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Anne Hathaway: Selina



  • Selina Kyle : There's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.

    Bruce Wayne : You sound like you're looking forward to it.

    Selina Kyle : I'm adaptable.

  • Catwoman : My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men.

    Batman : This isn't a car.

  • Catwoman : I blow that tunnel open, I'm gone.

    Batman : There's more to you than that.

    Catwoman : Sorry I keep letting you down.


    Catwoman : Come with me. Save yourself. You don't owe these people any more. You've given them everything.

    Batman : Not everything. Not yet.

  • John Blake : Bane? What do you know about him?

    Selina Kyle : That you should be as afraid of him as I am.

  • Catwoman : I had no choice. I needed a way to keep them from killing me.

    Batman : You just made a serious mistake.

    Bane : Not as serious as yours, I fear...

    Batman : Bane

    Bane : Let us not stand on ceremony, Mr. Wayne.

    [Catwoman appears shocked] 

  • John Blake : You made some mistakes, Miss Kyle.

    Selina Kyle : A girl's gotta eat.

    John Blake : Well, you got quite an appetite.

  • [a couple thugs go to attack Lucius while he's handcuffed. Catwoman intervenes and beats them down] 

    Lucius Fox : [to Batman]  I like your new girlfriend!

    Catwoman : [she undoes his cuffs]  He should be so lucky.

  • Catwoman : You could have gone anywhere, but you came back.

    Batman : So did you.

    Catwoman : Well then I guess we're both suckers.

    [she kisses him] 

  • [Batman and Selina have just escaped from Bane and his mercenaries in the Bat. Batman lands it on top of a skyscraper and Selina immediately hops out] 

    Catwoman : See you around.

    Batman : You're welcome.

    Catwoman : I had it under control.

    Batman : Those weren't street thugs, they were trained killers. I saved your life. In return I need to know what you did with Bruce Wayne's fingerprints.

    Catwoman : Wayne wasn't kidding about a "powerful friend".


    Catwoman : I sold his prints to Daggett. For something that doesn't even exist.

    Batman : I doubt many people get the better of you.

    Catwoman : Hey, when a girl's desperate.

    Batman : What's he gonna to do with them?

    Catwoman : I don't know. But Daggett seemed pretty interested in that mess at the stock market.

    [Batman is distracted by the spotlight of a police chopper doing the rounds. He looks up at it, then turns back to Selina] 

    Batman : Miss Kyle?

    [Catwoman has vanished] 

    Batman : So that's what that feels like...

  • Gangbanger : [Two street thugs catch a little boy that has stolen an apple from them]  You steal from us, you little bastard?

    [Selina appears and twists his arm from behind] 

    Selina Kyle : You boys know you can't come into my neighborhood without asking politely.

    [She cracks his arm, knocking the apple into her hand. The boy watches as she knocks both thugs out] 

    Selina Kyle : Never steal anything from someone you can't outrun, kid.

    [takes a bite out of the apple, and tosses it to the kid, who takes it and runs off] 

    Bruce Wayne : Pretty generous, for a thief.

    [Selina turns to see Bruce approaching] 

    Selina Kyle : I thought they killed you.

    Bruce Wayne : Not yet.

    Selina Kyle : If you're expecting an apology...

    Bruce Wayne : It wouldn't suit you.

  • [Blake captures Selina at the airport] 

    John Blake : I showed your picture to the Congressman. Guess what?

    Selina Kyle : Don't tell me, still in love?

    John Blake : Oh, head over heels. Pressing charges, though.

  • Catwoman : He's behind you.

    Mercenary : Who?

    Batman : Me.

  • Bruce Wayne : Mind if I cut in?

    [the old man who was dancing with Selina leaves, annoyed, as Bruce starts dancing slowly with her] 

    Bruce Wayne : Oh, you don't seem happy to see me.

    Selina Kyle : You were supposed to be a shut-in.

    Bruce Wayne : I felt like some fresh air.

    Selina Kyle : Why didn't you call the police?

