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So Far So...Adequate
Paul Lee8 December 2009
Now don't go and categorize this so soon as a total failure. Now there's no question in my mind that these new interns are no replacement to the original stars of the show that we all came to love, but try to give them a chance to grow on you... which I am desperately trying to do with my expectations that the original cast set. Although characters like JD and Turk don't appear in as many scenes as I would have hoped(due to ABCs cost cutting plan), the scenes that they are in are just as funny and entertaining as the original Scrubs. For the fans of the original Scrubs, please don't go about watching this show with too high expectations. It seems like the writers are starting to lose ideas on new episodes, but until they do and until ABC decides to stop paying the original cast and the new interns are forced into taking command of this show don't put it off. I really do hope the interns become more suitable main characters...
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little side dish
SnoopyStyle13 June 2016
First year intern Sunny (Sonal Shah) is making a video diary of her experiences at Sacred Heart Hospital. The other interns are Katie (Betsy Beutler), Howie (Todd Bosley), and Denise Mahoney (Eliza Coupe).

This web series came out during the 8th season of the TV show Scrubs. Many of the regulars have cameos. It's hard to figure out what exactly was the objective of these little webisodes. It could simply be something to put on the internet. It doesn't do much more than that. It's cute and a little fun. The four interns are good side characters but they wouldn't be enough to start anything or keep the main show Scrubs on the air by themselves. They are missing some romantic potential. Howie and Katie have a weird comedic potential. Eliza Coupe is great. This is a little side dish.
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Missed Chance
Trashman-414 February 2011
I finally saw this on DVD recently, and I think it was a missed chance. While I enjoyed Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke, the new show only really seemed to gain focus after they left and the new cast came centre stage . It was definitely improving in leaps and bounds towards the end of the season. The characters were all nicely nuts, but in different ways to the original cast. I also liked the way that they were all pairing off early on in the show, which gave a different dynamic.

Finally, they were all several years younger than the original cast were at the start of Scrubs, as they were just starting out as medical students and hadn't chosen where they were going, rather than being newly qualified. More of a student vibe than anything else.

A great pity - I liked it.
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