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dear president biden...
ops-5253530 September 2021
Let this man come home to his beloved home and city of l.a. Usa, let him relax and mend his mental wounds, and the best way for him to do that is to go back into the hollywood studios to act out!!! Michael enright is a true british american hero that have fought what most of the world thinks is evil, and when the evil is done then its a deed to do by the american government to apprais their efforts. As jim morisson declaimed over and over again; ''you cannot petition the lord with prayers'' , therefore let me do the petition mr.president for mr enright, give him a green card ,man, cause he helped erase the world from ''the plague of the dark shrouds'', and even document it... well that seems to be my political citationistic digression, back to reviewing

its a film that shows the worst and the best in humanity, the makers have had a lot of material to put together, it lacks some attacks towards the political machinery of washington d.c., just to get clarity on the foreign fighters standpoint.

Its also a film about the alfa males of the world, and an alfa sam versus an alfa brit( that lived 30 years in the usa as an actor on a tourist visa, shame on him for that) nagging on each other what the personal purposes of the fighting was.

Its also a documentary that supports the kurdish people to be kurdish, and their fight for their own state and territory, and its a film that points a finger towards the infamous diplomatic curtain, aka u.s./turkish relations( turks hates the kurds and vice verca)

so if youve had thoughts on the isis, daesh or the islamic caliphate and their evil deeds done by foreign hudlums becoming the reapers of the middle east, this is a documentary to watch.

I, the grumpy old man, had to take a view of the screen at moments, and felt the claw of sadness of the deaths and lost destiny of the people living in the wasps nest called middle east. A thumbs up for the production, good editing and storytelling, and the score dwelling underneath scores, so a big recommend.
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Overall story is fascinating.
Dottsylove30 September 2021
Michael Enright --A real life Hollywood actor in films such as Knight and day, Old Dogs and Pirates of the Carribean. Has decided to join and very mch did join the Y. P. G. To fight ISIS in Syria. This film explores whether or not he "really" joined it. I mean he was definitely there but according to a few foreign "foreign" fighters he was not trusted with everything. While other fifghters and the Y. P. G. Themselves have proof he helped catch very important people in Syria. The story is 100% interesting and should be watched just for the WTF factor. The direction and producing of the film is questionable with the 1st half bashing him down and the 2nd bringing him up. Didn't really work so the "movie" part gets a 5-6 out of 10 but this story and your need to watch it gets a 9 out of 10. Ohhh and there's a little twist at the end that makes you ask yourself a question..
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Makes you think
tonyandsilvia19941 October 2021
When this documentary started, I'm not going to lie, I didn't take to Michael Enright. Being ex-military myself for over 20 years (and having served in some scary places) I knew people like him. Billy Bulls**tters. If you've been to Timbuktu, he's been to Timbukthree, Been to Tenerife? He's been to Eleven-erife. But I think that was the point at the start of the documentary.

The first half puts that doubt in your mind that he's a Walter Mitty. That he's making a lot of it up. Then the detractors speak (one US ex-soldier in particular) to further reinforce that opinion.

But bear with it. It does a whole 180 degree spin. What unfolds proves he has seen things many will never see and he suffers as a consequence. The head-cam footage is terrifying and horrific. One interaction following an ISIS attack almost breaks him and genuinely had me in pieces.

Was he lied to by officials (I'll not give any more away)? I don't know. It's in his interest to lie about this, but he seems reasonably credible. What I do know (and again I'll not spoil things but if you know anything about the Kurds you'll know already), betrayal features highly here. Regardless of your politics, what happens sticks in the craw and makes you feel guilty and embarrassed. He can't go back to the UK (similar fighters against ISIS have been prosecuted) and returning the US seems a futile dream. Sobering stuff.
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Some show
ilyasster9 October 2021
A movie about wannabe fighter who is "fighting" against Isis terrorist organisation which was created by CIA-mossad so that Syria's dictator Asad, who didn't agree on petroleum/gas deal with USA, so that he could be overthrown by ypg who was supported by USA so they could formate independent Kurdish government near petrol wells in Syria borders. So that USA could control them and steal as much as petroleum they want. That's the story about wannabe Rambo who thought he is doing something right. This is story about current clown world, theatre playing in middle East. Enjoy the show.
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True Selfless Hero!
izumbur3 October 2021
That's who a true freedom fighter IS !

Mark my words, ISIS will come back to life stronger than it has ever been, under a new name, but with the same agenda. Make sure to join the fighting forces to combat this evil!!!!!!!!
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Some tomboy on a journey on a fight he doesn't understands
couchIndependence10 October 2021
Let me get my standing and intrests clear here.

I was a mechanical engineer in syria before the "Arabic spring" came to our doorsteps. I had a decent job at a loader firm before the civil conflict.

Most peoples ran away when the fighting came to their surrounding. I stayed stubbornly and refused to give my soil to any would be warlords. ISIS came to our vicinity and as one expects it was brutal.. as the other groups began to focus on isis instead on eachother we were relieved when isis retreated.. but that was the begining of an another evil. Those YPG/YPJ bastards came in an it was an another hell hole all over again. Racial segregation, sexual assoults to our children an wifes, brutal policing, etc. It was terrible. Those who were resisting were beaten to pulp and thrown to the street to be collected by close ones if they are even alive at that point... it was one evil traded for an another. Soon most people left the area... When i finaly got the chance i got what i could pack and fled the country too leaving the home turf to them... when i see some ignorant book worm or elite "actor"/director, political analyst talk nonchalantly about the situation there like they are omnipresent i get furios of their bs. I LIVED it, dont you dare paint X group as a hero or Y people as saints they are all the sam pile of manure of a human. And people going there for adventures like this makes it even worse... i feel like im in a zoo and the folks throw bisquits at me...
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Fascinating story, must watch documentary
meangreen20185 October 2021
This is one of the best documentaries I've seen in years. I have followed the Rojava Revolution and the Syrian part of the war against ISIS for some time and I somehow missed so much of this story. The film was absolutely gripping and I didn't want it to end.

I would've liked a bit more of an explanation of the ideology (Democratic Confederalism) of the YPG/YPJ. The many 1 star ratings without reviews are almost invariably from Turkish nationalists who reflexively call any political will of Kurdish people "terrorism". Props to the filmmakers for not mentioning the bogus accusations of "terrorism" that regional state powers levy against the Kurdish, Assyrian, and Arabic people struggling for grassroots democracy, women's freedom, pluralism, and ecology until the very end. Most articles and films lead with this and have a bias towards states, no matter how authoritarian, over autonomous administrations, no matter how genuinely democratic.

This film doesn't get too political and people from all sides of the political compass in the US will get something out of it. Same for people who don't like politics or war movies...the story is just compelling, period.
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