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Sex & Nudity

  • The witch is shown naked at the end of the film from behind. It shows her bare buttocks only and not breasts or front side.

Violence & Gore

  • Blood is used throughout in rituals (poured from vials etc.). Blood is shown on victims of the witch (e.g. after a man's throat is slit, when dead bodies are found etc).
  • A man's throat is slit with knife. Another man is compelled to take his own life with the same knife.
  • A man is beaten nearly to death with a cudgel. The same man is hanged by the neck until dead.
  • A woman is kidnapped, and a chain is fastened to her neck. The woman steps ina bear trap which severs a main vein. She is forced to dig up a mandrake root. Then she is stripped and forced to take a bath. She is later what appears to be sexually assaulted. She is force fed a witch's potion. She is later tied by her hands and kept prisoner in a shed or auxiliary building of some kind.


  • A man calls a woman a cunt. This takes place in the UK where that word is more common as a curse word and not as strong as it is in the US. The same man sends a woman cartoon pornographic images and sexualy explicit texts.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The witch rolls her own cigarettes and offers one to a man who smokes it. Two chavs are shown drinking beer.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are scenes where the witch performs satanic rituals. These are on the whole not very frightening. However they may be considered blasphemous by many.
  • Two children are kidnapped, held prisoner and sacrificed in a ritual.
  • A child is abducted by a man in a folk horror costume (but is later rescued).

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