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daze36924 December 2010
Some fairly lame interviews about wrestling that really provided no great insight (Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald is religious, RVD likes ECW, Jimmy Snuka thinks everyone he worked with was wonderful, etc)... though the lone exception would probably be Roddy Piper's interview. If you think "bloodstained" would mean some great in-ring memories being retold, you'll be as let down as I was. But if you want 10 minutes of Chris Jericho talking about his music career, and 10 minutes of Mick Foley at a book signing making one-liners while signing autographs, then this is the movie for you.

Overall, the problem with the documentary isn't with the people that were interviewed, but rather, it seemed like there was no cohesive theme and it was in desperate need of editing.
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Bloodstained Memoirs
Chris Wright20 August 2011
A tidy two hour piece. This will be remembered by wrestling fans for bringing interviews with Keiji Muto and Ultimo Dragon to the English speaking public for the first time. In addition, Chris Jericho, a WWE Legend shares his 'other' passion with the world as the lead singer of rock outfit Fozzy. Although Roddy Piper does not top his infamous bubble gum line from 'They Live' he comes very close by muttering: "First rule of a knife fight - don't take your eye off the knife..."

The main drawbacks here would be uninspired material with Mick Foley, an unengaging interview with Jimmy Snuka, and tested material from Rob Van Dam.

After viewing Bloodstained Memoirs I felt like I didn't know the wrestling business any better, but I certainly knew the performers which comprise it better.
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