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22 Dec. 2015
Secrets of Winning
Ted Allen looks back at past episodes, highlighting the most bizarre baskets, wildest mishaps and most creative cooking moments from the show. Included: insider tips for tackling the mandatory ingredients, beating the clock and impressing the judges.
1 Dec. 2016
Entree Basket Blues
The chefs are challenged by canned ham and mussels in the appetizer round, and things get tougher with a bright blue ingredient in the entree round. The final two chefs try to impress the judges with fruit-and-fries creations.
19 Dec. 2017
Cocktail Party
Cheers to a fabulous first -- a Chopped cocktail party! The chefs are preparing small plates as well as creative drinks in every round of this special competition.
23 Jan. 2018
Gold Medal Games: Baking
Chefs must focus their creativity on a grocery store breakfast dough and a lovely cut of lamb.
6 Feb. 2018
Mardi Gras Goals
Four New Orleans chefs prepare for some culinary revelry in a Mardi Gras competition that includes challenges involving perennial NOLA favorites.
6 Mar. 2018
Dim Sum Yum
The chefs must combine bubblegum-flavored candy with hot and sour soup in the first round, work with Cantonese dim sum in the entree round then finish up with an extraordinary canned ingredient.
17 Jul. 2018
Fire It Up!
Firefighter cooks take over the Chopped stoves in this special competition, proving that they're cool under pressure and thrive when the heat is on! The dessert basket reveals a flaming surprise for the two finalists.
31 Jul. 2018
Grill Masters: Kansas City
Regional rivals from the Kansas City barbecue world compete for a spot in the Grill Masters grand finale. They start off with double cut pork chops in the appetizer round and are surprised by something bubbly in the second basket.
7 Aug. 2018
Grill Masters: North Carolina
Regional rivals deeply devoted to North Carolina-style barbecue battle for a spot in the Grill Masters finale. The pork-loving pitmasters face fish in the first basket, and the dessert round features Southern favorites.
14 Aug. 2018
Grill Masters: Memphis
Chefs who live and breathe Memphis-style barbecue compete for a spot in the Grill Masters finale. The competitors are stunned to see a gigantic sandwich in the second basket, and peaches in the dessert basket seem like a gift.
21 Aug. 2018
Grill Masters: Texas
Four barbecue pitmasters compete to be the Lone Star State representative in the Grill Masters grand finale. A state fair treat shows up in the second basket, and the final basket holds Texas-inspired ingredients.
28 Aug. 2018
Grill Masters: Final Showdown
Grill Masters champs represent their regional styles -- Texas, Memphis, North Carolina and Kansas City -- in the grand finale with $50,000 on the line.
28 May 2019
Dill Dilemma
The first basket challenges the chefs to come up with a yummy solution to a culinary puzzle that includes a dill pickle-flavored treat. A Midwestern casserole and stunningly presented pork make for a unique entree basket.
25 Jun. 2019
Plum Fantastic
Four chefs must make appetizers using a delicate herb and a playful take on potatoes; chefs get a strange Italian street food in the entrée basket; Judges hope the Dutch baby pancake and sour plums in the dessert basket will spark creativity.
17 Dec. 2019
Dine on a Dime
Chefs will need to create elaborate dishes using basket ingredients that are humble and not fancy. A box of fish sticks is the big catch and the second round involves a lesson and putting the best foot forward when cooking with chicken feet. Each round presents a challenge for the chefs.
7 Jan. 2020
Sweet and Salty Success
The chefs get a sweet and salty theme and are tasked with perfectly harmonizing the quintessential flavor pairing on their plates; the competitors must combine a Moroccan pie and a sugary take on bacon. Which chef will earn a sweet victory?
7 Jul. 2020
Jarring Jars
The competing chefs find unusual cupcakes and a curious jarred "candy" in the round two baskets, and the final two chefs feast their eyes on a jar of pigs' lips in the dessert basket.
4 Aug. 2020
Raise Your Game
It's game day in the "Chopped" kitchen; after kickoff, the chefs get an appetizer basket loaded with foods to fuel hungry sports fans; the entrée basket has a super strange shot glass and some winning wings.
9 Aug. 2020
Beat Bobby Flay: Battle 1
Sixteen fearless, twice-winning, grand champions are back to defeat chef Bobby Flay and win $50,000; strangely sweet sandwiches and beautiful seafood await the champs; unusual beef jerky product and a twist and hummus; special banana pudding; fancy bacon.
11 Aug. 2020
Here to Persevere!
The chefs work to make appetizers from chewy candy and a canned sauce.
