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Season 5

3 Feb. 2013
The Trinity
While trying to recover from blood withdrawal, Hal (with Tom) seeks work at the Barry Grand Hotel, which has ties to his attempt to rid the world of the Devil ninety years ago. Alex seeks her body, and Hal makes a new vampire.
10 Feb. 2013
Sticks and Rope
Hal (who cares not) and Tom (who cares a lot) butt heads over an Employee of the Month contest hatched by Hatch. The trouble? A lecherous manager who sees only good in Hal but none in Tom. Meanwhile, a child ghost appears at the house.
17 Feb. 2013
Pie and Prejudice
Alex meets Tom's and Hal's idols, one a celebrity weatherman turned werewolf, the other a 250-year-old ghost who believes she's Hal's last victim who's kept him clean.
24 Feb. 2013
The Greater Good
Having disposed of Larry for Hal, Rook, his department being depleted, billets Bobby, a dim werewolf from the 1980s, onto the trio. Tom, his appointed minder, is initially annoyed but starts to bond with his charge as they work together at the hotel. Hal also brings Ian Crumb to the house in an effort to curb his blood lust. Hatch recognizes Rook when he comes to the hotel and, in his quest to get rid of supernaturals, persuades Rook to unleash the lycanthropic Bobby on the hotel, an act in which quick thinking from Hal and the werewolf Tom prevents bloodshed. Hatch, ...
3 Mar. 2013
No Care, All Responsibility
Escaping a thug, a feisty young woman comes to the Barry Grand, providing Tom a new romantic interest and weakening Hal a feeding supply. Her coming proves no accident. A ghost finally puts Alex straight on a few points.
10 Mar. 2013
The Last Broadcast
The ritual to ultimately thwart Hatch (the devil) comes with a price, but in a confrontation as he's about to wash the nation in mass suicides, Hatch individually tempts the three friends with alternate realities of their dearest desires.

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