    Bruce Wayne : I have a powerful friend who deals with things like this.

    [notices the cat ears that are Selina's goggle lenses] 

    Bruce Wayne : That's a brazen costume for a cat burglar.

    Selina Kyle : Yeah? Who are you pretending to be?

    Bruce Wayne : Bruce Wayne, eccentric billionaire. Who's your date?

    [referring the old man she was dancing with and who is now watching them] 

    Selina Kyle : His wife's in Ibiza. She left her diamonds behind, though. Worried they might get stolen.

    Bruce Wayne : Mm. It's pronounced Ibeetha. You wouldn't want any of these folks realizing you're a crook, not a social climber.

    Selina Kyle : You think I care what anyone in this room thinks of me?

    Bruce Wayne : I doubt you care what anyone in any room thinks of you.

    Selina Kyle : Don't condescend, Mr. Wayne. You don't know a thing about me.

    Bruce Wayne : Well, Selina Kyle, I know you came here from your walk-up in Old Town, a modest place for a master jewel thief. Which means that either you're saving for retirement, or you're in deep with the wrong people.

    Selina Kyle : You don't get to judge me just because you were born in the master bedroom of Wayne Manor.

    Bruce Wayne : Actually, I was born in the Regency Room.

    Selina Kyle : I started out doing what I had to. Once you've done what you had to, they'll never let you do what you want to.

    Bruce Wayne : Start fresh.

    Selina Kyle : There's no fresh start in today's world. Any twelve-year-old with a cell phone could find out what you did. Everything we do is collated and quantified. Everything sticks.

    Bruce Wayne : Is that how you justify stealing?

    Selina Kyle : I take what I need to from those who have more than enough. I don't stand on the shoulders of people with less.

    Bruce Wayne : Robin Hood?

    Selina Kyle : I think I do more to help someone than most of the people in this room. Than you.

    Bruce Wayne : I think maybe you're assuming a little too much.

    Selina Kyle : Maybe you're being unrealistic about what's really in your pants other than your wallet.

    Bruce Wayne : Ouch.

  • Selina Kyle : [the Congressman has just been shot in the leg]  Keep some pressure on that, darling.

    Congressman : Call me.

  • Phillip Stryver : Do those heels make it hard to walk?

    [Catwoman kicks Stryver from behind] 

    Catwoman : I don't know, do they?

  • Catwoman : About the whole no guns thing... I'm not sure I feel as strongly about it as you do.

  • Catwoman : [holding a gun to Daggett's head as Bane's henchmen approach her]  Stay back!

    [Bane's men continue to approach] 

    Catwoman : I'm not bluffing!

    Batman : They know! They just don't care.

    [Catwoman and Batman promptly attack the henchmen] 

  • John Daggett : Can we get some ladies in here?

    Catwoman : Careful what you wish for.

    [Catwoman attacks Daggett and pins him up against the wall] 

    Catwoman : What's the matter, Cat got your tongue?

    John Daggett : You dumb bitch.

    Catwoman : Nobody ever accused me of being dumb!

    John Daggett : You're dumb; for coming here.

    Catwoman : I want what you owe me!

  • Catwoman : [Batman kicks a gun out of Catwoman's hand]  You've gotta be kidding me!

    Batman : No guns, no killing.

    Catwoman : Where's the fun in that?

  • John Blake : When I spotted you, I was looking for a friend of mine, Bruce Wayne. Did they kill him?

    Selina Kyle : I'm not sure.

  • Selina Kyle : Look, you wouldn't beat up a woman any more than I would beat up a cripple.

    [she kicks Bruce's cane and he falls] 

    Selina Kyle : Of course, sometimes exceptions have to be made.

  • Selina Kyle : [She enters the Congressman's car]  Can I have a ride?

    Congressman : You read my mind.

  • Selina Kyle : I don't know what you're planning to do with Mr. Wayne's prints, but I'm guessing you'll need his thumb. You don't count so good, huh?

  • Selina Kyle : Shrimp balls?

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