16 Aug. 2020
Beat Bobby Flay: Battle 2
Four "Chopped" champs compete for a spot in the tournament finale. In the preliminary battle, the first basket includes a sushi burger, sea cress, lotus root, and ras el hanout. The three chefs in round two have ambitious plans for their dishes while using basket ingredients such as frozen chili cheese dogs, antelope rib rack, oka, and blackberry syrup. The dessert round features gummy bear tart, cocoa nibs, guava, and popcorn shoots.
18 Aug. 2020
Skilfish Coping Skills
The chefs open the appetizer basket to find a peculiar pâté; in round two, the chefs work with a fish that they have never cooked before.
23 Aug. 2020
Beat Bobby Flay: Battle 3
Four returning champions try to impress Bobby Flay. In the first round, an oven mishap leads to an alarming situation while cooking with yak burgers, rainbow cookie cake, huckleberry potatoes, and comté cheese. The entrée round includes canned stuffed jalapeños, royale dorade, citrus coriander, and a lemon dessert. Two remaining champs must make big plans while cooking with Watergate salad, coconut sugar, Asian long beans, and kombucha.
25 Aug. 2020
Booza Blues
The chefs attempt deviled ham spread in the first basket and sweet booza ice cream in the second.
30 Aug. 2020
Beat Bobby Flay: Battle 4
In the first round, four chefs cook up appetizers using pizza bites, chicken confit, graffiti eggplant, and caviar. In the entrée round, three chefs generate tasty dishes using dirty fries, boar tenderloin, watermelon, and haricot verts. Finally, in the dessert round, the remaining two chefs construct their masterpieces featuring head cheese, sweet and sour cereal, figs, and queso fresco.
1 Sep. 2020
Sweet and Sour Notes
Four chefs embrace a sweet-and-sour theme and seek to harmonize opposite flavors on their plates; a furious first round has them racing to figure out what to do with a ready-to-serve soup and three other basket finds.
6 Sep. 2020
Beat Bobby Flay: Finale Fight
The Beat Bobby Flay tournament finale brings four winners back for a chance to defeat a Food Network legend and score $50,000. In round one, appetizers are to be created using stuffed doughnuts, pig kidneys, upland cress, and dried mangosteen. Two of the chefs will be eliminated after the entrée round which features ingredients such as tilefish, lacy cauliflower, potted meat, and rhubarb liqueur. The final chef will go head-to-head with Chef Bobby Flay.
8 Sep. 2020
Pass the Popcorn Shoots
The competing chefs attack an appetizer basket that includes a classic Italian sauce and a simple sandwich. A popcorn product not available at movie theaters plays a starring role in round two, and the final two chefs attempt to make incredible final plates with the bouncy cake and sweet wine they find in the dessert basket.
15 Sep. 2020
Plumb Loco Moco
It's wild times in the kitchen as the chefs get loco with Loco Moco, a Hawaiian comfort food, in round one; the finalists are challenged to use a weird coffee and a crunchy cake in their desserts.
22 Sep. 2020
Soup and Sandwich Savvy
The competing chefs are challenged to make a scrumptious soup-and-sandwich duo for every round; in the appetizer around, they set out to make dunkable, slurpable creations while utilizing an unusual egg in the basket. Which chef will be the Chopped Champion?
29 Sep. 2020
Want a Gnocchi Sandwich?
As the clock ticks down, the judge is wonder whether all the dandelion green and fish skin chips appetizers will be completed; the chefs get more than they bargained for with gnocchi in sandwich form. Will a last minute injury cause a chef to be chopped?
13 Oct. 2020
Pancake Panic
The competing chefs get a ton of sugar in the first basket in the form of a breakfast classic with a twist; the chefs dig into a seven-layer dip.
20 Oct. 2020
Fries and Thighs
The chefs get fries and thighs in every basket, starting with a delicate protein paired with a newfangled starch in the appetizer basket. Bubble tea crashes the theme party in the second round, and the dessert basket features a fun, sugary twist on fries, but the chefs are challenged to make thigh meat work with dessert.
27 Oct. 2020
Dressed for Success
The chefs open the first basket to find dressed beer, canned spinach, linzer cookies, and lamb T-bone steaks; cordyceps - a weird fungus - veal chops, yuzu kosho, and a peculiar pizza pot pie are the shockers in the entrée round. For dessert, chefs discover piggy custard dumplings, lemon balm, white melon, and cream-filled rainbow licorice.
15 Dec. 2020
Burgers and Bravado
The competing chefs are surprised by a parsley cake in round two. When the finalists focus their attention on a dessert basket that includes Cara Cara oranges and a curiously boozy condiment, the judges are impressed by the level of skill they see.
