great one off protagonist for the film.

The plot of the film is pretty one dimensional, it's basically the same exact plot of X-Men: X3, a one-off villain has created this underground movement to eradicate all of the worlds heroes, and it's up to Deku and the gang to put a stop to it before it's too late. The plot is really only there to serve the purpose of giving us a palate on which we can see some of our favorite characters and Studio Bones do what they do best; that, of course, being awesome animation.

The animation is really next level. I am of the personal opinion that Bones is still the gold standard of anime. I'll give you ufotable if you want to argue their innovation of incorporation of CG (nobody does CG the way they do), they too are phenomenal and are Bones' biggest competition for the top spot of you ask me. MAPPA, tho seemingly at the top of the food chain right now in terms of demand, just isn't as engaging as the other two. There's less life in their animation-but this isn't a review of MAPPA or anyone else, I'm here to tell you that Bones continues to get better and better and their animation is just as colorful, fluid, and dynamic as ever. Bones animation is what anime is supposed to look like, in my eyes. The fight scenes here are at times goosebump-enducing.

Overall, this was a great popcorn action flick that delivers on basically all fronts. Incredible animation, exhilarating action, and some really great moments for certain characters. Really worth seeing on the big screen. 4 out of 5 stars.
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Good, wholesome movie
uilani-9142330 October 2021
Overall, this movie was great. For fans of MHA I would say it's very well worth watching. Somehow, this movie made me love Deku in particular even more than I already did.

It was funny and action packed, as to be expected. The new characters are very likable, the animation is fantastic, only a couple parts were a bit hard to follow because of frames per second. I will say that near the end it started to get a little repetitive, and there was some cheesy dialogue, though that's also to be expected I suppose. I also wish we saw a bit more of class 1-A. Other than that, it was really enjoyable. There were a lot of wholesome moments and comedic scenes; those were my favorite parts to be honest.
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No respect 4 the villain, there they go again beating up someone older than them
Sh31kh_H0kv517 March 2022
Hold on is this wats up, cause i saw everything well and i wasn't moved at all kidding, just were do you go off kicking some sense into a depressed man taking his anger on the world in form of a religious belief, man they handed his ass to him perfectly though it came with a price bravo. Just loved it, it was smashing to the very end.
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"Anyone can be a Hero" ~All Might
electronictealfuzzy11 November 2021
I watched the subbed version of this film with my big brother and the action scenes and hilarious moments are so accurate and epic! Besides, I have liked MHA since it released! I can't wait for the next MHA movie, and hopefully it will be as amazing as the last one! These heroes surely saved the day. Welp, 10/10! Best hero movie of the year! :)
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I felt a bit disappointed
martin_merelesc19 February 2022
I went into this movie with high expectations considering how much I loved the last two movies. And honestly, I felt disappointed. I don't think it's bad, but it feels a bit basic. Like an anime spin-off movie by numbers.

I really liked Rory as a character, and his little arc of him was satisfying.

I think the villain being the head of an anti-quirk cult had the potential to be very interesting. But not a lot of attention was paid to it.

Despite being called a "world heroes' mission", we cannot see what is happening much beyond a part of the country in which it takes place. I was assuming that this was going to be some kind of globetrotting mission, or that we were going to focus more on the other groups that perform around the world. But he is very focused on Deku. Even Bakugou and Todoroki get sidelined, as well as having a fight each.

The animation also feels sub-par for a movie budget. It's not bad or hard to watch, but some action scenes feel unfinished. Apart from the final battle.
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Nice animation, everything else is terrible
mrgraziati29 April 2022
I won't go into detail about it but every single plot point in the storyline is absolutely stupid. The villain might be the worst I've ever seen in an anime, and the way they defeat him is even worse.

I do not recommend this movie even if you enjoyed the anime.
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Need to careful next time
ariqakbar19 February 2022
BNHA have their own style of telling story. Always can get us the audience got goosebumps all the time, like this one.

But somehow that style start to feel predictable, like this one despite average quality animation that can suddenly jump to high tier style in no time, the one thing that bothers me was the same story flow.

Beside that, the colors, motion, and all the ingredients they usually offer is still freaking on point!!
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Great original movie character, everything else is just okay
MovieWarfare4 June 2022
The premise of Midoriya being frame for something he never did and being hunted down is an interesting premise. This could've made for an interesting conflict where he is getting hunted down by heroes or his classmates. Maybe there could be an interesting detective story to it with Midoriya having to investigate who the real culprit is.

It is a shame this movie does absolutely nothing with it and waste the idea of it. It's also ridiculous that there is a villainous group that is threatening on a world scale. They are somehow more threatening than the actual main villain of the manga. There isn't a fight scene that is as cool as the previous movie which is a shame.

What this movie does do better is having an actual interesting support character in Rody. He is more interesting than most of Class 1-A. His relationship with Deku is the most enjoyable aspect of the film and is the one thing that makes this movie fun to watch.

Overall, watch it for Rody!
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