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Season 38

5 Jun. 2018
Hot Off the Grill
The chefs must cook a glorious meal for the judges using only fired-up grill pans. The first basket contains a shocker of a meat and a sweet surprise that the competitors wish they could ignore.
10 Jul. 2018
Room for 'shrooms
The Chopped chefs get swept up in mushroom mania, with mushroom surprises in the baskets and plenty in the pantry. In Round One, the competitors try to make a great first impression on judge Martha Stewart with an unusual cocktail and an intensely-flavored protein. In the second basket, the chefs discover a creative use for bacon and a French dessert with a wild twist. Then in the final round, two chefs face the difficult task of making mushrooms into sweet creations.
15 May 2018
Plum Luck
In the first round, the chefs find a classic Asian food in an innovative form and some lovely plums. A tough cut of meat and a container full of an unusual mayonnaise product test the chefs' creativity in Round Two.
12 Jun. 2018
Bowled Over
Four chefs layer flavors in perfect, trendy bowls under the watchful eye of judge Martha Stewart. For the first round, Martha brings a surprise from her garden. Dessert bowls are made from an Italian syrup and a candied treat.
15 Jan. 2019
Deadly Catch
The baskets have seafood ingredients that make the competition difficult.
24 Jul. 2018
Beach Bites
The chefs prepare a meal of magnificent beach bites for the judges. A variety of seafood and a flotilla of edible boats kick things off in the appetizer basket, and a beach-themed surprise makes an appearance in the entree basket.
19 Jun. 2018
Doughnut Dash
From kitschy classics to artisanal designer donuts, the chefs will get a taste of it all as they celebrate delicious rings of joy in every round and feel the pressure of performing well for a very demanding donut connoisseur, judge Martha Stewart. A box of donuts and a jar of a particular condiment challenge the competitors in the appetizer round. A wild donut creation is the centerpiece of the entrée basket. Then, the two chefs lucky enough to advance to the donut dessert round must make Martha proud using her own donut dough recipe.
8 Jan. 2019
Nourish and Flourish
The baskets are full of healing foods.
12 Mar. 2019
Gefilte Dish
The chefs get some surprises in the baskets, starting with the appetizer round, when they have to make gefilte fish work with something super sweet. The judges are excited to see a beautiful pork product in the entree basket.

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