29 Dec. 2020
Pickle Panic
The chefs are thrown off by the combination of beer battered seafood and a bizarre bouquet of pickles in the first basket. Then, the second basket fails the smell test with chocolate peanut butter French toast, Limburger cheese, acorn squash, and culotte steaks. The dessert basket contains rainbow crepes, passion fruit, giant candy sticks, and salted egg yolk cookies.
2 Mar. 2021
Meat Fight: Bison!
The first round sees the chefs going in distinct directions with their bison short ribs, deviled eggs, fresh wasabi, and beer jelly beans appetizers. Entrées must include bison strip loin, haricots verts, onigiri, cheese tea. In the final round, the last two contenders take on bison jerky, bison tallow, mincemeat pie, and blood oranges for dessert.
9 Mar. 2021
Cooked with Care!
For compassionate nurses bring their tender loving care to the kitchen. The appetizer round includes canned bacon, mahi mahi fillets, kohlrabi, and life preserver candies. In the entrée round, the nurses must create tasty dishes featuring shrimp chips, beef tenderloin, kale, and onion juice. Finally, the dessert round must integrate basket ingredients of rambutan, nurse cake pops, cream cheese, and strawberry gelatin cups.
16 Mar. 2021
Hangry Baskets: Dumped
Hangry baskets are back for a battle; foods for the broken-hearted. In the first round, the chefs must incorporate fettucine alfredo with chicken, red onions, Cabernet, and chocolate. Chefs will find vanilla ice cream, yellow snack cakes, beef heart, and artichokes in their entrée baskets. The dessert round will feature divorce cake, cinnamon bun spread, pineapple, and dates.
23 Mar. 2021
Hangry Baskets: Hungover
This battle is packed with must-have ingredients for a hangover; a greasy favorite and soupy carbs get the chefs' creative juices flowing in the first round. The final competitors must transform a tried-and-true hangover snack into a dessert.
30 Mar. 2021
Hangry Baskets: Hot and Hangry
Four chefs battle using super spicy hangry foods including one of the hottest peppers on earth for the first round. A hot Indian dish finds its way into the entrée basket. In the dessert round, some classic spicy candy is part of the puzzle.
6 Apr. 2021
Hangry Baskets: Late Night
In a boisterous battle, the chefs get baskets inspired by late-night cravings. The competitors must incorporate frozen pizza, french fries, maitake mushrooms, and meatballs in the first round. During the entrée round, chefs must cook with bowl of cereal, mac and cheese, arugula, and pork belly. For dessert, toaster pastry sandwiches, persimmons, whipped cream, and popcorn are used to create tantalizing treats.
13 Apr. 2021
Martha Rules: Pantry Surprise!
Perhaps one of the toughest competitions of the series, chefs will have to prepare food with altered rules and significantly fewer pantry ingredients.
20 Apr. 2021
Martha Rules: Tick Tock!
Martha has some tricks up her sleeve regarding the timing of the rounds. Hasty pudding, garlic chives with blossoms, mussels, and whole grain mustard are ingredients for the appetizer round. Entrées must include Cornish hens, kale, walnuts, lobster roe, and an added surprise ingredient. The two remaining chefs must create delicious desserts featuring potato candy, white nectarines, spruce tips, and whipped coffee. Does Martha give the chefs enough time to complete their tasks?
27 Apr. 2021
Martha Rules: Blade and Switch!
Martha Stewart shocks the four competing chefs in the Martha Rules tournament when she reveals that she plans to make them switch stations and dishes at any time; the basket ingredients include everything from sea urchin to to kombu to peanut brittle.
4 May 2021
Martha Rules: Mystery Competitor!
Once again, Martha Stewart really shakes things up. Any of the chefs could be chopped at any time including in the middle of a round. There's only one spot in the dessert round because the mysterious fifth chef is waiting in the wings to compete against whomever makes it that far.
11 May 2021
Martha Rules: Grand Finale!
Martha Stewart pulls out all the stops to make the road to $50,000 extra challenging. In the appetizer around, the chefs wonder what is up when they find gloves in the ingredient basket followed with an unconventional elimination. The entrée round allows chefs to choose their ingredients. The chefs are stunned to discover a buckets and a fresh "ingredient" in the dessert round.
18 May 2021
Taco Brawl
In this taco competition, four chefs attempt to prove who deserves to win the prize money. A frantic first round leads to some missteps in the kitchen. The chefs find red snapper in the baskets so fish tacos are in order for the entrée round. Unique ingredients are in the dessert basket which chefs must use to create tasty taco treats.