Being Human Poster


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Season 3

23 Jan. 2011
While Mitchell infiltrates purgatory to extract Annie, George comes upon another werewolf and finds himself wrongfully arrested right before a full moon.
30 Jan. 2011
Adam's Family
George and Nina discover a perpetually 15-year-old vampire boy feeding at the hospital, and a vampire hierarchy pressures Mitchell to permanently exile to South America.
6 Feb. 2011
Type 4
Two unwelcome guests visit the hotel: a roaring drunk zombie who follows Annie home, and an obsessive fan stalking MItchell. Meanwhile, George discovers Nina's pregnancy.
13 Feb. 2011
The Pack
The roommates become secretive: George and Nina over her pregnancy, Annie over sexual options with Mitchell, Mitchell over his guilt in the subway killings and the prophecy of "the wolf-shaped bullet."
20 Feb. 2011
The Longest Day
Herrick's return from the afterlife to the undead (but without memory) upsets the house, pitting friend against friend and lover against lover.
27 Feb. 2011
Daddy Ghoul
As George secretly attends his father's funeral (where George meets his father), Annie helps a police investigator seek the perpetrator of the Box Tunnel Massacre, unaware it's Mitchell. Herrick begins to crave fresh blood.
6 Mar. 2011
Though the Heavens Fall
After McNair and Tom return to the house for aid, DC Reid's determination, unknowingly aided by Annie, to nail the Boxcar Tunnel 20 Murderer proves the catalyst for several revelations and dire consequences.
13 Mar. 2011
The Wolf-Shaped Bullet
As Nina lies dying in the emergency room, Herrick rescues Mitchell from jail but only to exact revenge upon George, and Annie receives a ghastly invite to visit Purgatory.

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